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Summer and autumn handover, beware of autumn mosquito attack


Summer and autumn handover, beware of autumn mosquito attack

Autumn has come, the temperature has dropped, and the insects have begun to appear frequently, especially after the fall, the autumn mosquitoes began to pick up, and the mosquitoes hated to believe that everyone felt deeply.

According to experts in epidemic prevention, when the temperature is between 28 掳C and 30 掳C, it is most suitable for mosquito activities.

銆€銆€As a result, autumn has become a high season for mosquito-borne diseases, sometimes epidemic encephalitis and malaria.

The index of autumn mosquitoes and summer mosquitoes, the toxicity coefficient, usually caused by a sputum will start a red and swollen big bag.

銆€銆€In progress, medical experts remind people that eating more vegetables can effectively prevent autumn mosquitoes from invading.

Experts explained that vegetables with carotene and garlic with spicy taste will give off the smell that mosquitoes don’t like. Some people will leave the mosquito after they eat it.

銆€銆€In addition, some special people are also easy to recruit mosquitoes: children’s metabolism is strong, is the object of mosquitoes; women during menstruation, secretions change, more likely to attract mosquitoes; people wearing dark clothes, because of the heat of clothes, also love to recruit mosquitoesTherefore, when going out at night, it is best to wear light-colored clothes and socks; after sweating, you should take a bath as soon as possible, otherwise it will be easily bitten by mosquitoes.

In addition, one hour after dusk, one hour before dawn, the mosquito activity is the most continuous, which is the focus of anti-mosquito.

銆€銆€Experts remind that once you are bitten by a mosquito, don’t scratch it hard to prevent the tissue fluid in the skin from oozing out and swelling into a blister. Instead, it will catch it more and it will not fade easily.

If you insist on not scratching it, usually after 10 minutes – 15 minutes, the itching sensation will obviously fade.

銆€銆€After entering the fall, in the room mosquito prevention, the most important thing is to pay attention to indoor hygiene, prevent home floor drains, sewers, flower pots, etc., and often spray insecticides, do not create a living environment for mosquitoes.

Five strokes of Chinese medicine to prevent sub-health


Five strokes of Chinese medicine to prevent sub-health

Chinese medicine believes that the sub-health population is mostly due to lack of righteousness as the main pathological manifestation. To bid farewell to sub-health, we must first help the human body to be “righteous”.

To help the body upright, first of all, to prevent internal injuries.

Chinese medicine believes that the seven emotions refer to changes in seven emotions such as happiness, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, and shock.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine pays attention to food and nutrition, and reasonable estimation is the basis for helping the righteousness.

Experts say that some women in order to maintain a slim body, control the intake of staple foods, and some take fruit as a staple food, this is not right.

Fruit is good, but eating too much can easily damage the spleen and stomach.

Some old people blindly believe that “there is a lot of money to buy old and thin”, in order to keep the weightless body does not eat fish and eggs, this is also incorrect.

Balanced nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Protein and adults should be properly supplemented, but not implanted. Don’t be afraid of getting fat.

In protein foods, fish protein, soy protein is the best health food, has cholesterol-lowering and anti-cancer effects, it is recommended to take more.

銆€銆€Maintaining regular, moderate physical activity can also help the body “righteousness.”

In addition to walking, playing Tai Chi, dancing all kinds of dances, doing exercises, etc., can achieve physical fitness, help the righteousness, and bid farewell to the purpose of sub-health.


Balanced nutrition.

No food can fully contain the nutrients the body needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat both the sea and the sea, drink milk, and eat coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, vegetables, and fruits. This is in line with the scientific and rational balanced nutrition concept.

The diet is reasonable and the disease must occur less.


Guarantee sleep.

Sleep is closely related to everyone’s health.

Experts say that sleep should account for about 1/3 of human life.

Today’s lack of sleep due to work or play has become the most common and serious problem affecting health.

It is worth to be highly alert and cross the heart to ensure adequate sleep.


Be kind to stress.

The reason why people feel tired is that the emotion makes the body nervous.

So learn to relax and let yourself be free from stress.

To establish a realistic goal orientation, it is forbidden to cause psychological stress because the self-expectation is too high to be realized.

People living in society will inevitably have many troubles and twists and turns. They must learn to cope with various challenges and maintain psychological balance through psychological adjustment.


Cultivate interest.

Hobbies can increase your vitality and taste, make your life more fulfilling, vibrant and colorful.

Healthy and beneficial cultural entertainment sports activities can not only cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate sentiment, but also help to treat some mental diseases and prevent the transformation of sub-health.


Outdoor activities.

Modern highly developed material and cultural life has caused some people to have air conditioners, televisions, computers, and cars in the room, so as to stay away from the sun and fresh air, often in a state of sluggishness, depression and boredom.

Therefore, it is necessary to take one to half an hour every day, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the suburbs for light, and to breathe fresh air with a high concentration of negative oxygen ions.