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The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The increasingly fairness of the gender level has caused fierce competition and collision between men and women in all occasions and in various fields, and in terms of beauty and skin care, there are still some conservative men who dare not keep their distance from the term of beauty.

In fact, we often think of elite men, fashion men, sports men, beautiful men, none of which do not need maintenance.

Looking through the seven deadly sins of beauty, beware of being a ugly man.

  Little TIPS: The internal secretion system in the fragile human skin of men causes a troublesome thing for men: men have a higher incidence of acne than women.

Clinical manifestations of rash, mild cases occur occasionally, severe rashes are more dense, if men eat less traces of food and sweets from animals, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B, the incidence of acne in menWill be greatly reduced.

  The first case of men’s beauty is “mother” guilt: to avoid having to be related to beauty, I feel that real men are disdainful of smearing on the face, and they don’t look at white-skinned men with red lips.

  Her opinion: Too old!

Haven’t you heard that “mother” is one of the top ten fashions in the world?

The so-called “neutral wind” is a beautiful and delicate boy like a rare girl. We also think they are so cute!

Much better than those ugly guys with sloppy faces!

  Men’s beauty?

Someone will frown when they hear: Good mother!

But who doesn’t like handsome guys?

There is no difference between men and women in beauty, not to mention that protecting your skin is no different from caring for any part of your body!

  When men’s faces are covered with acne, dark spots or other skin diseases and cannot be changed, they miss the best period of beauty.

Men’s skin is relatively rough, and pores penetrate easily to produce oil and sweat, especially for young children. The secretion of oil is strong. If you do not pay attention to the health and hygiene of the skin on your face, you will leave the root of chronic diseases.

  The second sin cleansing cream does not need to be guilty of guilt: although skin care, but in its own name to simplify the steps, the results are more effective.

  Her opinion: Still a big man mentality!

Unwilling to follow the advice of a beauty consultant or a woman with an open mind, a man thinks it is his nature!

  Many men wash their faces with only a splash of water.

In fact, most men’s faces have large pores and a lot of oil secretion, which is most likely to cause acne.

So daily cleansing is the most important step in beauty. The dirt on the surface is not removed, and no beauty product can be absorbed!

Moreover, soap is not suitable for cleansing, and regular use will affect the pH of the skin.

When the skin feels dry and tight, the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil, which makes the facial oil more serious.

  Men do not protect against sun.

Sun protection is not the same as being afraid of getting tanned.

The holes cracked by the ozone layer are getting bigger and bigger, the ultraviolet radiation is getting stronger and stronger, and the lethality to the skin is getting stronger and stronger.

If the aging of the skin is accelerated or a lot of skin diseases are caused, it is really a loss.

So regardless of gender, sun protection should be a matter for everyone.

  At an annual ceremony, Lin Junjie was still like the old boy with a green thumb, with a shy smile on his face.

Washing his face is the key to his maintenance tips. “I wash my pores with a hot towel before I wash my face to open the pores. The soap rubs the foam carefully and gently to massage the face to remove dirt from the pores. The nose and forehead are prone to acneWash the place carefully, and wash your face with clean water without leaving the residue of soap.

“Professional enough!

  The third guilt shave does not protect the guilt: if you do not use the protective measures seriously, you will shave, and even leave a disgusting blood spot!

  Her opinion: Only dads and grandpas can be forgiven if they show blood spots on their noses!

  Acne is most likely to appear on shaved areas!

This is due to the fact that no skin protection measures have been taken to allow dirt to clog pores.

Before shaving, you should use warm soapy liquid to moisturize the face, and then shave the roots of the beard; people using electric shavers should apply ointment or powder before shaving to avoid dry shaving.

In addition, after shaving, use cream, lotion, sebum, etc. to wipe your face. For people with acne, you should also add disinfectant water such as camphor alcohol or boric acid alcohol to prevent infection.   Han Xing’an Qixuan ‘s point of view is “the elegance of men first.” He does n’t miss the details of shaving. He also shaves every day, but in order not to hurt the skin, he must use care products in time after shaving to quickly shrink pores and moisturize the skin.
  The fourth guilty of squeezing acne: It’s an enjoyment while no one is squeezing the acne.

  Her opinion: Like squeezing acne, a man’s squeezing acne is the number one disgusting action. When he sees it, he deducts all his scores!

  Acne is caused by dust, dead skin accumulating pores, sebum cannot be discharged, and the skin is infected by bacteria.

If you squeeze the acne or leave it alone, it will make the acne deeper and deeper, and even leave uneven scars.

Therefore, daily cleansing and basic care using scrubs cannot be ignored.

  The fifth guilt of using wife’s skincare products: The skincare products used by women are also suitable for men. She believes that: not necessarily do not know the goodness of men’s skincare products, mainly to save money . Many men like to dry in the weather, Use some of your wife’s skin care products.

