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[Effect of Quanjian Yinhe Tablets]_Benefits_Advantages

[Effect of Quanjian Yinhe Tablets]_Benefits_Advantages

Quanjian Yinhe Tablets is a health product, usually eat a little properly, it has a good effect of removing blood garbage, it also has a certain effect in reducing blood lipids, it has a certain effect in preventing cardiovascular diseases, for example, usuallyWhen you have chest tightness and insufficient blood supply to the brain, you can eat it appropriately. Of course, you must understand that it belongs to a health product, not a drug. If you have a disease, you need distance treatment.

Quanjian Yinhe Tablet Efficacy 1: Clear blood poison, clear blood lipid, clear triglyceride 2: chest tightness, shortness of breath 3: insufficient brain support, dizziness, tinnitus 4: cold hands and feet 5: coronary heart pain, angina 6: heart attack 7:Purify the whole body blood, the traditional Chinese medicine secret product, without complications.

Prevention is greater than treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Prevention includes primary prevention and secondary prevention. Primary prevention refers to prevention before onset, that is, no disease prevention occurs. Secondary prevention is to reduce the risk of recurrence and eliminate disability.That is to prevent recurrence after illness.

1. To prevent embolization of blood vessels, especially coronary arteries, it is easy to contract and rupture when cold in winter, resulting in insufficient blood supply, and may cause embolism. Pay great attention to keeping warm.

For high-risk patients, effective antithrombotic therapy can be taken for a long time under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Patients should pay attention to morning exercise. During sleep, the human nervous system is in a state of inhibition and lack of vitality. When suddenly rising in the morning, a sudden large-scale exercise, sudden increase in nerve excitability, can easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and should be noted in winter.

3. Changing bad lifestyle Bad lifestyle is an important factor leading to the occurrence and development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which directly affects the rehabilitation and prognosis of the disease.

Control diet, adjust diet structure, adhere to exercise, step by step, do what you can, and persevere; quit smoking and drink less, combine work and rest; reduce sodium salt substitution, control daily salt within 5g; increase potassium absorption, daily potassium salt ≥4.

7 grams.

4. Eating more foods of arginine or supplementing arginine can help regulate blood vessel tension, inhibit platelet aggregation, and reduce blood vessel damage.

Types of food include sea cucumber, loach, catfish and sesame, yam, ginkgo, tofu skin, sunflower seeds and so on.

5. Controlling blood pressure and lipids is key

[How to make glutinous rice balls simple and delicious]

