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Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Too many people often have nightmares at night. In addition to waking in the middle of the night, it seriously affects the quality of sleep, and in the next day of study, they feel tired at work, have difficulty concentrating, and sleepy.

So repeatedly entangled by nightmares, even destroying the body.

So how can we prevent nightmares from eroding our health?

  Why are you entangled in nightmares and why do you dream?

Regarding the physiological and psychological mechanisms of dreams, they have not been satisfactorily resolved in science, but two points are quite certain: one is that external stimuli can cause dreams.

Some scholars have put ice water on sleepers, and awakened them with flashes and sounds to stimulate sleepers. As a result, they found that the proportion of certain stimuli programmed into dreams was 42%, 23%, and 9 respectively.%; The second is thinking day by day and dreaming at night.

Many scientists who study the content of dreams have found that dreams often experience daytime experiences.

From these two points, it is not difficult to find that as a type of nightmare, there are at least two reasons for its formation: 1.

The body has developed some undetected diseases.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of organic diseases always has certain specific symptoms.

However, at the beginning of the disease, because the stimulus information received is weak, and other alternative stimulus information is very weak in the awake state. At this time, the weak stimulus that occurs can cause the cerebral cortex to be excited, which will appear in dreams.All kinds of pathological horrors.


Strong emotional depression during the day.

An American psychologist has reported such an example: a woman often dreams that a big wave pushes her to the sea, while others are far away from her, she is always stunned and unable to even help the word “help”shout out.

Psychologists have learned through surveys that this woman has a heavy burden of work and housework, and often feels invincible, but she is unwilling to ask for help from people around her.

The menacing scenes in her dreams are precisely the special contradictions in her life.

Psychologists told her that as long as it can reduce the tension and depression in life, nightmares will say goodbye.

  Eight tricks teach you to get rid of nightmares 1.

Take a walk or enjoy music in the suburbs 1 hour before bedtime to maintain a relaxed and happy mood.


It is not advisable to eat dinner, and do not eat snacks before going to bed.


1 hour before going to bed should stop nervous mental and physical work, avoid watching irritating movies, books and newspapers.


Do not smoke or drink alcohol or coffee before bed.


It is not good to develop the habit of sleeping on time.


Take off your outerwear and wear pajamas or undershirts and shorts when you sleep.


Pay attention to the sleeping position and develop the habit of lying on your side.


The quilt should not be too warm or heavy, and the pillows should not be too high or too stiff.

  Extension: Four types of drugs can cause nightmares while sleeping. One is antipsychotics.

Such as perphenazine, fluorophenol-alcohol and chlorpromazine, in addition to causing terrible dreams, patients may also experience depression, sleep disturbances, and hallucinations.

In addition, the classic drug barbiturates, which have been in existence for more than a century, are prone to bad dreams and dreams after discontinuation.

The antidepressant paroxetine, 7% of patients will have withdrawal reactions, such as nightmares, paresthesia and dizziness.

  The second is cardiovascular drugs.
Beta-adrenergic receptor antagonists, such as propranolol, betaloc, and tranquillity, are mainly used for the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris, and can also treat anxiety.
But a variety of drugs may cause sleep disturbances, dreaming and hallucinations.

Clonine and methyldopa can also cause sleep disturbances, especially in the early stages of medication.

  Third, antibiotics, such as clarithromycin, may cause short-term adverse effects on the central nervous system, including worry, insomnia, hallucinations, bad dreams or blurred consciousness; Naloxone antibiotics (such as ofloxacin) can cause tension and insomnia, Worry, nightmares, increased intracranial pressure, etc.

Therefore, patients with complications or suspected central nervous system disorders, such as severe cerebral atherosclerosis and seizures, should be used with caution.

  Fourth, antiviral drugs, amantadine is the first antiviral drug approved in the United States, and can now also be used in patients with tremor paralysis.

Its common adverse reactions are hallucinations, mental breakdown, dizziness, bad dreams, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Pyrrolidone is the drug of choice for the treatment of schistosomiasis, but there may be side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, and dreaminess after taking the drug.

It’s the key to catching symptoms in the spring, coughing and coughing.

It’s the key to catching symptoms in the spring, coughing and coughing.

1, wind, heat, cough, wind, heat, cough, generally showed a strong cough, sputum less color yellow is not easy to cough, dry throat, red tongue, thin yellow fur.