In fact, there are differences between men and women.

Most men’s skin tends to be oily, while women’s skin care products are moisturizing.

Men should add skin care products that are hydrated, refreshing and not greasy.

  The young boy Su Youpeng has a good temper in the circle, and the reporter asked him: “What are the main points of men’s skin care?

He said: “I like to use skin care products with perfume ingredients, so I will be MEN without perfume.

“The 6th crime is only a count of superficial work: Although I pay attention to cleanliness and beauty, I don’t pay attention to my diet. I often eat greasy spicy food, smoke and drink, stay up late, and don’t exercise.

  She believes that if life is upside down and the diet is not particular, do n’t waste money on beauty, and save money for your wife and girlfriend.

  Men should learn from women, develop good eating habits, eat more light food and fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, and smoke less. This can effectively improve the skin.

It’s also important to get enough exercise.

Because exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism and help expel toxins from the body.

  Luo Zhixiang, the little pig who ran around to catch the show, still maintained himself in the busy activities.

“No matter how busy I am, I will definitely take out 2 hours of fitness every day, to maintain my body shape and to be full of energy.

I also insist on using beauty products every day, especially when I am busy and tired, this is very important to reduce the damage to the skin!

“All handsome men, like all beautiful women, are maintained.

Men do n’t need to avoid taboos. If you want to look like you are only in your early 30s when you are 40 years old, take care of all aspects!

  The 7th guilt of white-faced yellow teeth: It is okay not to open your mouth, a row of smoke stained yellow teeth!

Terror is dead!

  Her thoughts: I’m most afraid of men’s beauty-seeking method, which can lead to weak penetration and scare people. It might as well be all messy, simply no expectations.

  Men’s beauty is far from the care and patience of women, and they always leave shortcomings to expose their “dark side”.

Details such as teeth, dandruff, and tone are killers that scare a woman out of sight.

  So men should invest more in detail care.

For yellow teeth, there is a powerful toothpaste.

Hu Yanbin, a singer who recently went to Taiwan to develop, although he is not a handsome guy, but his white teeth add a lot of color to his voice. Hu Yanbin usually pays great attention to the protection of his teeth. In addition to less exposure to tobacco and alcohol, he also uses Leidu toothpaste, which has a whitening effect.

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

The temperature continues to soar. From the T position, it is announced that the hot season is coming. Do not want to let the pore oil die, and remember to do good internal and external maintenance.

  The T-shaped part of the skin ‘s golden triangle exercise is the most fertile piece of land for the shells, and it is also the place where the greasy feeling first appears. As long as it shines in the hot sun, sweat and oil are frequently posing, so that their various shortcomings are hiddenThe pores have also been enlarged several times.

The T-shaped part of oily muscles or mixed muscles is even more terrifying with oil.

  In fact, the greasiness, pores, and acne problems in the T-shaped area are not all caused by mixed muscle or oily skin, but the probability of these two skin types is relatively high.

Looking closely, in fact, any type of skin in the absence of water will lead to insufficient moisturizing power, causing the skin to secrete more oil to protect the skin, resulting in skin oil-water imbalance and enlarged pores.

In addition, many people’s cleaning methods are wrong. Over-cleaning will also cause the skin to be too dry and oily, while insufficient cleaning power or incomplete cleaning will cause pores to rupture, causing acne and acne crisis. How to customize the skinThe exclusive Golden Triangle skincare plan is the first maintenance issue currently being rescued.

  Laying the foundation for cleaning with cleaning is not the most important condition for cleaning after washing.

The sebum of the skin is composed of neural peptamine and NMF natural moisturizing factor. It is itself the best natural defense barrier. Therefore, when cleaning products to remove dirt, don’t destroy this layer of sebum protection, which can maintain sufficient horny water retention capacity.

However, according to statistics, every time the temperature rises by 1 ° C, the amount of sebum secreted on the face will increase by 15%. Especially in the summer, when faced with the greasy oiliness of the annoying people, the cleaning effort will inevitably go too far, but let TThe skin in the part becomes imbalanced with water and oil, and the amount of oil secreted will often rise rapidly.

  Use cleansing to improve your skin condition.

People who often get acne, deep cleansing products containing fruit acid and salicylic acid are the best helpers for speed matching; people who often wear heavy makeup can simply and quickly remove the strong and powerful makeup remover oil to make cleaning enjoyableIt is super efficient, such as highly antioxidant olive oil and green tea, skin-tightening cherry blossoms, and a moisturizing makeup remover that promotes blood circulation. It always follows the weather, skin condition, and mood changes, and instantly pleases women’s fickle nature.

In addition, while cleaning the face, in addition to conditioning the pores in the T-shaped area, many products have added anti-ageing and firming skin care ingredients, which are very suitable for mature or dry muscles.

