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Watch out for these 10 black tooth foods

Watch out for these 10 “black tooth” foods

It’s not because you hold your teeth that you don’t smile because you don’t have a row of neat and white teeth!
I never expected that the “tadpole” that caused the teeth to turn yellow and black turned out to be a frequent food-coffee will yellow the teeth and tomato sauce will erode the enamel . So not only do you have to brush your teeth every morning and evening, after eating the following 10 kindsRemember to rinse your mouth in time!
  1. Coffee Dark coffee is one of the culprits causing tooth discoloration.
Drinking coffee not only causes the teeth to turn yellow, but also may cause pigmentation. The pigmentation time is prone to yellowing, which may cause stains.
But brushing your teeth often, especially after drinking coffee, has little effect.
When drinking coffee, add a little milk to help dilute the coloring in the coffee. Be sure to rinse your mouth after drinking.
  2. Pigments in soy sauce and soy sauce will also “contaminate” the teeth.
While eating sushi dipped in soy sauce or other foods containing soy sauce, it is best to drink green tea or rinse your mouth immediately after eating.
  3. Ketchup and tomato are highly acidic fruits and vegetables, and the color is bright, so tomato sauce will also erode the tooth enamel.
Experts say eating ketchup should be moderate.
In addition, eating a vegetable salad before eating ketchup can form a protective layer on the teeth.
  4. Balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar are dark in color and contain a variety of acidic substances, which easily cause tooth discoloration.
Balsamic vinegar can be eaten with lettuce. The barrier of lettuce has a protective effect on the teeth.
  5. Red wine and acid in wine can cause tooth staining and tooth enamel wear.
Therefore, it is recommended that you drink water and rinse your mouth after drinking red wine.
  6, black tea drinking tea has a variety of health effects, but the pigments in dark tea such as black tea can stain teeth, affecting aesthetics.
The more you drink this type of tea, the greater your chance of tooth discoloration.
Therefore, you must rinse your mouth after drinking black tea.
  7, ice cream Delicious and colorful ice cream contains a variety of pigments, which will make teeth “color”.
In addition, low temperatures and sugar in ice cream can make teeth more prone to discoloration.
  8. Hard candy: Eating hard candy can cause discoloration of the mouth and tongue and cause permanent coloring of the teeth. It is best to eat less colorful candy.
  Candy, snacks, and sweet drinks are all rich in sucrose, and there are many bacteria in the mouth. Among them, many kinds of bacteria can use sucrose and ferment and produce acid to demineralize the tooth surface and form caries.
Therefore, reducing the amount and frequency of sugar can reduce the incidence of dental caries.
  9, berries eating blueberries, blackberries, cherries and other colorful berries will cause the tooth enamel to form a thin “stain”.
After eating berries, it is best to brush your teeth and floss the teeth. The acid in the berries can also damage the enamel and cause teeth to become worse.
  10.Biscuit Who can think of cookies as the invisible killer of white teeth?
Many biscuits are made from refined carbohydrates. When they enter the body, they turn into sugar and become a breeding ground for bacteria that stain the teeth.
  Tips for protecting the oral cavity: 1. Unsweetened foods such as rice and steamed buns all contain carbohydrates. They can also be fermented by the bacteria in the oral cavity to produce acid and cause dental caries.
Therefore, you should pay attention to clean your mouth without sugar, and remove the sticky and food debris left between the tooth surface and between the teeth in time.
  2. Eating a little cheese after each meal can prevent tooth decay and promote enamel regeneration.
The same effect also has milk and yogurt, which can prevent tooth decay and make teeth shiny.
Because they contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus, they can promote the remineralization of tooth enamel.
  3. To protect your teeth, it is very important to adjust your diet. You must limit your intake of foods and beverages that can stimulate tooth pain, including cola, orange juice, apple juice, sour fruit juices and fruits, acidic soda drinks, spicy diet, pickles, and alcohol.(Especially red wine), etc., because these foods can dissolve the stained layer on the surface of the teeth, causing the dentin tubules to open and aggravating dentin allergies.

6 common traps for diet and exercise

6 common traps for diet and exercise

Introduction: Only the right way can achieve weight loss on the basis of ensuring good health.

Below, for you to correct some of the misunderstanding in the concept of weight loss.

  Myth # 1: Eating spicy food can help you lose weight.

