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Toothpaste squeezes too much, which can lead to oral cancer

Toothpaste squeezes too much, which can lead to oral cancer

Various brands of bath products, toothpaste and other hygiene products are available.

But even between our intentions, we unknowingly made some intellectual mistakes.

The results may leave us with security risks.

The following small knowledge, I hope that after learning, we can correctly view the use of toiletries.


Foam in bubble bath Many young women don’t like soap and shower, but prefer to take bubble bath while lying in bathtub.

Most of the substances in the soap come from natural products.

However, the foaming agent used in the bubble bath is not the same. It is very fragrant, but the fragrance may cause skin inflammation and dizziness; the adjacent bathtub exposes the body to the foaming agent, which contains the harmful chemical “foam stabilizer””It can penetrate the skin and breathe into the lungs.

  Tips from experts: Take a bubble bath and shower gel as little as possible, vegetable oil soap is a good choice.


Do not squeeze too much toothpaste. Gum disease can cause heart disease, which is more harmful to heart health than smoking and high blood pressure.

In addition, gum disease will increase the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, diabetes and more.

Toothpaste has some annoying ingredients.

The widely used chemical “sodium lauryl alcohol” in toothpaste is thought to cause gastrointestinal diseases and liver poisoning; it will make the mouth more prone to ulcers and oral cancer.

The abrasives in toothpaste are also thought to harm the gums, making them more vulnerable.

  Tips from experts: When brushing your teeth, don’t think that the more toothpaste is better, don’t squeeze too much; don’t brush your teeth repeatedly, control three times a day.


For shampoos, make sure that the ingredients of the shampoo cleaner are cheap or expensive shampoos, without exception, detergents and other ingredients.

Like the foaming agent used in bubble baths, once the shampoo is opened and stored for a long time, the formaldehyde in it will chemically react with the emulsifying ingredients used in the shampoo to form a type called “N-nitrosodiethanolamine””Carcinogens.

Shampoo is a daily commodity often used in our lives, so the health issue it brings is also worth paying attention to.

  Tips from experts: When buying shampoo, be sure to carefully read the content of the detergent ingredients indicated on its label and choose another one; do not repeat the shampoo and expose the scalp to the cleanser; use it from now onThe amount of shampoo is halved than before; take care not to let the shampoo get into your eyes when shampooing.


Styling gel water Gel water is a product in which a plastic substance is dissolved in a solution and then placed in a pressurized bottle.

The styling gel contains phthalylation, a chemical that can disrupt the normal secretion of human hormones.

According to statistics from scientists, hairdressers who are frequently exposed to gel water are generally susceptible to respiratory diseases.

It is also important to pay attention, because when using gel water, spray it first, and then carefully grasp the hair and fix it. This way, harmful chemicals will damage the nails and cause deformation.

  Tips from experts: Try not to use gel water for styling every time you cut your hair. If you must use gel water, then it is better not to choose a spray type and use a solid clot.


Antiperspirants Anti-perspirants contain carcinogens such as preservatives, and they still contain artificial flavors that cause liver damage.

Scientists have found that if women apply antiperspirants twice a week, she will develop cancer 15 years earlier than women who do not.

  Tips from experts: Do not use sprayed antiperspirants, a type of liquid application.

  Summary: With this knowledge to pave the way, I believe that in our future life, we can all choose the correct toiletries that really suit us, not just looking at the price to buy, nor the result of following the trend and trend.

Be a real healthy beauty, stylish and healthy.

Heart disease dry lips in winter

Heart disease dry lips in winter

The weather is relatively dry in winter, and people’s lips are easily peeled and cracked.

Health experts believe that the chapped lips are because the lips do not have sebaceous glands and cannot form a protective leather film. In addition, the cuticle of the lips is extremely thin and it is difficult to retain water. In addition, people’s intake of vitamins and water is relatively easy in winter.Causes chapped lips.

  According to health experts, to prevent chapped lips, you should first eat more fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water to fully supplement vitamins and moisture.

In addition, chapped lips can not be licked with the tongue, which will more easily cause water to evaporate and cause lips to dry.

  Experts believe that you can also try the following tips to correct dry and flaky lips: You can apply an appropriate amount of lip balm on your lips, seal the lips with plastic wrap, and then apply a warm towel to your lips.Can achieve lip balm effect to a certain extent.

In addition, honey has a strong moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. Those who are prone to dry lips can apply a thin layer of honey on the lips every night and keep it for about a quarter of an hour; you can apply olive oil on the lips before going to bedDust, then wipe it clean. After a week, the lips will be full and moist. Milk powder also has the effect of lip care. You can adjust the appropriate amount of milk powder into a paste and apply it on the lips.