  The T-shaped cleansing method makes cleansing fun, and let small props help, such as an electric cleansing device designed for deep cleansing of the skin. The “1 speed” is based on the gentle shock of 5,500 revolutions per minuteIn combination with the gentle shock wave given by deep cleansing facial cotton, the massage effect is achieved while gently cleaning the skin, while the other “2 step speed” opens the pores with a frequent shock wave of 8,000 revolutions per minute and introduces a deep cleansing formulaSkin, removing excess old dead keratin, combined with deep cleansing cotton or blackhead cleansing cotton, can improve the cleaning effect 10 times, and strengthen and improve acne dirt and residual makeup in the pores.

Another type of deep keratin purifying tablet containing tea tree ingredients can gently regulate acne and metabolize old dead keratin. While watching TV, you can remove grease and dirt from the T-shaped part, which can easily unblock pores.

  In addition, the cleansing powder with enzyme particles uses a physical exfoliating effect, just like diamond micro-carving can remove the old horny shells of the shell, making the skin softer and smoother. After the T-shaped acne patch, the new type of TThe word acne rubbing, in a softening, loosening, and acne-purifying manner, wraps the old waste keratin. As long as it is gently rubbed and massaged, the “dirty” things of the shell are driven away, and the skin is refreshed and delicate.A sense of accomplishment.

  T-type control maintenance tips are just cleaning up, without perfect moisturizing backing, maintenance is just as good.

In fact, the purpose of cleansing is not to comprehensively suppress shine, but to help maintain skin oil and moisture balance.

Similarly, skin care products that mainly manage T-shaped parts can give proper moisturization after cleansing, so that the skin still has the right to beauty.

Low-concentration care products such as fruit acid or salicylic acid have a good regulation effect on astringent pores and the removal of solidified oils around pores in a short period of time, but long-term excessive use may make the skin sensitive or rough.

  The forehead and nose always have a shiny skin, and a small amount of oil-free and refreshing can balance the sebum secretion in the T-shaped part, which can strengthen the keratin barrier. Many essences specially designed for pores contain immediate tightening and improving skin contact.Skin looks more noticeably smooth and delicate, and at the same time avoids excessive oil out and does not let the shine shine.

  The one who is suitable for you is the one who maintains the best natural skincare. “Oil from your own skin is the best beauty sacred product. It represents the skin’s active and active ability.” But in the summer of Taiwan, who does n’t wash his face one day,Can it stand it?

Many people who have tried surrendered with their hands, constantly forehead, nose and chin acne spread, and even made friends with oil and bacteria, and also came up with several acne, it is really worth the loss.

The so-called lady-grade lotion was used, but the T-shaped part was slightly greasy and acne was not uncommon. The reason was that the skin care products were too moisturizing, which made it difficult for the skin in the twenties.

Many experts care products for the T-shaped part to control oil and make acne. Sometimes the moisturizing effect on the skin is still not enough. You must strengthen the moisturizing during the maintenance, so that the skin will not lose its luster but become dry and dull.

Although some cleansing oils are a bit refreshing, they may not cause much impact on normal skin texture, and even dissolve the stubborn keratin of the T-shaped part. However, it is best for oily skin with multiple skin sensitivity or acne-prone acne.Avoid not suitable

After all, finding your own maintenance method is a beautiful destination after all, that is, after many attempts, uncomfortable skin will not be attractive.

  Healthy eating Gu Hao Golden Triangle There is still no direct evidence of fried foods, chocolate, peanuts, sweets, high sugar drinks, and irritating foods such as peppers.
It is the brother’s hand that causes the skin to become oily or keep acne, but these foods will accelerate the secretion of sebaceous glands, increase the amount of oil from the areas that are prone to oil, and worsen the original acne problem.

Natural skin experts who advocate for less egg and less oily milk argue that egg milk contains factors that can cause skin allergies, especially hormones that can stimulate skin acne.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spicy stimuli or high-fat fried diets can easily make people angry, leading to oily inflammation of the skin and acne and acne protests. Therefore, it is best to keep the daily diet light and less irritating.The body is less likely to accumulate toxins, and it can also reduce the burden on the T-shaped part.

Although the relationship between diet and skin problems often varies from person to person, and even the culture of different countries and regions, the level of skin “physical constitution” affects different levels, but a healthy diet, such as a balanced intake of five categories of food, drink moreWater, appropriate supplements of vitamins A, C, E, B groups, zinc, calcium.
Waiting is still the only rule for maintaining beauty.

  Good mood has good skin. I want T-shaped parts to be trouble-free, an indispensable beauty element, and inner emotional management.

Dermatological studies have found that constant tension and stress, a large increase in skin oil secretion, and even cause human acne.

Although skin care products help to improve the skin condition, they are only a symptom. If the stress comes down again, causing endocrine imbalance, the problem will come back.