Treatment: Baking Orange Material: Orange Method: Use a chopstick to make a hole in the center of the orange bottom, stuff some salt, wrap it in aluminum platinum paper and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. After taking it out, peel off the orange peel and eat it hot.

Or dry the orange peel into dried tangerine peel, add water to sauté tea, and drink it with a big mouth.

2, cold cough, cold cough, generally manifested as frequent cough, itching, heavy itching, white and clear, nasal flow clear, pale tongue, thin white fur.

Treatment: Perilla tea material: Perilla, brown sugar practice: dry the dried basil leaves into a coarse powder, brew with boiling water, add sugar, drink on behalf of tea.

Suitable for the early stages of a cold.

3, lung heat cough, lung heat cough generally manifested as cough weakness, sputum thick yellow, accompanied by dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, urine red, red tongue, thin yellow fur.

Treatment: Xue Erlianzi ribs soup: snow fungus, lotus seed, lily, ribs practice: wash the snow ear, lotus seeds, lily, ribs, add water and put it into the pot to boil, 煲 3 hours.

4, lung dry cough, lung dry cough, generally manifested as dry cough without sputum or sputum, nasal dry throat, thin tongue coating.

Treatment: Chuanbei steamed Sydney material: Chuanbei, Sydney, rock sugar practices: first hollow out the heart of the pear, the Chuanbei grinding into powder.

Then put the Fritillaria powder into the heart of the pear, then put the rock sugar and steam for 40 minutes.

5, lung yin deficiency lung yin deficiency generally manifests as cough hoarseness, dry cough less sputum or sputum with blood, throat dry, five upset hot, night sweats, red tongue or little moss or no moss.

Treatment: mulberry mint drink material: mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, bitter bamboo leaves, Rhizoma Imperatae, mint practice: put the five materials together into the teapot, soak for 10 minutes with boiling water, drink frequently, or add after cooling.

These are the five common cold cough symptoms and related diets that are common in spring.

You can choose according to your own situation.

If you are not sure, you are advised to go to the hospital.

Tomato Pork Liver Lean Soup for Anemia

Tomato Pork Liver Lean Soup for Anemia

Tomato Pork Liver Lean Soup is one of the spectrum of anemia diet medicine, it is very helpful to improve symptoms, let Xiaobian tell you how to make tomato Pork Liver Lean Soup is the best!

  Ingredients for tomato pork liver lean broth: Main ingredients: 300 grams of tomatoes, 80 grams of pork liver, 80 grams of pork (lean) Supplements: 50 grams of potatoes (yellow peel) Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of MSG, 10 grams of vinegar  The practice of tomato pork liver lean soup: Wash the tomatoes, cut four pieces each; potatoes are peeled and washed; the lean meat is washed and sliced; the pork liver is sliced, rinsed with water, the plasma is washed away, and marinated with vinegar 10Wash in minutes.

  Marinate the lean pork and pork liver with seasoning for 10 minutes, add boiling water, and boil and cook.

  Put potatoes and tomatoes in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 20 minutes with low heat, simmer pork liver, lean meat until the meat is cooked, add salt, and MSG for seasoning.

How to reduce the chance of sickness in newborns?

How to reduce the chance of sickness in newborns?

The immune characteristics of newborns often show that the immune system is not mature enough and its functions are not perfect; it has not been exposed to various pathogens in the external environment of the uterus, and has not been exposed to a wide range of antigenic substances such as food proteins;The effect of maternal antibodies makes the newborn’s physiological immunity low.

  Most of the newborn’s serum immunoglobulins (Ig) are maternal IgGs that pass through the placenta. Their own IgG synthesis capacity is low and their content is small. The growth and development of children after birth will gradually increase blood circulation.The concentration drops rapidly.

Neonatal leukocyte production and storage are relatively small. When they reduce infection and severe disease, they will increase the consumption of white blood cells, thereby reducing phagocytosis and bactericidal activity.

  Therefore, strengthening the immunity of the newborn and reducing the chance of the baby’s illness is something that every parent needs to pay attention to. The immune status of the newborn is closely related to the nutritional status, the type of replacement, and the benign stimulus after birth.Solutions to boost your baby’s immunity.

  Option 1: Reasonable nutrition The neonatal period is characterized by high nutritional requirements and limited digestive and metabolic functions. Therefore, not only a sufficient amount of nutrition is required to ensure growth and development, but it cannot be replaced in excess, so as not to cause excessive obesity in the newbornThe burden is to properly grasp the most decisive influence of proper nutrition on physical fitness and resistance.