姹ゅ渾鏄垜鍥界殑浼犵粺灏忓悆锛屽叾鍛抽亾棣欑敎鍙彛锛岄€犲瀷鍦嗘鼎锛屽瘬鎰忕潃鍥㈠洟鍦嗗渾鐨勫康澶淬€傝€屼笖姹ゅ渾鏄敱绯背鍒朵綔鑰屾垚鐨勶紝鎵€浠ュ悆涓婂嚑棰楀氨鍙互浜х敓寰堝己鐨勯ケ鑵规劅锛屽洜鑰屽嵆渚挎槸鍦ㄥ噺鑲ョ殑浜轰篃鏄€傚悎鍚冩堡鍦嗙殑銆備絾鏄堡鍦嗗鏋滃仛娉曚笉濂斤紝寰堝鏄撳彉寰楀緢鑵汇€傞偅涔堟堡鍦嗙┒绔熻鎬庝箞鍋氭墠绠€渚垮張濂藉悆鍛紵椋熸潗椋熻氨鐑噺锛?2.6(澶у崱)涓绘枡閫熷喕姹ゅ渾鏂规硶/姝ラ1閮界煡閬撻€熷喕姹ゅ渾鏀惧埌姘撮噷鐓紝浣嗘槸姝ラ鍙笉鏄畝鍗曠殑鍝︼紝鍒板簳鎬庝箞鐓紝杩樻湁浠€涔堟椂闂存斁鍒伴攨閲岋紝鏀惧灏戞按锛屾斁鍒版按閲What’s wrong? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?鍏堟妸浠庤秴甯備拱鍥炴潵鐨勬堡鍦嗘嬁鍑烘潵锛岄€熷喕姹ゅ渾浠庤秴甯備拱鍥炴潵锛屽缓璁斁鍒板啺绠辩殑鍐荤粨灞傦紝鍥犱负浣犲湪瓒呭競閲岋紝瓒呭競涔熸槸鏀惧埌澶у啺鏌滈噷鐨勩€傚ソ浜嗭紝棣栧厛鎷垮嚭鏉ワ紝鍦ㄦ甯告俯搴︾殑鐜涓嬫斁鐫€涓€娈垫椂闂淬€?鐒跺悗鎵撳紑鐕冩皵鐏讹紝閿呴噷鍔犲叆姘达紝寮€濮嬬儳姘淬€傛按鐨勯噺鐨勫ぇ灏忓簲璇ュ灏戝悎閫傦紝杩欎釜闂瑕佹牴鎹綘鐓灏戞堡鍦嗗拰浣犻攨鐨勫ぇ灏忚寰楋紝閬靛惊涓€涓鍒欙紝瑕佹妸涓€浼氬効鏀惧叆鐨勬堡鍦嗗叏閮芥病鍏ユ按涓€?姘寸儳鍒版哺鑵剧殑鏃跺€欙紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欏皬蹇冨湴鎶婃堡鍦嗘斁鍏ユ按涓幓锛屾斁鐨勬椂鍊欎竴瀹氳鍔犲€嶅皬蹇冿紝闃叉婧呰捣鐨勫紑姘寸伡浼ゅ埌鑷繁銆傛斁涓嬪幓锛岀户缁儳銆?澶ф1-2鍒嗛挓锛屾按鍐嶄竴娆$殑娌歌吘鐨勬椂鍊欙紝姹ゅ渾灏变細娴捣鏉ワ紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欏姞涓€娆″喎姘达紝鍐嶇户缁儳姘达紝绛夊埌绗簩娆℃堡鍦嗘诞璧锋潵鐨勬椂鍊欙紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欐堡鍦嗗氨鍙互浜嗐€?鍑洪攨鐨勬椂鍊欙紝濡傛灉鏄敎鐨勶紝鍙互鍦ㄦ堡姘撮噷鍔犲叆涓€浜涚櫧绯栵紝杩欐牱鍜岀敎棣呯粨鍚堣捣鏉ユ洿濂藉悆锛屽鏋滄槸鑲夌殑鍜哥殑棣呮枡锛屽彲浠ュ紕浜涢叡娌圭瓑杈呮枡鍔犲叆姹ゆ按閲屻€傛敞鎰忎簨椤瑰嚭閿呯殑鏃跺€欑敤鍕哄瓙鎱㈡參鐩涘嚭鏉ワ紝瑕佷竴娆℃€ч兘鐩涘嚭鏉ワ紝鍥犱负鏃堕棿闀夸簡锛屼細绮Pour

[How to save fresh peas]_How to store_Retention method

[How to save fresh peas]_How to store_Retention method

Pea is this kind of legumes, but it is a kind of long strip food. We can use it to stir-fry. Its nutritional value is relatively high, and it is also delicious. The method is very simple.Different methods have different tastes, and sometimes we ca n’t eat them. In fact, these peas can be preserved, but there are some methods to save them. Many people do n’t know the specific preservation method, so fresh.How to save peas?

There are generally two cases to save it. One is a pea with a scoop. This is best not to be wrapped outside. The simple thing is to remove the entire class from the pea tree.

As long as it is packed in plastic bags!

The other is shelled peas peeled from the scoop. This kind (slightly) is packaged in a container, wrapped in plastic wrap, and stored in the refrigerator.

Some families use low-temperature preservation of vegetables, such as buying more in the peak season of edamame, pea, and broad bean, peeling the shell and wrapping it in a plastic bag, and placing it in the freezer, which is economical and affordable.

I don’t know if this practice helps a lot of nutrients in these beans.

Edamame beans, peas, broad beans, etc. are still alive when they are just picked. Some oxidases are still active. Proteins such as beans are transformed, and nutrients such as vitamins are broken down.

Under freezing conditions, the activity of these enzymes is only lower than normal temperature, and the rate of nutrient decomposition is slower, but it will not stop. The longer the time, the more losses.

At the same time, beans stored in this way will not only have a lot of nutritional damage, but also have a poor taste and will lose their previous taste.

The correct method is: boil the water, put some salt, pour the peeled edamame, peas, broad beans, and quickly pick it up after about 1 minute.

Rinse immediately with tap water.

Drain the water, wrap it in plastic wrap, and place it in the freezer.

The purpose of adding a small amount of salt is not salting, but just to prevent the loss of soluble nutrients. The purpose of heating is to destroy the oxidase in the beans. The beans treated in this way are placed in the freezer for half a year, and their nutrients and color, aroma and taste are basically the same asNewly peeled.