In addition, often staying up late, lack of sleep has always been a beauty taboo, especially excessive oil on the forehead, and acne, which means overwork and distress, leading to overheating and excessive liver toxins. Finally, a warning message is issued from the T position.
The only solution is to adjust the pace of life, maintain a regular sleep schedule and moderate exercise, help balance and relieve physiological stress, relax the mood, and skin problems will naturally be cured without medicine.

Smart kids don’t easily fight for the first

Smart kids don’t easily fight for the first

Smart children are usually attractive, and it is gradually concluded that their lives must be more relaxed and carefree than other children.

However, some children’s psychotherapists in the United Kingdom have confirmed through a survey of more than 800 children and adolescents. In fact, smart children are often more stressed than ordinary children, so they are often more vulnerable to damage, substitution, depression, despair, and other emotions.Effects, even more susceptible to various diseases, including physical and psychological.

  Experts in the survey found that especially smart girls are more stressed than smart boys.

This is because: Smart girls are mostly academically excellent in school, and are often more likely to be loved by teachers and respected by their classmates. Because of this, “only success, not failure” has gradually become their motto.

Guided by this concept, they often fought for their lives in order to fight for the first place or to secure the first place, often exhausted.

The experts also analyzed that the “endless praise” from teachers, classmates and parents even made them develop a mentality in pursuit of perfection.

Excessive physical and mental exhaustion, coupled with heavy psychological stress, are likely to cause a variety of pains with no apparent cause in them, including headaches, abdominal pain, fatigue, indigestion, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, sleepPoor and so on, serious can also appear neurodegeneration and mental illness.

According to statistics from St. Mary’s Hospital, the proportion of smart girls who have the above symptoms can be as high as 20% or more, which is at least twice as high as that of girls of the same age of ordinary intelligence.

  In response to this, experts suggest that schools and parents treat smart children with a more scientific attitude and give them guidance, especially to educate them to treat their grades and intelligence properly, and encourage them to participate in sports and social activities.

Measure the secrets of your palm

Measure the secrets of your palm

Maybe you don’t know yet, the palm of a person actually implies a person’s character and future.

When you plasma hand, you can also reflect your personality from the posture when you open your palm and the state of your fingers.

  Personality test begins: it is better to reach out and learn about your personality.

Remember, male left female right!

  A, person B whose fingers are all symbolized, only person C whose thumb is separated from other fingers, only person D whose small finger is separated from other fingers, person D whose fingers are all close to each other, and all five fingers are bent outAnalysis: A, your personality is very bright and belongs to optimism.

Action is also very sensitive, hate being restrained, and hate is hate, happiness is joy, emotions will be clearly expressed.

  B, your willpower is quite strong, you are a stubborn person who has self-ownership.

Moreover, he is in a very passionate state of mind.

  C, you have a clear difference in attitudes towards likes and dislikes, and your heart is full of wisdom and beauty.

However, you are also an angry and grumpy person.

  D, you are a careful, serious and prudent person who often suppresses his feelings.

It is your principle to think carefully before acting.

  E, your willpower is weak and you often feel tired.

However, you often predict for others, your temperament is gentle, and you are rarely refused when others trouble you.

Replenish NG action in winter, don’t be fooled_1

Replenish NG action in winter, be careful not to be fooled

In winter, the climate is dry. What people pay most attention to is hydrating and moisturizing. How to make your skin more hydrated and smooth becomes the topic we care about most in this season.

Everyone is anxious to make the skin appear in a healthy state, but often ignore the discretion, the appropriate degree, the same as hydration.

If you don’t pay attention to various details, it can easily burden the skin.

  Hydrating states required for various skins: ★ Mature skin: too much water enters the mature stage, metabolism slows down and begins to gradually become full and moisturized, restores tightness and smoothness, and delays aging and wrinkles.

  ★ Acne skin: Water is needed to regulate the secretion of hormones in the human body and maintain a normal state. Hydration helps to resist external stimuli and control the occurrence of acne.

  ★ Sensitive skin: Keep enough moisture inside the skin cells to prevent skin dullness and tarnish.

  ★ Rough skin: The lasting moisturizing and dry skin is “semi-liquid”, which improves the pores, makes the skin moist, soft and elastic.

  NG1: Replenishment without overtime. Replenishment is not uncontrolled. There is an unlimited amount of “one breath” rehydration. The normal daily rehydration volume is about 1000-2000ml. However, if you deliberately replenish a lot of water, problems will occur.

A normal person’s rehydration volume of more than 2000ml is often testing his kidney function, which will bring a great burden on kidney function.

  NG2: Drink water in the morning. Drink a glass of boiled water or honey water carefully in the morning. It is an important source of cleansing the stomach and rehydration.

However, not everyone is suitable for this kind of water supplement. It is not suitable for people who are white, cold and thin to consume sub-temperature drinks, and freshly squeezed juice is not suitable for fasting.