The most practical longevity secret

The most practical longevity secret

Summarize the following longevity tips.


Don’t sleep too long.

Sleeping too long will reduce life expectancy.

The study found that those who sleep more than 8 hours a night are much more likely to die than the average person.

Studies have shown that people who sleep for 6-7 hours have the longest life.


Keep an optimistic attitude.

The famous Mayo Clinic in the United States found that people with an optimistic attitude were 50% less likely to die young than pessimists.

Other studies have found that optimistic people generally have lower blood pressure than pessimists.


Enjoy sex.

Experts believe that sex helps people reduce stress and get better rest, but also lowers blood pressure and puts people at risk of stroke and heart disease.

In addition, studies have found that frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.


keep a pet.

Researchers have found that pet owners rarely see a doctor, while pet patients with heart disease have a 12% higher survival rate than those who do not.

This is because pets can help the owner reduce loneliness and depression and increase the amount of exercise of the owner.


Peace of mind.

People who get angry when they are motionless are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease than those who are not easily irritated.



Meditation is the ideal way to relieve stress and maintain physical health.

Studies have shown that 15 minutes of meditation is more soothing to the mind than 1 hour of deep sleep.


Eat more foods containing antioxidants.

Antioxidants can remove excess free radicals from the body and have the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Micro-antioxidants include apricots, peaches, mangoes, papayas, pumpkins, spinach, sweet potatoes, oranges, grapes, cantaloupe, and tomatoes.

  The secret of longevity also includes frequent laughter, scientific treatment of stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, diet balance and exercise.

High-Temperature Yoga Must Be Temperate

High-Temperature Yoga Must Be “Temperate”

“Sauna in winter, yoga in spring.
Nowadays, many citizens “go straight” to high-temperature yoga when making weight loss plans.
“In terms of detoxification alone, hot yoga is faster than normal temperature yoga, but it should not be practiced often.
“Yesterday, yoga instructor Yang Haiyan reminded the public that sweating is not fat removal, and if you sweat a lot more than twice a week, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.
  At present, most high-temperature yoga is heated by volcanic stones, keeping the indoor temperature at 32-38 ° C; and some professional yoga studios have higher temperatures.
The reporter learned that Mingdao Yoga on Hanzhong Road and Cicada Yoga on Chating East Street both had high temperatures of 38-42 ° C.
“Everyone can practice yoga, but not hot yoga.
“Yang Haiyan said that for people with long-term illnesses, heart disease, high blood pressure, and pregnant women, it is not appropriate to practice high-temperature yoga, but to do some relaxed and gentle movements at room temperature.
  According to reports, most of the current yoga studios are equipped with body fat analyzers, and some experts make reasonable recommendations for “normal temperature” and “high temperature” based on the student’s physique.
“Nevertheless, citizens who are obsessed with hot yoga must pay attention to three points.
“Experts recommend that you first” make preparations “and prepare sweat towels and bath towels and sweat-absorbent sweatshirts.
Worrying about dry heat, you can use water to moisten your nasal cavity and eyes.
Taking vitamin B before class to help metabolism, taking vitamin C and E after class can delay skin aging caused by high temperature.
Secondly, “be able to drink water”, that is, accurately grasp the drinking time.
Drink less before practice, otherwise it will affect the blood circulation when practicing high temperature yoga; after practice, you should drink your stomach.
At the same time, it must be “moderate”, no more than twice a week, and it is best to start on an empty stomach each time.

Summer Fruit Skincare DIY


Summer Fruit Skincare DIY

Nowadays, the beauty of natural products has become fashionable, especially the fruits that are abundant in summer, and the beauty potential is fully utilized. Whether it is the products of major brands or homemade skin care products, it can bring you unprecedented care and let youYou are fresh like fresh fruit!

  Papaya and peach anti-wrinkle mask material: 1/2 ripe papaya, 1/4 peach grass, 1/8 lemon.

  Beauty elements: Papaya contains active enzymes, which can remove necrotic cells; impurity microorganisms A and C in loquat peaches; loquat lemon is an effective peeling and peeling substance.

  Production method: Papaya, peaches are peeled and pitted to make mud, squeeze lemon juice, and mix the three.

  Usage: First smoke the face for 5 minutes, then apply the fruit puree evenly on the face, and wash it after 10 minutes.

  Applicable object: Not suitable for sensitive skin.

