The elderly eat these five foods to prevent osteoporosis

The elderly eat these five foods to prevent osteoporosis

The elderly eat these five foods to prevent osteoporosis

As the age increases, calcium will be lost, so the elderly are prone to osteoporosis.

To prevent osteoporosis, it is recommended to eat these five kinds of foods.

  1, Haimi: This food is very rich in nutrients, and contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, and the protein content is also very high.

Two-way seaweed, the calcium content of other seafood products is relatively high.

  2, rape: rapeseed also contains a lot of trace elements such as calcium, and the value of nutrients and therapeutics contained in it is far more than other vegetables.

In addition to the high content of calcium, the content of iron is also very rich.

Regular use of rapeseed has a good blood pressure lowering, strong bones and detoxification.

  3, black sesame: black sesame is a very good calcium supplement food, which contains calcium and health value is much more than the number of white sesame several times.

If you can take about 3 tablespoons of black sesame every day, you can fully meet your body’s demand for calcium.

  4, milk: milk contains a lot of calcium, but also contains a lot of lactic acid, this substance can promote our body’s absorption of calcium.

Milk is a natural source of calcium. In addition, the calcium contained in cheese and yogurt is also very high. It is recommended to take it regularly.

  5, soybean: Soybean is a high-protein food, which contains a lot of calcium.

In addition, it also contains a lot of lysine and iron which is easily absorbed by the body. It is very good for the body to take it regularly.

In addition to soy beans, other soy products are also a good calcium supplement, such as tofu and black beans.

  Summary: The above five kinds of foods can supplement the body with calcium, so regular consumption can correct the role of osteoporosis, and these foods are very common, and the preparation is not complicated, but to remind everyone that the soy products contain higherThe embarrassment, if it is a gout patient, it is not recommended to use soy beans and soy products to supplement calcium.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The increasingly fairness of the gender level has caused fierce competition and collision between men and women in all occasions and in various fields, and in terms of beauty and skin care, there are still some conservative men who dare not keep their distance from the term of beauty.

In fact, we often think of elite men, fashion men, sports men, beautiful men, none of which do not need maintenance.

Looking through the seven deadly sins of beauty, beware of being a ugly man.

  Little TIPS: The internal secretion system in the fragile human skin of men causes a troublesome thing for men: men have a higher incidence of acne than women.

Clinical manifestations of rash, mild cases occur occasionally, severe rashes are more dense, if men eat less traces of food and sweets from animals, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B, the incidence of acne in menWill be greatly reduced.

  The first case of men’s beauty is “mother” guilt: to avoid having to be related to beauty, I feel that real men are disdainful of smearing on the face, and they don’t look at white-skinned men with red lips.

  Her opinion: Too old!

Haven’t you heard that “mother” is one of the top ten fashions in the world?

The so-called “neutral wind” is a beautiful and delicate boy like a rare girl. We also think they are so cute!

Much better than those ugly guys with sloppy faces!

  Men’s beauty?

Someone will frown when they hear: Good mother!

But who doesn’t like handsome guys?

There is no difference between men and women in beauty, not to mention that protecting your skin is no different from caring for any part of your body!

  When men’s faces are covered with acne, dark spots or other skin diseases and cannot be changed, they miss the best period of beauty.

Men’s skin is relatively rough, and pores penetrate easily to produce oil and sweat, especially for young children. The secretion of oil is strong. If you do not pay attention to the health and hygiene of the skin on your face, you will leave the root of chronic diseases.

  The second sin cleansing cream does not need to be guilty of guilt: although skin care, but in its own name to simplify the steps, the results are more effective.

  Her opinion: Still a big man mentality!

Unwilling to follow the advice of a beauty consultant or a woman with an open mind, a man thinks it is his nature!

  Many men wash their faces with only a splash of water.

In fact, most men’s faces have large pores and a lot of oil secretion, which is most likely to cause acne.

So daily cleansing is the most important step in beauty. The dirt on the surface is not removed, and no beauty product can be absorbed!

Moreover, soap is not suitable for cleansing, and regular use will affect the pH of the skin.

When the skin feels dry and tight, the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil, which makes the facial oil more serious.

  Men do not protect against sun.

Sun protection is not the same as being afraid of getting tanned.

The holes cracked by the ozone layer are getting bigger and bigger, the ultraviolet radiation is getting stronger and stronger, and the lethality to the skin is getting stronger and stronger.

If the aging of the skin is accelerated or a lot of skin diseases are caused, it is really a loss.

