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Learn practical tips for treating baby sunburn

Learn practical tips for treating baby sunburn

In the hot summer, babies are prone to sunburn.

At this time, as a mother, don’t worry, and don’t use skin care products containing medicaments for your baby, in order to prevent drug allergies and other reactions.

Introduce two daily sun protection tips, you can use it for your baby when needed.

However, I would like to remind the mothers that each baby’s allergens are different, and it is best to try it on a small scale before using it.

Watermelon skin application method: Absorb the watermelon skin on the sunburn too much and wipe it repeatedly. Soon, the juice of the watermelon skin will be absorbed by the dehydrated skin.

Repeatedly so many times, the sunburn symptoms of the skin will be superfluous.

If you use a spatula to scrape the watermelon peel into thin slices, it will be more conducive for the skin to fully absorb the liquid.

Principle: Because watermelon crust contains vitamin c, it has anti-inflammatory and whitening effect when applied on the skin, so it can treat sunburned skin.

Tea treatment of sunburn: use a cotton ball dipped in tea to gently pat the sun-red area, this can soothe the skin and relieve the burning sensation.

Principle: The implanted acid in tea has a good effect of promoting convergence, can reduce tissue swelling, reduce cell exudation, and is very useful for skin with minor sunburn without rash.

Tea is most suitable for emergency sunburn treatment.

Seven good habits after meals that are good for your health

Seven good habits after meals that are good for your health

Many people only focus on the nutrition in food, but they don’t know that post-prandial health is equally important.

  In fact, as long as you are careful, some seemingly insignificant small actions after meals can also add points to your health.

  Eat a banana after grilling.

Carcinogens such as benzopyrene produced by barbecue foods.

Rui Lili, PhD, Department of Food and Nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said the latest research found that bananas can to some extent inhibit the carcinogenic effect of benzopyrene and protect sterility.

  Eat too greasy and have a glass of celery juice.

Rui Lili said that if the greasy food eaten at a meal is crushed, a cup of celery juice with low sugar content and high fiber content can greatly replace it.

The cellulose in celery can take away some aunts.

  Drink yogurt after eating hot pot.

Hot pot soup is hot and the ingredients are salty and spicy, which can stimulate digestion.

Drinking yogurt after eating hot pot can effectively protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.

In addition, yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria.

  Indigestion, drink barley tea or orange peel water after meals.

Allantoin in barley and volatile oil in orange peel can increase gastric juice secretion, promote osmotic peristalsis, and have a beneficial effect on food digestion and absorption.

  Eat fruit after eating instant noodles.

After eating instant noodles, eat some fruits, such as apples, strawberries, oranges, kiwis, etc., which can effectively compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, instant noodles are encouraged.

Boiled noodles are softer, which helps to absorb moisture and help digestion.

  After eating crab, drink ginger brown sugar water.

Crab meat is cold, and people with a cold spleen and stomach may cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting after eating.

Dr. Zhuang Ganzhu, MD, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, said that drinking a cup of warm ginger brown sugar water after eating crabs can dispel cold and warm the stomach, promote digestion, and relieve stomach discomfort.

But people with diabetes should not eat it.

  Runfei cough, eat a persimmon after meals.

Zhuang Ganzhu said that persimmons have the effect of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing yin and clearing dryness, and are one of the ideal health fruits for people with respiratory diseases.

However, persimmons cannot be eaten on an empty stomach, and the implanted acid components in them easily form agglomerates in the stomach.

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when you are angry. People have emotions and desires, and “anger” is one of many emotions that makes our negative energy surge and quickly burst out.

There are too many books telling you how to deal with angry emotions, transform negative energy into positive energy, and even so, but few people tell us what we should not do when we are angry?

In fact, our conscious actions in the state of anger cause things to go in a worse direction. Here are the 7 “don’t” in the state of anger summarized by experts: first, don’t sleep past the journal of neurobiology,If people go to bed when they are angry, they will aggravate the accumulation of nervousness, because the sleep process will strengthen the operation of the memory system in the brain, especially the emotional factors in the memory system.