(The high content of natural enzymes in papaya and lemon is too irritating to the skin.) Raisin Anti-aging The skin and nucleus of Raisin has anti-oxidant effect. Frequent application of Raisin to the skin can delay skin aging.

  Material: 10 fresh raisins 1, smash the washed raisin whole nucleus.

  2, and then apply the juice on the surface together, and then gently press with your fingers to help absorption.

  Wash your face with warm water after 3 or 20 minutes.

  Orange scrub has rich vitamin C in the flesh of the orange, which has the function of preventing freckles. The use of a bubble bath can promote blood circulation, prevent skin moisture loss, and exert a moisturizing effect. The orange peel can also remove dead skin.

Its aroma at least soothes and soothes.

  Material: 1 orange, 1 cloth bag, put the orange slices into the cloth bag and put it in the warm instead of the bubble bath.

  2. Rub the orange flesh and orange peel directly on the rough parts such as the elbow, length, feet and eyes, etc., to remove the dead skin.

  The orange moisturizing lotion rice wine and the orange lotion rich in vitamin C not only have strong moisturizing power, but also effectively improve skin tone.

  Material: 1 orange, 360ml1 of Japanese rice wine, slice the orange into rice wine, seal the mouth of the bottle with plastic wrap, and leave it for one night.

  2. On the next day, filter the orange wine placed overnight with a filter to make a lotion with magical effect.

  Milk + strong tea + banana mask material: 1 banana, 2 spoons of milk, 3 spoons of strong tea Easy DIY method: First smash the bananas.

Add milk and strong tea separately, and slowly mix the mixture to a paste.

  Usage: First clean the face with water, then apply the banana paste on the face, and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

  Tips: Strong tea can only be used after cooling; cream instead of milk is more effective; if you want to save time, you can use a blender to stir the bananas.

  Efficacy: Effectively dilute pigmentation formed after sun exposure, and restore skin to moisturizing and brightening, especially suitable for use when going out. After 2-3 weeks of use, dark spots formed by sun exposure will disappear.

  Suitable for skin type: Normal skin.

  Storage method: It is best to use it once. If it ca n’t be used up, it must be sealed in a glassware and put in the refrigerator. It can be stored for 3 days., Is a good helper for skin nutrition.

Apply this mask often to make your skin whiter and smoother.

  Materials: 1 egg, 1 kiwi, chopped kiwi and smashed.

  2. Remove the yolk from the eggs, beat the rest of the egg white, add the crushed pulp, and mix thoroughly.

  3. Apply on the surface and wash it with warm water after 15 minutes.

  Notes on homemade skin care products 1. Skin test Homemade skin care products may not be suitable for everyone. It is best to perform skin test first.

The finished product can be applied to the wrist and washed after 5 to 10 minutes. If there is no sensitivity, it can be used safely.

  2. Ready-to-use natural skin care products Because the materials are fresh and no preservatives are added, the deterioration rate is much faster than other skin care products, so it is best to use it immediately.

  Apple oil absorbing mask: beauty effect: the fruit acid component in apple can absorb excess oil on the face.

  Material: Two apples, appropriate amount of cotton.

  Measures: squeeze the frozen apple juice, moisten the cotton pad and apply it on the areas with strong oil secretion, such as T position, nose, chin, and wash after 10 minutes.

  Editor’s recommendation: After eating the hot pot, the skin will become thicker. It is recommended that the cosmetics applied before going to bed that night should be lighter than usual, and moisturizing can be the priority.

Here are some simple skin-saving facial masks. You can DIY strawberry masks 4 strawberries, 1 tsp of flour, 1 tsp of yoghurt, and honey at home. How to make them: 1. Rinse the strawberries with water and squeeze out juice