  Supplementing balanced nutrition every day can meet the needs of the body and improve immunity.

Protein is the main component of immune cells and antibodies. Once the protein lacks recombination, the immune function is reduced.

Vitamin C stimulates the body to make interferons. Supplementing enough vitamins can increase antibodies, remove viruses and bacteria, and thus enhance immunity.

Others such as folic acid in carotene and nutrients, vitamin B12, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc and enzymes are also related to immunity.

  Option 2: Although the immunoglobulin from the mother provides some antibodies during the period of vaccination, it is still a highly susceptible person for many infectious diseases.

Vaccination is an effective method to combat germs. Early and effective vaccination can be used to prevent the occurrence of the largest infectious diseases of newborns, such as tuberculosis and hepatitis B.

  The function of the cellular immune system in the neonatal period is relatively mature, and it has been able to respond to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Therefore, BCG infection is currently performed after birth, which can play a corresponding immune effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Hepatitis B vaccine in the neonatal period has been proven to have a good immune response effect. Hepatitis B vaccine is vaccinated immediately after birth, and then vaccinated twice in the next 1, 6 months. It is believed that the preventive effect is positive and it can protect the newborn from infection.

  Solution 3: Breast milk replaces breast milk contains more immunoactive substances than milk substitutes. It can provide all the nutrients needed by the newborn: protein, trace amounts, lactose, vitamins, iron, especially breast milk contains anti-infective antibodies (immunityGlobulin) and anti-infective active white blood cells, bifidus factors, lysozyme, etc., they have enhanced immune function, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and reduce the chance of infection of the baby.

Premature babies who give birth early, due to replacement of antibodies obtained from the mother’s body, the autoimmune system is not yet mature, the skin and mucosal defense function is poor, and they are vulnerable to the invasion of pathogenic factors, and therefore, premature babies need breast milk replacement.

  Scheme 4: Neonatal Massage Massage is to stimulate a series of benign reactions of the systemic nervous, endocrine and immune systems through the skin’s mild sensory stimulation of the newborn, which can promote the secretion of hormones, thereby increasing children’s food intake, promoting food digestion, absorption andExcrete and accelerate weight gain.

The massage also activates your baby’s whole body muscles to make your body more robust.

In addition, skin irritation has direct and indirect effects on enhancing immune function, which is beneficial to the physical and mental development of newborns.

  In addition to strengthening the resistance of newborns and reducing the chance of infection of the baby, in addition to balanced and adequate nutrition, the promotion of breast milk replacement, vaccination and active and effective physical fitness, in addition to the baby’s caregiver to develop a good habit of washing hands and enhance indoor ventilationIt is also very important.

Lazy woman at home

Lazy woman at home

98% of people have fitness-related stuff in their homes, and then 98% of people only come across 52% of them when they clean the room.

Losing weight, and all the movements around the body, is in the end a war of one’s own.

It doesn’t matter whether we are at the gym or at home.

  The rise of the fitness boom has allowed a large number of citizens to purchase small fitness equipment to exercise at home, which is convenient without worrying about possible dangers in public places.

But amazing came with it: fitness at home was less effective than in the gym.

  According to the instructor of a fitness center, many people report that they are tired after exercising at home. That’s because they usually feel boring during exercise, and crowd training is effective in eliminating boring feelings.

At the same time, improper fitness methods can easily lead to insignificant fitness effects.

Fitness experts do not advocate strength training such as barbells at home. Without the guidance of a professional fitness instructor, this can easily cause muscle strain.

In addition, if you want to buy large fitness equipment, you must choose a well-known brand, otherwise interference such as noise will also affect the mood of the bodybuilder, and a good brand of good shock absorption will also reduce the damage to the athlete.

  In addition, most fitness coaches recommend that the best time to exercise at home is generally dusk, and do n’t wear too casually during fitness. Be sure to warm up and relax before and after doing all kinds of sports, and be consistent

  You lack nothing, you lack action!

  ● How much more do you have for fitness?

Put them all together, or make a separate display for them in the cloakroom.

At the same time, when I see that I have many fitness options, will I feel that fitness is a tedious thing?

Counting You are good at at least 3 sports. Is it quite self-confident?

