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There is a touch in marriage

There is a touch in marriage

The man is unemployed.

He didn’t tell the woman.

He still went out and went home on time.

He did not forget to make up some stories to deceive women.

He said that the new director was very kind and the new female college student was very pure . The woman pinched his ear and said with a smile, “Be careful.

“At that time he was going out, and the woman grabbed him to help him arrange the collar of his jersey.

  The man clipped his briefcase, squeezed into the bus, and got off after three stops.

He sat on a bench in the park and looked sadly at the flocks of pigeons on the square.

In the evening, the man went home with a smile.

He knocked on the door and shouted, “I’m back!

“The man persisted for 5 days like this.

  Five days later, he found a short job in a small cement plant.

The environment was harsh there, and the flying dust kept his throat dry.

The intensity of the work was so great that he was sweaty when working.

The team leader said, “Don’t do it, you’re dead.

The man said, “I can.

“He clenched his teeth, shaking his legs gently.

The man’s body was covered with thick dust, he was like a tired clay sculpture of activity.

  After work, the man hurriedly took a bath in the factory, put on a smart suit, and went home lightly.

He knocked on the door and shouted, “I’m back!

“The woman ran over and opened the door.

The scent of green onions fills the man’s mind.

The woman at the table asked him, “Is work smooth?

“He said,” By the way, the new female college student is quite pure.

The woman was angry, but gave the man a chopstick fungus.

The woman said, “The water is boiling. Do you want to take a bath?

“The man said,” After washing, I came back from the sauna with my colleague.

“The woman hummed the song and began to pack the dishes.

The man thought: It was so dangerous, it was almost spotted.

The tired man washed his face and brushed his teeth before falling asleep.

  The man worked in that cement factory for more than twenty days.

It’s almost the end of the month.

He wondered if that poor salary could fool a woman.

After dinner that day, the woman suddenly said, “Don’t you go to work at that company, I know there is a company recruiting, to help you find out, all the requirements are met, go try it tomorrow?

The man ecstatically said, “Why change?”

Said the woman. “Isn’t it good to change the environment?”

Besides, this one must be very nice.

“So the next day, the man went to apply for the job, and was accepted.  That day, the man cooked a lot of dishes and drank a lot of wine.

He knew that all this could not be hidden from women.

Perhaps the day the woman went to work in the cement plant, or the day he lost his job, the woman knew the truth.

Did his dodging eyes betray him?

Did his tired body betray him?

Did the woman see from the window that he was on the opposite bus?

Or is he pretending to be too clumsy and exaggerated?

He can make up stories to lie to his women, but he can’t convince the attentive women.

  In fact, when a person loves each other deeply, what can be concealed?

The man recalled that for more than twenty days, every day, there was a plate of fried fungus eggs on the dining table.

Men know that fungus can clear the lungs.

The man in the dust needs a plate of fried fungus eggs.

Sometimes women force him to eat two spoonfuls of pear cream.

The man thought, that was also the elaborate plan of the woman.

Also, these days the woman no longer haunts him to watch TV series with her, because he is so tired.

Now men fully believe that women have known his secrets long ago, and she is doing things for him silently, but never reveals it.

It is a secret that a man whose career is so fast suddenly loses his job and becomes anonymous.

It’s a man, it’s her.

She must bite the pain and keep her mouth shut.

She couldn’t let anyone know, including the man who made the secret.

The man stood on the balcony watching the night view of the city, and eventually a tear fell.

Corn burn soup for years of kidney disease

Corn burn soup for years of kidney disease

As the saying goes, “Anyone who eats whole grains cannot get sick.

“So what do you do after getting sick?

Most people suffer when they see a doctor, spend time and money.

Therefore, since ancient times, Chinese medicine has advocated “treating the disease”. Actually, prevention and treatment are performed before the illness. At this time, food, exercise and various health-care drugs are needed to help us “treat the disease.”

  Today, let’s understand together what kind of boiled soup of plants in life can cure diseases and what role these plants can play.