  2. After mixing the flour and yogurt, add strawberry juice and honey and stir well.

BB cream skincare OR make-up products_1

BB Cream Skincare OR Makeup

Although the boom of BB cream is not as strong as it was at the beginning, many MMs are still interested in BB cream. This beauty product that combines the characteristics of two types of skin care products and cosmetics is not as magical as the legend.?
Among the various functions of BB cream, it includes whitening, oil control, moisturizing and hydrating, while also concealing. It is not too much to say that it is an all-rounder, but is BB cream really effective?
  BB霜源起德国  的确,BB霜最早起源于60年代的德国,是Blemish Balm的缩写,最初是用于医学美容行业,以专业术语来讲就是“伤痕保养霜”,当初研发的目的是供激光Comes for the treatment of people.
Most people experience molting after laser treatment. After applying BB cream, it can promote skin regeneration, not only to repair scars, but also to have maintenance effects.
It was later applied to beauty makeup.
  In recent years, Koreans have applied BB cream technology to cosmetics and developed a BB cream that is more suitable for oriental skin.
But the ingredients have gradually changed, no longer so magical, no longer have the effect of medical beauty, most of them have the effect of skin care and foundation.
Taiwan’s favorite brand also has BB cream. Some time ago, the person in charge of the brand came to Beijing to consult with her. She said that BB cream is exactly the foundation ingredient added to the skin care ingredients. Usually it is better than the skin care ingredients in ordinary foundations.a little more.
  Four functions of BB cream: one effect: skin care + foundation bottle. BB cream’s biggest feature is that it has foundation effect and skin care effect. Some BB creams contain up to 75% skin care ingredients.
Usually BB cream contains moisturizing ingredients and fine pore ingredients, and some also have anti-aging or oil control ingredients.
Specifically, after you apply a toner after cleansing and apply a thin layer of lotion, you can use the BB cream directly.
The three-in-one skin care effect, sun protection effect and foundation effect eliminate the complicated steps afterwards. One bottle is done, which is very suitable for busy urban women in life.
  Efficacy 2: After using it, it looks like a nude makeup BB cream. In addition to skin care effects, it contains a light foundation component, so it has a good effect on nude makeup after use.
If you are looking for an even, delicate and shiny complexion after using it, but you can’t see the foundation, BB cream is undoubtedly the best choice.
Of course, this also has a prerequisite for the skin, that is, your skin must not have serious spots, blemishes or dull and uneven skin tone. Although the BB cream also has a good covering effect, the skin will lack delicate and shiny nude makeup after covering.effect.
  Efficacy 3: Slight concealer Slight concealer is a characteristic of BB cream. If you have faint spots, mild uneven skin tone and slightly enlarged pores, BB cream is undoubtedly the best helper.
Just because it’s thin and light, it doesn’t completely make blemishes “invisible” like a real concealer.
It is precisely such characteristics that BB cream can create a perfect nude makeup effect.
  Effect four: Sunscreen: Most BBs have sunscreen effects. Although the sun protection value is not low, the texture of the BB cream is not heavy and greasy.
Using it does eliminate the need to apply sunscreen.
Just pay attention to make-up, as the sweat will wipe away, the sun protection effect will also disappear.
  Using TIPS: 1.
Whether you use BB cream as a skincare product or a make-up product, there is no doubt that BB cream is definitely the last barrier on your face.
Do not mix BB cream with lotion or foundation, it will greatly reduce the effect of BB cream.

BB cream contains sunscreen and foundation ingredients, so it is only suitable for daytime use, not for nighttime use.

With BB cream for sun protection, the office OL SPF15 PA + is sufficient, and if you are often outdoors, you must choose SPF25 PA ++ or even higher, and remember to reapply frequently.
  BB cream Q & A 1.
Can I use BB cream without skin care products?
Because the concealer function in BB cream often adds macromolecules and polymers, making it difficult for small molecule maintenance ingredients to be absorbed, high concentration powders will also absorb oil and water, and maintenance ingredients will be adsorbed on the powder, making it difficult for the skin to absorb, soBefore BB cream, do basic maintenance of toner and lotion.
  2. Do I need to remove makeup after using BB cream?
  for sure.
Because BB cream is also a type of foundation, and it also contains sunscreen ingredients, you must remove your makeup after use.
  3. Can BB cream be used as a skin care product?   Not necessarily.

Due to the ingredients of the BB cream, it must not be used as a night cream. The powdery component is equivalent to the foundation of makeup. The strong oil secretion at night will cause the pores to be blocked.

As a day cream, there is no problem at all, just remember to do basic maintenance before use and carefully clean after use.

  The hot-selling BB cream from the Internet O’Gourne’s classic seven-in-one BB cream SPF30 / PA ++ was selected by ELLE magazine as a “professional evaluation team + online voting, authoritative selection of the lightest base makeup”.

8 kinds of plant extracts provide sufficient nutrition for the skin. After use, the skin feels more rosy and natural, and the skin feels soft and moist.

  Korean cosmeceutical

Jart + Triple Functional BB Cream SPF25 / PA ++ products have obtained the Triple Functional Certification of “Wrinkle Improvement Product Certification”, “Whitening Product Certification”, and “Effective UV Blocking Certification” submitted by the Korean government, with high concealment and sedationProtect the skin.

Recommended for MM with poor skin.

  SKIN79 triple-effect puberty sunscreen BB cream SPF25 / PA ++ is designed for young skin. The biggest feature is long-lasting oil control, which can keep makeup perfect throughout the day, known as “God Milk” BB cream.