  Plan for fitness at home too!

  ● Make a detailed fitness plan with goals and timetable!

The weak-willed can ask for supervision.

  ● Invite a personal trainer to your home.

Guided practice is far more effective, safe, and feasible than blindness.

  ● Discomfort during exercise. Stop exercise and consult an expert.

  Suggestion: Learn from a professional in the gym before thinking about practicing at home.

  The fitness method for lazy people at home actually spends a little time every day doing a few simple exercises at home, which can also effectively realize your slimming dream.

Let’s take a look at the slimming program from the lazy home of Xenical Lightweight Club.

There are different ways for different statures!

Straight-legged figure: lack of curve, belly is prone to excess meat, which is what we often call a small belly.

  Practice steps: 1.

50 sit-ups, relax your body and prepare for the next move.


5 squats, each squatting state is maintained for 30 seconds.


Lift two 5-pound dumbbells with 25 left and right arms each.


Jump 100 times while keeping your arms straight forward.

(This action is a bit like a zombie, but it really works!

) Pear shape body characteristics: the lower body is stronger than the upper body, the upper body is thinner, and the excess meat is mainly concentrated on the hips and thighs.

  Practice steps: 1.

50 sit-ups, relax your body and prepare for the next move.  2.

50 left and right legs are raised vertically.


Lift two 5-pound dumbbells, left and right arms 30 times each.


Bounce 75 times while keeping your arms straight forward.

Hourglass body features: The upper and lower body are very strong, the waist is slender, and the weight gain or loss is biased towards the whole body, not partial.

  Practice steps: 1.

25 sit-ups, relax your body and prepare for the next move.


50 left and right legs are raised vertically.

Lift two 5-pound dumbbells with 25 left and right arms each.


Jump 100 times while keeping your arms straight forward.
Find the body type that corresponds to you, and then do the above movements. Do at least 4 complete exercises a week. After 10 days, you can have obvious results.

You can exercise at home. Do you have any excuses for laziness?

After reading the newspaper, take action, squeeze the laziness in your body, and restore your slim body.

  Introduce 4 kinds of sports, let you easily complete at home, or enhance your physical beauty, make you a beautiful, beautiful crush.

  Have a firm thigh lying on the side, with the upper leg bent on the knee and collected on the floor to keep the body balanced forward and backward. When the lower leg is stretched and relaxed, it will be on the floor.

  To prevent low back pain and leg training, lie on your back on the floor, bend and align your feet, keep your feet as wide as your waist, put your hands on the sides of your body, and start breathing.

While exhaling, push your hips hard to raise your waist.

Remember not to touch the floor when your chest is down.

  Body side waist movement Sit on the side of the body, hold one hand behind the head, insert the other hand into the side of the body, and inhale.

While exhaling, raise the elbow of the arm behind your head to straighten your body side.

This action can shrink both sides of the body and make the waist thinner.

  The abdominal movement lies flat on the ground or bed, with your legs raised together at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground. With your hands behind your head, use the power of your abdomen to lift your head and your legs.Ministry and gravity try to touch together.

This action can effectively eliminate excess meat in the abdomen and tighten the muscles in the upper and lower abdomen.

Hip-hop fitness exercises must first study skills

Hip-hop fitness exercises must first study skills

Guide: Hip-hop fitness sports must first study the skills of hip-hop, known for its dynamic, active, stimulating, etc. With hip-hop, only the whole body can be required to play the role of sports and fitness.

Therefore, hip-hop is also popular among young people and has become one of the fashions sought by many young people.

  From the technical requirements, experts believe that everyone is suitable for hip-hop, whether introverted or extroverted, regardless of age, unless you are really uncoordinated or unhappy.

  But before starting hip-hop exercises, be sure to move your joints to avoid injury during the jump. Beginner hip-hop should go from easy to difficult, and you don’t have to pursue the difficulty and skill of the action. It is recommended that participants master the basics of aerobicsAfter learning.

  At the same time, you should choose a coach that can arouse your interest in continuing learning, and you will be happy when you take the initiative.

As a professional executive leader, Zhang Manlei believes that the level of competition in hip-hop is constantly improving, the scope of expansion is constantly expanding, and it is necessary to actively integrate, showing the health and fashion charm of hip-hop.

  The competition is exactly a promotion of hip-hop for leisure sports.

The administrative system of sports plays a role that cannot be replaced by the people.