So regardless of gender, sun protection should be a matter for everyone.

  At an annual ceremony, Lin Junjie was still like the old boy with a green thumb, with a shy smile on his face.

Washing his face is the key to his maintenance tips. “I wash my pores with a hot towel before I wash my face to open the pores. The soap rubs the foam carefully and gently to massage the face to remove dirt from the pores. The nose and forehead are prone to acneWash the place carefully, and wash your face with clean water without leaving the residue of soap.

“Professional enough!

  The third guilt shave does not protect the guilt: if you do not use the protective measures seriously, you will shave, and even leave a disgusting blood spot!

  Her opinion: Only dads and grandpas can be forgiven if they show blood spots on their noses!

  Acne is most likely to appear on shaved areas!

This is due to the fact that no skin protection measures have been taken to allow dirt to clog pores.

Before shaving, you should use warm soapy liquid to moisturize the face, and then shave the roots of the beard; people using electric shavers should apply ointment or powder before shaving to avoid dry shaving.

In addition, after shaving, use cream, lotion, sebum, etc. to wipe your face. For people with acne, you should also add disinfectant water such as camphor alcohol or boric acid alcohol to prevent infection.   Han Xing’an Qixuan ‘s point of view is “the elegance of men first.” He does n’t miss the details of shaving. He also shaves every day, but in order not to hurt the skin, he must use care products in time after shaving to quickly shrink pores and moisturize the skin.
  The fourth guilty of squeezing acne: It’s an enjoyment while no one is squeezing the acne.

  Her opinion: Like squeezing acne, a man’s squeezing acne is the number one disgusting action. When he sees it, he deducts all his scores!

  Acne is caused by dust, dead skin accumulating pores, sebum cannot be discharged, and the skin is infected by bacteria.

If you squeeze the acne or leave it alone, it will make the acne deeper and deeper, and even leave uneven scars.

Therefore, daily cleansing and basic care using scrubs cannot be ignored.

  The fifth guilt of using wife’s skincare products: The skincare products used by women are also suitable for men. She believes that: not necessarily do not know the goodness of men’s skincare products, mainly to save money . Many men like to dry in the weather, Use some of your wife’s skin care products.

In fact, there are differences between men and women.

Most men’s skin tends to be oily, while women’s skin care products are moisturizing.

Men should add skin care products that are hydrated, refreshing and not greasy.

  The young boy Su Youpeng has a good temper in the circle, and the reporter asked him: “What are the main points of men’s skin care?

He said: “I like to use skin care products with perfume ingredients, so I will be MEN without perfume.

“The 6th crime is only a count of superficial work: Although I pay attention to cleanliness and beauty, I don’t pay attention to my diet. I often eat greasy spicy food, smoke and drink, stay up late, and don’t exercise.

  She believes that if life is upside down and the diet is not particular, do n’t waste money on beauty, and save money for your wife and girlfriend.

  Men should learn from women, develop good eating habits, eat more light food and fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, and smoke less. This can effectively improve the skin.

It’s also important to get enough exercise.

Because exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism and help expel toxins from the body.

  Luo Zhixiang, the little pig who ran around to catch the show, still maintained himself in the busy activities.

“No matter how busy I am, I will definitely take out 2 hours of fitness every day, to maintain my body shape and to be full of energy.

I also insist on using beauty products every day, especially when I am busy and tired, this is very important to reduce the damage to the skin!

“All handsome men, like all beautiful women, are maintained.

Men do n’t need to avoid taboos. If you want to look like you are only in your early 30s when you are 40 years old, take care of all aspects!

  The 7th guilt of white-faced yellow teeth: It is okay not to open your mouth, a row of smoke stained yellow teeth!

Terror is dead!

  Her thoughts: I’m most afraid of men’s beauty-seeking method, which can lead to weak penetration and scare people. It might as well be all messy, simply no expectations.

  Men’s beauty is far from the care and patience of women, and they always leave shortcomings to expose their “dark side”.

Details such as teeth, dandruff, and tone are killers that scare a woman out of sight.

  So men should invest more in detail care.

For yellow teeth, there is a powerful toothpaste.

Hu Yanbin, a singer who recently went to Taiwan to develop, although he is not a handsome guy, but his white teeth add a lot of color to his voice. Hu Yanbin usually pays great attention to the protection of his teeth. In addition to less exposure to tobacco and alcohol, he also uses Leidu toothpaste, which has a whitening effect.

