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Very short sprint training method

Very short sprint training method

In the large-scale track and field competitions at home and abroad, it is necessary to equip the sprint program 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, etc., especially the 100 meters competition. It has the largest gold content and the most influential, and is the most exciting competition.

I have been working in grassroots schools all the time, and it is the sprint project that is responsible for training.

Therefore, I feel good about how to carry out the training of the sprint. I would like to discuss this with my colleagues.

  The sprint project is an extreme strength work project.

Physiology, biochemistry theory believes that extreme strength work belongs to the supply of energy by anaerobic metabolism.

The sprint technique requires the person’s torso to lean forward, but can’t bow down.

Both arms should be bent on the body side to swing back and forth.

It can be seen that the technical requirements for sprinting are particularly high, and it is a fierce sports project that requires full body coordination, quick response, high change and high strength.

In my usual training, I mainly started from the following aspects.

  First, the development of explosive power The explosive power is determined by two organic components, namely speed and strength.

Therefore, the following practice methods can be used: 1.

Jump deep; 2.

Vertical jump; 3.

Load vertical jump; 4.

Weight-bearing jumps; 5.

Load squat; 6.

The weight-bearing bows exchange jumps.

  Second, the flexibility of flexible exercise refers to the extent of the movement of various joints of the human, the ability of the muscle ligaments to stretch.

It is of great significance in sprinting, especially for athletes’ strides. Therefore, I usually use the following methods in training: 1.

Body flexion practice; 2.

Pull the rod to the leg; 3.

Vertical, cross arm fork; 4.

Rapid flexion and extension of the ribs before and after;

Kicking legs (positive, side and outer swings in four aspects), sitting cross-legged knees, etc.;

Quick standing practice.

  Third, the speed of training This transformation is the key to sprint training. The methods I usually use are auxiliary exercises, repetitions, game methods and game methods.

The game method is a method often used for speed training. Because the speed practice time is short, the game method is often used, which can make the athletes feel high and show the maximum speed.

Like the game method, it can stimulate the athletes’ high emotions. At the same time, due to various movement changes during the game, it can also prevent the form of “speed obstacle” caused by the practice of frequently arranging the maximum speed.

12 points for a scientific and reasonable baby diet

12 points for a scientific and reasonable baby diet

Every young mother wants her baby to grow up smartly and healthily. In order to achieve this goal, mothers must pay attention to science to replace the baby and not to cause the baby to develop nutritional disorders.

For the baby, the diet should pay special attention to the following twelve points: First, the baby’s diet must not be hard, thick, chewing and digestive functions of newborn infants have not yet developed, digestion is weak, can not fully digest and absorb nutrients, so according to the child’sSelect foods based on age characteristics and degree of digestion. The complementary food or diet should be fine, soft and cooked. For example, squeeze vegetables out of vegetable juice, cut into vegetable puree, and cut lean meat into minced meat.

  It should be reminded that when parents guard the baby, do not chew the food in their mouth first, then spit it in a small spoon or place it mouth to mouth.

Initially is not conducive to the maturity of digestive function of infants and young children.

Although babies do not have teeth or are not aligned, and have poor chewing ability, they can still digest fine, soft and cooked food.

Chewing anesthesia is an unhygienic habit. It can cause pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in large populations to be transmitted to children, and children’s poor resistance can easily cause diseases.

  Second, the baby should eat a little. Baby is prone to get tired of monotonous food.

In order to increase the baby’s appetite and avoid partial food, and maintain adequate and reasonable nutrition, if possible, the food should be rich in variety, color, aroma and taste, the thickness of the staple food should be alternated, and supplemented with vegetarian food. Add 1-2 daily.Time snack.

For the food that your baby does not like, you can work hard on casting. If your baby does not eat carrots, you can put carrots in his favorite meat, put meatballs or stuffing dumplings, and gradually let your baby get used to it.

In this way, you can not only increase your baby’s appetite, but also achieve the goal of balancing expectations.

  Third, do not blindly eat infant foods in the fortified food market, there are many fortified foods.

Parents often buy certain fortified foods for the purpose of comprehensive nutritional supplements for their babies.

Parents should carefully read the nutrient content indicated on the food packaging before purchasing fortified foods. If the fortified nutrients in several foods are the same, they can only choose one. Parents should consult a doctor or an expert if necessary.Opinion that buying unintentionally may lead to the danger of poisoning your baby.