[Authentic Taiwan Braised Meat Rice Practice_Taiwan ‘s Authentic Braised Meat Rice Practice]

The version is very good. It ‘s very easy to catch it. It ‘s a good idea to capture it. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a simple version. It ‘s a simple version. It ‘s a simple version.炲彧瑕佹垜浠煡閬擄紝鍒朵綔杩欎簺鍗よ倝楗墍闇€瑕佺殑涓绘枡璋冩枡浠ュ強涓€浜涜緟鍔╂潗鏂欙紝鎸夌収鍩烘湰鐨勬楠わ紝鑷繁涔熸槸鍙互瀹屾垚鐨勶紝閭d箞涓嬮潰鎴戜滑灏辨潵鍏蜂綋璁よ瘑涓€涓嬶紝姝e畻鍙版咕鍗よ倝楗殑鍋氭硶鏄€庝箞鏍风殑锛熶竴銆佹潗鏂?涓绘枡:澶х背銆佷簲鑺辫倝杈呮枡:濮溿€佽櫨绫炽€佹磱钁便€侀鑿?Qian?銆佸叓瑙掋€佹鐨€侀鍙惰皟鏂?  BU (Yong?銆佹枡閰掋€侀叡娌广€佽儭妞掔矇銆佽姳妞掔矇銆佸啺绯?銆侀€夋嫨鍥涘眰瑙佹柟鐨勫甫鐨簲鑺辫倝锛屽氨鏄竴灞傜槮鑲変竴灞傝偉鑲夌殑閭g锛屾渶濂芥槸澶у潡鍎跨殑锛屾垜閫変簡榛戠尓鑲?2 銆 佸 絜 浜 懇 姳 始 夋 暣 鍧 楣 楣 楣 勏 叏 撏 咏 噳 姘 村 ぇ 鐏  姞 鐑  纴 镸 镦 Feeding 钖 庝 缸 鎸?銆?鍒嗛挓锛屽嚭鍑€琛€娌紝鎹炲嚭鍐叉礂骞插噣;3銆佸皢浜旇姳鑲夊厛鎵规垚钖勭墖锛屽啀鍒囨垚灏忚倝涓濓雴 擶 囩 敤; 4 銆 ? 璱 钁 菉 尔 卒 囧 幓 ゅ ご 銆 为 哲 尲 咲 凡 囨 囨 囨 囚 囖 囚 囖 囸 囖 咖纰楋紝鍔犲叆灏戣骞叉穩绮夋媽鍖€锛屽苟鎷嗗紑娲嬭懕鍦堬紝鍏ラ攨鍓嶆姈鍘诲浣欑殑娣€绮?6 銆 人 嘹 嘌 呬 腑 鍏 ュ 噳 娌?Do you have a lot of rules and regulations? What are the rules? What are the rules and regulations?The data is available at a temperature of ℃. It is recommended to use it to scan the chains of the chains.Insects and worms are stolen and stolen, and they have been investigated; 8 銆 乹 咬 鍑 璱 璱 discriminates and broadcasts and supplements 雞 鈴 度 麴 嬫 垚 宀 幹 湛 Are you there?銆佺粛閰掋€佺敓鎶姐€佽€佹娊鍜屽啺绯栫О閲忓ソ锛屽鐢?10銆佸銆佽挏鍒囨湯锛屾捣绫虫场鍙戝悗娲楀噣鍒囨湯;棣欒弴娉″彂鍚庡垏缁嗕笣;鍏銆佹鐨€侀鍙躲€佷簲棣欑矇銆佽儭妞掔矇绉伴噺澶囩敤銆?1 銆 侀 撨 閨  撴 湴 軟 鹨 鍾 鹾 鹾 鹨 擨 推推: 駏 姏 ュ 璯 璯 璁 掤  鐢 ㄦ 莽 璬 璏 餤 湜 湣 湤 湣 棣 湣 湤 湣12銆佸姞鍏ュ垏濂界殑鑲変笣锛岃浆涓ぇ鐏紝涓嶅仠鐓哥倰鑷宠倝涓濆悙娌广€佽〃闈㈠井榛?13 銆 佺 児 鍏 ョ 粛 閰?掴 栨 採 閰?锛岀炕鐐掑潎鍖€;14銆佸姞鍏ュ叓瑙掋€佹鐨€侀鍙跺拰浜旈绮夈€佽儭妞掔矇锛岀炕鐐掑潎鍖€;15銆 丸 姞 ラ ラ 娌?鎴栫敓鎶芥惌閰嶈€佹娊)锛岀炕鐐掕嚦鍧囧寑涓婅壊;16銆佸姞鍏ユ补钁遍叆;17銆佸姞鍏ラ鑿囦笣锛岀炕鐐掑潎鍖€;18銆佸姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐑按锛屾病杩囪倝涓濈害2銆?cm锛屽ぇ鐏儳寮€;19銆佸皢鎵€鏈夋潗鏂欒浆鍏ョ爞閿?What is the threshold?锛屽啀娆″ぇ鐏儳寮€鍚庤浆灏忕伀锛屾參鐐?灏忔椂宸﹀彸;(杩欐湡闂村彲浠ョ叜鍑犱釜楦¤泲锛屽埆鐓啛锛屽ぇ鐏儳寮€姘翠箣鍚庢斁鍏ラ浮铔嬶紝鍏崇伀鐩栫洊鐒?5 嗒 嗛 咓 屽 哇 哑 咿 咋 夋 哋 尋 員 員 氹 氹?20 銆 丸 嵵 姺 倴 卒?I ‘m so stunned: I ‘m going to be a lover, I ‘m going to play a role, I ‘m going to join you?銆 人 倴; 21 銆 人 Tweezers for the most effective and effective forging effectHonghong Si Silicon Gangluan?2銆佹壘鎵惧閲屾湁浠€涔堣敩鑿滐紝鎶界┖鍎跨儷鐔燂紝鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐧介唻銆佺櫧绯栧拰灏戣鐩愶紝璋冨埌閰哥敎閫傚彛锛屾惌閰嶅崵鑲夐キ涓€璧烽鐢紝鑽ょ礌鎼厤銆佹竻鍑夎В鑵汇€備簩銆佸皬璐村+1銆佸崵鑲夋眮瑕佺倴鍒伴粡榛忕硦绯娿€佹湁鐐瑰効鑳惰川鐨勬牱瀛愭墠濂藉悆锛屽洜姝ゅ繀椤荤敤甯︾毊鐨勪簲鑺?2銆侀櫎浜嗘补钁遍叆锛岄鑿囧拰娴风背涔熷睘浜庤皟鍛虫枡锛屼笉鑳藉鏀撅紝鏈夌偣鍎垮氨琛屻€佹湁鐐瑰効灏卞嚭椴滃懗鍎?This is the best way to make sure that you have a good time: Appropriately: hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen

Yili Co. (600887) Annual Report Commentary Report: Earnings and Profits Exceed Expectations, Top Five, 100 Billion Just Awaiting

Yili Co. (600887) Annual Report Commentary Report: Earnings and Profits Exceed Expectations, Top Five, 100 Billion Just Awaiting

Both revenue and profit exceeded expectations, and long-term bullishness maintains a “recommended” rating: the company achieved revenue of 789 in 2018.

800 million / + 16.

92%, achieving net profit of 64.

400 million / + 7.

31%, sales revenue of key products increased by 34 each year.

3%, new product sales accounted for 14.

8%, an increase of 5 per year.

6pct; Q4 total operating income 182.

2.6 billion / + 16.

93%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

9.2 billion / + 30.

87%, we are optimistic about the company’s brand power, continued to increase its share and gradually expand its international business. The profit forecast is 65% in 2018/2019.


0ppm is adjusted to 67/2019 net profit.


6ppm, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 24X / 21X, maintaining the “recommended” level.

The gross profit margin rebounded month-on-month, and the sales expense ratio returned to the normal range: the cost of packaging materials fell, and the volume of high-margin products before the holiday increased. The gross profit margin in 2018 was 37.

82% / + 0.

54pct, gross profit margin increased by 2 in the fourth quarter.

54pct; the confirmation of online branding expenses for the Winter Olympics sponsorship expenses has returned to the normal rhythm, Q4 buying efforts and the replacement of the previous quarters, and the sales expense ratio in 2018 was 24.

9% in the fourth quarter were 24 expenses.

36% / + 0.

55 points.

The channel is intensively cultivated, and the market penetration ability continues to increase: the company has channel advantages of “going north-south, radiating east-west” through channel sinking and depth expansion, and has directly controlled nearly 60 village-level outlets in 2018.

80,000, increase by 14 every year.

7pct, the channel penetration ability of the product in the domestic market continues to increase, driving the city’s share to rise steadily.

The market penetration of normal temperature liquid dairy products is 82.

3% / + 2.


The market share of retail sales of normal temperature and low temperature liquid milk business was 36.

8%, 16.

6%, increase by 2 respectively.

3pct, 0.