  First, what is kidney disease? Kidney disease is actually what we often say about kidney disease. There are many types of kidney disease and there are many manifestations.

The more common symptoms are edema, high blood pressure, excessive urination, oliguria, frequent urination, anuria, urinary foam, and waist and knee weakness.

  In summary, the characteristics of kidney disease are “three highs” and “three lows”, that is, high morbidity, high cardiovascular morbidity, and high mortality, while low awareness rate, low complication rate, and low awareness rate of accompanying diseases.

  Therefore, kidney disease is a healthy invisible killer, and laying the job is very important.

  Second, the corn must-cook soup can treat kidney disease. The corn must actually be the style of the top of raw corn. It is also known as the bale-bearing and long-bearing. It can produce corn in most areas.
  Corn must be able to treat kidney disease, which is not a single disease but a variety of kidney-related diseases.


Maize must be able to treat diabetes. “Zhejiang folk herbs” records “one or two of maize.


“It can lower blood sugar and have curative effect on diabetes.


Corn must have curative effects on urinary system problems caused by kidney disease. The “common compilation of folk herbs” records that corn must be able to diuresis and swelling, and “Sichuan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” also records that it can “clear blood heat and urinate”.

  From the perspective of modern science, corn must be able to increase the amount of chloride excretion, thereby diuretic effect.


Corn must have effects on kidney stones and bladder stones. It is recorded in “Lingnan Collection of Medicine” that corn must “and pork decoction to cure diabetes.

It also treats urinating leaching sand and gravel, and the pain is unbearable.

“It can increase the body’s thrombin levels and platelet counts, and can be used as a hemostatic and diuretic to treat urinary tract and bladder stones.


Corn must have effects on chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, etc. According to medical observations, corn must have effects on chronic nephritis in the improvement of diuresis and renal function, limb edema and urinary protein phenomenon, decrease or disappear.

  Therefore, corn must have a certain effect on kidney disease, and according to medical observation, even for 6 months, corn has no toxicity and side effects, indicating high safety.

  Third, other health benefits of corn shavings Corn shavings have other effects on kidney disease, and also have certain health effects on other biological and metabolic circulatory systems.


Regulating primary hypertension In “Sichuan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, it is recorded that corn beard, watermelon slices and bananas, taken together with decoction, have effects on primary hypertension.

Modern medicine has found that the liquid produced by corn soaking in water or alcohol can lower blood pressure. The principle of action is mainly central blood pressure reduction, and it may also be the effect of dilating blood vessels.


Cholesteric action “Modern Practical Chinese Medicine” records that corn must be “an effective drug for cholecystitis, gallstones, and hepatitis jaundice.”

It has certain effects on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice, and jaundice hepatitis.

  Corn must significantly increase the secretion and excretion of bile, reduce the organic matter and residues in the bile, reduce the viscosity of the bile, and thus play a role in bile.


Liangxue Qushi Wet Corn has a sweet and smooth taste. It is covered by corn husks during growth, absorbs a variety of nutrients, and replaces fiber.

Taking corn must not only cool the blood, relieve fever, remove damp heat, but also reduce blood fat and help reduce weight.

  In addition, Chinese medicine will use corn to treat allergies, mastitis, nosebleeds, and vomiting.

  Fourth, the health care of corn whiskers Corn whisker tea The corn whisker has the reputation of “Dragon Beard” in Chinese medicine.  First, collect as many corn as possible. Wash as much as possible.

  Then, put the corn into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for half an hour.

  Finally, pour the water from the corn shavings into a tea cup to replace it.

Although it is not summer or autumn, there is no fresh corn whisker, but it belongs to a Chinese medicinal material and is sold in Chinese pharmacies. Everyone can buy transformation to improve the effect of health care.

The efficacy of any traditional Chinese medicine is not as fast as that of western medicine, but the effect is good. If it is used to treat diseases, the guidance of a professional doctor shall prevail.

  Because few people have to reset the corn to use it, everyone throws it away as garbage.

In fact, corn has been used as a health medicine for treating many diseases since ancient times.