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

The temperature continues to soar. From the T position, it is announced that the hot season is coming. Do not want to let the pore oil die, and remember to do good internal and external maintenance.

  The T-shaped part of the skin ‘s golden triangle exercise is the most fertile piece of land for the shells, and it is also the place where the greasy feeling first appears. As long as it shines in the hot sun, sweat and oil are frequently posing, so that their various shortcomings are hiddenThe pores have also been enlarged several times.

The T-shaped part of oily muscles or mixed muscles is even more terrifying with oil.

  In fact, the greasiness, pores, and acne problems in the T-shaped area are not all caused by mixed muscle or oily skin, but the probability of these two skin types is relatively high.

Looking closely, in fact, any type of skin in the absence of water will lead to insufficient moisturizing power, causing the skin to secrete more oil to protect the skin, resulting in skin oil-water imbalance and enlarged pores.

In addition, many people’s cleaning methods are wrong. Over-cleaning will also cause the skin to be too dry and oily, while insufficient cleaning power or incomplete cleaning will cause pores to rupture, causing acne and acne crisis. How to customize the skinThe exclusive Golden Triangle skincare plan is the first maintenance issue currently being rescued.

  Laying the foundation for cleaning with cleaning is not the most important condition for cleaning after washing.

The sebum of the skin is composed of neural peptamine and NMF natural moisturizing factor. It is itself the best natural defense barrier. Therefore, when cleaning products to remove dirt, don’t destroy this layer of sebum protection, which can maintain sufficient horny water retention capacity.

However, according to statistics, every time the temperature rises by 1 ° C, the amount of sebum secreted on the face will increase by 15%. Especially in the summer, when faced with the greasy oiliness of the annoying people, the cleaning effort will inevitably go too far, but let TThe skin in the part becomes imbalanced with water and oil, and the amount of oil secreted will often rise rapidly.

  Use cleansing to improve your skin condition.

People who often get acne, deep cleansing products containing fruit acid and salicylic acid are the best helpers for speed matching; people who often wear heavy makeup can simply and quickly remove the strong and powerful makeup remover oil to make cleaning enjoyableIt is super efficient, such as highly antioxidant olive oil and green tea, skin-tightening cherry blossoms, and a moisturizing makeup remover that promotes blood circulation. It always follows the weather, skin condition, and mood changes, and instantly pleases women’s fickle nature.

In addition, while cleaning the face, in addition to conditioning the pores in the T-shaped area, many products have added anti-ageing and firming skin care ingredients, which are very suitable for mature or dry muscles.

  The T-shaped cleansing method makes cleansing fun, and let small props help, such as an electric cleansing device designed for deep cleansing of the skin. The “1 speed” is based on the gentle shock of 5,500 revolutions per minuteIn combination with the gentle shock wave given by deep cleansing facial cotton, the massage effect is achieved while gently cleaning the skin, while the other “2 step speed” opens the pores with a frequent shock wave of 8,000 revolutions per minute and introduces a deep cleansing formulaSkin, removing excess old dead keratin, combined with deep cleansing cotton or blackhead cleansing cotton, can improve the cleaning effect 10 times, and strengthen and improve acne dirt and residual makeup in the pores.

Another type of deep keratin purifying tablet containing tea tree ingredients can gently regulate acne and metabolize old dead keratin. While watching TV, you can remove grease and dirt from the T-shaped part, which can easily unblock pores.

  In addition, the cleansing powder with enzyme particles uses a physical exfoliating effect, just like diamond micro-carving can remove the old horny shells of the shell, making the skin softer and smoother. After the T-shaped acne patch, the new type of TThe word acne rubbing, in a softening, loosening, and acne-purifying manner, wraps the old waste keratin. As long as it is gently rubbed and massaged, the “dirty” things of the shell are driven away, and the skin is refreshed and delicate.A sense of accomplishment.

  T-type control maintenance tips are just cleaning up, without perfect moisturizing backing, maintenance is just as good.

In fact, the purpose of cleansing is not to comprehensively suppress shine, but to help maintain skin oil and moisture balance.

Similarly, skin care products that mainly manage T-shaped parts can give proper moisturization after cleansing, so that the skin still has the right to beauty.

Low-concentration care products such as fruit acid or salicylic acid have a good regulation effect on astringent pores and the removal of solidified oils around pores in a short period of time, but long-term excessive use may make the skin sensitive or rough.

