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Childish talk about marriage and love

Childish talk about marriage and love

What is the appropriate age for marriage?

  84 years old.

There was nothing to do at that time, and there was a lot of time to love each other.

(Judy, when I was 5 years old, after I finished kindergarten, I had to start thinking about finding a wife for myself.

(Tommy, how did 5-year-old love happen?

  I heard people say that it has something to do with their taste.

Adults love to use perfume.

(Jane, at the age of 9, I think I might be shot by a gun or something-it shouldn’t hurt.)

(Harun, how does it feel to be in love with someone at 9?

  If it’s as troublesome as learning spelling, I don’t want to try it.

It takes too much time.

(Leo, does 7-year-old look important?

  Appearance is not the most important.

I should be pretty good, but I have never heard of anyone who wants to marry me.

(Gary, why are lovers always holding hands at the age of 7?

  I’m afraid the ring will fall!

Those things are expensive.

(David, 8 years old is willing to fall in love?

  I still want to fall in love with people-as long as I don’t show “Cat and Mouse” on TV.

(Bobby, how do you make others fall in love with you at the age of 8?

  Tell her you have good polysaccharides.

(Alonzo, 9 years old, how do you tell if the two adults eating in the restaurant are in love?

  See who pays.

Men who are in love are willing to pay.

(John, 9-year-old love is always staring at you, you staring at me, everything is cold.

(Brad, 8-year-old lovers must be called desserts-they must be very sweet.

(Christine, 9 years old, when you say “I love you”, what do you think?

  She may be thinking: love is love, but it is better that he can take a bath frequently, at least once a day.

(Michelle, when should 9-year-old kiss someone he likes?

  Unless I have enough money to afford a wedding ring and camera, I won’t kiss a girl, because girls always want to record the day of their wedding.

(Jim, how can 10-year-old love last?

  Take more time and don’t keep thinking about going to work.

(Tom, don’t forget her name at the age of seven-that will mess things up.

(Roger, 8 years old

Ten unique tricks for slim waist and abdomen

Ten unique tricks for slim waist and abdomen

For women who have been sitting in the office for a long time, working in an air-conditioned environment, the skin feels very dry, the lower abdomen has become more and more slack, and more excess meat has accumulated a serious bulge . To solve these problems, you only need toMaster some unique tricks, you can easily have a “devil” posture.


Maybe you are a bit lazy to do chores for housework. Start today as a hardworking “Cinderella”.

Remember an important rule: Avoid the lightest.

For example, do n’t use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor. Use rags and brooms to consciously increase your exercise volume. Choosing to wash and iron at high temperatures at noon will cause a lot of sweat; make yourself a delicate meal when you are hungryThe “chef” is generally unwilling to eat their own meals for slimming lunch, just to control your appetite.


Coarse salt weight loss method Coarse salt has the effect of sweating. It can expel waste and excess water from the body, promote skin metabolism, soften dirt, supplement salt and minerals, and make the skin delicate and tight.

  Method 1: Buy a few bags of coarse salt at the supermarket or grocery store.

Before each bath, take a cup of coarse salt and some hot water to make a paste, and then apply it to the abdomen.

After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water. You can also massage and rinse it off, and then you can start bathing.

  Method 2: After taking a bath, sprinkle a large spoon of coarse salt on the palms and massage the abdomen directly. Do not apply too much force when rubbing, so as not to rub the skin more rough.

  If your skin is sensitive, use a lighter “bath salt.”


Deformed sit-up exercise-This exercise is said to be particularly effective for people with a thick lower abdomen.

  Lie at the end of the bed, leave the back of the bed under the bed, and bend it so that the thighs are above the abdomen.

Straighten your hands on the sides of your body, and place your palms down and behind your back.

The next step is to force the abdomen to slowly count the legs to 10, straighten your legs forward, your toes point upwards, so that your body is in a straight line, then bend at a speed of 5 to 5, and return your thighs to their original position.
Pay attention to the back end, the retina and arms to relax, and feel that the stomach is working hard.


Exercises on the abdomen of the chair. This group of exercises is convenient, easy and fast, and it is suitable for practicing every day or every other day.

  Method: Sitting on the side of the backrest chair, holding the back of the chair with both hands, it feels as if the human body is about to slide off the chair, stepping on the waist with a bowed back, and keeping the waist as close as possible to the chair surface.