5pct; the retail market share of infant formula is 5.

8%, increase by 0 北京夜网 every year.

6 points.

Entered into large health industries such as plant protein drinks and functional beverages, and a global food giant has taken shape: In addition to continuing to cultivate in the areas of room temperature yogurt, high-end white milk, and dairy products, the company also entered the Indonesian market with “Joy Day” ice cream, and acquired THE CHOMTHANA in Thailand. COMPANY LIMITED continued to enter the large health industries such as plant protein drinks and functional drinks, and accelerated the strategic layout of the health food business.

Compared with Nestlé and Danone’s development path, in the process of integrating global resources and serving the global market, the prototype of global food giants has basically appeared. Risk warning: raw material prices fluctuate, and channel expansion is less than expected

Taoli Bread (603866): Ten-year Sword Short-term Guarantee Champion

Taoli Bread (603866): Ten-year Sword Short-term Guarantee Champion

The industry has large space but low concentration. The company has a mature expansion model and high barriers. It is expected to steadily expand and grow into an absolute leader in the industry.

Dali’s cooperation in the short-term insurance market is greater than competition, and it is optimistic about the company’s long-term growth and profitability.

  Investment highlights: Investment advice: The 都市夜网 first coverage is given to EPS 1 in 2019-21.


50, 1.

92 yuan forecast, with reference to comparable companies to give 47 times PE in 2019, target price of 55 yuan, increase the level.

The split faucet has expanded steadily, and has long-term incentives to land.

The bread industry’s main business is stable in profitability, has a regional expansion with high cost performance and a stable population.

The expansion model is mature, and the market is first cultivated and then set up factories. Since 2011, it has continued to occupy fast-growing markets such as East China, South China, and North China. The central factory + wholesale model has continued to be verified.

Although the company is family-controlled, it has formed a stable and continuous employee stock ownership plan, which has solved the long-term incentive problem for many years.

Based on the Northeast and look forward to the whole country.

The Northeast market is the early stage of the company’s operation. The market cultivates the most mature sales areas and contributes 50% of its revenue and profits.

North China, East China, Southwest, and Northwest also expanded earlier, with only a certain scale and relatively mature urban markets, and then gradually penetrated into surrounding cities.

South China and Central China started late, but have a dense population and lasting potential.

In general, the bread market is close to 40 billion yuan, with a prosperous economy and a low degree of concentration. The company is expected to rely on economies of scale and rapid market expansion to accelerate industry concentration and become an absolute leader in the industry.

Sharpen a sword in ten years, profit still has room for improvement.

Central factory + short-term guarantee With more superior supply chain management capabilities and market insights, it has long cultivated the patience of the market to provide prices and cost-effective products. It is more difficult to operate, but the barriers are also deeper.

The non-zero-sum game between Dali and Taoli, the cooperation between the two is greater than the competition. The cooperation effect of the richness of products, consumer education, and industrial ecology will be more obvious. Concentration will definitely accelerate the growth of the industry.Long-term bullish on corporate growth and profitability.

Core risks: early diversification of risk due to resource input, intensified risks in short-term competition

New Natural Gas (603393) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asian and American Energy’s Bright Performance Growth Can Be Expected

New Natural Gas (603393) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asian and American Energy’s Bright Performance Growth Can Be Expected

Revenue in 2018 increased by 60.

58%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 26.

88% of the company’s 2018 revenue is +60.

58% to 16.

3.2 billion, net profit attributable to mother +26.

88% to 3.

3.5 billion, deducted non-net profit -11.

74% to 2.

100,000 yuan.

Non-recurring gains and losses are mainly the recognition of goodwill in the acquisition of Asian American Energy2.

100,000 yuan and acquisition costs affect 89.11 million yuan.

18Q4 Asia-American Energy consolidated the table for the entire season. In the quarter, the company deducted non-net profit of 93.99 million yuan, exceeding 15.07 million yuan in 18Q3.

The company plans to pay a dividend of 10 yuan for every 10 shares and to increase 4 shares.

The company guides 2019 revenue of 2.5 billion and net profit5.


Merger and acquisition of Asian American Energy Contribution Performance Incremental Company At the end of August 2018, the company completed a tender offer to acquire Hong Kong stock coalbed methane leader Asian American Energy 50.

5% equity and consolidated temporary contribution revenue4.

6.1 billion, gross profit 3.

31 trillion, accounting for 47 of the company’s initial gross profit.


Asian American Energy’s highest net profit + 125% to 4.

1.3 billion.

