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Life Comprehension of Tai Chi Exercise


Life Comprehension of Tai Chi Exercise

The Taiji diagram has an S-shaped curve, which divides a circle into yin-yang fish, which vividly shows the interaction between the two factors of yin and yang.

There are gains and losses in life, there are shun and reversal, there are wins and losses, there are advances and retreats, there are glory and shame, they are like Taiji diagrams, and the opposites exist in everyone.

銆€銆€The lecturer of the Tai Chi exercise is to combine the virtual and the real with the nature, the movement is divided, the static is the same, the more is not too late, the song is extended, the upper and lower are followed, the inside and outside are combined, and the left and right look forward.

Therefore, the Tai Chi exercise is a full-hearted, all-round aerobic exercise.

Our dealings and thinking should also follow the trend, dialectically analyze the problem, and seek the method of cracking.

This is the outstanding “or accepting or releasing, swaying, and changing dragons” in Tai Chi.

銆€銆€The change in Taijiquan is based on the principle of “Zhongzheng”. It adjusts itself according to the movement of things. It pays attention to impartiality, and it is too much to be self-cultivated.Hehe, you go to me, yin and yang change, carefully try to figure out, really accumulate for a long time, “introducing the room into the room”, “focus on the person, standing in the middle of the Zheng Anshe; supporting eight sides, the gas is like the Kowloon Pearl”, to the soft grams.

Tai Chi Chuan’s “with chest and back”, to be a man is not to be humble and not to be exuberant, to fall into the generous; Tai Chi Chuan said “virtual collar to push the top”, to be a man is to be arrogant and upright; “the body must be based on correctness”, “not biased””I don’t care, I don’t have to wait.” I am taught to be a man; I am doing it with awe-inspiring temperament, and I am not suitable for it. “With the heart of the emptiness, raising the gas in the heart,” brings me to the righteousness;”Shen Shen Dan Tian”, so that I am in a world of impetuousness and enjoy the quiet heart; “cultivating the yuan, diligent and hard training”, “unclear, extended master, unclear, visit good friends”, “transportation in one”In my heart”, let me understand the rationale of career development; “Yunrou Chenggang, rigid and soft”, “introduction into the void, four or two dials”, “the magic machine is from the heart”, so that I can understand the true meaning of boxing skills.The depth of thinking has enabled me to apply Tai Chi theory to practice, and many difficult problems have been solved.

銆€銆€Tai Chi Chuan pays attention to the slow movement, and the combination of one stroke and one breath makes the body’s various organs have sufficient oxygen absorption to achieve the purpose of fitness.

The stretch of the gestures contains the open mind and the momentum of the sea.

“Be able to respect and be quiet, self-sufficiency and evil spirits”, teach me to respect and respectfulness, and treat myself to be truly peaceful.

What food to eat is good for genital itching


What food to eat is good for genital itching

What food is good for genital itching?

This is everyone’s concern, genital itching is a waste of many women’s ills.

They have caused great mental damage to them. Experts pointed out that getting leukoplakia must cause cognition, and should also pay attention to diet.

So what food is good for the genital itching?

Next, let’s take a closer look.

What food to eat is good for genital itching. 1, a balanced diet, genital itching, the overall dietary principle of women is to ensure a balanced diet, eat less meals, diet as light as possible.

If the body’s immunity is more likely to be infected with gynecological arthritis, then from the perspective of improving the body’s immunity, first of all, pay attention to supplement the excess water, and then avoid the waste of trace elements, especially to avoid calcium, iron, zinc,Selenium, rich in protein and so on.

2, crude fiber diet crude fiber helps female patients with normal metabolism, if women’s poor bowel movements will easily lead to toxin deposition in the body, resulting in poor body quality, it is generally recommended that patients can eat more crude fiber foods, such as red beans,Oatmeal, corn, sweet potatoes, etc. These foods are very helpful for initializing exercise, helping to speed up the body’s metabolism and avoid bacterial growth in patients.

3, supplemented with rich vitamin C female genital itching eat what food is good?

Fundamentally, vitamin C is very beneficial to people’s bodies, so it is generally recommended that you can increase the absorption of vitamins inside the body by supplementing fruits and vegetables, and the lightness of the diet can help alleviate itching and other alternatives.It does not react adversely with the drug, so it can be safely consumed.

Recommended genital itching patients diet therapy 1, kelp mung bean soup take kelp 250 grams, 100 grams of green beans, sugar amount, chopped kelp, and mung bean, sugar and water to cook soup, drink soup to eat kelp and mung bean.

Once a day, even for 10 days.

This can clear away heat and dampness and relieve itching, and is suitable for genital itching caused by damp heat.

2, mutton yam porridge to 50 grams of mutton, melon 150 grams, 100 grams of yam, has 50 grams of rice, first the previous rice plus water porridge to eight mature, then mashed lamb, diced melon,The yam of diced is boiled in the porridge, and the melon is eaten. After the yam is boiled, the salt is added and the MSG is seasoned.

1 night in the morning and evening, even for 7 days.

This side can be warm and yang, suitable for genital itching caused by qi and blood deficiency.