In the above, we briefly introduced the treatment effect of corn shavings on kidney disease and other health effects on the human body.

It is safe to use, cheap and easy to obtain, and has wide functions. After reading this, you can also collect more corn whiskers in the future.

Washing your face in summer without spending money makes you refreshing and tender_1

Wash your face in summer without spending money

If you want healthy and clear skin, washing your face is the first step.

If you wash your face cleanly, the skin care effect will be more effective.

In addition to face soap and facial cleansers, we also have a lot of face washing materials that can make your face more beautiful.

  First, the steps of washing face with green tea: 1 first wash the face with soap or face wash; 2 rinse the face with water, then rinse the green tea powder with warm water (or use a tea bag instead); 3 pat the face with green tea carefully 2 to 3Minutes, wash with water; 4 Finally, wash your face with cold water.

  Efficacy: 1 removes skin aging; 2 whitens and brightens the skin; 3 treats acne and other skin diseases.

  Second, soy powder face washing method: Steps: 1 make soap or facial cleanser to wash the face.

  2 Stir and grind the finely ground soybean flour, and wipe the face for about 30 seconds.

  3 Clean your face with warm water and rinse your face with cold water.

  Efficacy: 1 can eliminate skin aging and sebum; 2 has anti-acidification effect; 3 can provide skin nutrition.

  Note: If the size of the soy flour is too large, it will severely irritate the skin. Be sure to grind the soy flour; wash it carefully to prevent remnants of the soy flour.

  3. Washing the face with rice washing water Steps: 1 After washing the face with soap or facial cleanser, apply it with rice washing water for 1-2 minutes.

  2 Rinse off with cold water.

  Efficacy: 1 provides skin nutrition; 2 prevents moles; 3 improves skin condition.

  Note: Discard rice water for the first pass, insert hot water into the water for the second pass and the third pass, and the water temperature should be consistent with the skin temperature on the skin surface; do not let rice grains get into your eyes by mistake.

  Fourth, sperm algae face washing steps: 1 first wash the face; 2 warm water into an appropriate amount of refined salt (10 g can be put in a large pot); 3 with the eye melt water to wash the face multiple times.

Rinse face with cold water.

  Efficacy: 1 Utilize bactericidal effect to treat obesity.

  2 Keep skin smooth.

  Five, sake washing face steps: 1 Wash your face first.

  2Pour 100ml of sake with warm water.

  3 Scrub the face with the right water for 1-2 minutes.

  4Wash your face with water.

  Efficacy: 1 Use alcohol to remove clogged pores, which is good for skin disinfection.

  2 Promote blood circulation, can clean blood.

  3 Improve skin condition.

  Note: Sake must be fermented with pure rice. It will be overdue. Alcohol may irritate the skin and should be replaced. Use it with caution on sensitive skin.

  Six, milk washing face steps: 1 first wash the face.

  2 Milk is warmed moderately. If you choose slightly deteriorated milk, the effect will be better because lactic acid has been acidified. 3 Connect warm water, pour the milk into it and stir well.

  4 Scrub the face with the right water for 1 to 2 minutes.

  5 Rinse off with cold water.

  Note: The fat of milk may leave pores, you can use low-fat milk.

  Seven, flour washing face steps: 1 first wash the face 2 brave warm water penetrated into 1 spoon of flour, smear the face.

Wash your face with warm water. If you need to enhance the effect, wait until it is dry before washing.

  3 Wash your face with cold water.

  Efficacy: 1 has a mask effect; 2 has the effect of eliminating sebum.

  Note: Normal flour can cause skin diseases, please use organic flour.

7 days of yoga shaping body can not be rushed

7 days of yoga shaping body can not be rushed

Core tips: do yoga three times a week, go to the gym once, cook four times, play golf, and play surfing once.

Instead of forcing ourselves to do that every day, we should live on a cycle basis.

  Don’t just do it reluctantly, you must sincerely desire that everyone will not simply believe that they are perfect. Whenever they look in the mirror, they always suffocate themselves.

But don’t worry too much. Don’t doubt that the mentality that you must lose weight puts too much pressure on yourself, instead it will have an adverse effect.