Asian American Energy has two coalbed methane blocks in Shanxi, Panzhuang (capacity of 500 million cubic meters, reaching production), and Ma Bi (capacity of 1 billion cubic meters, which was approved by the Development and Reform Commission in October 18), respectively with China United Coal and PetroChinaCooperative unions.

In 2018, Panzhuang / Mabis will produce 7.


9.7 billion cubic meters, a growth rate of 23% / 67%; gas prices 1.


39 yuan / m3, gas price increased by 27% / 67%; the total output reached 8.

2 billion cubic meters, with sales of 7.

8.1 billion cubic meters.

In 2019, the company guides coalbed methane production + 10% to 8.

8.1 billion cubic meters.

Xinjiang City has grown steadily and its gross profit margin has been properly controlled. The national gas consumption in 2018 is +18.

From 1% to 280.3 billion cubic meters, the company’s gas sales volume in Xinjiang’s eight urban gas-fired projects +17.

8% to 6.

500 million cubic meters, gas sales income +19.

59% to 9.

63 ppm, gross margin -1.41 pct to 26.

54%, reflecting the rise in purchase and sales prices, and the gross margin slightly decreased.

Number of connected households -26.

21% to 31085 households, but revenue -0.

50% to 2.

08 ppm, gross margin +5.

81 pct to 55.

65%, reflecting the increase in connection fees.

The company’s guideline for gas sales in 2019 is + 7% to 6.

9.8 billion yuan, new development1.

740,000 users.

M & A expenses are relatively high, which lowers the 18-year consolidated performance company’s cash M & A consideration of 26.

52 ppm, budget 2018 budget +24 ppm to 27.

5.9 billion yuan, financial expenses +1.

09 million yuan, management costs +2.

US $ 21 million. At the same time, M & A expenses are comparable to the gross profit contributed by Yamei Energy in the current period, and Yamei Energy replaced the minority shareholders’ equity in 2018 and lowered its non-deduction performance in 2018.

Investment suggestion:上海夜网论坛 optimistic about the energy efficiency of M & A, and give “Buy” rating for the first time.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent will be 4-20.



50 ppm, corresponding to a dynamic PE of 13.

6x / 10.

9x / 8.

7 times, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

A reasonable estimate of 50.


28 yuan.

Risk warning: Asian and American energy gas volume does not meet expectations, gas prices fluctuate, and financial costs are high

Sleeping at 10:30 is healthy for you

Sleeping at 10:30 is healthy for you

Good sleep can bring a healthy body, but nowadays, due to high work pressure and fast pace of life, many people’s sleep quality is not good, especially many people have become a late-night family.What time of sleep is very particular about the quality of sleep.

  As the saying goes, “Early to bed and early to get up are healthy”, this has some scientific reason.

  When people are sleeping, their consciousness is relatively clear, and the voluntary movement of muscles stops, thereby helping everyone to restore physical strength and consolidate memory. It is second only to breathing and heartbeat. It is irreplaceable to maintain health.

With good sleep, you can stay awake and alive the next day.

  The production of sleep is mainly induced by the hormone secreted by the brain, melatonin. Its secretion is very regular. During the day, the concentration of blood is extremely low, and it rises significantly at night, at 2-3 amReached the highest peak.

With the gradual reduction of melatonin secretion, sleep gradually becomes lighter, until naturally waking up in the morning.

  It is recommended that you prepare to sleep before 10:30. Normal sleep consists of deep sleep and light sleep, which alternate. Only deep sleep is effective sleep. It plays an important role in eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.Here, only about 15%.

  It is easy for people to get deep sleep between 0 and 4 o’clock at night. Normal adults usually enter the first deep sleep after 60 minutes of falling asleep.

Therefore, we recommend that adults without sleep disorders start preparations for bedtime before 10:30 in the evening, such as washing, relaxing, going to bed, ensuring that they fall asleep before 11:00, and go to deep sleep smoothly after 1 hour to ensure goodSleep quality.

  Insomnia therapy: In addition to paying attention to the time when you start to sleep, the correct way to sleep also includes the following points, which is the “insomnia behavior therapy” that has been promoted abroad, which is easy to implement and suitable for the treatment of various types of insomnia.


Moderate physical exercise during the day can help deepen sleep; 2.

Do not perform non-sleep activities in bed, such as watching TV, work, thinking, reading, etc. These bad habits can cause excitement before going to bed, disrupt the normal rhythm of sleep, and lead to insomnia.