  Fourth, parents should not force the stuffed food. Under normal circumstances, the baby knows that he is full. When he does not want to eat, do not force him to eat.

There is a Chinese saying that raising children requires “three points?”

Hungry, cold for three minutes, “the child’s own immunity is stronger.

Parents should follow their children’s intentions more. The amount of food they eat should be determined by themselves. Do not force the child to eat or scold him loudly. Children who are tired of listening will have rebellious psychology. If they are too demanding, they may easily cause indigestion.

  Fifth, don’t make jokes and make trouble with your baby when eating. It is easy for food to enter the baby’s trachea by mistake, which will cause coughing. Seriously, it will cause the trachea and even endanger life.

  Six, to avoid gluttony and meet delicious, delicious meals?

Too much food will increase the long-term digestive burden and affect gastrointestinal motility and digestion.

Food residues stay in the stomach for fermentation and spoilage, and symptoms such as snoring and abuse of vomiting may occur, which is not only harmful to the nutritional absorption of children, but also harmful to the body.

  Seven, infants and young children should not drink tea. Tea contains high acid content. Tea drinking affects the metabolism of iron from food, milk, and vegetables. In addition, infants and young children are the prevalent age of iron deficiency anemia.Drinking tea regularly at age will induce or aggravate iron deficiency anemia.

Children who have suffered from iron deficiency anemia often drink tea, which affects the initial absorption of iron preparations, which will affect the efficacy.

  Eight, infants and young children should not eat sherbet Sherbet is artificially prepared foods, contains saccharin and?

These two ingredients are harmful to the body, and the detoxification function of the liver and the detoxification function of the kidneys of infants and children are still low. Therefore, the saccharin and pigments eaten will accumulate in the body and damage the body.

  Nine, infants and young children should not eat too salty foods Infants and young children’s kidney function development is not yet mature, eating too salty food, sodium ions tend to stay in the body, prone to high?

Stress, especially children whose parents have a history of hypertension should pay more attention.

For 2-year-olds, try to put as little salt as possible in the food.

  X. Infants and young children should not eat a lot of saturated fatty acids in animal feces. If they eat too much, this fatty acid will deposit on the blood vessel walls and cause arteriosclerosis in children. Therefore, infants and young children who eat animal feces more will have blood lipids and blood stasis.The symptoms often increase.

Children with a family history of arteriosclerosis should not eat more animal aunts.

  11. Infants should not eat more honey. 12. Infants and young children should drink less coffee, cola, soft drinks, bright juice, orange juice and other beverages.

Reminder to eat fruits and raw vegetables to supplement enzymes

Reminder to eat fruits and raw vegetables to supplement enzymes

Introduction: Reminder that eating fruits and raw vegetables can supplement enzymes. Many eating habits in life are related to our own health. When facing various nutrition, how do we choose? This is a question directly related to health.

How to choose nutrition?

How to choose a diet?

Eating anyway will have a certain impact on the body.

  Fruits and vegetables are foods that many people like to eat. From the perspective of many people, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is very high. Indeed, their nutritional value is very high.

But do you know that eating fruits and raw vegetables can supplement enzymes?

Let’s take a look below!

  There are papaya enzymes in papaya. It breaks down proteins and breaks down large proteins in milk into small peptides. But peptides are bitter.

When the sweet potato is slowly heated, it will promote the “amylase” in the sweet potato to break down the starch in the sweet potato into sucrose and glucose to produce a sweet taste.It’s sweet.

In addition, because some people have insufficient “lactase”, when they drink cow’s milk, bloating and diarrhea occur because lactose cannot be digested.

  Many wonderful changes in nature are due to enzymes.

Enzymes exist in animals, plants, fungi and other organisms, and in addition to our lives, they are also closely related to our life phenomena.

Thousands of enzymes are in the process of metabolism in the body.

For example: digestive enzymes are protein-degrading enzymes that are secreted by food stimulation from the oral cavity to the small intestine, slightly decomposing enzymes, amylases, maltase enzymes, sucrose enzymes, lactase enzymes, etc.Digestion and conversion into small molecular elements that can be absorbed.