  The first group: Two feet take turns cycling on the bike. At this time, the leg muscles should be relaxed, and one foot must be extended downwards, as low as possible, but not touch the ground. The other foot is bent upwards and surpassed as much as possible.Repeat the exercise, and stick to 20 times a day.

  The second group: the same posture as above, with both legs bent upwards at the same time, and then tilted down at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not be top, try to contract the abdomen and stomach as much as possible, and then try to approach, so that the abdomen is also tight and comfortable, insist every day20 times.

Massage method This is the most commonly used method of abdominal weight loss. The use of kneading action plus massage cream is very good for unfortunate improvement.

Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the absorption of nutrients by insulin, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to replace the body.

  Take the navel as the center, put a question mark on the abdomen, massage along the question mark, right first, then vertical, massage 30-50 times each, massage once a day.


The abdomen walking method must first learn the “belly breathing method”: when inhaling, the belly is raised; when exhaling, the belly is tightened.

This is a necessary training for those practicing yoga or vocalization.

It helps stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promotes the excretion of waste in the body, smoothes airflow, and increases lung capacity.

  When walking normally and when appropriate, you should forcefully reduce the abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make the lower abdomen muscles firm.

The first day or two will be unaccustomed, but as long as you remind yourself “to shrink weight to lose weight”, after a few weeks, not only the lower abdomen tends to do so, the walking posture will be more charming.


Eating weight lossEating food before eating weight loss meals can reduce a person’s appetite during meals, thereby reducing food intake.

  Vinegar weight loss 15-20 ml of vinegar daily, a pleasant discovery within a month.

  Most of the melon weight loss obese people are too much water.

Winter melon can be diuretic, and drink it with a moderate amount of soup every day.
Using a brain to lose weight A study by a former Soviet physiologist pointed out that the intensity of mental labor decreases and the more nutrients are consumed.

Utilizing this principle, the brain weight loss method has been produced.

The specific method is to let the fat people use their brains more, such as reading and painting, practicing writing, calculus math, learning techniques, etc. Every day, there is a certain amount of time to make the brain nervous instead of eating all day long and doing nothing.


Swimming to lose weight Swimming for 30 minutes can consume 1100 kJ transient.

Even if the person is no longer in the water, the metabolic rate is still very fast, which can consume the aunt more than usual.

This method is the most scientific and undeniable.

Swimming can both abdomen and shape the entire body.

It’s swimming season, let’s get into the water!


The weight loss method of cling film is quite popular among young Japanese girls.

1-2 times a week.

  Thinly and evenly apply white vaseline to the abdomen of excess meat, and then wrap it with plastic wrap for kitchen use. The trick is to pack it tightly and fix it with scotch tape.

After soaking in the bathtub, the water temperature is preferably 40-42.

Just soak the part below the waist and soak for about 5-15 minutes. At this time, the abdomen covered with plastic wrap should sweat a lot.

  After soaking in the half-body bath, peel off the plastic wrap, wipe away the vaseline with a hot towel, and wash with soap.

Then, while flushing the cold water, beat the abdomen with both palms rhythmically, and complete 2-3 rounds.

Seven Psychological Laws for Online Job Search

Seven Psychological Laws for Online Job Search

First, master the law.

  That is, believing that fate is in your own attempt, and the temporary difficulty is just a temporary pause in life instead of failure, so you must believe in yourself.

All successful people believe that they can control themselves.

If you want to enter the IT industry, even if it is useless now, as long as you keep learning and work hard in that direction, you may be an excellent IT person in three years.

  Second, the arbitrary law.

  Many people are not very serious about people and things, they are willing to accommodate themselves, and they are not firm enough.

For example, some applicants thought of what kind of business when they graduated, and later felt that it was difficult and wanted to enter the postgraduate entrance examination. The postgraduate entrance examination competition was fierce, and they wanted to trust people to find relationships.

  Although there are few accidents in the process of applying for a job, there are still certain causal relationships. For example, famous university graduates are easier to find jobs than ordinary university graduates, and undergraduates are more likely to find jobs than college graduates.The degree has a causal relationship with the final success of the application.

  Fourth, firmly believe in the law.

  When you have suffering, when you have enough courage to face it, “suffering” is gone. When you walk on the road at night, you are afraid of “ghosts”. “Ghosts” are always around you.