  The forehead and nose always have a shiny skin, and a small amount of oil-free and refreshing can balance the sebum secretion in the T-shaped part, which can strengthen the keratin barrier. Many essences specially designed for pores contain immediate tightening and improving skin contact.Skin looks more noticeably smooth and delicate, and at the same time avoids excessive oil out and does not let the shine shine.

  The one who is suitable for you is the one who maintains the best natural skincare. “Oil from your own skin is the best beauty sacred product. It represents the skin’s active and active ability.” But in the summer of Taiwan, who does n’t wash his face one day,Can it stand it?

Many people who have tried surrendered with their hands, constantly forehead, nose and chin acne spread, and even made friends with oil and bacteria, and also came up with several acne, it is really worth the loss.

The so-called lady-grade lotion was used, but the T-shaped part was slightly greasy and acne was not uncommon. The reason was that the skin care products were too moisturizing, which made it difficult for the skin in the twenties.

Many experts care products for the T-shaped part to control oil and make acne. Sometimes the moisturizing effect on the skin is still not enough. You must strengthen the moisturizing during the maintenance, so that the skin will not lose its luster but become dry and dull.

Although some cleansing oils are a bit refreshing, they may not cause much impact on normal skin texture, and even dissolve the stubborn keratin of the T-shaped part. However, it is best for oily skin with multiple skin sensitivity or acne-prone acne.Avoid not suitable

After all, finding your own maintenance method is a beautiful destination after all, that is, after many attempts, uncomfortable skin will not be attractive.

  Healthy eating Gu Hao Golden Triangle There is still no direct evidence of fried foods, chocolate, peanuts, sweets, high sugar drinks, and irritating foods such as peppers.
It is the brother’s hand that causes the skin to become oily or keep acne, but these foods will accelerate the secretion of sebaceous glands, increase the amount of oil from the areas that are prone to oil, and worsen the original acne problem.

Natural skin experts who advocate for less egg and less oily milk argue that egg milk contains factors that can cause skin allergies, especially hormones that can stimulate skin acne.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spicy stimuli or high-fat fried diets can easily make people angry, leading to oily inflammation of the skin and acne and acne protests. Therefore, it is best to keep the daily diet light and less irritating.The body is less likely to accumulate toxins, and it can also reduce the burden on the T-shaped part.

Although the relationship between diet and skin problems often varies from person to person, and even the culture of different countries and regions, the level of skin “physical constitution” affects different levels, but a healthy diet, such as a balanced intake of five categories of food, drink moreWater, appropriate supplements of vitamins A, C, E, B groups, zinc, calcium.
Waiting is still the only rule for maintaining beauty.

  Good mood has good skin. I want T-shaped parts to be trouble-free, an indispensable beauty element, and inner emotional management.

Dermatological studies have found that constant tension and stress, a large increase in skin oil secretion, and even cause human acne.

Although skin care products help to improve the skin condition, they are only a symptom. If the stress comes down again, causing endocrine imbalance, the problem will come back.

In addition, often staying up late, lack of sleep has always been a beauty taboo, especially excessive oil on the forehead, and acne, which means overwork and distress, leading to overheating and excessive liver toxins. Finally, a warning message is issued from the T position.
The only solution is to adjust the pace of life, maintain a regular sleep schedule and moderate exercise, help balance and relieve physiological stress, relax the mood, and skin problems will naturally be cured without medicine.

Couples After 30: Seven Signs of Love Dissipating?

Couples After 30: Seven Signs of Love Dissipating?

Introduction: Taking a vacation together on vacation is an enviable beauty, but if you only choose a short vacation, it means that you have no intention of staying with your partner for too long. Sometimes it is also a sign of feeling cracks.

  Disharmony between husband and wife has become a common phenomenon among people in their 30s and 40s.

As the time passed unknowingly, when my two were married, my enthusiasm was gradually replaced by apathy and indifference, instead of showing that you really encountered a crisis of affection?

To make the right judgment, first see if the following signs appear in your life: ● Stop talking about sweet words, sweet words for your wife, add some teasing and joking condiments, and exaggerate her without losing time, husband and wifeRelationships are easier to get along with.

The way to speak to your spouse is one of the elements that make up a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

  There are many ways to express a meaning, it depends on what you call it.

If you are no longer interested in sweet talk to your partner, this is a bad sign.

  ● Especially keen on social activities. Both people are busy participating in various dances or parties with friends, and have close contact with each other.

When the two were alone at home, they kept the TV on and didn’t want to talk much.