If you do not fall asleep after 20 minutes, you should leave the bedroom, find a comfortable place to sit or lean on, leave the book, TV, computer, and stay quiet for 20 minutes.

You can sit or meditate and return to bed when you feel sleepy.

If it doesn’t work all at once, repeat it.


If you fall asleep at least a few times a day, you should get up regularly in the early morning. Even on weekends and holidays, you should stick to a fixed bedtime and wake-up time to maintain normal sleep-wake rhythm and improve sleep efficiency.

Kidney supplement needs to distinguish between yin deficiency and yang deficiency

Kidney supplement needs to distinguish between yin deficiency and yang deficiency

Core tip: China has always had the tradition of tonic in winter and kidney in winter.

However, many people are blind to the kidney. They only know that certain tonics are for the kidney, but they can’t recognize their own qualities. The tonics are not symptomatic and actually damage the body.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter is indeed the best time to nourish the kidneys. In order not to miss this good season, distinguish whether you are yang or yin before you kidney.

  Supplementing the kidney needs to distinguish between different viscera of yin deficiency and yang deficiency. Tonic effect can be achieved in different seasons. The four seasons of health are spring nourishing liver, summer nourishing heart, autumn nourishing lung, and winter nourishing kidney.

As long as the kidneys are replenished in the winter, and the essence of the kidneys is hidden, the health of the next year can be guaranteed.

  According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the main physiological function of the kidney is to hide essence gas, main water, and main energy, which play an important role in the growth and development and reproduction of the human body.

Kidney essence can develop normally, with ears and eyes, clear head, quick thinking, black hair, and strong sexual function.

  Kidney deficiency refers to deficiency of kidney essence, qi, yin and yang.

The “kidney” in the concept of “kidney deficiency” mentioned in traditional medicine is a very extensive physiological function, which is directly and indirectly related to human reproduction, growth and development, digestion, and endocrine metabolism.

  ”Kidney deficiency” is a broad concept that includes diseases related to the urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine and metabolic system, neuropsychiatric system, and digestive, blood, and respiratory systems.

  There are many symptoms of kidney deficiency, mainly as follows: Kidney yin deficiency is manifested in brain power: memory loss, loss.

Unfocused, insufficient energy, reduced work efficiency.

  Kidney Yang Deficiency manifests in growth and development as: children with stunted growth, short stature, delayed cardia closure, mental retardation, soft bones, and sluggish movements.

  Kidney yin deficiency is manifested in water and fluid metabolism: edema, frequent urination, and enuresis.

  Kidney Yang Deficiency manifests itself in sexual function: decreased sexual function.

Men have reduced sexual interest, decreased sexual desire, impotence or impotence, nocturnal emission, spermatozoa, premature ejaculation, microscopy showed reduced sperm or reduced sperm motility, and infertility.

Women’s uterine dysplasia, such as immature uterus, premature ovarian amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, hyposexuality, infertility, etc.

  In addition, clinically common waist and knee weakness or pain, tinnitus and deafness, loose teeth, hair replacement, etc. are often related to kidney deficiency.

  Symptomatic meals Qiao Bushen tonic can achieve significant results.

Kidney Yang Deficiency can be served with mutton porridge, deer kidney porridge, leek porridge, etc .; Kidney Yin Deficiency should be served with nourishing kidney essence such as sea cucumber porridge, rehmannia porridge and wolfberry porridge.

Here are a few ways to cook kidney and health porridge.

  Cordyceps sinensis old duck pot indications: taken by patients with various types of kidney deficiency.

  Production: Choose an old duck, 5 grams of Cordyceps.

Wash and remove the old duck, remove the miscellaneous belly, put Cordyceps sinensis in the belly of the duck, introduce it with needle and thread, add water to the duck body, add ginger, spring onion and boil, add seasoning.

When taking it, drink soup and eat duck meat twice a day. After serving on fractional days, chew Cordyceps sinensis to fill the kidney.

  Astragalus porridge indication: Qi deficiency is suitable for production: take 50 grams of raw astragalus, 50 grams of previous rice.

First fry the raw astragalus for 40 minutes, and take the juice for later use.

Earlier, add rice to boil porridge until cooked, add astragalus juice, cook, warm twice a day.

  Sheep spinal soup indications: kidney weakness, weakness, weakness.

  Production: Wash and cook lamb spine for two hours, add onion ginger as soup.

You can mince the lamb spine, add Chinese medicine Cistanche 30 grams, dodder 1-3 grams (wrapped in a cloth) and fry with water. After 2 to 3 hours, take the juice and add rice to cook porridge, and add spices to eat.