At the same time, salt is not to be replenished in the morning.

  NG3: Tap water reception needs to be careful that tap water cannot be directly overlapped, presumably this little common sense of life without further education, but tap water is not necessarily safe!

Carcinogenic high-chlorine compounds appear after tap water is boiled. If continuous injection of boiling water prevents it, the water quality will become more and more serious.

So be careful when using tap water.

  NG4: Mixing hydration with moisturizing. Hydration is to directly supply the skin’s stratum corneum cells with the required moisture, while moisturizing the skin, it can also improve microcirculation and enhance skin moisturization.

Moisturizing can help prevent the skin’s water from evaporating, and it can’t solve the problem of skin dehydration at all.

  NG5: Skin hydration is not the same as body hydration. Skin dehydration is not the same as body dehydration. Drinking more water does not solve the fundamental problem, because only a trace amount of water is replenished into the skin cells.

To really solve the problem of skin dehydration, moisturizing cream is the best choice.

  NG6: Distortion leads to aging and dehydration. Changes in skin size directly lead to dryness, yellowing, dullness, dullness, sagging, and early wrinkles.

Therefore, we must understand the problem of skin dehydration, especially in autumn, we must also consider the skin’s hydration.

  NG7: Moisturizing is moisturizing, moisturizing is moisturizing!

  Hydrating is directly replenishing the moisture required by the skin cells; while moisturizing is to prevent the loss of water in the skin cells.

If the moisturizing system is not sound enough, no matter how much water is added, it will still be dehydrated.

When it comes to hydrating, you must also mention moisturizing, but they are two closely related concepts.

  NG8: The most effective hydration is to use skin care products that completely eliminate oil.

  At the same time, any skin needs hydration to lock in moisture, especially for dry skin that is more dehydrated and more oily. Only hydrating first and then hydrating can achieve a good hydration effect.

Therefore, judging whether the water supply is effective or not depends on whether the real cause of water shortage is found, so that the water supply can be targeted and locked.

  NG9: Skin sensitization is caused by the shrinkage of the skin due to lack of water. Indeed, it causes the skin’s normal resistance to decrease, leading to sensitivity, but dryness sensitivity is only one of the types of sensitivity.The reason is that it is best to find the sensitive source first when you have sensitive symptoms, and avoid blindly rehydrating.

  NG10: Spraying nutrient water on a cotton sheet or paper mask for hydrating the face is particularly effective. This method of hydrating depends on whether the size of the replacement cotton sheet or paper mask is elastic and can be taut in the water and release water and nutrients.Ingredients can make full use of hydrating effect.

Generally, first remove the aging cutin, apply it on the face for about 15 minutes, and then apply a moisturizing cream to lock the moisture.

How to deal with nosebleeds?

How to deal with nosebleeds?

There are many reasons for nosebleeds, which may be due to excessive dryness in the nose or external causes, but we must learn how to stop bleeding regardless of the reason.

Without the right way to stop bleeding, you can cause excessive bleeding, which can lead to anemia in the future.

Then let ‘s follow the editor to see how to deal with nosebleeds!

  How to deal with nosebleeds?

  1. The first treatment is for the primary disease. Active treatment can be used, such as dry air, dry nasal mucosa, fragile, and water mist can be sprayed into the nasal cavity from time to time. If you find the primary disease, you can see a doctorCheck blood pressure, tumors, etc. 2, for small bleeding can be relieved with local compression, that is, gauze, or toilet paper can be used, there must be a certain pressure to stop bleeding.

  3, if the bleeding is serious, you can go to the hospital to use the cautery method, the frozen hemostasis method, the pterygopalm tube injection method, and you can use the stuffing method at home.

  4, can not lie down, head up, stuffed with paper towels.

  1) Lie on your back, tilt your nose, and inject the nosebleed along the throat wall into the esophagus and stomach, causing nausea, vomiting, and even suffocation.

  2) Tissues are prone to infection and inflammation.

  5. Poke to stop bleeding.

  1) The person sits straight, with his head tilted slightly forward.

  2) Pinch the nose with your index finger and thumb.

  6, cold compress.

Putting an ice pack or a towel moistened with cold water on the forehead or the root of the nose to apply a cold compress can shrink the blood vessels and speed up the hemostasis.

  7, after doing the above measures, you should lie down and rest for a while at this time, but also pay attention that such exercises can not be carried out within two days.

Because it takes at least 7-10 days for the blood vessels in the nasal cavity to rupture to fully recover, the blood flow stops after the blood has coagulated, and then the clot gradually clots.

At this time you should also pay attention to avoid digging the nostrils, if you accidentally peel off the scabs, it will cause a nosebleed again.

  These are the best treatments for nosebleeds, which must be handled properly to avoid damaging the nasal mucosa in an incorrect manner.