  Then, it is responsible for the synthesis of enzyme groups, and then builds up new muscle, nerve cells, bones, skin or glandular tissues.

Some enzymes have the function of detoxification, helping to convert metabolic waste in the body into urea and removing it from the urine, or expelling carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Oxidizing enzymes can promote oxidation in the body, which produces energy; while reducing enzymes can resist oxidation and help eliminate peroxides or free radicals that are harmful to the body.

  In short, enzymes are important for the body to live healthy.

If the secretion of enzymes is insufficient, re-nutrition is just a burden that cannot be digested and cannot provide health.

To ensure that the body has enough enzymes, we not only synthesize the enzymes ourselves, but also supplement them from foods rich in enzymes.

For example: proteolytic enzymes, amylases with a lot of fruits and vegetables.

However, most of the enzymes are made of protein. In high-temperature cooking, the enzyme’s activity will be destroyed, and the enzyme will lose its effect. People who are accustomed to cooked food can obtain fewer enzymes from food.

  Therefore, eating more fruits and raw vegetables is helpful for supplementing enzymes to improve health.

Some people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables and prefer meat with high protein. Without foreign enzymes and the need to secrete a large amount of protein enzymes to digest a large amount of meat, the supply of other enzymes in the body may be reduced. A Taiwanese saying goes: 呷Fish and meat, this is the reason why I want vegetables to come.

In addition, due to factors such as old age and disease, the body’s ability to secrete enzymes declines, often causing digestive problems and the body’s weak response. This is a warning sign.

Insufficient secretion is actually not just digestive enzymes. Various enzymes including synthesis, detoxification, oxidation, and reduction will also be lacking. Finally, a red light will be on for health.

  The role of enzymes illustrates the importance of a balanced diet, 579 daily supplements of fresh fruits and vegetables for health.

However, for situations where a balanced diet is not possible, or as described above, commercial enzyme supplementation should be necessary.

At present, biotechnology cannot manufacture enzymes by artificial synthesis. Commercialized enzymes are mainly obtained by automatic fermentation, plant, or microbial fermentation.

The purpose of eating is to prevent the shortage of enzymes in the body and to provide “foreign aid” enzymes to reduce the burden of enzymes secreted by the body.

Animal-derived enzymes, such as: pancreatic enzymes (trypsin), pepsin (pepsin), lipase (lipase).

Derived from plants, common protein-degrading enzymes such as papaya enzymes and pineapple enzymes.

In addition, microbial enzymes are usually fermented by adding a variety of fruits and vegetables to bacteria, such as: Dahan enzyme, Yamato enzyme, and so on.

In addition, barley grass, wheat grass, green broccoli, cabbage and other dark green plants are rich in antioxidant enzymes, so this is also a barley grass, wheat grass juice and other powder products are well-known selling points.

  Studies have shown that most of the commercial enzymes are absorbed in the small intestine, the same way the body’s own enzymes are absorbed.

Enzyme supplements, whether from natural excesses of fruits and vegetables or ingestion of commercial enzymes, can effectively improve digestion problems.

Start by reducing the feeling of fullness in the gastrointestinal tract to make bowel movements regular, because the slenderness restores normal physiological functions and physical strength, because the presence of a large number of enzymes can save the body the loss of many enzymes needed for secretion, and it is longer and moreNutrition to maintain various physiological functions of the body.

Acne emergency safety manual_1

Acne Sudden Safety First Aid Manual

Acne always brings impurities to our beauty, but please don’t squeeze out acne easily, it will infect the inner layer of the skin and leave scars.

Unfamiliar acne should not be crowded, the crowding will cause great damage to the skin tissue.


hzh {display: none; }  1、应急秘方:如果痘痘已经变白有脓头,就热敷,然后轻轻用纸巾把痘痘挤破。  The pus has not yet protruded from the skin surface. You can apply vitamin E ointment, then apply concealer to the acne area, apply foundation, and gently dab the excess foundation with your fingers. Finally, puff on the same powder as the skin., Blush thicker.

  2, conditions and time: buy some alcohol, and cotton ball sticks, a tip thicker than the needle, basically that’s all.

  The acne has turned white and has pus, so it can be treated. First, use a cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the acne, and then disinfect the pointed needle with alcohol. Use the needle tip to puncture the acne, and then use the needleRoll and squeeze the acne on the acne. This will squeeze it clean. Use a cotton ball to wipe out the pus.