  The effect of eating spicy food is not as great as imagined. Eating more spicy food will have an impact on the function of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the stimulation of gastric mucosa, and easily cause gastric bleeding.

In addition, eating too much irritating food will make the skin rough and prone to acne.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat more low-fat food is not easy to gain weight.

  Associate Professor Moore of Boston University School of Medicine reported at the 44th Annual Meeting of the American College of Cardiology on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention that teens who seldom eat dairy products, high-fat or low-fat diets, are more likely to be obese than those on a moderate diet.

In the process of weight loss, the aunt does not always replace the opposite role.

  Adults who eat it will not even be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and accidental decomposition can also inhibit adults’ synthesis in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet recommended by the American Heart Association includes moderate amounts of adults and more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

  Myth 3: Keep eating fruit meals to lose weight.

  Although fruits are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, the benefits of fruits are endless, but their nutritional content is single, especially the necessary unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

Long-term single fruit weight loss will inevitably cause protein, minerals and other nutrients in the body to be lost. Slowly, the body will issue a danger alert.

  A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body has a large number of comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which is harmful and not beneficial.

  Sports Slimming Misunderstanding One: The better the effect of exercise intensity.

  The exercise of weight-loss people should follow the principle of gradual change from person to person.

It is different from person to person, that is, it refers to different objects, different transitional conditions, and different treatments, and uses targeted physical exercise.

  The principle of gradual increase of exercise load gradually, only a certain intensity of stimulation can make the body adapt to change.

Too little exercise has no effect on exercise, but too much exercise will cause damage to body function.

  Do not take “overeating” methods during physical exercise, suddenly increase the amount of exercise or suddenly interrupt the exercise.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

  Myth 2: You can lose weight every 30 minutes of jogging.

  It is not scientific to lose weight.

Practice has proven that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightest in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen.

With the extension of exercise time, the amount of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that, regardless of the intensity of the exercise shorter than 40 minutes, the slight consumption is not obvious.

  Myth 3: More exercise can consume too much food.

  This can only be done occasionally.

It turns out that people who feel that they eat a lot and increase their physical activity can only gain weight in the end.

If habits are formed, the results can only be harmful.

If you often use extended exercise as an excuse for overeating, and you have actually turned yourself into an overtraining situation, then your body simply has no time to recover from the fatigue of overtraining.

  People who often overeat at one meal should increase their intensity slightly during the next aerobic exercise, or reduce the conversion of the next meal.

  For some patients with hypertension, it is always desirable to reduce weight to normal levels through weight-loss drugs within a short period of time, and it is best to lose 20-30 pounds a month.

As everyone knows, rapid weight loss is harmful and not beneficial. It is not easy to maintain weight loss results, the rebound rate is very high, and it is easy to cause severe overdrafts, malnutrition, and induce various unexpected diseases.

Step-by-step, weight-loss methods based on dietary control and reasonable exercise, and appropriate medical treatment according to the doctor’s order, are practical.

Master children’s five elements to teach children

Master children’s five elements to teach children

The greatest expectations of parents are nothing more than two things: one is that the child can be healthy and healthy, and the other is that the child can be happy for life.

Children are sick, parents are the most worried, children are disobedient, and parents are the most sad.

How to solve these two problems in one step?

We have to turn to the knowledge that our ancestors passed down.

  People always envy someone who teaches their children well, and there are a lot of books on educating children on the market, and some people really follow suit, but why is the effect not obvious?

It turns out that different children have to teach in different ways, and there is no fixed pattern to move them hard.

When children are born, they say there are differences: both gender and personality.

The difference in personality is actually the difference in the five elements of a person.

  The five elements of human beings are born by nature. Once everyone is born, their nature is biased.

Therefore, to plan the child’s health and temperament, you must first determine which group the child belongs to.

Someone may want to ask, when a child is born, the body is almost the same, how to judge its five elements?

We have another solution.

Mr. Wang Fengyi said: After the child was born, listening to his crying became a bias for knowing his nature.

The cry is anxious for the fire, slow for the water, and sometimes the cry is for the soil, and suddenly the loud cry is stopped, and the sound is clear and continuous is gold.

  Knowing what character a child is born with, we know how to teach him from an early age.

Which line a child belongs to is most likely to have the advantages and disadvantages of this line.