We must firmly believe in ourselves, do not give up easily, do not easily discourage, every effort is close to the goal, persistence has hope.

  Fifth, the law of expectation.

  Each of us lives on the fringe of reality and ideals. Imagine that you really get everything, and emptiness will come in while you are too realistic. You will become “vulgar”. People need spiritual support.People have to be ideal and believe, otherwise there is no motivation to move forward.

So how important it is to give yourself some hope, give yourself some pressure, and give yourself an ideal.

  Six, the law of attraction.

  This is evidenced by the ease with which you can get a job that interests you.

Similarities will attract each other. How can you change your thinking and make your mindset more harmonious with the life you desire.

Assuming you’re not interested in anything, it’s troublesome.

Therefore, when you apply for a job, you must find your own desire, your own fun, and make unremitting efforts.

  Seven, related laws.

  There will be successes and failures in your job search process, but each success and failure is not an isolated event, it is always related to many other events of you.

So applying for a job is a systematic project, which is sloppy in many details.

Raging men and women

Raging men and women

More than friends, less than lovers.

This relationship, maybe you envy, maybe you hate.

Like it or not, it really exists in yours, beside him.

Being in a hurry makes it easier for people to enjoy physical happiness, and at the same time your emotions are being lost unintentionally.

  Don’t blame the world, it was made by us.

  The photo came out of a party organized by friends and Tony drove me home.

Like his white shirt, straight and spotless.

I drank a little brandy on PARTY, and leaned back against the back of my chair with dizziness.

It was his first time to meet him. Among the many men’s singles, he was pleasing to the eye. Among the women in the audience, I was pretty good.

In the end, he didn’t return to his home because he said that he had a comfortable room and good music, and that he would not bother me, but just accompanied each other.

There are a lot of his works hanging in the studio, a copy of Rembrandt’s oil paintings, the figures are wonderful.

“Your figure is good. If you can, give me a model and let me shoot you.

“His expression is very sincere, naked in front of unfamiliar people, and it is a good reason to take photos.

I just agreed to show my legs and put on his red shirt in the bathroom.

An unknown moving music was playing. I knelt down on the sofa and asked him to take a picture of me. He heard his breathing, as if in his ear, “I’m sleepy and want to sleep.

“I said, so he picked me up and put me on the big bed in the bedroom.” You said you wouldn’t touch me.

“I pushed his mouth away.

He stroked my hair: “Are you sure you don’t need it?

“His kiss remained on my neck, on my shoulders, and on my forehead. I admit that I am mortal, and finally I have passed away. The beautiful feeling of a long absence . Although I am a person, I am not in a hurry, and did not quickly turn into a plaster.
The next morning, I enjoyed the eggs and milk fried by the gentleman, and I was leaving alone.

He grabbed me, “Will it come?

“You want me to come?”

“”of course.

“”talk later!

“I walked lightly on the road.

  In the second confrontation, he fell wearily and smiled, “Will you come to me if you have a boyfriend?

“Disappointment surrounded my nerves, and the scenery outside the window is no longer beautiful.

“No, I’m not such a fashionable woman. I prefer each other’s loyalty.

“When he stepped into his room for the third time, without music, green tea, everything was easy.

I am still happy. After he fell asleep, he still hugged me tightly from behind, like an insecure lover.

  We got along with each other, and in the fourth month I got to know someone who could stay with me for life, “I think I should take it easy .” He looked dim.

“Take a look at the body photos you took of me,” he smiled. “I’m sorry, I was too nervous that day and forgot to open the lens cover.

The fourth day . the fifth day . the sixth day . I started packing what belonged to him.

He bought me the alarm clock, he bought me the CD, and the clothes I bought.

I don’t know if I should give it back to him. Maybe in my heart, I still think that he will run to me as childishly and yell, “My wife, I was wrong.

“Ten days have passed, and I no longer have delusional thoughts.

I packed everything that belonged to him, including the necklace he gave me-wife, I love you forever-this is what he said then.
  Picking up his things, I decided to find him.
  Knocking on his door as usual, and hearing his familiar voice, I knew that I was shaking. At that moment, I suddenly felt that maybe I shouldn’t have walked into his room.

Yes, I shouldn’t have pushed the door open, I shouldn’t have walked in without thinking about why his voice was painless, and I shouldn’t calmly say a word when I saw a half-naked woman.