  Missha Fascinating Perfecting Repairing Cream 50ml SPF42 / PA +++ This BB cream has high sun protection value without feeling a touch of weight, refreshing and non-greasy, and has waterproof and anti-sweat function.

The light and powerful sun protection effect makes you walk under the sun without burden.

Health knowledge: lung qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency


Health knowledge: lung qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency

Qi deficiency is a term used in Chinese medicine.

It refers to a variety of pathological changes and syndromes caused by lack of vitality.

The so-called gas is the most basic substance of the human body. It is composed of the essence of the kidney, the spleen and stomach absorb the gas of the water valley and the gas of the lungs.

Qi deficiency refers to the weakness of the body, pale, shortness of breath, fatigue of the limbs, dizziness, sweating, and low voice.

Including the vitality, the qi, the deficiencies of the qi, as well as the promotion of the qi, the decline of warmth, defense, fixation and gasification, which leads to the decline or decrease of certain functional activities of the body, and the decline of disease resistance.

Human life activities are fundamentally a movement that moves in and out.

Qi deficiency is a multi-issue syndrome, mostly due to congenital deficiency, malnutrition, old and weak, long-term illness, unhealed after major surgery and fatigue.

In clinical practice, qi deficiency also includes lung qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, and kidney qi deficiency.

The cause of qi deficiency is mostly caused by insufficient congenital qi, or acquired dystrophy, or excessive labor, or long-term illness, or dysfunction of the lungs, spleen and kidney, and lack of biochemistry.

From the cause of the disease, symptoms and pulse to modern medicine, qi deficiency is very similar to the modern medical concept “sub-health”.

The root cause of sub-health is the lack of yin and yang, the low function of the five internal organs, and the lack of vitality and qi deficiency.

Qi deficiency is involved in the five internal organs.

Qi is the most basic substance that constitutes the human body and maintains human life activities. It belongs to the form of human body essence.

The human body’s essence is hidden in the five internal organs, so “Su Wen 路 Wu Zang Buxue” said: “The so-called five Tibetans, hiding the essence without diarrhea.”

In fact, from the source of the gas, the gas that constitutes the human body and maintains the life activities of the human body mainly has two aspects: the innate essence and the acquired essence.

From the relationship between the formation of gas and the viscera, the five internal organs are all concentrated in the essence, especially the lung, spleen and kidney.

Qi Gong Tai Chi exercise of women’s qi and five visceral qi.

Qi deficiency refers to the pathological state in which the function of the viscera is declining and the disease resistance is low. The transformation will produce a series of clinical symptoms.

However, because the gas is hidden in the five internal organs, the qi deficiency is inevitably related to the function of the viscera. The “Su Wen Fang Sheng Huo” describes the different dreams caused by lung qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency and liver qi deficiency.First class.

Therefore, the concept of qi deficiency, of course, includes the five internal organs.

The clinical manifestations of qi deficiency can involve all aspects of the body, such as qi deficiency, weak external force, muscle surface is not solid, and easy to sweat; qi deficiency is limb muscle dystrophy, fatigue and fatigue; qi deficiency is not rising, Qing dynastyLoss of nutrition and atrophy, dizziness and tinnitus; qi deficiency is powerless to make handsome blood, then the pulse is weak or weak; qi deficiency is imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, water is not fluidized, transport disorder, can be condensed into drink, even water evilFlooding causes edema; qi deficiency is enough to cause visceral dysfunction, which shows a series of signs of viscera and weakness.


Lung Qi deficiency lung main gas, Division breathing, external fur, pass waterway.

Lung qi deficiency, the main propaganda, the Secretary breathe, regulate the metabolism of water, the role of resisting the external evil will be weakened, short-term spontaneous sweating, poor voice, cough and asthma, chest tightness, easy cold, even edema, urination, etc.resulting in.


The kidney qi deficiency kidney is located in the waist house, and the essence is hidden.

The spirit is filled with five internal organs and is honored in the brain.

Kidney qi deficiency, loss of glory, see God fatigue, dizziness, forgetfulness, weak waist and knees, frequent urination, clear leucorrhea, pale tongue, weak pulse.

If the kidney is not gas, then the breathing is shallow, and the breath is less.


The spleen and spleen are in the middle of the coke, the main transport, Si Shengqing, and the blood line.

The temper is weak, can not be transported to the water valley, the blood and biochemical boring source, the disease is reduced, the stomach is not comfortable after eating, fatigue, fatigue, body weight loss, thin stools, pale complexion, pale tongue, thin, weak pulse.