The competition is to continuously improve, not only to maintain the original street dance, but also to develop it as a form of sports.

  For those who are committed to the development of hip-hop, while their movement performance and dance form have reached a high level, they have not paid enough attention to the injury caused by strain. Some movements are anti-regular, so they should be guided from freewheeling to attention.

  Tips: Whether as a dance or as a cultural phenomenon, let hip-hop gradually standardize.

Skills can be done and skills can be developed, but it must be accompanied by an exercise process. By adding physical capabilities, muscles and joints, it cannot be simply imitated learning. There is no place and no place.Health training is harmful to the body, and it must be continuously classified and technically regulated.

The four heart methods that TCM must know

The four “heart” methods that TCM must know

Is there any simple rule or summary in TCM health?
Of course, today, Xiaobian recommends the four “heart” methods of traditional health care that you have summarized by experts. Come and learn together.
銆€銆€The first big law of health care cultivates interest and mind. We often hear patients say: “Doctor, I had a fight with my family that day, and my mood was very bad. As a result, angina pectoris occurred.
The chaos is bloody, the gods are bloody, so controlling emotions and maintaining a peace of mind are also important for raising the heart.
銆€銆€Method: (1) sit still and sit down, sit on the chest, abdomen and adduct, put the right hand in the front of the left chest, close the eyes, and let the spirit enter a quiet state.
Slowly adjust the breathing, so that the breathing speed is slow and deep, the right hand gently rubs the heart clockwise, one breath and one breath, one breath, one massage, 36 laps.
This method can stabilize emotions, run blood, and nourish the mind.
銆€銆€(2) Cultivating good hobbies Generally speaking, we say that we should have some hobbies and hobbies. Here are a few simple references: Words for the heart, books for the heart.
Calligraphy embodies the unity of form and spirit fostered by Chinese medicine.
In addition, poetry, music, dance, drama, musical instruments, chess, flowering, etc. are all very healthy, can calm down the impetuous mood, and are very helpful to the heart.
銆€銆€(3) Consistency in words and deeds The unity of words and deeds keeps the human body in a state of harmony.
Being a person who is consistent with words and deeds can reduce the occurrence of contradictory psychology, reduce contradictory self-blame and self-interrogation, help reduce the occurrence of negative emotions, and reduce the influence of excessive and excessive thinking on the mind and gods.
銆€銆€The urban elite of the 30s and 40s, due to the pressure of long-term work and the overdraft of physical strength, began to realize the importance of health.
They are also gradually raising heart disease, coronary heart disease and other diseases that endanger the health of the heart.
Experts suggest that the status of the heart has always been important, so health care can start from the “heart”.
銆€銆€The second big law to maintain the heart to maintain the heart of the yang. The fundamental principle of protecting the heart is to maintain the heart’s yang, which is its power.
Wu Huanlin believes that it can replenish the lungs.
銆€銆€Life lies in exercise, and exercise plays a first role in the health of the heart.
The purpose of aerobic exercise is to enhance cardiopulmonary function and increase cardiopulmonary endurance.
During aerobic exercise, blood can supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle. Oxygen can fully decompose sugar in the body, enhance and improve heart and lung function, prevent osteoporosis, and regulate mental and mental state.
銆€銆€Method: (1) Quick walk. Walk about 3 kilometers every day for more than 30 minutes.
Exercise about 5 times a week.
This insistence on exercise can improve myocardial contractility, eliminate coronary atherosclerosis, control blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, and regulate blood sugar.
銆€銆€(2) Taijiquan The focus of Taijiquan is “breathing adjustment, body relaxation.”
Playing a round of Tai Chi every day is a great benefit to the cardiovascular system.
Tai Chi makes the high-function movement of the muscles of the big and small legs, so that the human body has added many small pumps to help the heart work, which reduces the burden on the heart.
Because Taijiquan attaches importance to the training of the human body, it is conducive to the lowering of blood and blood, adjusting the body’s aging state, and can prevent high blood pressure and anti-aging functions.
銆€銆€The third major law of health maintenance maintains blood circulation and keeps blood circulation. “The culprit of coronary heart disease is arteriosclerosis. When blood vessel plaques are formed, high blood pressure and high blood fat cause thrombus detachment, which can induce acute myocardial infarction.
Therefore, experts believe that it is very important to keep the blood flowing smoothly for “nurturing the heart.”
銆€銆€鏂规硶锛氥€€銆€(1)鎸夊帇澶啿绌撮檷鍘嬫硶銆€銆€棣栧厛锛屾壘鍒板お鍐茬┐鐨勬纭綅缃紝瀹冨湪绗竴鍜岀浜岃冻瓒句箣闂?鍏舵锛岀敤澶ф媷鎸囨寜鍘嬫垨鎺愭绌翠綅锛屼互鏈夌柤鐥涙劅涓篠uitable, 3-5 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Chinese medicine believes that for sudden and sharp rise in blood pressure, the method of pressing or acupuncture on both sides of the rushing point can often receive a better antihypertensive effect in a short time.
銆€銆€(2) “eat” blood pressure, celery, into the liver, cold, low salt, high potassium.
“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “celery” can treat Ganyang dizziness, face red red and so on.
Therefore, celery has certain benefits for hypertensive patients with liver yang.
銆€銆€In addition, like black sesame seeds, black beans, mulberry and other foods, often eat liver and kidney, benefit the essence of blood.
Especially for patients with kidney deficiency type hypertension.
銆€銆€(3) Let the blood vessels “do gymnastics” It is said that the traditional Chinese medicine master Deng Tietao has the habit of alternating bathing with hot and cold water. This method can strengthen the vasomotor movement, accelerate blood circulation, increase blood vessel elasticity, and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions.
There are certain benefits to preventing vascular sclerosis and keeping the blood vessels open.銆€銆€Specific methods: first wash with warm water, then rinse with a little cold water.