You should even say to yourself, “If this place becomes like this, it will be one step closer to the ideal figure!

“Choose a favorite body lotion to massage the area and relax the body. The key is to pull up the muscles.

  Hip 1, massage the chest and thigh roots to support the muscles at the junction of thigh roots and hips, and massage from the outside to the inside.

Lift the chest muscles consciously.

  2. Massage the chest with the steps.

  3. Massaging the waist is easy to accumulate. Temporary waist circumference is also the same way as above. The meat is squeezed inward and massaged upwards at the same time.

  Dark 1, massage the flank muscles by lifting up.

  2. As the black people of Tila experience increasing in age, sagging black hairs also need to be improved.

  Arm 1. Turn the arm to twist the muscle from the elbow to the front upward.

  2. Continuously massage step 1 to the chest.

  The basic breathing method of yoga Practicing yoga is a good way to condition the body, and the most basic thing in yoga is how to breathe.

  1. Please pay attention to the 3cm below the navel when breathing at the acupoints of the belly?
Dantian at 5cm.

  2. Open your throat, inhale your nose, dry your belly, and suck in air with your nose.

At this point, the air felt directly into the throat.

  3. Exhale slowly with your nose and inhale for a while, then breathe out slowly through your nose.

When exhaling, imagine that you can hear the breath being expelled.

  4. Exhale as much as you can hear the sound if the gas inside the body is not exhausted.

Only by breathing out can you restore a lot of fresh air the next time you inhale.

At the summer season, nourishing Yin and moistening the diet to maintain health


At the summer season, nourishing Yin and moistening the diet to maintain health

At present, the folks have a statement that 鈥渢he summer is not a summer, and the summer is just as a summer鈥? At the time of the summer, the temperature has entered a period of significant change, but at this time the temperature is still relatively large, and although it is gradually cool in the morning and evening, the weather is still very dry.

At this time, the heat is more likely to consume the body fluid, so in the diet, we must choose some ingredients that are good for quenching thirst, nourishing yin and moistening.

Let’s take a look: If the American ginseng is in the summer, do you feel dry?

Do you often feel sleepy and tired?

Will it be upset and insomnia at night?

Will there be oral ulcers, sore throat, dry stools and other fires?

At this time, the body has issued a health warning signal, you must start paying attention to the body’s nursed back to prevent problems before they happen.

銆€銆€Some other ginsengs of American ginseng, which are not dry, are a kind of cool ginseng, and contain 16 kinds of trace elements and more than 17 kinds of amino acids and plurals necessary for the body, which can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and fluid, especially forInsufficient body fluids, dry mouth and people with good health effects, long-term use, can refresh the mind, thirst, and strengthen the body.

銆€銆€American ginseng can drink slices of water, or take medicated diets. Here are a few common methods: 1. Soaking water method.

Take 3 grams of American ginseng tablets, brew with boiling water, soak the American ginseng tablets after odorless.

In the process of brewing, according to personal physique, you can add medlar, white bud, honey and so on.

銆€銆€2, porridge method.

30 grams of glutinous rice flour, yam powder, and glutinous powder, firstly warmed with warm water, then cooked and cooked. After the porridge is opened, add 3 grams of American ginseng tablets, which should be taken daily for breakfast.

銆€銆€3, the method of making wine.

Take 30 grams of American ginseng tablets and put them in a container, soak them in 500 grams of rice wine, and seal them for 7 days.

2 times a day, each time you drink 20 ml on an empty stomach.

銆€銆€During the summer season, many people stayed up at night, greedy, sleepless, spleen and stomach are not adjusted, leading to abdominal distension, diarrhea and many other physical discomforts. Lotus seeds can clear the heart and spleen, replenish spleen and diarrhea, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

銆€銆€After the lily is over, the autumn dryness will damage the human lungs, and the cough and phlegm will not follow. The medicinal and edible value of lily is quite high. Chinese medicine believes that it has the health-care effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and calming the nerves.It is better with lotus seeds.