Experts said that usually, we know that sleep can help us deal with the memory and information saved in the awake state, so choosing to go to sleep immediately after a fierce dispute eliminates exacerbating the intense emotional accumulation. Generally, 8 hours after the dispute, ifIf you stay awake, it is good to temporarily digest and absorb energy.

Second, do n’t drive to know that the human brain is not a computer. When the computer is wrong, let alone the brain in an angry state.

Studies have shown that when people are angry, their vision will become relatively relative, with segmented vision (peripheral vision cannot be seen clearly), and thus, angry drivers will be more likely to have a car accident.

Experts suggest that if you have to drive while angry, it is best to keep your eyes wide open, be alert, and look around.

Third, do n’t let uncontrolled violence vent. If you have a problem, do n’t let it go. If anything, let ‘s spread it out and say that it is the best way to solve the problem we advocate.Means to vent their own optional emotions.

Studies have shown that if we smash our pillows to release emotions when we are angry, we will only make our behavior more violent and increase the possibility of future behavioral violence.

Fourth, do n’t overeating, saying that delicious food can instantly calm people ‘s emotions, and being able to eat what you like is definitely more effective for any “angry diners” than any other method.

But experts point out that people often make wrong food choices when they are angry. In other words, junk food will appear for psychological comfort. High-calorie and high-calorie foods will make people feel happy in a short time.In the past, people ‘s bad moods will always come as expected after a few days, and the high-change food also brings our constant aunts.

Fifth, do not continue to provoke angry situations. The first thing to do is to calm down and force yourself to be quiet for a few seconds before talking.

“The impulse is the devil” is the truth, because a wrong word is like pouring water, and once you say it, you cannot turn back.

Experts analyze that people are particularly likely to say that they will regret their future in an angry situation. It is best to give yourself 10 minutes or even 10 days to figure out how much you want to say those hurtful words.

Sixth, do n’t send emails when you are angry. It ‘s most taboo to reply to work emails. Remember that when you click the “Send” button, everything is too late. It ‘s different from hurting someone by saying something wrong.In the era, “white paper black letters” mails will make you jump into the Yellow River without washing.

Seventh, do n’t drink alcohol and talk about drinking, but experts have found that the effect of alcohol to cause anger to the fullest extent, and it is difficult for you to control your emotions under the influence of chemical effects.

Experts say that drinking alcohol in an angry state can inhibit brain chiba, and robes can make you involuntarily cause permanent damage.




The so-called endometriosis refers to the fragments of endometrial tissue flowing back into the abdominal cavity with menstrual blood, causing endometrial cells that should have grown on the endometrium to abnormally migrate to grow outside the endometrium.

Mostly grow in tissues and organs of the pelvic cavity, such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterine muscle layers, peritoneum, uterine ligaments, etc., and may even extend to different organs of the body.

  These ectopic endometriums are affected by hormones. Through menstrual swelling, swelling, or bleeding, they eventually form crust-like tissues, which cause sticky ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and even the large and small intestines.Normal operation leads to physiological or psychological discomfort due to the inability of mature eggs to be discharged during ovulation.

The most common reaction is acute menstrual pain, because ectopic tissues invade the uterine nerves, and during menstrual cramps, pain due to the expansion of ectopic tissues to compress the nerves.

In addition, there will be sexual intercourse pain, sore legs and lower back, irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding during menstruation, infertility and so on.

  The reason is that until now the medical community has not been able to completely create the true main cause of endometriosis. Some people think that it is caused by reflux menstruation. Therefore, the incidence of endometriosis in women after menopause or after tubal ligation isWill become less.

Few people have endometriosis in the lungs and even the brain due to blood or lymphatic reflux.

  Many natural medicine experts in the United States believe that eating habits and daily life will affect our emotions and autonomic nerves. Emotion is the real main cause of endometriosis. When we are nervous or angry, the muscles of the uterus will contract abnormally, makingDuring the physiological period, fragments of endometrial tissue flow back through the menstrual blood to the abdominal cavity, causing the endometrium to expand and grow.