When bathing, the choice of water temperature should be appropriate.

Warm water should not be too hot, the human body feels warm and comfortable, generally 38 掳C-43 掳C is appropriate; when cold water rinse, the water temperature should not be too low, the human body feels slightly cool, generally about 25 掳C.

Xiao Bian recommended: improving the immunity of life, health and health, the fourth law, moral health, starting from the cultivation of morality, those interpersonal relationships are well handled, willing to do good things anytime, anywhere, willing to sacrifice their own interests, willing to help others,The mortality rate is lower than those who argue with each other for the small profits, stubborn, unsociable and careless.

5 times.

銆€銆€Wu Huanlin said that good psychology and spirit can promote the secretion of more beneficial hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine in the body. These substances can regulate the flow of blood, the excitation of nerve cells to the best state, and maintain good function of heart and blood vessels.

How does the office sitting family relieve physical discomfort?

How does the office “sitting family” relieve physical discomfort?

Sedentary and maintaining a posture can easily stress the spine, causing muscle fatigue, which can lead to cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, tenosynovitis and the like.
In order to effectively alleviate the physical discomfort caused by sedentary and long-sightedness, the old Chinese medicine doctor has selected the four-step method of office fitness, which is easy to learn, and everyone can experience the fun of working gap movement.
Work gap four steps fitness 1.
The chest is erect, the two hands are in the back, the shoulders are clamped and drooped, and the arms are lifted up with the chest. The higher the better.
When lifting the arm, inhale as much oxygen as possible with your nose and exhale when you put it down.
This method can help to say goodbye to hand discomfort and back fatigue.
Calm alternate breathing Sit straight, right thumb on the right side of the nose, index finger, middle finger on the bridge of the nose, ring finger on the left side of the nose.
Squeeze the nostrils on the left, lift your thumbs and inhale for 5 seconds with the nostrils on the right.
Put your thumb down on the right nostril, hold your breath for 5 seconds, then let go of the left nostril and exhale for 5 seconds.
Inhale with the left nostril and exhale with the right nostril.
This method is able to calm emotions and keep a clear head.
Stretch the neck upright, gently tilt your head to the right shoulder, and breathe evenly with your nose; after one minute, change to the other side.
Relax, mix and breathe, and work with meditation.
This method helps relieve cervical fatigue and relieve anxiety.
The waist and abdomen movement is upright, the legs are separated by about 1 meter, and the toes are forward.
Take a deep breath, slowly raise your left hand over your head, exhale, slowly pour your body to the right, place your right hand on the right leg side, breathe normally, and keep the action for 5 to 10 seconds.
Take a deep breath, slowly reset your body, exhale, lower your arms, and relax.
Swap the right arm to do the same.
This method can reduce the stiffness of the waist muscle caused by sedentary.