I put it in the doorway and wanted to turn away, but remembered the humble necklace in my pocket. I did n’t throw it back to him like in many TV shows, and even walked carefully to put it in himIn the palm of my hand, that was the promise of love that once belonged to me.

On the way out, I was sober in tears.

I want to leave everything I know, and I want to see him before I leave.

I thought I would be calm, but the moment I met, the heartbreaking pain came again.

The voice in my head kept thinking that he wasn’t my lover anymore, not the one who had once made a pledge with each other.

The farewell ceremony was peaceful. He didn’t have much expression, but just said before leaving: “If I can, I want to hug you again.

“I shook my head, shaking it resolutely.

But he came over and hugged me.

The tears fell indiscriminately. He held me tightly. I bit his corner of his mouth tightly. His body parts were familiar and so strange. I said to myself that this was the last time I cried for him.
I quietly wiped my tears with his jersey, we embraced separately, and he took my hand again, but I didn’t refuse anymore, but instead what he expected, I went to his house again.

Maybe it ‘s too painful, so we made extra treatment this time. We breathed fast with sweat and tears, letting out breathlessly . still wearing his pajamas, or taking a deep breath of his cigarettes, I stillTears.

  Since then, we have met occasionally. Without tears, we have added some inexplicable passion.

From girlfriend to lover, I don’t know when the door will suddenly open when having sex.

Actually, I hope that one day, we will meet again. On the crowded street, like the plot in “Tokyo Love Story”, his gentle and beautiful wife is tying his shoes, but we are in each other’s sight.Go further.

If life can freeze, I will choose this picture.

  Adelaide, warm water, always likes to go to a bar called Tea Tree. She likes the faint aroma of fragrance there. Whenever she wakes up from the numbness of alcohol and tobacco, she will naturally smell that gentle, fresh smell.
She has no man, not even the least desire, but she needs neon lights, she needs night life, and she walks and floats like a nocturnal creature.

That felt more important than the climax of 10,000 times. She said to herself that this is what she wanted.

As usual, she ordered the agave and drank it. She felt that her throat had just burst into bloom, and it was immediately a refreshing and refreshing feeling. Her head was a little faint . Tea Toe TonightIt doesn’t seem to be the same, there are a lot of weird people moving through it.

“Hey, why are there so many people today!

Ada asked the bartender.

“Today it seems that some cultural people are driving Party here, and just heard our boss say, who, who, who will come in a while!

Muttered the bartender.

“Who else is who, who has nothing to do with me, what is not lie, just that everyone is bored together!

Ada is a little taller, but it’s just a glass, and there should be no major obstacles.

She rubbed her bangs in her forehead with her hands, her face flushed slightly, and a man asked the bartender for a cup of lemon tea.

Ada was actually attracted to the past, and chatted with the man through Jiujin.

“Why don’t you drink?

“Because I have to drive home.

“Why don’t you come to the bar without drinking?”

“.” Another boring encounter, Ada asked the bartender for a glass of warm water, like the man just now, tasteless and boring, and why not herself?

A man should be found, but where is the man so easy to find, the water in her glass is holding her cold little hand.

  There are new short messages coming in, Shi Bo, public, and with the general female aesthetic, Shi Bo seems to be handsome.

He often sends out some interesting messages. In the words of Ada, the relationship between them is just a “belief in life” friend.

The only time for the physical friction was that after the project was celebrated, the two people naturally completed the process from deep to separation.

And goodbye is also a friend, and no one mentions that night.

“Beauty, do you have a drink?”I’m tired and I fell asleep immediately.

“For Shi Bo’s night invitation, Arda and the man who didn’t want to go, and who was unsure of what he could hold, had better not to provoke him, so he just found an excuse to fool.

  ”It’s good to drink more warm water, and by the way, you’re beautiful tonight.

“At the same time looking down at the information, Shi Bo was close to him,” I didn’t bother you . ”

“During putting down the phone, ADd was wondering whether Shi Bo had noticed her loneliness alone.

I feel embarrassed and say nothing.

  Shi Bo seems to have polished Ada’s absent-mindedness and sent her home in advance.

“It’s okay, I can do it alone.