Therefore, to prevent and improve the symptoms of endometriosis discomfort, we must start with the habit.

  Let yoga help you If you have endometriosis, you should avoid excessive use of abdominal muscles to cause uterine tension. Yoga’s shifting movements can relax and extend your abdominal muscles, and boots can ease your shifting menstrual pain, soDon’t doubt, let’s practice together!

  The intimate Xiaomi saying “A joyful heart is a good medicine, and a sad spirit dries up the bones.

Bible Proverbs 17:22 If you are already a patient with endometriosis, do n’t be overly nervous. In addition to going to the hospital regularly, it ‘s best to practice yoga breathing and stretching exercises to relax. I believe you will become more and morehealth!

  Endometriosis complete rest type complete rest type 1 long pillow T-shaped distribution, the body lies flat on the ground, the back relaxes and keeps breathing.

  The fully rested style 2 lies on the ground with palms facing upwards, eyes closed, legs slightly open, muscles of the whole body relaxed, and breathing maintained.

  Efficacy: Extend and lengthen the pelvic muscles. By stretching the feet, it can relieve the tension in the uterus, which can eliminate all kinds of pain caused by endometriosis.

  Full body relaxation type Full body relaxation type 1 Place the long pillow under the waist, stretch your legs straight and close to the opening to relax on the ground, relax your hands and keep breathing.

The dwell time can be adjusted by yourself.

  Full body relaxation type 2 continues full body relaxation type 1 with slightly stretched legs to keep breathing.

The retention time can be adjusted by yourself.

  Efficacy: Balances the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system, slender soothes worry and tension, can also promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, and let the body completely relax and rest.

  Full body relaxation 3 Full body relax lying flat on the ground, legs crossed, long pillows placed below, lying completely flat on the ground, hands facing up, next to the body, keep breathing, you can adjust the stay time by yourself.

  Healthy plasma of endometriosis1.

Drink more water?
Water retention can increase the pain of endometriosis, so drinking more water can relieve its pain.


Applying heat to the abdomen?
Can relax and soothe the abdominal cavity and uterine muscles.


Eat less red meat and eat more fish?
There is evidence that a diet rich in fish oil is very helpful in relieving endometrial pain.


High-fiber cereals?
Can inhibit excessive secretion of estrogen.


Supplement calcium and magnesium?
Reduce menstrual pain and muscle tension.


Vitamin C fruits and vegetables?
Vitamin C makes it easy for the muscles of the body to absorb nutrients, displace more toxins outside the body, and relax our blood vessels to prevent massive bleeding during menstruation.

Vitamin B supplements?
Vitamin B helps the liver metabolize more efficiently.


Consuming soy food?
Balances estrogen in the body and suppresses abnormal bleeding.

Life is normal, do not stay up late.


Keep your mood happy and relax closer to nature.


Maintain exercise habits.


Eat less dairy products?
Dairy products increase estrogen in the body, and the increase in estrogen exacerbates pain.

Five compulsory tips for newcomers to integrate the workplace

Five compulsory tips for newcomers to integrate the workplace

Xinxingxing has been respected since ancient times. “Why is” ethics “in front of” talents “rather than” talents and virtues “? It can be seen that” ethics “is more valued.

“De” reflects the quality of a person. Among them, honesty is the standard for too many companies to recruit talents. Some companies even explicitly say that “there is no talent and no morals come in.” Therefore, the quality of integrity is more important than actual technology.

For newcomers to the workplace, the theoretical knowledge learned in school can never replace practical work experience. It is almost impossible for you who have just stepped out of the school to use your professional knowledge to gain the favor of the enterprise.

The reason why the company throws you an olive branch is only affirmation of your quality and accomplishment, followed by your knowledge and professionalism.