When the child is very young, it is completely natural, and its five elements are yang, but it is also very fast from yang to yin.

If the child is very small, and the five elements are pure yang, we just need to save it; if the child grows up a little bit, his habits and aggression will start to show up, and the five elements of his positive side will easily wake up.

Therefore, in which line a child belongs, we must first protect its positive side in this line, or draw the yin to gain the yang: For a wooden child, we must maintain or arouse his benevolent nature (yang wood) to prevent or dissolve his persistence (Yinmu).

For fiery children, keep or arouse his natural nature (yang fire) to prevent or resolve his impatience and greed (yin fire); for earthy children, keep or arouse his honesty (yang earth))) Nature, to prevent or resolve his suspicion, rigid (yin earth); for the golden child, to keep arousing his lively, enthusiastic, righteous nature (yang gold) to prevent or resolve his jealousy, frivolous(Yin Jin); For a water-based child, keep or evoke its soft, quiet nature (yang water) to prevent or resolve his laziness, stupidity (yin water).

This is the first step. If you can do this, the child is already excellent.

But we also want to add the icing on the cake, so we have a second step: we know that the five elements of Yang are born together, and the man is born in succession: Yangmu is born of Yanghuo, Yanghuo is born of Yangtuo, Yangtuo is born of Yangjin, Yangjin is born of Yangshui, Yangshui is born of YangmuWomen’s reverse birth: Yangmu grows yangshui, Yangshui grows yangjin, Yangjin grows yang soil, yang soil grows yang fire, and Yang fire grows yang wood.

We teach the child through the five elements, and follow the principles of the five elements, and teach him to do what is easy to do. Do not let him do what is difficult to do.

  Take wooden children as an example: If the child is a boy and a wooden person, we must train his yanghuo, and teach him to understand the truth from time to time, so that the child can easily become very sensible; it is best not to train himIt ‘s soft and quiet because it ‘s water-based. When you walk from wood to water, it ‘s retrograde. Retrograde can only produce overcast water, and children become lazy and weak.

We see a lot of thin, bullied little boys in school. This is the case. Their grades are often not good.

But not every thin child will be bullied. Smart, high-achieving children are often thin wooden children. That’s because of wood fire.

  If the child is a girl and a wooden person, we must cultivate her yangshui, teach her soft, quiet, and cultivate yang liquid.

Slim, tall girl, gentle temperament, quiet, cute.

If the girl of wood sex develops into the fire position, she will have a yin-huo, and she will become vain, arguing, and impatient. Therefore, we often see that thin and woody beauties are greasy and violent, and they are all

  Take the example of golden sex boys and girls.

The golden person is lively, with good faith, and has a good human relationship, speaking loudly and simply.

  Golden boy, easy to cultivate quiet, elegant Yang style.

Such a boy is lively but not frivolous, calm and righteous.

If you go to the soil, you are committing a rebellion, and it is easy to form shady soil, which is suspicious and dishonest.

A smart and smart child, if you always point out in front of him to be honest, don’t lie, he will have a rebellious psychology, and he wants to lie.

Because the golden child is very conscious, you teach him not to lie, he will think you think he is dishonest, so he is simply dishonest, and he wants to lie to you.

And he said that the level of lying would be very high, and everyone heard it, because he was smart and lively, and he would coax and flatter.

In this way, yin earth and yin gold have come out: cunning, hypocritical, and frivolous.  Golden girl, slick, lively and well-rounded, can speak.

Cultivating faithfulness and steady nature is a good guide for her character.

Do n’t cultivate her tenderness and quietness, because she ca n’t calm down here, in her own words, “I ‘m not a lady.” If there is really no way, she will simply shut her door, disappear, and sleep., More and more lazy, more and more upset, this is overcast.

Watch TV to lose weight coup: use fitness ball as bench to consume more time

Watch TV to lose weight coup: use fitness ball as bench to consume more time

Core tip: Use the fitness ball as a bench and sit on it for 1 hour, consuming 38 kcal track.

If your living room space allows, you can skip the skip rope, jump for 2 minutes, rest for 1 minute, repeat 4 times, it can consume 111 kcal volume.

The same effect can be achieved with two legs.

  In addition to wrong eating habits, more and more studies have proved that too much is closely related to watching TV.