This makes it less susceptible to infection and scarring.

Watery eyes may be sick

“Watery” eyes may be sick

If your newborn baby has a pair of “watery” eyes, it may not be a good thing, especially when the baby is not crying, and his eyes are full of “tears”, you should be alert to whether your baby has “newborn dacryocystitis”.
  In many literary works, women’s beautiful eyes are always described as “watery eyes.”
However, if your newborn baby has a pair of “watery” eyes, it may not be a good thing, especially when the baby is not crying, and his eyes are full of “tears”, you should be alert to whether your baby has “newborn dacryocystitis”.
  An ophthalmologist at a children’s hospital said that neonatal dacryocystitis is a more common external eye disease that is mostly caused by blocked nasolacrimal ducts.
  Usually, the lacrimal duct of the newborn has a membrane closed at the exit of the nasolacrimal duct. Most newborns rupture automatically at the time of birth, and the lacrimal duct begins to open.
After the birth of some children, the membrane at the exit of the lacrimal duct is not ruptured or due to congenital malformations of the nasolacrimal duct, which can cause obstruction of the lacrimal duct, leaving tears in the lacrimal sac.
The humidity in the lacrimal sac is most suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Once infected, the tears become pus, which leads to neonatal dacryocystitis. The neonatal dacryocystitis is often manifested as tears and eye drops.There was light yellow pus flowing from the inner corner of the eye.
These symptoms usually start to be noticeable around half a month after birth.
  If the baby is diagnosed with neonatal dacryocystitis, parents do not need to worry too much, because most babies are still developing the lacrimal duct after birth.
Children less than two months can take conservative treatment first, massage the baby’s lacrimal sac area (both sides of the nose) from top to bottom to promote the flow of tears to the nasolacrimal duct, 2 to 4 times a day, each time 1minute.
At the same time, antibiotic antibiotic eye drops should be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Before dripping the drops, wipe the secretions from the corners of the baby’s eyes with a cotton swab.
After a period of treatment in this way, the film will rupture on its own and the lacrimal duct will be unblocked.
  If the child who has failed conservative treatment for a period of time can go to the ophthalmology department to rinse the lacrimal duct and break the film.
For a 4-month-old baby, if the pressure rinsing twice a month is still ineffective, a lacrimal duct probing operation is needed, and the membrane is punctured with a probe to make the lacrimal duct open.
With pressure irrigation or lacrimal probing, 99% of children can be cured.
For the lacrimal duct obstruction caused by bony stenosis or nose deformity, surgery or other methods need to be considered to make the lacrimal duct open.
  The doctor reminded parents that if the congenital lacrimal duct obstruction is left untreated for a long time, if it is infected with toxic bacteria, it may cause the baby to have an acute dacryocystitis.
Long-term expansion of the lacrimal sac will cause the lacrimal sac to lose its elasticity. Even if the lacrimal tract is unobstructed in the future, the symptoms of tear overflow will still exist, and permanent scarring occlusion of the lacrimal duct may be formed due to the continued lacrimal inflammation.
In addition, lacrimal pus continuously draining into the conjunctival sac can cause conjunctival and corneal inflammation, cause corneal ulcers, and even develop into endophthalmitis, posing a serious potential threat to the eyeballs.
Therefore, once the baby’s eyes are always watery, take the baby to a regular hospital for treatment in time.

Several ingredients that Chinese medicine believes can help sleep

Several ingredients that Chinese medicine believes can help sleep

There are many causes of insomnia, and Chinese medicine believes that it is mainly caused by internal factors.

Such as frailty, anxiety, depression, etc. are also related to diet.

Insomnia involves multiple internal organs, such as the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys, which are mainly caused in the heart and have a direct relationship with the stability of the mind.

Because the mind is hidden and the mind is stable, you can sleep normally. If you are disturbed, you cannot sleep.

It is definitely the heart disease or splenic disease, kidney disease, liver disease and stomach disease that affect the heart and cause insomnia.

  Among them, the onset of complications due to confusion, overwork, damage to the heart and spleen.

If the heart is damaged, the blood is insufficient, the heart is inadequate, and it is impossible to rest. Therefore, it is impossible to become a maggot. The main blood is insufficient, which is inseparable from the injury of the temper.disturbed.