銆€銆€Honey lotus lily porridge: 30 grams of lily, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of previous rice, honey amount.

Wash the lotus seeds and soak them.

Lily, the previous rice is washed separately, and added to the pot together with the lotus seeds. Add some water, first boil it with a fire, then boil it with a small fire. The porridge is sticky. Add some honey after the temperature.

銆€銆€Honey is in the summer, the weather is still dry and windy, autumn dry and unconsciously invade the human body, dry mouth, rough skin and so on.

It’s better to have a cup of honey water in the morning and evening, so that you can stay away from the autumn dryness.

Taboos and punch lines to communicate with your baby

Taboos and punch lines to communicate with your baby

“I don’t want to eat, I want to eat French fries.” My mother just prepared lunch, but Shanshan leaned down on the table, unwilling to lift her chopsticks for dinner.

My mother thought Shanshan was uncomfortable, but who knows she tooted and said that I do n’t eat, I ‘m going to eat hamburgers, fries . Mutually, “Is you annoying or am I annoying?

I ask you to eat whatever you eat, and you are not allowed to eat anything without eating, starving you.

“A lot of children do n’t have to eat if you want to eat, you really are in the blessing!

If you don’t eat, I will feed the children on the street.

“Wonderful words” You obediently eat lunch. When you have tea in the afternoon, your mother will take you to a hamburger.

“Experts show the way: It’s no surprise that children love delicious snacks, and foods such as hamburgers and fries are especially popular with children.

Even so, parents must not let them be the main food for three meals. Otherwise, it will not only affect the normal nutritional absorption of the child, but also make it easy for the child to develop a partial eclipse habit. It is also difficult to change this bad habit when it is discovered.

  These fast food snacks are delicious and simple for children, and the design atmosphere of this type of fast food restaurant also caters to children’s preferences. In addition, the toys included with the meal have a certain appeal, so we must change this idea andThe tendency for partial eclipse is difficult for a short time.

Therefore, mothers need to pay more attention when cooking, design more colorful and fragrant, and match fresh food styles. For example, children like to eat French fries, they can cook Western foods such as hamburger steak and french fries, or make a tomato.Lettuce and beef sandwiches slowly correct your child’s eating habits.

  ”Why am I alone without pocket money?

Ding Jie ‘s parents are working class, and the monthly salary is only enough to pay for that month, so there is no spare money for his son for petty purposes.

Ding Jie saw that his classmates had new sneakers and new schoolbags, and his own sneakers and schoolbags were very old. He had no money to buy a bottle of soda during the break, and he felt more inferior.

He began to hate his parents and the family.

One night at dinner, he looked at the only vegetables and scrambled eggs on the table, and suddenly burst out to his parents: “Finally, you are wrong. Why did you give birth to me and suffer?

“My parents were sad after listening.

  Prohibition “You really have no conscience. You were born to raise you, and you said these things.

“” If you have food and housing, what do you suffer?

“Well words” Now we are poor, but as long as we are optimistic, we will always overcome this obstacle.

Experts point the way: this society is most afraid of comparing each other.

Poverty is not a sin, but when children see other people’s living conditions and have better material enjoyment than themselves, they will cause a great psychological obstacle.

  To eliminate this psychological barrier, parents need to instill a sense of poverty and joy in their children, so that children understand that it is not necessarily a matter of spending money on toys or video games.

Parents can take their children to the park to take a breath of nature’s air, or to go to the beach to play with water. These activities do not need to spend too much money, and children can have topics among their partners, which will have a certain effect on their physical development.First-rate benefits.

  This is a child with a high sense of inferiority. He believes that he is suffering in this world, and vents this emotion on his parents.

In this case, the parents must first give the child an encouragement to tell him that the break is temporary. As long as the parents work hard, “they will always survive this conflict.”

Then guide the child to look at the entire family situation from the front. For example, although it is not enough clothing, some children in rural areas are good, and parents work hard to improve the family’s life, so that the child understands the parents ‘intentions, so as to achieve parentsCare and family warmth.

  ”Is making money more important than me?

