What is the effect of garlic? Why do foreigners rush to eat garlic?

What is the effect of garlic? Why do foreigners rush to eat garlic?


What is the effect of garlic? Why do foreigners rush to eat garlic?

I think everyone knows penicillin, has a fever and goes to the hospital, and many people have to fight penicillin.

More than 80 million lives have been saved so far.

Without the discovery of penicillin, the population of human history will lose 75%.

In fact, we often eat a kind of “natural penicillin”, the effect is comparable to antibacterial agent, it is garlic, it has the antibacterial effect of penicillin, as well as the effect of chemical plug, anti-cancer, hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering.

State-level famous Chinese medicine doctor, Professor Shi Zaixiang of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said: “A clove of garlic is a star-saving medicine. I first confirmed that allicin has the effect of dilating the coronary artery. It is called a blood vessel scavenger.

“Why are foreigners rushing to eat garlic?

Many people dislike the taste of garlic, but foreigners are rushing to eat garlic. It is the first darling of the national table.

Garlic is the secret weapon of German longevity. There must be garlic in three meals a day. Even after the meal, the ice cream also has garlic flavor and garlic wine.

French people use garlic chicken soup to fight colds, Koreans appetize with garlic sauce, and Japanese people can eat garlic jam. so popular, because the effect of garlic is too much, pick a few important things to tell everyone.

1, anti-inflammatory sterilization According to research shows that garlic contains a kind of “sulphide sulphide”, its bactericidal ability can reach one tenth of penicillin, has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites, can startTo prevent influenza, prevent wound infections, treat infectious diseases and deworming.

2, anti-cancer anti-cancer garlic can protect the liver, induce liver cell detoxification enzyme activity, can interrupt the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, thereby preventing the occurrence of cancer.

At the same time, the elements such as strontium and selenium in garlic also have good anticancer or anticancer effects.

3, prevention of arthritis garlic can “except for rheumatism, breaking cold wind”, has an inhibitory effect on wind, cold and damp arthritis.

4. The diet structure of people with insufficient insulin intake is insufficient, and the intake of selenium in the human body is reduced, leading to a decrease in insulin synthesis. The substitution of selenium in garlic has a regulating effect on the decrease of insulin synthesis in the human body, so diabetics eat more garlic.Helps ease the condition.

5, reduce blood lipids, prevent blood clots of garlic active ingredients significantly reduce blood lipids and prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, prevent the formation of thrombosis; epidemiological studies show that in each person who eats an average of 20 grams of raw garlic per day,The mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is significantly lower than that of no edible garlic.

6, anti-aging, prevention of lead poisoning, garlic can delay aging; its antioxidant resistance to ginseng; often lead to lead or lead poisoning may eat garlic, can effectively prevent lead poisoning.

7, help erect blood health is an important factor affecting erectile function, eating garlic can promote blood health, improve erectile function, can be said to be a natural Viagra.

How to eat garlic?

1, raw garlic to kill the bacteria virus garlic is best mashed into mud to eat, after mashing must first put 10?
After 15 minutes, the garlic and garlic enzymes can fully play the role, which is beneficial to the formation of allicin and effective sterilization.
2, pickled garlic inhibits soy wax, garlic, sweet and sour garlic is the representative of pickled garlic.

Professor Zhao Guanghua from the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University found that the extract of sweet and sour garlic contains antioxidant activity and has a certain inhibitory effect on carbohydrates.

Practice: Put the washed and dried garlic cloves into a clean jar, pour rice vinegar (with or without sugar), seal and place at low temperature and dark place, 20 days or so, the color is green, sweet and sour pomegranateInnovative, with dumplings to eat the best.

In addition to the antihypertensive effect, Laba garlic lowers blood sugar and blood lipids, softens the blood vessels, and has the effect of greasy.

3, germination of garlic nutrition doubled the study found that the anti-oxidation effect of germinated garlic is higher than fresh garlic; can also be germinated garlic hydroponic, the leaves grow up after eating garlic, the vitamin content of garlic exceeds the garlic.

Reminder: Garlic stored in a cool and ventilated place can be eaten after germination, but the garlic stored in the place where the sun shines will turn green when germinated. At this time, alkaloids are produced. It is best not to eat.

4, fermented black garlic taste the best through the fermentation of black garlic, water will be reduced by 50%, sugar, amino acids, B vitamins increased.

The sweetness is enhanced, and there is no spicy taste. Don’t worry about having a breath; people with bad stomach can eat it, but people with higher blood sugar should eat less.

5, garlic soup to taste fresh soup, stewed meat, especially stewed pork belly, put a few cloves of garlic in the large intestine, you can remove the smell of ingredients.

After stewing, the garlic is not spicy and sweet, because the allicin is converted into a sweet, sulfur-containing substance, which increases the sweetness of the soup.

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