This insomnia caused by heart and blood deficiency can also be seen in the weak, or after the birth of blood, maternal overproduction, and the aging of the elderly body. The key is the lack of blood and the heart and spleen.

  Chinese medicine believes that sleep and the mind are the result of the natural and regular transformation of the yin and yang qi. Once this rule is broken, it can lead to uneasiness.

A balanced diet and comprehensive nutrient absorption can ensure the effective functioning of the body, making it easier for you to fall asleep and fall asleep.

In your daily diet, some foods help sleep, and some foods are refreshing.

If you are suffering from insomnia, you should pay attention to and improve your diet first.

  More foods to improve your mind and body can improve the symptoms of insomnia. Suitable foods include longan meat, red dates, mulberry seeds, cypress seeds, schisandra, ganoderma lucidum, lotus seeds, poria, lily, barley and wheat.

  For those who are nervous due to stress and can’t relax the sleeper, stagnation of liver and stagnation can help relieve the physical and mental tension.

Beneficial foods include orange, celery, night lily, jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum, bergamot, tangerine peel, white plum, etc.

Some astringent and astringent foods enter the liver, and cold foods are not good for qi, and these foods should be eaten less to avoid making the hyperactive liver qi stronger.

  Due to poor blood flow in the brain and atherosclerosis in the elderly, it is easy to wake up early and awaken during sleep.

Foods that help lower blood lipids and blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis include kelp, seaweed, hawthorn, black fungus, mushrooms, garlic, onion, lotus leaves, tea leaves, lotus seeds, celery, horseshoe, jellyfish, honey, etc.

Chinese medicinal materials such as Gastrodia elata, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhododendron grandiflorum, Prunella vulgaris, Shijingming, Achyranthes bidentata, and Chrysanthemum are often used as brain medicine.

  Chronic pain is a common cause of impediment to sleep. These people are often accompanied by physical deficiency, backache, warm hands and feet, fear of coldness, pale complexion, and so on.

On weekdays, you should eat more foods such as lamb, pork belly, chicken, shrimp, animal kidney, eel, cherry, leek, onion, fennel, walnut, chestnut, pods and so on.

In addition, according to the pain, proper use of blood-enriching qi and bone-strengthening medicinal materials such as Cuscuta, Psoralen, Astragalus, Peach Kernel, Cistanche, Shudi, Danshen, Sanqi, etc. can relieve pain and improve local conditions.

  In general, everyone’s dietary requirements may be different, and what foods you want to experience yourself are most helpful to you.

Vigilance often feels sad is a psychological problem

Vigilance often feels sad is a psychological problem

Experts Experts, to solve the psychological problem of “what do men often feel sad about” should be determined according to different situations.

If self-regulation is difficult, it is best to consult a professional psychiatrist as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment.

In particular, men who often feel sad and have suicidal thoughts should seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

  What to do if you always feel sad?

  Symptoms: Feelings of high and low, loss of previous favorite interests such as sports, meeting friends, and even loss of sexual desire, often tired, no life goals, these are the symptoms of depression.

Men with depression will show irritability, sudden irritability, getting out of control, more adventurous and aggressive, etc., their suicidal tendency is more than three times that of ordinary people, and they are more likely to suffer from coronary arteriosclerosis.

  Coping: What do men do when they feel sad? They should seek help from family, friends, and professionals in a timely manner. If the pressure is too high, you can take a long vacation and re-plan your life.

  Reminder: Don’t treat depression as insomnia. Many depression patients think that they are insomnia in the early days, and often treat them as insomnia. Some patients even buy drugs to improve insomnia.

A common phenomenon is that insomnia seems to improve when the medication is started, so that patients are more convinced of their own judgments. However, in the development of the disease, patients feel that the required dose is getting larger and larger, but they have not got enough rest and can get worse, The mood is getting worse, and even other physical problems such as appetite, physical decline, palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., and even insomnia may worsen before going to the doctor.

  Finally, experts suggest that the problem of “what do men often feel sad about?” Should be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

If self-regulation is difficult, it is best to consult a professional psychiatrist as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment.
In particular, men who often feel sad and have suicidal thoughts should seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

These 10 eye movements betray your thoughts

These 10 eye movements betray your thoughts

People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and eye movements and eye communication can show people’s thoughts.