In order to improve the quality of family life, Tianyou’s parents have to work part-time at night in addition to working during the day.

So Tianyou can only have dinner with grandma every night, and only with his parents on Sunday.

Although the parents would call the son several times a day to inquire about the situation, they actually ignored him.

This Sunday, Tianyou’s parents got up until the third day of the night, only to see his son sitting alone on the sofa eating cookies, remembered that his grandma had gone to the aunt’s house today, so he coaxed his son into the street to eat a hamburger.

Tianyou Mansa said with tears, “You only care about making money, have you ever treated me?

“Forbidden words” We are too busy working for you.

“If we ignore you, we don’t have to work so hard!”

“Well words” I’m sorry!

It ‘s because we did n’t take your feelings into consideration. Let ‘s talk about it . ”The expert pointed out: Although material enjoyment is important, parenthood cannot be ignored.

Exploiting the opportunity for children to get along with their father and mother because they want to make more money will definitely cost more than money.

More and more parents ignore the communication with their children because they are busy. When they stop working, they realize that they do n’t understand their children ‘s thoughts and preferences, and their children feel that their parents do n’t care about them, and their relationship becomes more and more alienated.  Therefore, too many so-called generation gap issues are only artificial. If parents and children can have good communication and care for each other, how can generation gaps occur?

The child is eager to get together with his parents, and it is not easy to wait until Sunday, but the parents are greedy to get up late, making the child even more disappointed.

  In this case, parents should reconsider whether they need to work part-time at the same time?

  Is it possible to replace one-time part-time work or both parties give up part-time work and spend more time with the child.

Even if you have to work part-time for life, you need to communicate more with your children, feel their inner world, and expand parenthood.

After divorce, four ways to remove heart disease

After divorce, four ways to remove “heart disease”

1. “Pour out bitter water.”
When you feel distressed and sorrowful in your heart, you can tell your relatives and friends that your intimate person is your best psychiatrist, and their persuasion, comfort and encouragement are your best medicine for treating heart disease.
You can also write a diary to drain the bitter water from your pen to the paper.
  2. Read a few good books.
Through reading, on the one hand, you can draw on the spiritual power, and on the other hand, you can learn from social practices.
But don’t read those unhealthy books or books full of pessimism and disappointment about society and life.
  Third, participate in more social activities.
Many divorcees have a sense of inferiority, and they think divorce is a dishonorable thing, so they often adopt an evasive attitude.
This is not desirable, because when you calm down, you always think about your mind.
Therefore, the leisure life needs to be arranged more compactly, so that the sadness in my heart is drained out little by little, and a good mood is gradually restored.
  Fourth, join the cause.
Divorcees should try their best to start their own business. Once they have their own business, naturally they will not focus on unpleasant things. When the business progresses, all the pain will be wiped out.

12 slimming teas with natural oil scraping


12 slimming teas with natural oil scraping

12 kinds of tea that can be slimmed down, for dieters, physique edema, meat lovers, hope to scrape oil and fat, constipation and other different weight loss situations, so that you can easily drink your aunt.

銆€銆€Dieters recommend drinking oolong tea because of dieting to lose weight, eat less, food residue is not enough, sometimes accumulated for a few days, very easy to dry.

Recommended oolong tea.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Oolong tea practice: simply rinse with boiling water.

銆€銆€Efficacy: help digestion, go sputum, hangover food greasy poison, cellulite.

銆€銆€There are many reasons for edema people to drink phloem tea. If it is a simple edema caused by water retention, it is recommended to replace 钖忎粊鑼?

銆€銆€Ingredients: 10 grams of fried coix seed, 5 grams of fresh lotus leaf, 5 grams of hawthorn.

銆€銆€Practice: boil in hot water, you can join.

銆€銆€Efficacy: heat, dampness, treatment of edema.

銆€銆€Stress causes constipation to drink lotus leaf tea is low, mental stress, may lead to increased sensitivity in tandem, and constipation interference.

Recommended to add lotus leaf tea.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 3 grams of lotus leaf, 6 grams of fried cassia, 3 roses.