  ● There are no understandable reasons for tenderly touching the reduction of sexual life between husband and wife. That way, having a new child, working pressure, mental stress, illness, etc., but if the other party has been indifferent for many months, then the trouble can beIt’s big, which means that there is an invisible wall between your souls.

Over time, home will be gone.

  ● Ashamed to put the photo of two people on the table without photos of you in the room. Even if there are, they are randomly placed in the pile of debris under the bed, which is covered with dust.

At this point, you need to reflect on it.

  ● Are you quietly waiting for the day to leave? “Sometimes I want to leave him, but I never dare to think about it because I don’t know how others will look at me, which makes me feel very embarrassed. I have to blame myself for wanting something, not for himconcentrate.

“If you think about it often, your marriage is very dangerous.

  ● Not willing to spend long vacations with your partner on vacation in a tourist resort is an enviable beauty, but if you choose only short vacations, it means that you have no intention to stay with your partner for too long, and sometimes it is also a relationshipA cracked sign.
  ● The two are no longer arguing. This is the worst sign.

Young couples who quarrel all day are more likely to live together than couples who are sulking in their stomachs.

Quarrels at least show that you have enthusiasm and courage to communicate sincerely, and that kind of laziness and silence is the biggest sign of divorce.

There are two kinds of quarrels between husband and wife: one is anger, the anger is gone, and everything is peaceful; the other is faint.

  Xiaobian’s warm reminder: there is no photo of your group in the room, even if it is, it is randomly placed in the debris pile under the bed, and it is covered with dust.

At this point, you need to reflect on it.

Vigilance often feels sad is a psychological problem

Vigilance often feels sad is a psychological problem

Experts Experts, to solve the psychological problem of “what do men often feel sad about” should be determined according to different situations.

If self-regulation is difficult, it is best to consult a professional psychiatrist as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment.

In particular, men who often feel sad and have suicidal thoughts should seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

  What to do if you always feel sad?

  Symptoms: Feelings of high and low, loss of previous favorite interests such as sports, meeting friends, and even loss of sexual desire, often tired, no life goals, these are the symptoms of depression.

Men with depression will show irritability, sudden irritability, getting out of control, more adventurous and aggressive, etc., their suicidal tendency is more than three times that of ordinary people, and they are more likely to suffer from coronary arteriosclerosis.

  Coping: What do men do when they feel sad? They should seek help from family, friends, and professionals in a timely manner. If the pressure is too high, you can take a long vacation and re-plan your life.

  Reminder: Don’t treat depression as insomnia. Many depression patients think that they are insomnia in the early days, and often treat them as insomnia. Some patients even buy drugs to improve insomnia.

A common phenomenon is that insomnia seems to improve when the medication is started, so that patients are more convinced of their own judgments. However, in the development of the disease, patients feel that the required dose is getting larger and larger, but they have not got enough rest and can get worse, The mood is getting worse, and even other physical problems such as appetite, physical decline, palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., and even insomnia may worsen before going to the doctor.

  Finally, experts suggest that the problem of “what do men often feel sad about?” Should be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

If self-regulation is difficult, it is best to consult a professional psychiatrist as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment.
In particular, men who often feel sad and have suicidal thoughts should seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

Pillow shaping helps sleep

Pillow shaping helps sleep

Friend, do you know?

In addition to sleeping on the pillow, I thought I could do yoga with you.

You may be wondering, but if you think about it, you will understand.

Yoga is a kind of item that can improve the body’s self-healing ability and overall conditioning, so that all parts of the body can be treated.

And pillows, whether allowed or sitting, pressed or cushioned, are very soft.

So why not combine pillow, the most convenient tool, with yoga?

  The following set of pillows on the bed that can be combined with a pillow before bedtime can help you to shape your body and help you sleep. You only need to use 15 minutes before going to bed each day to let you train your belly and slim legs!

  The first type: full parasite method: prone, with legs 90 degrees, pillows sandwiched between the calves.

When inhaling, lift your upper body and legs off the ground as high as possible, keeping 4 breaths.


  Efficacy: The leg-clamping pillow can promote a slight consumption of the thigh, increase the contraction of the tail, increase the comfort after relaxation, and improve sleep quality.

  Second style: Boat style: Lie on your back with pillows on your calves.

Inhale, raise your upper body and legs, and maintain 4 breaths.

Return when exhaling (if you feel struggling, use your hands to hold the edge of the pillow).