Recently, the US “Shaping” magazine published the “12
tips to watch TV to lose weight” summarized by nutrition and fitness experts in New York, without prejudice.


If your living room space allows, you can skip the skip rope, jump for 2 minutes, rest for 1 minute, repeat 4 times, it can consume 111 kcal volume.

The same effect can be achieved with two legs.

Raise your legs high and jump. When you jump, lift one leg up and then lower it. Do 10 reps on each leg, and you can consume 42 kcal.


Standing in front of the sofa, squat slowly, stop when approaching the cushion, hold the posture for 1 minute, repeat 4 times, you can consume 80 kcal.


Lie on your side on the floor and raise your legs for 5 minutes, which can consume 50 kcal.


Draw a circle for 1 minute per second, repeat it more than twice, and consume 200,000 cards per second.


A trot in place can consume 30 kcal in one minute.


Lift dumbbells and other heavy objects, lift your hands over the head, your elbows are flush with your ears, and repeat the three sets of movements to consume 17 kcal.


Sit on the exercise ball, exercise the abdominal muscles for 1 minute, repeat 4 times, and eliminate 50 kcal drift.


Taking the exercise ball as a bench and sitting on it for 1 hour consumes 38 kilocalories.


1. Before the TV.

At 5 meters, the lunge presses the legs for 5 minutes and consumes 37 kcal.


Do sit-ups for 1 minute, repeat twice, and consume 35 kcal.

On the sofa, lift your legs high and kick your legs quickly for 1 minute. It can consume 30 kcal like a bicycle.

The practice of beauty saint almond milk paste

The practice of beauty saint almond milk paste

Almond milk paste has a strong almond fragrance, and has the effect of moisturizing the lungs. Almonds also have a beauty effect, which is suitable for babies and parents who have poor appetite in summer.

  Ingredients: peeled almonds, sugar.


  Practice: 1.

Add almonds and a small amount of water to the blender for three minutes.


After grinding, slag, boil, add milk, add sugar.

Then put less horse retinal powder, thick and feel free to simmer, put cold in the refrigerator for two or three hours, you can eat.

  The method is very simple, you try it.

The golden key to healthy mental health

The golden key to healthy mental health

According to the WHO, health is determined by four elements: 15% of parents ‘genetics, 17% of environment, 8% of medical care, and 60% of their lifestyle, of which 30% is psychological balance, a reasonable estimate is 13%, and moderate exerciseAnd smoking cessation limits accounted for 17%.

This shows that a good attitude is the most important for health.

  First, genetically related but not absolute.

Some people are fat, some are thin, some are in good health, and some are in bad health. What is the reason?

The first influencing factor is parents. If your parents are healthy, you are healthy. If your parents are more ill, you are more ill. If your parents have high blood pressure, you are more likely to have high blood pressure.

  Second, the environment.

The place is beautiful, the air is fresh, the society is harmonious and stable, and people must be less sick; air pollution, water pollution, lean meat in the meat, pesticides in the vegetables, heavy metals in the fish, health is difficult.

  Third, medical treatment.

Many young people don’t know their health now, they get sick and go to the hospital to find a doctor.

Doctors can cure diseases, but they cannot guarantee their health.

Doctors account for only 8%.

  Fourth, lifestyle.

This is the main force of health.

Among them, the psychological balance is 30%, a reasonable estimate accounts for 13%, and moderate exercise and smoking cessation limit accounts for 17%.

This shows that a good attitude is the most important for health.
  Doctors are better than health, medical treatment is not as good as food therapy, asking for others is worse than asking for oneself, and asking oneself is not as good as heart, Professor Hong concluded.

  There was a survey of centenarians. The centenarians who participated in the survey had a variety of lifestyles. One hundred centenarians had 100 ways to live.

Some people never eat meat, some people eat fat every day; some people never eat eggs, because egg yolk cholesterol is high, but some elderly people eat four eggs every morning; some elderly people do not drink alcohol, some elderly people drink alcohol from a young ageDrink at all three meals.

Some old people go to bed early and get up early, and some old people go to bed late and get up late.

The lifestyles of basic centenarians are diverse and strange.

This is diversity.

  However, they have one characteristic in common, that is, they have a good attitude.

All centenarians are open-minded, kind-hearted and at ease.

None of the centenarians was sentimental, irritable, with a small belly, and he didn’t care.