  Ask modestly for self-respect, and you will only lose yourself a lot of opportunities to learn. As a newbie in the workplace, you will be in a new environment. No matter how many scholarships you have received, no matter how capable you are, from the moment you leave the school, everythingYou must start from scratch, and “do more and talk less” in a humble manner.

It is a good thing for you to have an idea, an idea, and an ambition when you are new to work. Don’t be aggressive and take your own initiative.

“Hurry up but not up to speed” To get the recognition of others, work performance is the most powerful proof.

  Communication and collaboration People with strong communication skills will not be alone wherever they go; those who are good at communication will not be alone where they are. Communication and collaboration will help newbies reintegrate into the team.

If you want to be respected by others, you must first face others; if you want your colleagues to be close to you, you must first approach the colleagues who are close to you, and ask and ask questions in a positive manner. You will always get a friendly response from the other side to make the two sides more friendly.Familiarity with the ground is not only conducive to one’s own growth, but also to work communication and collaboration.

  Hard-working and hard-working newcomers in the 1980s. Too much superiority makes them ignore too many shortcomings and deficiencies, and find a career direction suitable for their own development. “The eyes are low, the mouth is not reachable and lazy.” Therefore, hard-working and hardworking becomesEspecially valuable!

  Case: A foreign company recruited a new graduate from a prestigious school. It can speak reasonably, has a strong sense of superiority, and is very noticeable. As a result, the trial came down and he found that the person was not working properly, and he could hide and hide from the tedious work.Strong and quickly eliminated.

Later, I recruited a new graduate from a non-prestigious school. Sincerely, practical and hardworking, I quickly adapted to the environment. At present, I am developing better in that company.

  Responsibility is met with serious matters, and everyone will take it seriously and treat it with caution. Sometimes, the sense of responsibility is reflected in the trivial tasks.

Many newcomers tend to ignore this and ignore it.

For every newcomer in the workplace to do every job, every thing is to show his knowledge and value to his boss or colleagues. Only by doing everything well can we really win trust.

The elderly eat these five foods to prevent osteoporosis

The elderly eat these five foods to prevent osteoporosis

As the age increases, calcium will be lost, so the elderly are prone to osteoporosis.

To prevent osteoporosis, it is recommended to eat these five kinds of foods.

  1, Haimi: This food is very rich in nutrients, and contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, and the protein content is also very high.

Two-way seaweed, the calcium content of other seafood products is relatively high.

  2, rape: rapeseed also contains a lot of trace elements such as calcium, and the value of nutrients and therapeutics contained in it is far more than other vegetables.

In addition to the high content of calcium, the content of iron is also very rich.

Regular use of rapeseed has a good blood pressure lowering, strong bones and detoxification.

  3, black sesame: black sesame is a very good calcium supplement food, which contains calcium and health value is much more than the number of white sesame several times.

If you can take about 3 tablespoons of black sesame every day, you can fully meet your body’s demand for calcium.

  4, milk: milk contains a lot of calcium, but also contains a lot of lactic acid, this substance can promote our body’s absorption of calcium.

Milk is a natural source of calcium. In addition, the calcium contained in cheese and yogurt is also very high. It is recommended to take it regularly.

  5, soybean: Soybean is a high-protein food, which contains a lot of calcium.

In addition, it also contains a lot of lysine and iron which is easily absorbed by the body. It is very good for the body to take it regularly.

In addition to soy beans, other soy products are also a good calcium supplement, such as tofu and black beans.

  Summary: The above five kinds of foods can supplement the body with calcium, so regular consumption can correct the role of osteoporosis, and these foods are very common, and the preparation is not complicated, but to remind everyone that the soy products contain higherThe embarrassment, if it is a gout patient, it is not recommended to use soy beans and soy products to supplement calcium.

The earlier the baby enters the nursery, the more aggressive


The earlier the baby enters the nursery, the more aggressive

The earlier the child grows up, the easier it is for children to have aggressive behavior throughout the elementary school. The less obedient is how good this childcare is. This is the most comprehensive measure taken by a research institute on child care alternatives.