Peri-retinal vein inflammation

Peri-retinal vein inflammation

Peri-retinal venous inflammation refers to the changes in the peri-retinal vein space and the adventitia of the blood vessels. The eye disease, which is characterized by repeated retinal bleeding, is more common in young men.
30-year-old is the most, often onset in two eyes, the course of the disease worsens, the disease recurs, so it is also known as recurrent young vitreous hemorrhage.

In the medicine of the motherland, the early stage of the disease is mild, the amount of bleeding is small, and there are clouds of particles floating in front of the eyes. It is called “cloud and cloud moving eyes”. If there is sudden excessive bleeding, a large amount of hemorrhage in the vitreous body, and sudden vision loss, it is a “blind” anion.

  Peripheral retinal vein inflammation is mostly due to liver and gallbladder heat, inflammation, steaming eyesight, forced blood overflow, or yin deficiency can not control the Yang, virtual fire to go up, steaming camp blood overflow, the disease is divided into camp blood, treatment should be treated with cooling blood andThe principle of hemostasis and eyesight is the principle. If combined with diet therapy, the efficacy can be improved. Generally, the liver and gallbladder are hot, and the visual acuity drops suddenly. The visual objects such as gauze or dark shadows float in front of the eyes.There is blood stasis in the vitreous body, which is hazy, unclear, or invisible to the eye, with dry mouth and throat, upset and irritable, red tongue, few pulse strings.

Yin deficiency and fire, common blurred vision, gradually decreased vision, fundus conditions, small bleeding on the omentum surface, or repeated bleeding, with dry eyes, dry oropharynx, hot flashes in the afternoon, irritability, red tongue, less moss, thin pulseSeveral, diet should be nourishing yin and heat, cooling blood to stop bleeding.

Edible: Bitter Gourd Luncheon Meat Recipe: Bitter Gourd 250g, Luncheon Meat 250g.

  Usage: Decapitate bitter gourd, remove melon scoop, mix with luncheon meat, fill it tightly, steam it in a basket, and accompany the meal.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and cool liver, moistening spleen and eyesight.

  Indications: Patients with peripheral retinal vein inflammation, liver and gallbladder fever syndrome.

  Celery rabbit diced recipe: 50g cactus, 150g celery, 500g rabbit meat, rice vinegar and seasoning.

  How to use: Remove cactus from the cactus, wash it with fresh and tender celery, add boiling water and boil for a while, remove the cactus and shred, and cut the celery into small pieces.

Cut the cooked rabbit meat into diced, mix the seasonings and mix well.

  Efficacy: Qinggan Xiehuo, cooling blood eyesight.

  Indications: Patients with peripheral retinal vein inflammation, liver and gallbladder fever syndrome.
  Sanhua tea recipe: 10g chrysanthemum, 10g dense flower, 3g safflower, moderate sugar.

  Usage: Use boiled water to brew the three flavor medicine, add rock sugar, and substitute for tea.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, clearing liver and eyesight.

  Indications: Patients with peripheral retinal vein inflammation, liver and gallbladder fever syndrome.
  Zigan tablet formula: 20g of vitex, 20g of barley, 15g of gardenia, 500g of fresh pork liver.

  Usage: Soak the above three flavors of medicinal warm water for 30 minutes, decoction the water into the pot, and cut the pork liver into thin slices. Boil in the medicinal juice for 15 minutes, add the seasonings, and wait for warm food.

  Efficacy: Qinggan Xiehuo, cooling blood eyesight.
  Indications: Patients with peripheral retinal vein inflammation, liver and gallbladder fever syndrome.
  Juice drink recipe: fresh and tender glutinous rice 1 section.

  Usage: Wash the ravioli, wash it, mash it, squeeze the juice, put it in the right amount, and even take 7?
10 days.

  Efficacy: Qingre Shengjin, Liangxue Sanyu.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.

  Soup recipe: 1 section of fresh soup.

  Usage: Wash the ravioli, cut into thin slices, add water to make a thick soup, and eat.

Once daily for 7 days.

  Efficacy: Spleen and blood, Yiyin to stop bleeding.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.
  Glutinous rice raw ground loquat recipe: 1 section of old loquat, 15g raw ground, 200g glutinous rice.

  Usage: Wash the ravioli. Cut the small end and cut it a little bit. Cut the large end and cut it a little more to expose the sacral holes. From this end, plug the glutinous rice and raw thin slices into the basket.edible.
Once a day, even serving 10?
15 days.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing yin and clearing heat, cooling blood.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.  Sweet and Sour Yuanshen Duck Recipe: 50g of black ginseng, 1 section of fresh and tender scallion, 1 duck, seasoning such as vinegar.