“Looking at Ada shaking her body out of Tea Tree, Shi Bo just habitually looked at the warm boiled water on the bar. It may gradually become cold and then disappear into the sewer.

Ada returned home, lighting up the scented incense lamp, Teatre Oil exuding a fresh taste. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and told herself to drink it before going to bed.

Two tips for eating at night without getting fat

Two tips for eating at night without getting fat

If few people eat dinner at 9 o’clock, their stomachs gurgle, and they want to eat, because they are afraid that the weight loss plan will fall short. If they do n’t eat it, it will be very uncomfortable.

Today I teach you a good way to eat without fear of gaining weight.

  First, go to bed 4 hours after a meal. Q: In the daytime, I always eat something to fill my stomach, but my mother makes a rich dinner at night. If I do n’t eat it, I ‘m so sorry for my mother. What should I do?

  A: Do you want to have dinner?


Go to bed after 4 hours.

  Special reminder: Under normal circumstances, it is better to eat 70% to 80% full of dinner.

  Decryption: In fact, there is nothing to understand, it is easy to understand, eat a lot at night and immediately go to bed easily cause a slight accumulation.

So the key is to promote the speed of digestion. Even sitting and writing before bedtime is a kind of exercise. Exercise leads to digestion, and naturally it does not pile up.

  Second, no matter what you eat after meals, what method you use to lose weight, remember that exercise after meals is right.

  To the lazy: walking-lazy crush can choose to walk, but such a low amount of exercise would like to rely on it to lose weight, but at least it can help digestion!

  To the half-lazy: jogging-jogging, exercise time must last more than one and a half hours, can not be interrupted, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise will not consume my aunt, so at the very least must support more than half an hour!

  Reminder-Do you know where to look when running?

Head and neck, thighs and knees, etc. One of the keys to the slight consumption is trying to exercise with an intensity of exercise close to your anaerobic limit (anaerobic threshold), and correct posture can save you from wasting too much energyAchieving this intensity . If you are not lazy: weight-loss exercises-all kinds of weight-loss exercises, it takes 30-60 minutes, I am afraid that you are lazy, can you do it every day?

  Note: After doing the action, lie down for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.

Some questions must never be asked of a man

Some questions must never be asked of a man

“what are you thinking?

“Men are most afraid of women invading their heads, and he doesn’t want to make you angry, so the answer is neither, nor the answer.

In the face of his embarrassment, you will feel that you are not asking for yourself, so give him peace and let him dream.

  ”Do you remember what day it is?

“It always surprises him, he will nervously” search “what is the important day today: acquaintance?


Go to bed?

. At the same time he would ask himself: “I don’t even remember such an important day, it will definitely irritate her. Besides, does it mean that I don’t know this feeling at all?

“Some other girls will ask again,” Do you remember what I wore that day? ”


You are advised not to be extremely embarrassed. He can’t remember just because men mostly regard you as having an evolving relationship, not a series of days.

  ”Do you say she is pretty?

The man looked at it as a minefield and was shocked step by step.

He knew in his heart, in fact, you were asking, “Is she better than me?


You must see through; is it true?

It’s not looking for “destruction”.

He had to avoid heavy things: “Dear, don’t ask this silly question, I only see you!

“What about the dress I bought for you?”


Sure enough, when a man didn’t like a certain piece of clothes that his girlfriend bought him, he had a headache.

Say you like it, and your girlfriend will ask why you never see him wearing it; if you do n’t like it, it will obviously cause trouble; finally saying “missing” will cause a series of complaints.

If you have never seen him penetrate, you better not mention it is the best policy.

  ”My period has passed 10 days.

“It would scare him!

Unexpected pregnancy, there is really no effective reassurance.

Unless you do diagnose, you must not scare him, because he will worry about your relationship with you in the future, he really does not want to take any responsibility too soon.

  ”When will you meet my parents?

“Most men are afraid to see” Taishan “, but it is a matter of time.

You have to help him overcome the obstacles, you may wish to use the following simple tricks: A before the parents, let him have enough time to prepare psychologically, do not notify him at the last moment; B arrange some short gatherings, do not let him feelToo painful and uncomfortable; C sincerely cooperates to make him pass smoothly.

  ”Have you thought about our future?

“In this short sentence, he will feel that your relationship is too serious.

Listening in his ear, it became “It’s time, you make a promise!”