  Efficacy: Absorb the weight of the pillow to strengthen abdominal muscle contraction, reduce excess meat, stimulate nerves, improve soothing effect, and improve sleep quality.

  Third style: Leg extension method: Lie on your back with the pillow between your calves.

Inhale, raise your legs up 45 degrees, and maintain 4 breaths.

  Efficacy: Improve the condition of the small belly.

Strengthens spine strength and helps sleep.

  The fourth type: inverted method: lie on your back, with the pillow cushion at the back and lower, legs up and stick inside, keep for 2-5 minutes.

  Efficacy: Eliminate edema of the calf, fully return the blood to the upper body, treat and prevent varicose veins, and you can quickly feel sleepy.

Smart kids don’t easily fight for the first

Smart kids don’t easily fight for the first

Smart children are usually attractive, and it is gradually concluded that their lives must be more relaxed and carefree than other children.

However, some children’s psychotherapists in the United Kingdom have confirmed through a survey of more than 800 children and adolescents. In fact, smart children are often more stressed than ordinary children, so they are often more vulnerable to damage, substitution, depression, despair, and other emotions.Effects, even more susceptible to various diseases, including physical and psychological.

  Experts in the survey found that especially smart girls are more stressed than smart boys.

This is because: Smart girls are mostly academically excellent in school, and are often more likely to be loved by teachers and respected by their classmates. Because of this, “only success, not failure” has gradually become their motto.

Guided by this concept, they often fought for their lives in order to fight for the first place or to secure the first place, often exhausted.

The experts also analyzed that the “endless praise” from teachers, classmates and parents even made them develop a mentality in pursuit of perfection.

Excessive physical and mental exhaustion, coupled with heavy psychological stress, are likely to cause a variety of pains with no apparent cause in them, including headaches, abdominal pain, fatigue, indigestion, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, sleepPoor and so on, serious can also appear neurodegeneration and mental illness.

According to statistics from St. Mary’s Hospital, the proportion of smart girls who have the above symptoms can be as high as 20% or more, which is at least twice as high as that of girls of the same age of ordinary intelligence.

  In response to this, experts suggest that schools and parents treat smart children with a more scientific attitude and give them guidance, especially to educate them to treat their grades and intelligence properly, and encourage them to participate in sports and social activities.

There is a touch in marriage

There is a touch in marriage

The man is unemployed.

He didn’t tell the woman.

He still went out and went home on time.

He did not forget to make up some stories to deceive women.

He said that the new director was very kind and the new female college student was very pure . The woman pinched his ear and said with a smile, “Be careful.

“At that time he was going out, and the woman grabbed him to help him arrange the collar of his jersey.

  The man clipped his briefcase, squeezed into the bus, and got off after three stops.

He sat on a bench in the park and looked sadly at the flocks of pigeons on the square.

In the evening, the man went home with a smile.

He knocked on the door and shouted, “I’m back!

“The man persisted for 5 days like this.

  Five days later, he found a short job in a small cement plant.

The environment was harsh there, and the flying dust kept his throat dry.

The intensity of the work was so great that he was sweaty when working.

The team leader said, “Don’t do it, you’re dead.

The man said, “I can.

“He clenched his teeth, shaking his legs gently.

The man’s body was covered with thick dust, he was like a tired clay sculpture of activity.

  After work, the man hurriedly took a bath in the factory, put on a smart suit, and went home lightly.

He knocked on the door and shouted, “I’m back!

“The woman ran over and opened the door.

The scent of green onions fills the man’s mind.

The woman at the table asked him, “Is work smooth?

“He said,” By the way, the new female college student is quite pure.

The woman was angry, but gave the man a chopstick fungus.

The woman said, “The water is boiling. Do you want to take a bath?

“The man said,” After washing, I came back from the sauna with my colleague.

“The woman hummed the song and began to pack the dishes.

The man thought: It was so dangerous, it was almost spotted.

The tired man washed his face and brushed his teeth before falling asleep.

  The man worked in that cement factory for more than twenty days.

It’s almost the end of the month.

He wondered if that poor salary could fool a woman.

After dinner that day, the woman suddenly said, “Don’t you go to work at that company, I know there is a company recruiting, to help you find out, all the requirements are met, go try it tomorrow?

The man ecstatically said, “Why change?”

Said the woman. “Isn’t it good to change the environment?”

Besides, this one must be very nice.

“So the next day, the man went to apply for the job, and was accepted.  That day, the man cooked a lot of dishes and drank a lot of wine.