  Usage: Wash the black ginseng and coriander, cut into small coriander slices, prepare the duck hair and viscera, sweet and sour seasonings, prepare and mix the duck, cook the duck, remove the cubes, and stir-fry the ginseng and coriander until they are seven.Add the duck meat, add the sauce and stir well.

Once a day, 7 servings?
10 days.
  Efficacy: cooling blood to stop bleeding, scattered stasis and eyesight.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.
  Raw ground drink formula: 250g fresh ground, 10g of panax notoginseng powder.

  Usage: Wash it freshly, mash it like mud, squeeze the juice, mix the slag with water and squeeze the juice, combine it with the former juice, add the panax notoginseng and the uniform serving, once a day, and even serve 7?
10 days.
  Efficacy: cooling blood to stop bleeding, and blood scattered.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.
  Maogen drink recipe: 500g of fresh radish root (100g for dried people), moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Usage: Wash the grass root, smash it lightly with a mallet, cook with water for 30 minutes, take the juice into the rock sugar and simmer, and substitute tea at any time, even serving 10?
15 days.

  Efficacy: cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing heat and diuresis.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.
  Fried wood beard recipe: 10g black fungus, 10g day lily, 1 egg, 30g lean pork, seasoning.

  Usage: Black fungus and day lily are soaked in warm water, washed, the fungus is torn into small pieces, yellow flower is cut into 3?
4cm long, beat the eggs evenly, cut the pork into small slices, remove the raw scrambled eggs, and then remove the pork with a blast of heat. Then stir-fry the fungus and daylily, add the eggs, sliced meat, seasoning, and stir-fry.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, cooling blood to stop bleeding.

  Indications: Patients with retinal venous inflammation, yin deficiency and fire syndrome.

Winter diet conditioning enhances the body’s ability to resist cold


Winter diet conditioning enhances the body’s ability to resist cold

After the winter, the weather turns cold, how to enhance the resistance to the cold?

It is nothing more than increasing heat production in the body and reducing heat dissipation. The method is related to clothing, food, shelter and transportation.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€璋冩暣楗澧炲姞鐑噺鏄叾涓殑鏂规硶涔嬩竴銆侷n a cold environment, eating high-calorie foods can promote the catabolism of sugar, traces and proteins. At around 0 掳C, the speed of sugar conversion to a small amount is accelerated, and then a small amount of subcutaneous is increased, so that it can reduce heat dissipation.Efficient food, warming and nourishing, nourishing the five internal organs, strengthening the body, strengthening the vitality, carrying out the yang yang in the body, thereby warming the whole body tissue, promoting metabolism, making the body stronger, and helping to resist external evils, making it veryGood cold protection to reduce the incidence of disease.

銆€銆€Winter diet nursed back to health, it is advisable to use nourishing yin and yang, accumulate a higher diet, but also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables vitamins and vitamins and minerals.

Cereals and snacks are all nutrients that produce heat. The small amount of food is mainly from food and potatoes. The cereals cannot be reduced. Adults need 400-500 grams per day.

銆€銆€Adults are the most concentrated source of energy, preventing body temperature and promoting the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Adults mainly come from vegetable oils and animal fats. They need 25-30 grams per day in winter.

Plasma and adults can transform each other during metabolism and remain constant.

Protein can also produce heat. The daily energy required by the human body is 10%-15% from protein. It is often eaten from poultry, fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, soy products, milk, etc. It is the main source of protein.

Animal internal organs, animal blood, aquatic products, etc., contain a large amount of minerals.

銆€銆€Cold food is related to calcium carbonate and iron. Therefore, foods supplemented with calcium and iron can improve cold resistance. Calcium-containing foods mainly include milk, soy products, kelp, seaweed, shellfish, fish and shrimp, etc.For animal blood, egg yolk, pig liver, soybeans, sesame seeds, black fungus and red dates.

銆€銆€Vitamins and cellulose are mainly absorbed from fruits and vegetables. Eat more radishes, vegetables, fungus, mushrooms, kelp and other vegetables. They often eat apples, bananas, dates, pears, citrus, walnuts, almonds, almonds and other fruits.

In winter, eat less cold, eat hot meals, drink hot water, due to the difference in temperature around the place, the application of large temperature and heat in the alpine region and the fruits and vegetables of Ganrunshengjin.

銆€銆€The Chinese are good at cooking, world-famous, and they eat hot pot along the way into the habit of cooking, mutton, assorted pots, white meat pots, hairy pots, wonton pots, seafood pots, etc.

Winter is also popular casserole dishes such as casserole dog meat, casserole duck, casserole tofu, casserole lion head and so on.

In addition, the hot porridge on the table is also a winter food. Laba porridge is popular in the country. For example, when adding porridge, adding meat and poultry eggs, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, feces and other ingredients, you can achieve a combination of nutrients and nutrients.
These hot foods are eaten in moderation, warm and thick, and keep warm.