Recently, the US MSN website summarized the meanings of 10 types of eye movements or expressions.


Pupil size.

  People can control their facial expressions, but not their pupils. It can tell others what you like.

Studies show that when you see people or things you like, your pupils dilate, and when you see people or things you do n’t like, your pupils shrink.

“When we feel nervous, our pupils also shrink,” said Joe Navarro, a former FBI counter-intelligence officer and body language expert.

It is an inherent physiological phenomenon of human beings.


Eyelids twitch.

  Sandy Feldman, medical department director and eye surgeon at the Clearview Eye and Laser Therapy Center in San Diego, USA, said: “Eyelid smoking is caused by a ruptured eyelid and may indicate that someone is suffering from stress or a disease.


Eyes look around.

  Some experts believe that when people lie, their eyes first look up and then to the right.

Navarro believes that, depending on how people process information, their eyes look in a particular direction.

His eyes glanced at each other, not necessarily lying, but only that he was processing information.


Blink speed.

  People blink very quickly when lying or under stress; in a relaxed situation (such as reading, daydreaming, and working with a computer), the blinking speed will slow down, usually blinking at 8?
Between 21 times.


Cover your eyes.

  If you want to ask a friend for help, they rub their eyes when they agree to the answer, indicating that your request embarrassed him.

Navarro refers to this body language as “covering the eyes.”

Congenital blind children can also cover their eyes if they hear something they don’t like.


eye contact.

  A person looking into your eyes and talking is not necessarily ready to tell you the truth.

Navarro said, “When a person is lying, more eye contact is trying to find out if you believe him.

“The length of time you pay attention to other people’s eyes is also related to social culture.



  ”When someone feels something is disgusting or offensive, or feels they have been wrongly accused, theirThe reaction was squinting.

She said: “The tighter your eyes are quilted, the stronger your aversion will be.


Raise eyebrows.

  When people feel happy and content, they raise their eyebrows.

This facial expression expresses a positive emotion, and people who clinically reduce depression will not show this behavior.

  9.Keep your eyes wide open.

  Opening your eyes contains many different meanings, depending on other features of your face: When you open your eyes, your eyebrows are raised and your cheeks are sunken, which may indicate fear; when you open your eyes, you raise your eyebrows and smile,Expresses happiness and interest; with a quick glance, widening eyes, and returning to normal expression, it means repeating.


Eyes dull.

  When you tell a story to your audience, you find that their eyes are dull, and the audience is likely to be mentally wandering, indicating that they are bored.

If this happens during a date with the opposite sex, it is a clear sign that you are out.

Preservative-free care products


Preservative-free care products

With the advancement of the times and the modern people’s emphasis on appearance and beauty, skin care products do not exist in life all the time, but do you know that the skin care products used may actually have many unknown chemical ingredients?

  With the trend of LOHAS, many maintenance brands have begun to advocate not to add preservatives.

Preservatives may be the cause of modern people ‘s civilized diseases, or they may be the secret weapon that protects our skin. Is it good?


This time, we invited Dr. Weng Wenrou, a dermatologist at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, to ask Dr. Weng to unlock the mystery of preservatives for readers.


The function of preservatives The most important preservatives include antibacterial ingredients in addition to preservatives. Nursing products contain a lot of nutrients inside. In order to prevent these nutrients from causing bacteria and causing deterioration and corruption of maintenance products, preservatives are added to maintenance products.Inhibit bacterial growth and generation, avoid cosmetic deterioration and maintain freshness and durability.


What are the preservatives contained in skin care products?

How about (in English)?

  There are a wide variety of preservatives, divided into chemical preservatives, safe non-toxic preservatives and organic preservatives. The most common and most commonly discussed chemical preservatives are parabens. Currently British scientists target breast cancer patients.In vivo cells do research and find benzoic acid residues in the cells. It is suspected that benzoic acid will cause cancer, but it is only a statistical result. Normal human tissues are not used for comparison, so there is no complete medical basis to determine benzoate.Classes can cause cancer.

Therefore, for dermatologists, preservatives are only relatively easy to cause skin allergies.