  A recent study in the United States found that no matter how good the daycare is, children who stayed in the nursery earlier or longer were more likely to be aggressive and less obedient throughout primary school.

Researchers believe that the experienced childcare teachers owned by the nursery and the teachers’ resolution of children’s competition for toys and venues for activities according to time are all influential factors.

  The research results were made by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the research report was published in the monthly medical magazine Child Development published on the 26th.

  This 10-year-old child care study of 1,364 children compared the scale, type, and quality of care received by children from one month to four and a half years old, and studied their emotional and emotional well-being until the age of 11.Language development.

Primary school teachers surveyed said that those children who stayed in the nursery for time alignment would have problems such as “easy fighting” and “love to quarrel” even at the age of 11.

  ”I have to regret that even in the United States, even certain cares cannot guarantee that children have aggressive problems in their emotional development.

“The lead author of the paper, Jay Belsky, a professor of psychology, said.

  The study of some experienced teachers has re-ignited a long-changed topic in Britain and the United States, where professional women’s premature delivery of children to nurseries is actually harming their health.

At the same time, it has provided arguments for those who accused the government of reducing the benefits of their benefits and their mothers returning to work prematurely.

  However, some experts point out that the study itself is controversial because there are multiple factors affecting children’s behavior?


The D gene, parents’ income and education, family life, etc., lead this result to blame the nursery and warn parents that it is wrong.

  Even the scientists involved in this research differ on how to present the findings.

One of the authors, who asked to remain anonymous, accused lead author Belsky of “shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater by exaggerating the greater influence!

“The quality of his parents’ education with those of the authors of other papers” is more important in predicting child development than the type, size, and quality of child care.

  Professor Belsky acknowledged that it was “a mystery of child development” for him that children who grew up in nurseries were more aggressive.

However, he believes that the experienced childcare teachers and teachers at the nursery have been solving the problems of children competing for toys and venues for activities, which are all influential factors.

  In response to questions from the medical community, Professor Belsky countered that these opponents “flee this data as if a nuclear bomb had occurred” because they agreed with the substitution of children for nursery.

  British research echoes this: Emotional problems in nurseries before the age of three In the UK, another study announced by Lam, a well-known professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge, recently reflected the findings of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Lamb’s research found that sending children to a nursery early could lead to long-term emotional problems.

  Lamb pointed out that a child was replaced by a nursery before the age of three, and that he was more likely to have bad behavior and an indicator of his ability to deal with stress when he grew up.

Last year, Professor Lamb and colleagues conducted a study in 3,000 young children, and found that the level of the stress hormone cortisol in children 9 months before enrollment was a pair of unenrolled children of the same age.

Moreover, the younger the child in the nursery, the less stressful the child.

  To be good at decompressing children, Professor Lam believes that there is public opinion that mothers have stayed at home to look after children. In fact, this is not the real way to solve the problem. What parents can do is to send their children to a nursery and to pick them up.The child “unpacks”.

  Professor Lam said that nursery teachers often fail to help young children adjust and transfer stress because the main function of a child care center is “to maintain the harmony of the population and minimize irregularities”, which can harm children’s long-term emotional development.
  Lamb said that after picking up their children at home in the evening, parents should decompress them by creating a child-friendly atmosphere and encouraging them to go to bed early.

Lam mentioned that in the first few weeks a child is in a nursery, parents can try to go to the nursery to spend time with the child.

He pointed out that in Germany, parents would accompany their children to the new environment of the nursery for several days in a row; in the UK, “usually the faster the parents can leave the child, the better.”

  ”Our children have no real childhood” A new British study shows that many British parents are worried about their children’s childhood environment and changes in the way they play. They think that children have lost the “real childhood” they had as a child.

  Researchers surveyed the parents of 4,000 children under the age of 10 and asked them to list the current children who lost some of their childhood joy.

  More than half of parents said that in the past, children liked to play traditional games such as hopscotch and chestnut games during the class, but now children play computer games whenever they have time.