Their mentality is very peaceful and sunny.

  You say they love sports?

I haven’t found any athletes. Excessive exercise hurts my body badly.

But these people are very active, sweeping the floor, tidying the house, growing a la carte, and raising chickens.

What you eat is what you eat, only seven or eight full.

Occupations are also varied, spiked leather shoes, three-wheeled, teachers, housewives, so to sum up the main factor of longevity is good attitude.

  However, it is not easy to really achieve a good mentality.

This has to do with personal character.

Let’s look at an example. Someone, after work, went to the opposite side of the road to give two old chess players a move, others ignored him, and the more he looked the more anxious.

The player who played chess was very stinky. He was anxious for others. As a result, tuberculosis began to smoke, and the last one to die was dead.

The loser did not die.

People who play chess are not very good at playing chess, but their mental level is high.

Studies have shown great joy and sorrow, fear and terror, and death is the same as death.

  The United States reported a 53-year-old man went home, his son and his wife quarreled, and the son took the knife, rushed to his mother, reached his heart, and died on the spot.Dad was shocked when he saw it. He couldn’t take a step and died.

A forensic examination revealed that there was no disease, and it was the emotional fluctuations that caused the heart to move and died.

Usually people do not die for no reason, but it is easy to die due to cold, exertion, drinking, excitement, and quarrel.

  There is a good way to love each other in language.

A word of good, it is not honey but sweeter than honey, not poison is more poisonous than poison, not flower is more beautiful than flower, not arrow but sharper than arrow, it is “language”.

Bad language hurts the cold in June, and the good words are warm in winter.

  If you have an arrow in your body, pull it out for disinfection, breakage, or fracture, it will be almost a week, and you wo n’t be able to hurt your soul for a lifetime.

After the Wenchuan earthquake, Lu Xiuping had grown up, and the school was very beautiful, but the psychological damage had not recovered.

Psychological effects are long-lasting, and language has a great psychological effect.

  There is a 104-year-old lady who can do needlework at the age of 104.

The old lady said that there is no secret. The realization is that being a person has no heart or lungs, and can eat and sleep.

The old lady is 104 years old, careless and not upset, and has no lungs and is not angry.

The old lady’s son said that my mother’s characteristic is that she has a wide heart and a sweet mouth.

Lao loves to praise others, is good at polishing ordinary from the ordinary, looking at things from the bright side.

The old lady is good at her daughter-in-law, saying that her daughter-in-law is really good-looking, has a good heart, is especially good to her mother, and better than her daughter-in-law.

After hearing this, her daughter-in-law was happy and better for her, so the family enjoyed it and everyone was envious.

  There is a saying that smile does not cost, but it can create wealth; ignore it without spending money, but it generates power.

Parents who can educate their children are very aware of their strengths and progress, and encourage their children to grow very well.

Of course, it is not random encouragement, or even praise based on the child’s progress and merit.

  Now that society is under too much pressure, competition is fierce, and work is too busy, we can’t change society, we can only improve ourselves.

  Know the world with philosophy, observe society with science, cherish life with medicine, and treat life with Buddhism.

Be good at things, be good at others, and be right in life.

To be a man in advance, the instrument is precise, but to be a man cannot be fine. The more you are, the worse you are. No one dares to be good with you.

You must be kind and consider the problem as a whole. You cannot go to the extreme. The direction of the road is right, the small things are easy to handle, the general direction is wrong, and the small things are useless.

  The fate of a person accounts for 20%, the transportation account for 20%, and the remaining 60% are a few “choose the right.”

The first choice is the right direction, a wonderful life, and the direction is not in vain.

The second choice is to think right, to achieve a lifetime, to think wrong, to oppose one’s life.

The third choice is the right mentor. Wisdom is a lifetime. The mentor is not wasteful.

The fourth choice is the right partner, happy life, wrong partner, tears every day.