  Turtle Bushen Decoction Indications: Lumbar and knee weakness caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, nocturnal emission, dizziness.

  Production: 1 soft-shelled turtle, remove viscera and add 30 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of cooked ground, 30 grams of yam, and add condiments after cooking.

This prescription has a good effect on kidney yin deficiency syndromes.

Summer Toddler Catering ABC

Summer Toddler Catering ABC

Group A staple food: silver rolls, mung bean porridge.

Vegetables: Three-color chicken rice.

  Features: Silver silk rolls are sweet and soft, mung bean porridge clears heat and detoxifies, three-color chicken beige, fragrant and full of flavor.

  Raw materials for silver silk rolls: 500 grams of rich and strong powder, 50 grams of sugar, 50 ml of sesame oil, and an appropriate amount of baking powder.

  Production: 1.
Add baking powder to 350 grams of flour.

  2.Knead the remaining 150 grams of flour, add sugar to simmer, and dip in sesame oil.

Roll the noodles into skins, wrap them in filaments to make silver rolls, and steam them.

  Mung bean porridge ingredients: 100 grams of mung beans, 75 grams of rice.

(Making slightly) Three-color chicken rice ingredients: 300 grams of chicken meat, l, l, 1 celery, 6 scallions, ginger, 6 grams each, refined salt, vegetable oil amount.

  Production: 1.
Wash the chicken, carrots and celery and cut into rice grains for later use.

  2.Chicken is oiled after sizing.

  3.After the oil is hot, use the spring onion and ginger to shabu, then add the chicken, carrots, and celery into the pan at the same time. After cooking, add the salt.

  Group B staple food: bergamot bag, peanut polenta.

Vegetables: Prawn Balls in Tomato Sauce.

  Features: The bergamot bag has a novel shape, which is easy to cause children’s appetite.

Corn contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which is convenient for children to digest.

Shrimp balls are delicious and nutritious.

  Bergamot ingredients: 5O0 grams of rich and strong powder, 25O grams of bean paste filling.

  Production: 1.
Add baking powder to rich and strong flour, wait for the noodles to start, slightly simmer.

  2.Roll the noodles into skins and wrap them in red bean paste to make an oval bag.

Then the oval bag is compressed and compressed, and 5 petals are cut out with a knife, and 3 of them are rolled up and steamed.

  Peanut polenta ingredients: 300 grams of cornmeal, peeled and fried peanut kernel beans plus g, refined salt itself.

  Production: Grind the peanuts and add the salt.

Add cornmeal and boil until thick, and then add peanut flour.

  Ingredients for shrimp balls in tomato sauce: 300 grams of fresh shrimp, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 20 grams of sugar, 5 grams of refined salt, spring onion, ginger, 5 grams of cooking wine, starch, vegetable oil

  Production: 1.
Chop the shrimp, add starch, refined salt, cooking wine, mix in one direction to make shrimp balls, and then cook the shrimp balls.

  2.Wash and dice cucumbers for later use.

  3.Fried tomato juice, shallots, and ginger in a pan to fry red juice, add a small amount of water, and simmer to make tomato juice.

  4.Add shrimp balls and diced cucumber.

  Group C main meal: rice.

Vegetables: winter melon rissole, assorted side dishes, coriander egg soup.

  Features: Rice is rich in B vitamins.

The fish is tender and more convenient for children to absorb.
Winter melon is light and refreshing, and can quench thirst and relieve heat.

Coriander can detoxify the stomach.

  Ingredients of melon fishball: 500 grams of winter melon, 30 grams of fresh fish meat, white pepper powder, cooking wine, starch starch, 6 grams of refined salt, green onion, bad, 5 grams each of minced garlic, 3OO ml of chicken broth, and appropriate amount of egg white.

  Production: 1.Diced winter melon.

Add refined salt, white pepper, ginger, egg white, starch, cooking wine to the fish meat, mix in one direction, and make fishballs.
  3.Pour the winter squash into the fishball chicken soup and cook it, then sprinkle with green onions and minced garlic.

  Coriander egg flower soup ingredients: 50 grams of coriander, five eggs, soy sauce, sesame oil, refined salt itself.

  Production: After boiling, pour in egg liquid, sprinkle with coriander, add soy sauce, sesame oil, refined salt.

  Suggestion: During the production process, the above recipes can be replaced with the main ingredients in the catering according to the child’s taste, such as melon fishballs can be made into melon shrimp balls, melon meatballs, and silver silk rolls can be replaced with hemp sauce rolls.