銆€銆€At the same time of replenishing winter, it should be noted that when supplementing, it is necessary to make the intestines have an adaptation process. It is best to do the introduction first. Generally speaking, it can replace the beef stew with red dates, peanuts and brown sugar, and also cook some ginger.Jujube beef soup to eat to adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.

Drinking hot porridge in winter is also a good choice for health.

For example, eating 鈥淟aba porridge鈥?helps to increase conversion and nutritional function.

Wheat porridge has the function of nourishing the heart, the sesame porridge can benefit the essence and nourish the yin, the radish porridge can be eaten and phlegm, the walnut porridge can nourish the yin and solid, the porridge can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, the jujube porridge can benefit the yin and nourish the yinWait.

Simple and effective fitness tips

Simple and effective fitness tips

The results of walking sports medical research reveal that fast walking is the simplest and most effective aerobic fitness exercise.

Exercisers must master their own strength according to their health, physical strength, age and habits.

The speed should generally be controlled at 100 per minute?
130 meters, each walk lasts more than 20 minutes.

Every day, it is best to choose to walk in a place with fresh air and elegant environment before dinner or half an hour after eating.

  Jogging Jogging is the most popular method of aerobic metabolism in the world today. It has a good effect on maintaining good heart function, preventing heart function decline, preventing muscle atrophy, preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, obesity, etc.
  The speed of jogging should not be too fast. To maintain an even speed, subjectively do not feel uncomfortable. Objectively, it is advisable to control the heart rate per minute at the age of 180 years.

For example, a 60-year-old person should have a heart rate of 180-60 = 120 times per minute during jogging, exercise for more than 20 minutes, and more than 4 times per week.

For patients with chronic diseases, a low-intensity and short-term solution should be selected. Middle-aged and elderly people with poor physiques should choose a low-intensity and durable alternative. Young people and those with better physiques should choose higher-intensity and longer-duration.Program.

  There are two ways to run and run alternately: one is to walk first and then run, that is, to walk for 1 minute and then run for 1 minute, alternately.

Every 2 weeks can be adjusted to increase the amount of exercise, prolong the walking time, and increase the running time.

The other is to start exercising by walking. Through the enhancement of physical fitness, it gradually transitions to jogging instead of walking.

Can exercise time last 20?
30 minutes, more than 4 times a week.

Suitable for those who are new to exercise and old and frail.

  Ascending the stairs Ascending the stairs is an exercise that combines fitness with daily life. It is an alternative, effective, easy to implement, and adjustable amount of fitness exercise method. It can be used by residents living in high-rise buildings in metropolises in the world.

  Ascending the stairs is a more intense form of aerobic exercise. Exercisers must have good health and generally use walking, running, multi-level jumping and jumping.

Exercisers can choose the exercise method that suits them according to their physical conditions and environmental conditions.

Beginners should start at a slow speed and last for 20 minutes, switch the improvement of physical fitness, gradually increase the speed or extend the duration.

When physical fitness can tolerate 30?
At 40 minutes, you can gradually transition to running, jumping, or multi-level stairs.

  Swimming swimming fitness exercise is a kind of whole body exercise that uses the buoyancy, restraint, frictional force of the human body in the water, and the human body to exercise in the state of weightlessness in the water, which is suitable for all kinds of people.

The intensity of swimming fitness exercise is generally similar to that of running. The heart rate per minute can be controlled at the age of 180 years, and then refer to 10. One of the 60-year-olds can control the heart rate when swimming at 180-60-10 = 110 per minute.Exercise more than 30 minutes, more than 3 times a week.

  Cycling and cycling are as effective as jogging and swimming.

In order to achieve fitness, exercisers must master the intensity of exercise: the initial person should generally pedal 60 times per minute; for those who have a certain foundation, the pedaling speed can be 75?
100 times.

The duration of each exercise must not be 30 minutes, more than 4 times a week.

Whole wheat bread in the morning


Whole wheat bread in the morning

Whole-grain foods help to lose weight, relieve constipation, prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis and even cancer. It has long been the reason why nutrition experts have been highly recommended.

But recent research by American experts found that whole wheat bread would work better in the morning.

Persistently eating whole-grain foods containing at least 25% oatmeal or wheat bran every day can reduce the incidence of heart failure.

銆€銆€In the whole wheat food, the vitamins, minerals, cellulose, etc. required by the human body, after a night of nutrient consumption, the vitamins and minerals that are lacking in the body can be replenished at breakfast, which is a very healthyDiet.

From this point of view, the right amount of breakfast with whole-grain foods is really good for preventing heart disease.

銆€銆€Oats, barley, coarse rice, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat crackers that are available in supermarkets are all whole-grain foods.

Breakfast can choose oatmeal, whole wheat bread and milk, fruit to eat together, people with normal diabetes index even add an egg, but the proportion of coarse grains should not exceed 1/4.