“So he felt pressured, persecuted, and then thought of getting married and having children, which made him feel grown up, responsible and mature . all the things men fear most.

  Think about it, women can easily blurt out these words, but when the relationship between them is not mature enough, and you have not thought of completely designing the future, some words can change the impact, so “be careful and act” is also a woman’s wisdom.

Couples After 30: Seven Signs of Love Dissipating?

Couples After 30: Seven Signs of Love Dissipating?

Introduction: Taking a vacation together on vacation is an enviable beauty, but if you only choose a short vacation, it means that you have no intention of staying with your partner for too long. Sometimes it is also a sign of feeling cracks.

  Disharmony between husband and wife has become a common phenomenon among people in their 30s and 40s.

As the time passed unknowingly, when my two were married, my enthusiasm was gradually replaced by apathy and indifference, instead of showing that you really encountered a crisis of affection?

To make the right judgment, first see if the following signs appear in your life: ● Stop talking about sweet words, sweet words for your wife, add some teasing and joking condiments, and exaggerate her without losing time, husband and wifeRelationships are easier to get along with.

The way to speak to your spouse is one of the elements that make up a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

  There are many ways to express a meaning, it depends on what you call it.

If you are no longer interested in sweet talk to your partner, this is a bad sign.

  ● Especially keen on social activities. Both people are busy participating in various dances or parties with friends, and have close contact with each other.

When the two were alone at home, they kept the TV on and didn’t want to talk much.

  ● There are no understandable reasons for tenderly touching the reduction of sexual life between husband and wife. That way, having a new child, working pressure, mental stress, illness, etc., but if the other party has been indifferent for many months, then the trouble can beIt’s big, which means that there is an invisible wall between your souls.

Over time, home will be gone.

  ● Ashamed to put the photo of two people on the table without photos of you in the room. Even if there are, they are randomly placed in the pile of debris under the bed, which is covered with dust.

At this point, you need to reflect on it.

  ● Are you quietly waiting for the day to leave? “Sometimes I want to leave him, but I never dare to think about it because I don’t know how others will look at me, which makes me feel very embarrassed. I have to blame myself for wanting something, not for himconcentrate.

“If you think about it often, your marriage is very dangerous.

  ● Not willing to spend long vacations with your partner on vacation in a tourist resort is an enviable beauty, but if you choose only short vacations, it means that you have no intention to stay with your partner for too long, and sometimes it is also a relationshipA cracked sign.
  ● The two are no longer arguing. This is the worst sign.

Young couples who quarrel all day are more likely to live together than couples who are sulking in their stomachs.

Quarrels at least show that you have enthusiasm and courage to communicate sincerely, and that kind of laziness and silence is the biggest sign of divorce.

There are two kinds of quarrels between husband and wife: one is anger, the anger is gone, and everything is peaceful; the other is faint.

  Xiaobian’s warm reminder: there is no photo of your group in the room, even if it is, it is randomly placed in the debris pile under the bed, and it is covered with dust.

At this point, you need to reflect on it.

An explanation of hypnosis in psychology

An explanation of hypnosis in psychology

Hypnotic induction and hypnotizable hypnosis begin with a type of hypnotic induction, which is an initial set of activities that minimizes external distractions and encourages participation to focus only on stimuli that are implied.

Believe that you are entering a special state of consciousness.

Induction activities include imagining a particular experience or visualizing a reaction to an event.

  When repeated in this way, the induction program acts like a learned signal, allowing participants to quickly enter a hypnotic state.

A typical induction procedure uses a cue that is deeply relaxing, but some people may enter a hypnotic state through the alert induction of an activity?


Think of them as jogging or cycling.

  What impresses me is the power of hypnosis.

However, the most important thing about hypnosis is the participant’s ability or “talent” to be hypnotized.

There are large individual differences in suggestiveness, from no response at all to complete response.

  Hypnosis is a fairly stable trait.

If an adult takes multiple measurements over a 10-year period, the score will remain essentially the same.

  In fact, a retest of 50 men and women after 25 years showed that the two scores for hypnosis had a very high correlation (correlation coefficient was 0).


Children with an adult baseline may be more likely to be implied; the peak of hypnotic response is early in adolescence and then decreases.

  There is some evidence that hypnotizability is affected by genetic factors, because the fractions of identical twins are more similar than those of fraternal twins.