Nearly half of the parents said that outdoor games in their memory, such as hide and seek, have been replaced by some high-tech games now.

The traditional bedside story has also changed.

Half of the parents said that their children had no idea about some of the fairy tales that had a profound impact in Britain.

6 tips to make makeup last longer


6 tips to make makeup last longer

The summer heat and sweat make it unavoidable that there is a layer of oil on the face.

The hot weather and sweat will make the skin oily. Most people encounter this problem and think that it is too much oil and dare not apply too much skin care products. In fact, this is often due to insufficient water, so I want to reduce the appearance.Secretion of oil and fat should start with moisturizing at the grassroots level. Use more refreshing moisturizing products to reduce oil secretion naturally.

In the summer, as the temperature rises, the skin’s oil secretion gradually becomes more and more serious. In the morning, it becomes a delicate and flawless makeup. At noon, it is baptized with facial oil and sweat. The makeup is easily wasted. Edit and collectHere are some expert tips on makeup for everyone, let’s share how to make good use of skin care products to make makeup look more durable.

  6 tips to keep your makeup fresh and long-lasting1. Pay attention to prolong the moisturizing summer heat and sweat, and it will inevitably appear a layer of oil on the face.

The hot weather and sweat will make the skin oily. Most people encounter this problem and think that it is too much oil and dare not apply too much skin care products. In fact, this is often due to insufficient water, so I want to reduce the appearance.Secretion of oil and fat should start with moisturizing at the grassroots level. Use more refreshing moisturizing products to reduce oil secretion naturally.
  2, essential moisturizing lotion When the bladder is covered with a layer of oil, you can try to wipe away excess oil with toner, which can moisturize the skin and take away oil.

Moisten the cotton pad with lotion, and gently rub the body in a circular motion. Do not underestimate this step. The refreshing texture can not only quickly replenish the skin with moisture, but also soften the dead skin layer.May wish to put cotton pads on the T position for 1 to 2 minutes to reduce the secretion of oil.

  3. Remove dirt from pores. The high temperature in summer makes the dead skin on the face especially easy to accumulate. The pores are not smooth enough. Of course, the secretion of oil is exuberant. Thick dead skin will also make the makeup thicker.Products, remove dirt, make up look not only more conscientious, it will be absorbed when applying skin care products.

  4. All-round oil control should keep the makeup fresh during the hot summer. Of course, it is necessary to “repair” excess oil secretion, because the excess oil will cause the foundation to float. When the foundation and concealer are dissolved, a line appears.The cracks in the strips greatly reduce the makeup.

I believe that regardless of the position of the eyes or the face, you must use appropriate skin care products to prevent oil from dissolving makeup.

  5, Zero-fat face cream is rich in oil. Of course, moisture is a must-do step. There is too much moisture in the underlying skin, so you won’t overflow too much oil.I think it’s best to choose a product with a refreshing texture, strong moisturizing effect, and excluding oil.

  6, oil control anti-drying base cream Although the oil secretion in summer is indeed more serious than in autumn and winter, but Xiaobian will not just replace the oil-excluded lotion. In fact, as long as it is not too moisturizing cream, she will use some gel or emulsion-like moisturizing products., Without strengthening the choice of makeup base cream, reducing the thickness and oil control effect, this can achieve moisturizing, and can effectively suppress the secretion of oil, makeup is naturally fresh and clean.

A certain diet can improve hair quality

A certain diet can improve hair quality

Thick, shiny hair reflects youthful vitality.

Some people’s hair is dry, scorched, dull, and easily broken.

.There are many reasons for this. They are related to mental factors, health factors, neuromodulation disorders, or nutritional metabolism. Paying attention to diet and health, and eating more hairdressing food is the secret of hair.


防止头发变黄,变暗的饮食:科学家认为头发发黄,变暗与多食甜食和肉类在血液中产生过多酸性物质有关,而蔬菜,水果富含的矿物质,能与酸结 合成Salts to maintain the normal pH of the blood.