He knew that all this could not be hidden from women.

Perhaps the day the woman went to work in the cement plant, or the day he lost his job, the woman knew the truth.

Did his dodging eyes betray him?

Did his tired body betray him?

Did the woman see from the window that he was on the opposite bus?

Or is he pretending to be too clumsy and exaggerated?

He can make up stories to lie to his women, but he can’t convince the attentive women.

  In fact, when a person loves each other deeply, what can be concealed?

The man recalled that for more than twenty days, every day, there was a plate of fried fungus eggs on the dining table.

Men know that fungus can clear the lungs.

The man in the dust needs a plate of fried fungus eggs.

Sometimes women force him to eat two spoonfuls of pear cream.

The man thought, that was also the elaborate plan of the woman.

Also, these days the woman no longer haunts him to watch TV series with her, because he is so tired.

Now men fully believe that women have known his secrets long ago, and she is doing things for him silently, but never reveals it.

It is a secret that a man whose career is so fast suddenly loses his job and becomes anonymous.

It’s a man, it’s her.

She must bite the pain and keep her mouth shut.

She couldn’t let anyone know, including the man who made the secret.

The man stood on the balcony watching the night view of the city, and eventually a tear fell.

An explanation of hypnosis in psychology

An explanation of hypnosis in psychology

Hypnotic induction and hypnotizable hypnosis begin with a type of hypnotic induction, which is an initial set of activities that minimizes external distractions and encourages participation to focus only on stimuli that are implied.

Believe that you are entering a special state of consciousness.

Induction activities include imagining a particular experience or visualizing a reaction to an event.

  When repeated in this way, the induction program acts like a learned signal, allowing participants to quickly enter a hypnotic state.

A typical induction procedure uses a cue that is deeply relaxing, but some people may enter a hypnotic state through the alert induction of an activity?


Think of them as jogging or cycling.

  What impresses me is the power of hypnosis.

However, the most important thing about hypnosis is the participant’s ability or “talent” to be hypnotized.

There are large individual differences in suggestiveness, from no response at all to complete response.

  Hypnosis is a fairly stable trait.

If an adult takes multiple measurements over a 10-year period, the score will remain essentially the same.

  In fact, a retest of 50 men and women after 25 years showed that the two scores for hypnosis had a very high correlation (correlation coefficient was 0).


Children with an adult baseline may be more likely to be implied; the peak of hypnotic response is early in adolescence and then decreases.

  There is some evidence that hypnotizability is affected by genetic factors, because the fractions of identical twins are more similar than those of fraternal twins.

Although relatively hypnotic, it has nothing to do with personality traits such as credulity and obedience.

Hypnotizability reflects that unique cognitive ability, the ability to concentrate on an experience.

  Hypnotic effects In describing the methods of measuring hypnosis, we have mentioned some standard effects of hypnosis: under hypnosis, individuals have related motor skills (such as their arms become inflexible) and perceptual experiences (such asThere is a hallucination of a fly).

  But how can we be sure that these behaviors are caused by hypnosis, not just the participants’ strong desire to please the hypnotist?

To illustrate this important issue, researchers often conduct experiments to compare the performance of truly hypnotized individuals with those of pretenders.

  Two students participated in an experiment, each of them was actually hypnotized, and the other group did a pretend hypnosis: that is, one experimenter said to the subject that it was their job to deceive the other experimenter, to make him believe that you were actually hypnotizedAlready.

  Then give preliminary sounds and let them determine the volume.

An important part of the trial is the required instruction, which tells the subjects that they will have a special experience.

If the effect of hypnosis is viewed as the participant’s desire to respond to the tester’s requirements, then the pretending participant and the person being hypnotized will have the same response.

  Actually, they don’t.

Individuals who were actually hypnotized reported various experiences and did not think of something they thought the experimenter wanted to hear.

In this example, the pretender probably guessed incorrectly what they really want to experience with hypnosis.

In species experiments, we can expect to know what hypnosis can make people experience.

  One unquestionable value of hypnosis is that it reduces pain (hypnotic anorexia).

Anticipation and fear intensify pain stimulation; you can reduce this psychological effect through hypnosis.

Pain control is accomplished through various hypnotic cues: Imagine the painful area as non-organic or separate from other parts of the body, distract one’s mind from the body, and skew the time in various ways.

  Hypnosis has been shown to be particularly likely for patients who cannot be anesthetized but require surgery, mothers who give birth naturally, and cancer patients who have to learn to endure pain.