4 kinds of thin arm movements, such as slim arms


4 kinds of thin arm movements, such as slim arms

There are many ways to thin arms, which can effectively thin arms, a variety of thin arm movements, an effective thin arm method allows you to have slim arms.

If you want to have a slim arm, look at it, it will give you a slim arm.

銆€銆€Here are some simple thin arm recipes. Just keep it for more than two weeks, you can lose your aunt on your arm and exercise a little strong muscle. Don’t forget to buy a sleeveless dress to show you.The beauty of the arm!

銆€銆€鈼?The first thin arm recipe: 1.

Hold the dumbbell or the bottle of water (or sand), straighten from the front to the back, remember to stick your ears to do this.


Slowly put it down and repeat this action fifteen times. When you finish it, you will feel sour and sour on your upper arm. That’s right, do it forty-five times a day, and you can do it separately.

銆€銆€There are many ways to thin arms, which can effectively thin arms, a variety of thin arm movements, an effective thin arm method allows you to have slim arms.

If you want to have a slim arm, look at it, it will give you a slim arm.
銆€銆€Here are some simple thin arm recipes. Just keep it for more than two weeks, you can lose your aunt on your arm and exercise a little strong muscle. Don’t forget to buy a sleeveless dress to show you.The beauty of the arm!

銆€銆€鈼?The second thin arm recipe: stretch the right arm, bend the left shoulder scapula to the back, press the right arm joint with your left hand, and touch the left shoulder scapula, then stretch the height, change the side left and right, so do the action every day.Times.

銆€銆€If you feel that your arm is sour when you first do it, it means that you are moving to that part.

銆€銆€鈼?The third thin arm recipe: 1.

Straighten your hands forward and extend your feet to shoulder width.


Draw a circle with both hands, 20 times beyond the circle.

Draw a circle 20 times inward.


Draw a circle without drawing too much, using the power of the arm, not the palm.

銆€銆€鈼?The fourth thin arm recipe: 1.

Stand straight, feet open about shoulder width, arms open to both sides, slowly circle forward.

This is focused on tightening the muscles on the upper side of the arm.


The body stands straight, feet open about shoulder width, arms open to both sides, and slowly circle backwards.

This is focused on tightening the arm bones and the muscles of the skull.


Do not scratch the circle too much to avoid hurting the joints of the elbow.

Body shaping underwear beauty expert


Body shaping underwear beauty expert

From 1991, and even earlier, some underwear manufacturers began to promote body shaping products, the name of the body: shaping underwear, shaping your beautiful body shape.

Therefore, the women who love beauty began a new round of pursuit after taking medicines, sports and other weight-loss measures: the body.

銆€銆€In order to cope with the ever-changing demand market, manufacturers have also racked their brains to upgrade their products, from the initial only underwear to the now three-piece body shaping overall underwear, from the thickness of pure cotton + elastic fiber toSome new materials are added to some parts of the underwear for filling, and some of them are also added with magnetic sheets and magnetic strips, all of which are said to have a certain magnetization function.

銆€銆€So, is the effect of body sculpting underwear really as good as advertising?

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that at present, the actual effect of body-building underwear is far from the advertising. At present, the national technical supervision department believes that the underwear with the body-building function has no random inspection results or related standards, especially regarding the magnetization of the magnetic sheet used in underwear.There is no professional standard. In addition, the role of magnetic therapy is different from person to person and there is no fixed standard. Therefore, it cannot be said that it must be a good thing for everyone.

In addition, there are unscrupulous traders who sell inferior underwear products. The inclusions are not magnetic sheets but other inferior metal sheets. Even underwear does not have a body shaping function, and it will seriously damage the health of consumers.

銆€銆€According to the survey, the causes of pain caused by inducing, in addition to physical, sitting, action and other factors, most of the factors have increased the underwear, especially body shaping underwear.

Narrow body shaping underwear will bind the muscles and body. When riding the car, lifting objects and exercising, it will hinder the normal body movement. Over time, it will cause the hips to become rigid and cause permanent back pain.

銆€銆€After that, the author wants to remind the relevant parties to re-regulate the body shaping underwear market. It seems that in the future, the manufacturers will chase the profits and damage the consumers. I also hope that our female friends will not be superstitious to use only a standard humanoid iron hoop.The idea that the body is tightly bound to achieve the desired shape.

Women who are eager to have a beautiful curve should exercise more, in order to achieve a true body effect.