銆€銆€Practice: brew with boiling water.

銆€銆€Efficacy: clearing the heat and dampness, curing water and edema, smooth hair.

銆€銆€Dieting constipation Drinking Cassia tea Intestinal peristalsis is slow, and people (especially obese dieters during dieting and weight loss) tend to accumulate in the body, causing constipation.

It is recommended to announce Cassia tea.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Cassia tea practice: hot water brewing.

銆€銆€Efficacy: clearing the liver and eyesight, benefiting water and laxative.

銆€銆€Inflated people drink barley malt tea body exhaustion, can also cause abdominal distension and bloating, recommended for barley malt tea.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 5 grams of fried malt, 5 points of hawthorn.

銆€銆€Practice: add sugar sugar water to brew.

銆€銆€Efficacy: appetizing and spleen, and in the middle of the gas, digestion and swelling.

銆€銆€Cellulite and lemon tea can both eliminate fat, greasy, and whiten skin.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Lemon slices.

銆€銆€Practice: squeeze out the lemon juice, mix with warm water, add the right amount of honey.

銆€銆€Efficacy: smile, help digestion, whiten skin, nourish the lungs.

銆€銆€The accumulation of food and drinking Pu’er tea in the stomach does not dissolve, not only affects the gastrointestinal function, but also a small amount, the sugar is not consumed by normal consumption and fat.

Recommended Pu’er tea.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Pu’er tea, 5 dried chrysanthemums.

銆€銆€Practice: hot water brewing.
銆€銆€Efficacy: help digestion, eliminate grease.

銆€銆€Protecting the stomach and drinking rose tea with multi-functional roses, you can brew tea and dip.

Drinking more can protect the stomach.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 5 grams of rose.

銆€銆€Practice: warm water to brew.

銆€銆€Efficacy: blood stasis, treatment of liver and stomach pain.

銆€銆€Clear fire detox chrysanthemum tea to clear fire, the most convenient drink to lose weight.

銆€銆€Ingredients: a few dried chrysanthemums.銆€銆€Practice: brew directly with hot water.

銆€銆€Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxification, quenching thirst, lowering blood pressure.

銆€銆€Greasy drink Chenchao tea If you accidentally eat too much greasy, it doesn’t matter, soak a pot of tangerine peel tea and go to greasy.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 4 grams of dried tangerine peel.

銆€銆€Practice: boiling water.

銆€銆€Efficacy: qi and qi, sore liver and spleen, lead stagnation and elimination.

銆€銆€Carnivores drink hawthorn tea Hawthorn tea is more suitable for obesity that likes to eat meat.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn.

銆€銆€Practice: decoction with water.

銆€銆€Efficacy: It can eliminate oil, help to excrete waste in the body, and dissipate silt.

銆€銆€Diuretic lipid-lowering root tea is definitely a good weight loss drink.

Cook a cup after a meal, not only to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of chives, 10 grams of corn, 10 grams of tea roots, sugar content.

銆€銆€Practice: The above flavors are ground into coarse powder, and the soup is fried.

銆€銆€Efficacy: diuretic lipid-lowering, allowing excessive and high blood pressure.

Drink more tea to relieve stress


Drink more tea to relieve stress

Many people love to drink tea, because the tea contains caffeine, which can refresh the mind. Second, the tea contains a variety of natural antioxidants, which is good for health.

However, the inevitability of drinking tea is not limited to these.

銆€銆€Maybe a lot of people start with a cup of tea a day.

Drinking tea is refreshing, and a recent study by the University College of London showed that drinking tea also helps to relax tension, especially for men.

銆€銆€University College researcher Andrew Stepto: Tea contains very complex chemical components. There are no fewer than hundreds of these chemical components, and they are very active.

銆€銆€The researchers added 75 men who regularly drank tea to the tandem for a six-week trial.

In the experiment, the researchers allowed one group to have pure black tea with no other ingredients such as milk, mint, and the other group, and the other group was injected with the same “pure” as the pure black tea.