Heart and heart are the main blood, Tibetan gods.

Heart qi deficiency, can not encourage blood, can not raise God, so see heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, labor is aggravated, God tired, tired tongue, weak pulse.


Yang (qi) virtual qi deficiency can be seen in white, dizzy, less gas lazy, Shenpi fatigue, even fainting.

In addition to qi deficiency symptoms, yang deficiency has both chills and cold limbs, spontaneous sweating, slow pulse or lateness, and pale tongue and white fur.
Astragalus, slicing, frame qi deficiency, dialectical treatment 1.
Lung Qi deficiency syndrome; short-term spontaneous sweating, poor voice, cough and asthma, chest tightness, easy to catch a cold, and even edema, urinary adverse.

Governance: Replenishing the lungs.

The main party: Sijunzi Tanghe Yupingfeng scattered.

Recipe: Codonopsis, medlar, Atractylodes, licorice, scutellaria, wind and so on.


Kidney qi deficiency (1) general kidney qi deficiency syndrome; Shenpi fatigue, shock and forgetfulness, weak waist and knees, frequent urination, clear leucorrhea, pale tongue, weak pulse.

Governance: Bushen Yiqi.

The main side: kidney gas pills addition and subtraction.

Recipe: psoralen, medlar, dodder, aconite, cassia twig, huangjing, medlar, hawthorn meat, yam, mulberry parasitic, Codonopsis, Atractylodes.

(2) Kidney gas is not a solid syndrome; in addition to the general kidney qi deficiency syndrome, there are also frequent urination frequency, or extra leaching, nocturia, enuresis; or men’s nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, women bring more than a thin amount;Or menstrual dripping or fetal movement, slippery.

Governance: kidney and phlegm.

Fang Fang: kidney gas pills addition and subtraction, or use gold lock solid pills, shrink spring pills.

Recipe: psoralen, medlar, dodder, aconite, cassia twig, huangjing, medlar, hawthorn meat, yam, mulberry, mulberry, sakura, puzzle and so on.

(3) Kidney is not gas syndrome; on the basis of kidney gas is not solid, see chronic illness and cough, call more and less, shortness of breath, and then breathe.

Governance: kidney and gas.

The main party: Qiweiduqi pill plus Shenfu Longmu and so on.

Recipe: Schisandra, Rehmannia, Danpi, Alisma, Poria, Hawthorn, Huaishan, Hazelnut, Dodder, Aconite, Ginseng, Keel, Oyster, Poria, Cordyceps, Sea Dragon, Hippocampus and other Chinese elements.

Spleen qi deficiency (1) general spleen qi deficiency syndrome: reduced diet, stomach discomfort after eating, fatigue, fatigue, body weight loss, thin stools, pale complexion, pale tongue, thin, weak pulse.

Governance: spleen and Qi.

The main party: Liu Junzi soup.

Recipe: Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Licorice, French Pinellia, Tangpi.

(2) Zhongqi subsidence syndrome: 鑴?閲?閲?閲?, , , , , 閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?閲?

Accompanied by less fatigue, low voice, dizzy, dizzy.

The tongue is pale and the veins are weak.

Governance: Buzhong Yiqi.

The main party: Buzhong Yiqi Tang.

Recipe: Astragalus, ginseng, Atractylodes, licorice, cohosh, Bupleurum, angelica, clam shell, French pinellia, tangerine peel.

(3) spleen is not unified blood syndrome: more common in chronic bleeding syndrome, such as menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, blood in the stool, blood stasis, subcutaneous bleeding.

In addition to bleeding, you must also see some symptoms of temper weakness.

Governance: tonifying the spleen and taking blood.

The main side: Guipi Tang.

Recipe: Astragalus, Angelica, Yuanme, Muxiang, Yuanzhi, Suanzaoren, Ginger, Jujube, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Licorice, Ejiao, etc.


Heart qi deficiency syndrome: heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, labor is aggravated, God is tired, tired tongue, weak pulse.

Governance: replenishing the heart.

The main party: Sijunzi soup, Yangxintang.

Recipe: Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Licorice, Astragalus, Polygala, Angelica, Baiziren, Suanzaoren, etc.


Yang (qi) deficiency syndrome: face pale, dizziness, less gas lazy words, Shenpi fatigue, even fainting.
In addition to qi deficiency symptoms, yang deficiency has both chills and cold limbs, spontaneous sweating, slow pulse or lateness, and pale tongue and white fur.

Governance: Bu Yang Yiqi.
The main party: Shen attached soup.

Recipe: ginseng, aconite, astragalus and so on.