The Four Famous Supplements of Chinese Traditional Medicine

The “Four Famous Supplements” of Chinese Traditional Medicine

In the history of Chinese medicine for more than three thousand years, many famous doctors have created many famous medicines. Those that have been used by the imperial family and are still in use today are more classics in the classics.
As the Spring Festival is approaching, we have selected the most representative “Four Famous Supplements”, and invited experts from Chinese medicine classics to explain them one by one. During the long holiday, you can try to supplement one supplement.
  Shiquan Dabu Decoction is used to relieve fatigue. Shiquan Dabu Decoction is composed of 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines including ginseng, atractylodes, Poria, Zhigancao, Shudi, Baiji, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus and cinnamon.
There are many usages of Shiquan Dabu Decoction, which can be eaten directly as a tonic medicine. Generally, pharmacies have finished products for sale, called Shiquan Dabu Cream or Shiquan Dabu Pills, or you can add meat to make medicinal meals.
  Relieve fatigue: In modern society, people are under high pressure and have heavy physical and psychological burdens. Therefore, it is easy to cause deficiency of qi and blood. You can use Shiquan tonic to relieve nerves and relieve fatigue. Many traditional tea shops have made it into aTea is more convenient for people to drink at any time and replenish their strength.
  Post-operative conditioning: General surgery will cause injuries to the body’s qi and blood. Often, qi and blood deficiency may occur after the operation, and sometimes even affect the recovery of the surgical wound.
At this time, using the ingredients of Shiquan Dabu Tang and meat soup, taking it every day can enhance the blood and blood in the body and accelerate the recovery of the body.
  Cancer prevention: Japanese research believes that Shiquan Dabu Decoction has anti-cancer effects and can also be used as an adjunct to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and postoperative rehabilitation.
You can directly buy Shiquan Dabu cream from the pharmacy, and take one teaspoon each morning and evening to help the body to regulate qi and blood.
  Bazhen cake is best to strengthen the spleen. Now, our living conditions are better, but life is more irregular, so there are more problems in the spleen and stomach. Conditioning the body should start from the spleen and stomach.
In Bazhen cake, yam, lotus seed meat, barley, Poria, white lentils, and coriander are all foods for the spleen. They can play a great role in filling the spleen and stomach.
In addition, these foods are mild in medicinal properties, very nourishing, and suitable for people with indigestive diarrhea.
  Seasonal spleen supplementation: The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow. The spleen and stomach function is strong, and the food you eat can be better absorbed.
Chinese medicine believes that people with weak spleen and stomach can eat Bazhen cake to fill the spleen in all seasons.
  Raw materials: Bazhen cakes are 6 grams of ginseng, 100 grams each of Poria, Atractylodes macrocephala, Yam, lentils, osmanthus, lotus seeds, indica rice, 200 grams of japonica noodles, glutinous rice noodles, 200 grams of white sugar, and white honey.
Crush all kinds of raw materials, mix them with rice noodles and glutinous rice noodles, steam them into cakes, and eat them regularly to enhance spleen and stomach functions.
  Wuji Baifeng Wan is the best supplement to a woman’s body. Wuji Baifeng Wan is a famous gynecologist and has a history of 100 years.
Its main drug is the black-bone chicken. “Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that the black-bone chicken has the effect of nourishing physical weakness and weakness, especially for women with Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency.
Modern medical research also believes that chicken contains lysine, methionine, and histidine, which are indispensable to the human body, and can regulate human immune function and anti-aging.
  Regulate menstruation: There are many reasons for irregular menstruation. Wuji Baifeng Pill mainly has obvious effects on irregular menstruation caused by deficiency of qi and blood and insufficient yin essence. Generally, it is characterized by low menstrual flow, light color, thin texture and thin body., Fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, yellow or dull complexion.
  Prevention of “Early Menopause”: Chinese medicine believes that women’s kidney qi deficiency can easily lead to endocrine disorders, so nourishing kidney qi can prevent “Early Menopause” and improve the symptoms of menopausal syndrome.
  Can also be used by men: Chinese medicine recipes pay attention to evidence, there are no restrictions on men and women.
Men with qi deficiency or blood deficiency type diseases can also take Wuji Baifeng Pills, such as chronic hepatitis, stomach ptosis, night sweats, prostatic hyperplasia, and impotence.
  四物汤最养颜  四物汤是中医养血第一方,包括当归、熟地、川芎、白芍四位药,既能补血养血,又能活血调经的常用方剂,血虚者可用来补血,Blood stasis can be used to activate blood.
In addition, Siwutang can moisturize the skin and prevent aging.
  Physiological period conditioning: Women can drink Siwutang at the end of the physiological period, once in the morning and evening, and drink continuously for a week, which will help to nourish blood and restore the body.
  Improve menstrual flow: Siwu Tang is a nourishing blood formula, and derived from it are numerous “child formulas” and “sun formulas”. Among them, the Taohong Siwu soup is more famous, adding peach kernel and safflower flavor.The treatment of blood deficiency and blood stasis caused by excessive menstruation can also deal with threatened abortion and habitual abortion.
  Tonic: You can use Siwu Tang as a seasoning, use red dates, wolfberry, and rock sugar to mask the strong flavor of Chinese medicine, and add meat such as chicken and ribs to make a nourishing medicinal diet, which can help blood flow, make your face ruddy, and skin smooth, Replenishment and beauty.
  Special reminder: Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor before using the top medicine and use it according to your own situation.