銆€銆€During the trial, the researchers applied psychological stress to 75 testers and then monitored the amount of leather alcohol in their body that was considered a 鈥減ressure hormone鈥?. It was found that those who 鈥渄rink black tea鈥?had cortisol in the body.The content dropped by an average of 47% in 50 minutes after the onset of stress, while the number of people who took the 鈥減lacebo鈥?dropped by only 27%.

銆€銆€”In the study, we can’t say whether the effect of stress reduction is caused by a specific component or the result of the interaction of all components.
鈥?The researchers say that the incidence of cardiovascular disease is increasing worldwide, and to some extent, stress is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, they hope to provide a convenient way to prevent cardiovascular disease by studying the relationship between drinking tea and stress.

銆€銆€Although some people have questioned whether there is a potential health threat to drinking too much tea, the researchers said that in general, drinking tea benefits outweigh the disadvantages, so when you are free, drink a cup of tea.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 卦 Xiangyi series -27.

Mountain thunder

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?Xiangyi series -27.

Mountain thunder

The series will be divided into sixty-four articles, which will be continuously updated and welcome attention.

Historical content: 1.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?Xiangyi series – directory 2.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?iconic series – catalogue 23.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?鍗?鎰?- – 鐩綍 鐩綍 鐩綍 鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?

Note: Train righteousness.

“The Preface to the Biography”: “Yang also.”

Note: Parenting.

“Biography” said: “Hey, ‘璐炲悏.”

It’s also true.

鈥榁iewing 棰?, watching it’s being raised.

“From the point of seeking food,” and watching their own self-support.

Heaven and earth raise everything, saints raise their sages and the people, when they are, they are big.

“Note: Hey, keep it right.

Look at ‘棰? and observe what it raises.

Obtaining the food in your mouth is a way to observe your own life.

Heaven and earth raise all things, the saints raise the virtues and the people of the world.

The meaning of 棰?is too big.

“Xiang Chuan” said: “In the words of caution, diet.
“Note: Be careful with your words and control your diet.

Solution: 棰?(y铆), the word five elements belong to the soil.

Rest and maintenance.

Someone has the meaning of cheeks.

Commonly used idioms: large chunks of cockroaches (big mouth to drink.

), support the day of life (maintenance life).

I am asking for food, finding food for myself, solving my own food needs, relying on myself, not suffering from others, having nothing, no foreign aid, justification, self-esteem, self-feeling, self-confidence, self-nurturing, stuttering, back and forth, “Changchun” (region and orientation), the captain does not move, the mouth is empty, empty words, establish a correct concept of health, health, cultivate a correct morality, observe the situation of others to eat, you can know the way of healthInnocent people are not gluttony (not gluttony), greedy insatiable people must be greedy (gluttony mouth), overcome greedy mouth, greedy, according to the time to health, according to needs to train timely talents, pay attention to words (carelessIf you are in a disaster, you should be cautious in speaking, temperate your diet (inappropriate and easy to get sick), and diet should be controlled.

Since 鈥滈鈥濆崷 is 鈥渙ff-class鈥濆崷 (there is a need to expand here, why the upper and lower earthquakes will have a meaning of separation.

We need to think about abstraction, and the other is the haze of Yangshuo.

Therefore, the simplification or seeing it as a whole is in the middle of the virtual), so it has “mouth, sputum, scorpion, auxiliary, pear, food, raising, livestock, surrounding, containing, capacity, container, package, sleepy, area, concept, etc.

The color is yellowish green with brown dots, and the “up, outside, front, left” orientation is brown, and the “lower, inner, rear, and right” orientations are green.

The northeast to the east, the northeast to the east, the left rear biased orientation, the left lower left orientation, the left rear or the lower left and the like.

I also feel that I feel good about myself, I am strong, I rely on myself, I don’t want to rely on others to fight independently, I am willful, stubborn, personal struggle, self-employed and so on.

For the human body, it is stomach pain, drought, abdominal space, want to eat (food), the body is virtual (due to the spleen and stomach deficiency caused by liver wood “ke stomach” soil) and other states.