The prevention of ginseng qi deficiency should be taboo for the diet of qi deficiency, and should take into account the principle of avoidance of the five internal organs.

Anyone who is qi-deficient should eat foods that have qi-inducing effects, sweetness or sweetness, and should be eaten with nutritious and easy-to-digest foods.

Avoid eating gas and gas, avoid eating cold, greasy, spicy food.

Qi deficiency constitution is one of the common constitutions in children. It often occurs in nasal allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, short stature, bedwetting, easy cold, obesity and heart disease.

Children with qi deficiency should pay attention to diet.


Reasonable and reasonable eating habits, such as fixed diet, avoid snacks, try not to eat sweet, high-fat or high-salt foods, drinks before meals, so as not to prematurely feel fullness and reduce appetite.

Normal work and moderate outdoor exercise can avoid aggravation of qi deficiency.

Substitute according to the properties of the food: (1) Ganping main foods such as grapes, lemons, papayas, strawberries, plums, apples, spinach, carrots, sage, broccoli, cabbage, peas, green beans, peanuts, black fungus, white fungus,Corn, chestnuts, olives, soy milk, white rice, coarse rice, soybeans, black beans, red beans, rock sugar, fish, pork, eggs, etc.

(2) Gan Wen rape, big mustard, papaya, longan, lychee, cherry, guava, kumquat, bayberry, peach, apricot, plum, glutinous rice, brown sugar, maltose, garlic, coriander, ginger, onion, fennel, vinegar, sand tea sauce, beef, chicken, shrimp, sassafras, mussels, goat’s milk.

(3) Ganliang water chestnut, lotus root, shiitake mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, cucumber, mung bean, tofu, tea, sesame oil, ginger skin, lotus, tomato, sugar cane, cantaloupe, willow, fig, honey, duck, crab, dragonfly, protein, alfalfa, pineapple.

The above foods are taken in turn.

Try not to eat cold and cold or unripe foods such as watermelon, cantaloupe, pear, grapefruit, coconut, orange, carambola, persimmon, banana, mango, mulberry, kiwi, cucumber, bitter gourd, spinach, white, nest, bean sprouts,Seaweed, kelp, watercress, cardamom, medlar, white sugar, oysters, oysters, so as not to affect blood circulation.

When it is feasible, try to eat it during the day, because the external yang is strong and the body is more resistant to cold invasion.


Insulin food (1) first rice level, sweet, can make up the benefits of Qi.

As early as in “Don’t Record”, there is a record of the main benefit, the Tang Dynasty food doctor Meng Yiyun: Previously Mi Wenzhong, Yiqi.

Qing Wang Mengying also praised the former rice porridge as the ginseng soup of the poor. He said: The poor people suffer from deficiency syndrome, and the rice soup is used to substitute the soup.

People with qi deficiency should eat it regularly.

(2) Beef is flat, sweet, beneficial to qi and blood, spleen and stomach, strong bones and bones.

The famous doctor “Do not record” said: beef Anzhong Yiqi, raise the spleen and stomach.

“Han’s Medical Communication” also said: yellow beef, qi, and the same as Mian Huang.

It shows that the power of beef qi, so the qi deficiency should be eaten regularly.

(3) Dog meat is warm, tastes salty, can supplement Zhongyiqi, and is suitable for qi deficiency and spleen deficiency or kidney deficiency or lung deficiency or yang deficiency.

“Japanese Huazi Materia Medica” cloud: dog meat tonic, aphrodisiac, warm waist and knees, make up the labor, benefit the strength.

The “Medical Forest Compilation” also said that the dog meat supplements the lungs and solidifies the kidneys.

Especially in autumn and winter, it is better.

(4) Chicken meat is warm, sweet, warm, qi, replenishing, nourishing.

No matter qi deficiency, blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, it is appropriate to eat.

People who are qi-deficient have the habit of using yellow pheasant and old hens, and can increase the effect of qi.

(5) The squid is warm and sweet, and can enter the spleen and lungs to supplement the qi.

Ming Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: The carp is warm and qi.

Wang Mengying, a food doctor in the Qing Dynasty, also believed that: squid warms the stomach, qi, and skin.

Therefore, people with qi deficiency should eat.

(6) The squid is warm, sweet, has tonic deficiency, benefits Qi, strong bones and muscles, and qi deficiency should be eaten regularly.

“Qian Jin路Food Governance” once said that it is the main gas to suck, not enough to stand.
“Materia Medica’s Supplementary Supplement” is also cloud: Huang Qishan is qi.