Although relatively hypnotic, it has nothing to do with personality traits such as credulity and obedience.

Hypnotizability reflects that unique cognitive ability, the ability to concentrate on an experience.

  Hypnotic effects In describing the methods of measuring hypnosis, we have mentioned some standard effects of hypnosis: under hypnosis, individuals have related motor skills (such as their arms become inflexible) and perceptual experiences (such asThere is a hallucination of a fly).

  But how can we be sure that these behaviors are caused by hypnosis, not just the participants’ strong desire to please the hypnotist?

To illustrate this important issue, researchers often conduct experiments to compare the performance of truly hypnotized individuals with those of pretenders.

  Two students participated in an experiment, each of them was actually hypnotized, and the other group did a pretend hypnosis: that is, one experimenter said to the subject that it was their job to deceive the other experimenter, to make him believe that you were actually hypnotizedAlready.

  Then give preliminary sounds and let them determine the volume.

An important part of the trial is the required instruction, which tells the subjects that they will have a special experience.

If the effect of hypnosis is viewed as the participant’s desire to respond to the tester’s requirements, then the pretending participant and the person being hypnotized will have the same response.

  Actually, they don’t.

Individuals who were actually hypnotized reported various experiences and did not think of something they thought the experimenter wanted to hear.

In this example, the pretender probably guessed incorrectly what they really want to experience with hypnosis.

In species experiments, we can expect to know what hypnosis can make people experience.

  One unquestionable value of hypnosis is that it reduces pain (hypnotic anorexia).

Anticipation and fear intensify pain stimulation; you can reduce this psychological effect through hypnosis.

Pain control is accomplished through various hypnotic cues: Imagine the painful area as non-organic or separate from other parts of the body, distract one’s mind from the body, and skew the time in various ways.

  Hypnosis has been shown to be particularly likely for patients who cannot be anesthetized but require surgery, mothers who give birth naturally, and cancer patients who have to learn to endure pain.

  The last thing to note about hypnosis is that the power of hypnosis does not lie in a certain ability or skill of the hypnotist, but exists in relatively hypnotizable individuals and hypnotized individuals.

  To be hypnotized needlessly give up personal control; on the contrary, the hypnotized experience participants personally learn new methods to practice control. Hypnotists as coaches can train participants to perform roles.

Do you have a gift for torture?

Do you have a gift for torture?

Translation: Now that you accidentally ran into a black store, the shopkeeper brought out three kinds of food. Which one of your instincts is poisoned?


BBQ pork bun 2.

Noodle soup 3.

Pizza test results: 1.

Choose “Pork Roast Buns”: You have a tortured talent!

Because you have the character of Huanglian Po, after the love gradually stabilizes, you can’t help breaking your thoughts, and your lover must endure your magic voice every day.


Choose “Noodle Soup”: You are the leader of torture!

Characters are unpredictable to you, the other party can’t guess exactly what you want, the lover can’t stand your cloudy and sunny personality every day!


Choose “Pizza”: you have absolutely no torture!

Because of your natural daughter-in-law’s personality, you are just about to pretend to look like you. For a long time, you can only look at the other person’s face, and have no talent to torture.

These foods can eliminate bad breath

These foods can eliminate bad breath

Due to the rising temperature, in the hot summer days, people are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, easy sweating, drowsiness and other symptoms.

Therefore, having a reasonable diet on this hot summer can be very helpful in alleviating the above symptoms.

Life Family Xiaobian specially collects the dietary health knowledge suitable for you this summer, and customizes the summer healthy diet for you!

  The first type: the celery herb is the most helpful to eliminate the odor in the mouth, especially the smell of smoke.

If you can’t find the celery at hand, the parsley and mint can also break down the odor of the mouth.

In order to achieve better results, these things will be chewed as long as possible, or used as a replacement tea.

In addition, these herbs are also good for digestion.

  Second: The latest research in yoghurt shows that daily yoghurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the mouth, because this substance is the culprit of oral odor.

Drinking yogurt on time can also prevent the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can cause gum disease or plaque.

However, only natural yoghurt has such an effect, and sugary yoghurt does not.

  The third type: carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits including apples, carrots and celery.

These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva.

Saliva completely wets the mouth and removes food debris that adheres to the teeth or is stuck in the teeth.

These food residues are also one of the causes of bad breath.