Newborn baby should not take the train during the Spring Festival

Newborn baby should not take the train during the Spring Festival

The doctor reminded that the Spring Festival train was quite crowded, and newborn babies were not suitable for similar places, and it would be very tricky to handle accidents in the car.

  At 2.10 am, a father with a baby who was only 20 days old rushed to the medical station in the waiting room of the train station and cried that the child had difficulty breathing after being suckled 5 minutes ago.


Quickly save my child, she has just reached the breast and is breathing weakly!

The quietness of the waiting room of Guangzhou Railway Station was suddenly broken by the cry of a man.

I saw that he had the right baby in his arms, pale, and still spitting milk in the corners of his mouth.

  According to the doctor at the railway station of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong University of Pharmacy, the child was obviously unable to breathe when he was arranged for medical treatment.

Medical staff immediately carried out rescue measures such as oxygen delivery.

After the doctor’s treatment, the baby spit clean and sucked milk, breathing gradually and smoothly, and his face improved significantly.

Considering that the newborn is only 20 days old and the condition changes rapidly, the medical caregiver advises the child’s parents to suspend their return to the home while calling 120 to recommend that the child be hospitalized for observation.

After his father agreed, the station staff helped him refund the ticket and transferred him to the hospital for further treatment.

  The doctor reminded that the Spring Festival train was quite crowded, and newborn babies were not suitable for similar places, and it would be very tricky to handle accidents in the car.

Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Evil nightmares entangle you to sleep well all night

Too many people often have nightmares at night. In addition to waking in the middle of the night, it seriously affects the quality of sleep, and in the next day of study, they feel tired at work, have difficulty concentrating, and sleepy.

So repeatedly entangled by nightmares, even destroying the body.

So how can we prevent nightmares from eroding our health?

  Why are you entangled in nightmares and why do you dream?

Regarding the physiological and psychological mechanisms of dreams, they have not been satisfactorily resolved in science, but two points are quite certain: one is that external stimuli can cause dreams.

Some scholars have put ice water on sleepers, and awakened them with flashes and sounds to stimulate sleepers. As a result, they found that the proportion of certain stimuli programmed into dreams was 42%, 23%, and 9 respectively.%; The second is thinking day by day and dreaming at night.

Many scientists who study the content of dreams have found that dreams often experience daytime experiences.

From these two points, it is not difficult to find that as a type of nightmare, there are at least two reasons for its formation: 1.

The body has developed some undetected diseases.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of organic diseases always has certain specific symptoms.

However, at the beginning of the disease, because the stimulus information received is weak, and other alternative stimulus information is very weak in the awake state. At this time, the weak stimulus that occurs can cause the cerebral cortex to be excited, which will appear in dreams.All kinds of pathological horrors.


Strong emotional depression during the day.

An American psychologist has reported such an example: a woman often dreams that a big wave pushes her to the sea, while others are far away from her, she is always stunned and unable to even help the word “help”shout out.

Psychologists have learned through surveys that this woman has a heavy burden of work and housework, and often feels invincible, but she is unwilling to ask for help from people around her.

The menacing scenes in her dreams are precisely the special contradictions in her life.

Psychologists told her that as long as it can reduce the tension and depression in life, nightmares will say goodbye.

  Eight tricks teach you to get rid of nightmares 1.

Take a walk or enjoy music in the suburbs 1 hour before bedtime to maintain a relaxed and happy mood.


It is not advisable to eat dinner, and do not eat snacks before going to bed.


1 hour before going to bed should stop nervous mental and physical work, avoid watching irritating movies, books and newspapers.