(7) Squid is commonly known as mandarin fish.
Can qi and blood, benefit the spleen and stomach.

“Japanese Huazi Materia Medica” cloud: squid benefits.

“Kai Bao Materia Medica” believes that it is beneficial and stimulating.

Especially for qi deficiency and spleen deficiency is the most appropriate.

(8) Jujube is warm and sweet, and it is a common food. It is beneficial to the effect of Qi and blood. It is commonly used by medical doctors in qi deficiency patients.

“Do not record” said that it complements the vitality and strength.

In the Tang Dynasty, the medicinal doctor Meng Yiyun: jujube supplements the lack of gas, cooking and supplementing the stomach, the first in the fat.

Therefore, qi deficiency should be better with jujube smashed food.

(9) Cherry is warm and sweet, not only can qi and blood, but also spleen and kidney.

“Hannan Materia Medica” records: Cherry cures all deficiency syndrome, can make up for the vitality.

Fresh cherries (10) Grapes are flat and sweet, and they are a kind of qi and blood fruit. In addition to the beneficial gas effect, the ancient medical literature also believes that grapes have the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefiting the liver and kidney, and strengthening the bones.

For example, “The Scriptures” said that it benefits more.

“Minnan Materia Medica” believes that the grape is a big qi and blood.

“Assorted Dietary Diet” also records: qi, Zishen solution, Yigan Yin, strong bones and bones.

Therefore, all qi deficiency accompanied by kidney deficiency, lung deficiency and spleen deficiency, should be eaten.

(11) The peanuts are flat and sweet.

“The sketch of Weinan this book” said that peanuts supplement the Qi, peanuts also have the effect of tonifying the spleen and replenishing the lungs. It is more suitable for qi deficiency and lung deficiency or spleen deficiency, and it is appropriate to boil peanuts.

(12) Yam is a qi food, where qi deficiency or long-term illness qi deficiency, should be eaten regularly, the most beneficial.

Yam can make up the lungs, replenish the temper, and tonify the kidney. Therefore, it is commonly used in prescriptions such as lung qi deficiency or kidney qi deficiency or spleen qi deficiency.

(13) The bird’s nest is flat, sweet, beneficial to tonifying the qi, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, especially for qi deficiency and lung deficiency.

“Materia Medica and New” once said that it is a big addition.

“Food taboos” also have records of bird’s nest aphrodisiac.

“Dietary Record” also pointed out: bird’s nest, performance qi, where the spleen and lungs are weak, and all the imaginary gas is appropriate, and can be fixed, the table is weak and sweaty, the best.

(14) The ginseng is warm, slightly sweet and bitter. It is the most powerful and effective qi medicine used by Chinese medicine. It is also a well-known qi food, which can make up for it.

In the “Pharmaceutical Theory”, it is said that it is not enough to make up for the five organs.

“Medical Qiyuan” also believes that ginseng cures spleen and stomach yang deficiency and lung shortness of breath, short gas, less gas, and vitality.

People with qi deficiency eat ginseng, which is quite effective. For those with qi deficiency and yang deficiency or spleen deficiency or lung deficiency, it is more suitable for food.

By the same token, Codonopsis pilosula and Taizishen also have the same role, and they are also comfortable and temperate.

“Medical in the West” is also a cloud: can make up the gas, and can replenish the blood.

Therefore, people with qi deficiency should eat.
Because of the coldness of American ginseng, and the role of raising lung yin and reducing smoldering fire, it is more suitable for qi deficiency and deficiency of lung yin.

(15) The jaundice is slightly warm and sweet, and it is a commonly used qi food.

Too many medical books are called Huang Qi to make up for one.

“Materia Medica” believes that: Huang Qi is the most medicated medicine, and is known as the sputum.

According to the doctor’s habits, Huang Qi often with the Codonopsis pilosula or Taizishen or ginseng with the same service, the better the power of qi, qi deficiency body food is more appropriate.

(16) Zihe car is warm, sweet and salty, and has a strong and powerful qi and strong effect.

The Ming Dynasty doctor Wu Ball said that it is good for qi and replenishment.

“Materia Medica renewed” thinks it can make a big contribution.
Those who have qi and physique, often take a small amount of food, have an outstanding qi effect.

In addition, qi deficiency should also eat glutinous rice, corn, corn, barley, sweet potato, pumpkin, white lentils, soybeans, tripe, black-bone chicken, goose, rabbit meat, clams, herring, squid, octopus, cooked ling, sea pine nuts, carrots, tofu, soy milk, potatoes, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, royal jelly, brown sugar, white fungus, atractylodes, licorice and so on.