Prevent hair dry, dull and easy to break diet: 30-40 hair changes every day and night is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Laboratory analysis shows that methionine and cystine are reduced and thioalanine is increased in the hair, which is the reason that the hair becomes brittle, dry and easily broken.

Soy beans and soy products, eggs, lean meat, mussel meat, sesame, walnuts, etc. should be converted to methionine and cystine.


Iodine-containing food and hair: Iodine can stimulate the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, and the thyroid hormone secretion is beautiful.

Therefore, eat more iodine-containing foods such as kelp, laver, sea cucumber, clams, etc.


Diet to prevent iron deficiency hair loss: Iron deficiency baldness accounts for about 30% of people with baldness.

Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron, so you should eat more foods containing iron and foods containing vitamin C, eggs, fungus, beans, canola, celery, lettuce, kelp, sesame, animal liver and other iron-rich,Tomatoes, dates, oranges, etc. contain a lot of vitamins.


Diet to prevent early white hair: The black and white of hair is related to the amount of melanin in the hair, melanin is secreted by hair mother pigment cells, and the activity of hair mother cells is related to nutrition in addition to age.

Therefore, you should eat more foods containing vitamin B group such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits, but also eat iron, copper and other trace elements and high protein foods, such as animal liver, kidney, egg yolk, beans, lean meatWait.

How to protect your hair in summer


How to protect your hair in summer

Coming into the summer, the hot sun will make the hair lighter, and if the hair is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will become dry and yellow, lack resistance, not soft and easy to break, and split ends.

If you are a swimming enthusiast, you will be even more annoyed by the chlorine in the pool water, so how to protect your hair in summer?

Xiao Bian came to answer this problem for everyone today!

  Summer conditioner is just like skin needs care, so does hair.

In order to have bright, refreshing long hair on a hot summer day, using a conditioner is a good choice.

  Dry hair: Because the hair scales in the hair structure have been damaged, resulting in hair shortage of water and oil, it will easily become dry when exposed to sunlight, severe yellowing, split ends, fragile and easy to break, soWhen choosing a conditioner, pay attention to whether it has a moisturizing effect, so that your hair can breathe deeply like the skin.

  Oily hair: When freshly washed, it does give people a refreshing feeling; but under the strong irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the hair mixed with sweat is extremely greasy and sticky people can’t stand it.

Fortunately, there are conditioners that control oily hair styles to keep oily hair dry and comfortable for a long time.

  Weak hair: This kind of hair loses its elasticity due to the extreme lack of nutrition, and it is fragile and fragile. Therefore, it is best to replace the hair conditioner with nutrients.

  The repair of hair after sun protection protects the hair from the sun, which is a “homework” in summer.

Go out the strongest vortex of the sun in a day, it is best to hold up a parasol or wear a sun hat.

Simple, but also learn how to repair hair after sunburn.

  Normal hair: After the scalp and hair have cooled down naturally, choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair, and use clean water close to the temperature of the scalp to thoroughly clean.

  Dry hair with split ends: insist on shampooing and conditioner for dry hair every day, and use the hair conditioner every other day for split ends.

  Yellowish Hair: Choose a shampoo and conditioner shampoo that has a darkening effect, and use a brightening and conditioning conditioner twice a week.

  Poor elastic hair: Use a full-bodied shampoo and conditioner that improves the quality of your hair, repairs weak hair, and enhances the elasticity of your hair.

  Care of swimming hairs One problem that cannot be ignored in summer swimming is to pay attention to protecting beautiful hair.

Swimming enthusiasts are often troubled by chlorine in the pool water, so how to protect hair?

  Before swimming: Mix conditioner and water and apply it evenly on the hair. Rinse slightly to form a protective film on the hair, or evenly coat the hair with conditioner to fully isolate the chlorine and salt water.

  After swimming: On a hot summer day, the girl will not give up the coolness and comfort after a short period of exercise in the water, and will choose a leisurely place to blow the cool breeze.

At this time, don’t forget to use the conditioner to do another treatment to the hair to resist the air and the sun damage to the hair.