In fact, benzoic acid has good antibacterial properties, low irritation, and cheap price, so it is widely used as a preservative in skin care products. However, many cosmetic products now include benzoic acid derivatives to avoid the topic of parabens.In fact, this is still bad for the skin.

  In addition, there are some chemical ingredients that are non-toxic and safe preservatives, such as trisorbic acid and potassium trisorbate, which are also one of the preservatives, but are relatively non-toxic and cause little harm to the human body; vitamin E is also manyThe brand is used as an antiseptic ingredient, because vitamin E is an antioxidant in nature, so it can keep the skin care products from oxidizing easily, and it is often used as a preservative.

  At present, many brands use organic natural plant extracts as antiseptic ingredients, such as tea tree oils, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, inhibit bacterial growth, and do not cause harm to the human body. They are also natural preservatives commonly seen on urban surfaces.

  Because general care products are easy to deteriorate, it is difficult to completely eliminate preservatives. Therefore, in order to avoid irritating the skin, it is recommended to choose products without preservatives or natural preservatives for allergies when choosing products.Use of toxic, organic and safe preservatives.


Definition of sterility Preservative-free products, the most important thing is that the product itself is sterile, not just the contents without preservatives, all products need to be manufactured in an aseptic process, solvents, bottle packaging must also be sterilized, and must be low temperature after completionShipped, or made into ampoules once opened and used up.

There are many brands that make the essence ingredients into a mask. The single-use characteristics can avoid the problem of deterioration caused by air contact, and strictly sterilize during the process, so you do not need to add preservatives.


The method to avoid deterioration of skincare products. If you want to reduce the deterioration of skincare products, be careful in the use process, use a small scraper to pick up each time when using the cream, wash it after use, and avoid digging by hand; when the emulsion is extended,Do not contact the skin with the indenter, or open the product for too long in contact with the air. Buy less products with large packaging capacity. Larger and more products need more preservatives to maintain the freshness of the product.After use, use it after the season. It is necessary to have a good storage method. If the product is not stored properly, it will easily deteriorate, which may cause skin problems.


Is every preservative bad?

Or is it a matter of proportion?

  Not necessarily. Preservatives are mixed with chemical and non-toxic preservatives. At present, the Department of Health stipulates that 0 can be added to maintenance products.

1% or 1% parabens ingredients, so the skin care products within the effective ingredients are approved, too much is still harmful to the human body, but some people may still be allergic to electrostatic protection agents.

  A number of preservatives are added to some skin care products. At the specified concentration, different proportions of chemical preservatives, safe non-toxic preservatives and organic preservatives are added to disperse the toxicity of a single preservative and reduce harm to the human body.


Is the content of preservatives related to the expiration date of skin care products?

Is it kept longer?

  Related, if the product claims no added preservatives, the use period will be short. If you want to use a long period of effect, you must add an alternative preservative. The product with a large amount is stored for a long time. Even so, it needs to be prescribed by the Department of Health.Within the concentration.

  Preservatives are mostly used to preserve the product from rancidity. If you choose a product without added preservatives, you must use it as soon as possible!


However, it is recommended to try sensitive products without preservatives. Assuming good use habits, after the season is finished, do not choose a large amount of products, it is not easy to deteriorate. Doctors also recommend that you try not to choose parabens.Products to reduce the chance of skin allergies.


What does preservative-free supplements replace preservatives?

  Potassium trisorbate (potassium sorbate) or potassium trisorbate (potassium sorbate) are generally used as safer preservatives, or vitamin E and tea tree oil are used instead.

And so on natural plant ingredients, with the effect of sterilizing essential oils.
What are the characteristics of ingredients that replace preservatives?

Trisorbic acid (sorbic): It is a relatively safe preservative ingredient.


Tea tree oil: it has antibacterial effect, can reduce bacterial nourishment, and replace some antiseptic and sterilizing functions.


Vitamin E: is a natural antioxidant that prevents skin and skin care products from oxidizing.


What kind of ingredients are liable to spoil?