Do not smoke or drink alcohol or coffee before bed.


It is not good to develop the habit of sleeping on time.


Take off your outerwear and wear pajamas or undershirts and shorts when you sleep.


Pay attention to the sleeping position and develop the habit of lying on your side.


The quilt should not be too warm or heavy, and the pillows should not be too high or too stiff.

  Extension: Four types of drugs can cause nightmares while sleeping. One is antipsychotics.

Such as perphenazine, fluorophenol-alcohol and chlorpromazine, in addition to causing terrible dreams, patients may also experience depression, sleep disturbances, and hallucinations.

In addition, the classic drug barbiturates, which have been in existence for more than a century, are prone to bad dreams and dreams after discontinuation.

The antidepressant paroxetine, 7% of patients will have withdrawal reactions, such as nightmares, paresthesia and dizziness.

  The second is cardiovascular drugs.
Beta-adrenergic receptor antagonists, such as propranolol, betaloc, and tranquillity, are mainly used for the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris, and can also treat anxiety.
But a variety of drugs may cause sleep disturbances, dreaming and hallucinations.

Clonine and methyldopa can also cause sleep disturbances, especially in the early stages of medication.

  Third, antibiotics, such as clarithromycin, may cause short-term adverse effects on the central nervous system, including worry, insomnia, hallucinations, bad dreams or blurred consciousness; Naloxone antibiotics (such as ofloxacin) can cause tension and insomnia, Worry, nightmares, increased intracranial pressure, etc.

Therefore, patients with complications or suspected central nervous system disorders, such as severe cerebral atherosclerosis and seizures, should be used with caution.

  Fourth, antiviral drugs, amantadine is the first antiviral drug approved in the United States, and can now also be used in patients with tremor paralysis.

Its common adverse reactions are hallucinations, mental breakdown, dizziness, bad dreams, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Pyrrolidone is the drug of choice for the treatment of schistosomiasis, but there may be side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, and dreaminess after taking the drug.

It’s the key to catching symptoms in the spring, coughing and coughing.

It’s the key to catching symptoms in the spring, coughing and coughing.

1, wind, heat, cough, wind, heat, cough, generally showed a strong cough, sputum less color yellow is not easy to cough, dry throat, red tongue, thin yellow fur.

Treatment: Baking Orange Material: Orange Method: Use a chopstick to make a hole in the center of the orange bottom, stuff some salt, wrap it in aluminum platinum paper and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. After taking it out, peel off the orange peel and eat it hot.

Or dry the orange peel into dried tangerine peel, add water to sauté tea, and drink it with a big mouth.

2, cold cough, cold cough, generally manifested as frequent cough, itching, heavy itching, white and clear, nasal flow clear, pale tongue, thin white fur.

Treatment: Perilla tea material: Perilla, brown sugar practice: dry the dried basil leaves into a coarse powder, brew with boiling water, add sugar, drink on behalf of tea.

Suitable for the early stages of a cold.

3, lung heat cough, lung heat cough generally manifested as cough weakness, sputum thick yellow, accompanied by dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, urine red, red tongue, thin yellow fur.

Treatment: Xue Erlianzi ribs soup: snow fungus, lotus seed, lily, ribs practice: wash the snow ear, lotus seeds, lily, ribs, add water and put it into the pot to boil, 煲 3 hours.

4, lung dry cough, lung dry cough, generally manifested as dry cough without sputum or sputum, nasal dry throat, thin tongue coating.

Treatment: Chuanbei steamed Sydney material: Chuanbei, Sydney, rock sugar practices: first hollow out the heart of the pear, the Chuanbei grinding into powder.

Then put the Fritillaria powder into the heart of the pear, then put the rock sugar and steam for 40 minutes.

5, lung yin deficiency lung yin deficiency generally manifests as cough hoarseness, dry cough less sputum or sputum with blood, throat dry, five upset hot, night sweats, red tongue or little moss or no moss.

Treatment: mulberry mint drink material: mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, bitter bamboo leaves, Rhizoma Imperatae, mint practice: put the five materials together into the teapot, soak for 10 minutes with boiling water, drink frequently, or add after cooling.

These are the five common cold cough symptoms and related diets that are common in spring.

You can choose according to your own situation.

If you are not sure, you are advised to go to the hospital.