  The last thing to note about hypnosis is that the power of hypnosis does not lie in a certain ability or skill of the hypnotist, but exists in relatively hypnotizable individuals and hypnotized individuals.

  To be hypnotized needlessly give up personal control; on the contrary, the hypnotized experience participants personally learn new methods to practice control. Hypnotists as coaches can train participants to perform roles.

Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Too many people often have nightmares at night. In addition to waking in the middle of the night, it seriously affects the quality of sleep, and in the next day of study, they feel tired at work, have difficulty concentrating, and sleepy.

So repeatedly entangled by nightmares, even destroying the body.

So how can we prevent nightmares from eroding our health?

  Why are you entangled in nightmares and why do you dream?

Regarding the physiological and psychological mechanisms of dreams, they have not been satisfactorily resolved in science, but two points are quite certain: one is that external stimuli can cause dreams.

Some scholars have put ice water on sleepers, and awakened them with flashes and sounds to stimulate sleepers. As a result, they found that the proportion of certain stimuli programmed into dreams was 42%, 23%, and 9 respectively.%; The second is thinking day by day and dreaming at night.

Many scientists who study the content of dreams have found that dreams often experience daytime experiences.

From these two points, it is not difficult to find that as a type of nightmare, there are at least two reasons for its formation: 1.

The body has developed some undetected diseases.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of organic diseases always has certain specific symptoms.

However, at the beginning of the disease, because the stimulus information received is weak, and other alternative stimulus information is very weak in the awake state. At this time, the weak stimulus that occurs can cause the cerebral cortex to be excited, which will appear in dreams.All kinds of pathological horrors.


Strong emotional depression during the day.

An American psychologist has reported such an example: a woman often dreams that a big wave pushes her to the sea, while others are far away from her, she is always stunned and unable to even help the word “help”shout out.

Psychologists have learned through surveys that this woman has a heavy burden of work and housework, and often feels invincible, but she is unwilling to ask for help from people around her.

The menacing scenes in her dreams are precisely the special contradictions in her life.

Psychologists told her that as long as it can reduce the tension and depression in life, nightmares will say goodbye.

  Eight tricks teach you to get rid of nightmares 1.

Take a walk or enjoy music in the suburbs 1 hour before bedtime to maintain a relaxed and happy mood.


It is not advisable to eat dinner, and do not eat snacks before going to bed.


1 hour before going to bed should stop nervous mental and physical work, avoid watching irritating movies, books and newspapers.


Do not smoke or drink alcohol or coffee before bed.


It is not good to develop the habit of sleeping on time.


Take off your outerwear and wear pajamas or undershirts and shorts when you sleep.


Pay attention to the sleeping position and develop the habit of lying on your side.


The quilt should not be too warm or heavy, and the pillows should not be too high or too stiff.

  Extension: Four types of drugs can cause nightmares while sleeping. One is antipsychotics.

Such as perphenazine, fluorophenol-alcohol and chlorpromazine, in addition to causing terrible dreams, patients may also experience depression, sleep disturbances, and hallucinations.

In addition, the classic drug barbiturates, which have been in existence for more than a century, are prone to bad dreams and dreams after discontinuation.

The antidepressant paroxetine, 7% of patients will have withdrawal reactions, such as nightmares, paresthesia and dizziness.

  The second is cardiovascular drugs.
Beta-adrenergic receptor antagonists, such as propranolol, betaloc, and tranquillity, are mainly used for the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris, and can also treat anxiety.
But a variety of drugs may cause sleep disturbances, dreaming and hallucinations.

Clonine and methyldopa can also cause sleep disturbances, especially in the early stages of medication.

  Third, antibiotics, such as clarithromycin, may cause short-term adverse effects on the central nervous system, including worry, insomnia, hallucinations, bad dreams or blurred consciousness; Naloxone antibiotics (such as ofloxacin) can cause tension and insomnia, Worry, nightmares, increased intracranial pressure, etc.

Therefore, patients with complications or suspected central nervous system disorders, such as severe cerebral atherosclerosis and seizures, should be used with caution.

  Fourth, antiviral drugs, amantadine is the first antiviral drug approved in the United States, and can now also be used in patients with tremor paralysis.

Its common adverse reactions are hallucinations, mental breakdown, dizziness, bad dreams, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Pyrrolidone is the drug of choice for the treatment of schistosomiasis, but there may be side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, and dreaminess after taking the drug.