  The more water is needed, the more moisture the products are more likely to spoil, such as: lotion, lotion, cream. These concentrations require water, so it is easy to nourish bacteria. The closer it is to ointment or waxy products, because water is not needed, so bacteriaIt is difficult to survive, but these oils and waxy products may deteriorate and rancidity over time and cannot be ignored; in addition, the more nutritious ingredients are more likely to deteriorate, such as unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the skinNutritional ingredients, but easily rancid, so many skin care products will add vitamin E antioxidants to prevent spoilage, as well as peptides, proteins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid (larger protein) are very nutritious ingredients,Anticorrosive ingredients must be added to avoid deterioration.

Cardio kick boxing kicks to lose weight

Cardio kick boxing kicks to lose weight

A kind of fitness sports originating from taekwondo and boxing. Since entering major gyms, it has become a favorite fitness exercise.

There are also many slender young girls.

  Weight loss uses boxing aerobics, called kickboxing in English. It was originally created by a black boxing world champion. It took only one or two years to develop in China.

The specific form is to mix boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves, that is, to perform some boxing and taekwondo basic boxing and leg exercises in fierce music.

In the process of punching and kicking, the bodybuilder waved his fists through music, his movements were vigorous and powerful, so that the bodybuilder could vent from the ground, get rid of the sweat from the ground, and unknowingly reduce the excess guy in the body.

  For modern people, aerobic boxing is a fun way to vent without damaging anyone.

Because the bodybuilder does not fight with others and does not need any equipment, he uses his body to throw a punch in the air toward the mirror.

  Aerobic boxing is not only a lot of exercise, it can help bodybuilders burn calories, it also helps to promote cardiovascular health, and it can also relieve high blood pressure, which is very suitable for modern people.

  Aerobic kickboxing combines the basic movements of football and martial arts. The athletes in the competition must imitate boxers and maintain flexible lower limb movements and left and right fists. The amount of exercise is considerable.

  A person who has practiced aerobic boxing told reporters that as long as 15 to 20 minutes of jumping, it can make people sweat all over.

  Aerobic boxing not only burns a trace amount to help lose weight, but also can exercise various parts of the body to achieve the effect of bodybuilding.

In just one hour, many fast movements such as boxing, kicking, etc. are repeated repeatedly, but the whole body movement coordination is not needed, and it is easier to get started than rhythmic exercises, so more and more people fall in love with it.

  Who is suitable for such weight loss? Yang Ming of the Beijing Zhongshenbili Fitness Club told reporters that aerobics due to the instantaneous explosive power, large range of limbs, and the amount of exercise than traditional aerobics, suitable for young people with too much accumulation of adults.Said to be an effective “slimming” exercise.

  It is worth mentioning that almost all the movements in aerobic boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength, so the exercise of the waist and abdomen in some classes exceeds any other fitness method.

Therefore, it is very suitable for modern people who have been sitting for a long time, causing adults to accumulate on the waist and abdomen.

  How much can I reduce my fractured fist?

  Aerobic boxing requires a perfect combination of speed and strength when the bodybuilder expands his fists.

Therefore, the overall aerobic boxing exercise will consume a lot of time. A person weighing 60 kg can consume 600 calories of energy for an hour of aerobic boxing exercise, which is a pair of aerobics.

  Aerobic kickboxing can reduce bodybuilders’ side waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders and backs to reduce unhappiness and achieve weight loss.

  Due to the variety of aerobic boxing movements, including straight, upper, pendulum, forward kick, side kick, side kick and other combat actions, and each action is required to be fast and explosive.

Therefore, while the bodybuilder exercises every muscle in the whole body, the body’s elasticity, softness and reaction speed will also be improved as never before.

In addition, aerobic boxing exercises require the abdominal muscles to contract and yell when they punch out. Not only can you train the waist and abs muscles that are not easy to use, punch out hard, and yelling is a good way to relieve your emotions.This method vents emotions and reduces stress. Imagine an imaginary enemy right in front of you, punching, kicking, venting the dissatisfaction in your heart. After an hour, you will feel much more relaxed. Many people who skip “boxing” feel happy.Endlessly.

  Aerobic boxing exercises are simple and easy to learn. As long as you do 2-3 times a week, the body will change significantly after one month.

For example: strengthened joint mobility, muscle endurance, the body is no longer stiff; consumption and increased muscle mass, boots reduce weight.

  Remind bodybuilders to increase the intensity of aerobic boxing when jumping aerobics. If the bodybuilder suffers from leg fatigue, local pain and discomfort, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc., it is best to stop practicing.