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5 Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Regimen: Sunbathing on the Foot to Prevent Heat Stroke

5 Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Regimen: Sunbathing on the Foot to Prevent Heat Stroke

TCM foot health can achieve the purpose of curing diseases and strengthening the body.

Because there is a direct connection between a specific part of the foot and various organs in the body, there is a reflection area of each organ at the bottom of the foot. After some organs are displaced, they can be reflected on the reflection area. Massage and stimulate the correspondingThe reflective area can promote local blood circulation.

So, how does traditional Chinese medicine promote the health of the whole body through the health of the feet?

  First, tapping the soles of the feet to relieve fatigue Every night before bedtime, tapping the soles of the feet with your fists can eliminate the fatigue of the day.

Appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet by tapping promotes blood circulation throughout the body, enhances visceral function, and restores vitality as soon as possible.

The correct tapping method is centered on the soles of the feet, radiating to the surroundings rhythmically, with a slight degree of pain, or you can sit cross-legged on the bed or chair, and place your feet on the other side of the leg.Easy to tap, about 100 times per foot.

  Second, shaking your feet promotes poor blood circulation throughout your sleep, which can lead to visceral disorders, sub-health symptoms such as headaches and loss of appetite, and simple foot stimulation to promote blood circulation.

Lie on your back with your feet shaking in the air, then rotate your feet like a bicycle, as long as 5?
Within 6 minutes, blood circulation throughout the body will improve.

People who are afraid of cold in winter if they do this before going to bed will feel their whole body warm and help improve sleep.

  Third, footbath photo-proof heatstroke sunbathing is a natural remedy that promotes physical health. Letting the sole of the foot known as the “second heart” sunbathe can get unexpected health effects.

The ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the soles of the feet, which can promote the metabolism of the whole body, enhance the function of internal organs, and strengthen the body.

Those who sunbathe the soles of the feet are less prone to heatstroke in the summer and less likely to catch colds throughout the year.

When the weather is fine, can the sun shine directly on the soles of the feet in the air every day?
For 30 minutes, do not expose the sun through the glass, because most of the ultraviolet rays will be absorbed by the glass.

  Fourth, rubbing the toenails, anti-forgetting rubbing the toenails has the effect of enhancing memory. You can grab the big toe bones of your feet for rubbing and rubbing exercises.
For 3 minutes, you can also use your hands to do the slicing exercise to rub the small toes, just rub 5 minutes before going to bed.

  Fifth, step on tennis to eliminate constipation. When your feet are tired, use tennis to stimulate the soles of your feet to relieve them.

When you start to turn tennis, the soles of the feet will be quite painful. After insisting on renewing, the pain will gradually become comfortable, and the fatigue of the feet will be eliminated unknowingly. This method will also help eliminate constipation.

Singing after a party meal is harmful to your health

Singing after a party meal is harmful to your health

I often meet up with friends and colleagues, have a good meal first, and then go to KTV to K song together. It has become an inertia mode.

Singing can make people relax and feel happy, but it should also be moderate.

Experts remind that this seemingly smooth pastime is actually not good for your health.

  Satisfaction with singing is harmful to health “Some people say ‘satisfying and singing hungry.’

The person playing the musical instrument can only feel confident after blowing up, but the singing should pay attention to dandan. If you eat too much, the sound will not be loud and it will affect your health.

If you sing continuously, the vocal cord mucosa will become congested and edema.

This can cause blood vessels to rupture and bleed, causing acute vocal cord inflammation, hoarseness, sore throat, and even symptoms of congestion and rupture of the throat, dyspnea, and decreased lung function. In severe cases, vocal nodules and vocal cords will appear.Polyps and so on.

  Insufficient voices When singing, too many people use their voices improperly or even “abuse” in order to show their “strength”. When they encounter treble, they “roar” loudly. This can easily damage the vocal cords and the muscles that control the vocal cords.Causes hoarseness.

  Tobacco and cold drinks cause injuries. Many people drink cold drinks, smoke and drink while singing, which also hurts their throats.

After drinking alcohol, people are very excited, and the vocal cords will be congested. At this time, excessive use of the throat may easily cause damage, such as swelling of the throat and dumb voice the next day. Drinking cold drinks will expand the throat after singing.Blood vessels suddenly contract due to cold stimuli, shrinking blood circulation, aggravating edema of the laryngeal mucosa, resulting in loss of sound.

  Long-lasting K-songs with longer hearing damage are not only harmful to the throat, but their high decibel noise may also cause hearing damage.

The volume of the KTV singing environment is above 100 decibels, and the echo in the room will cause damage to the ears.

Singing after meals also affects gastrointestinal digestive function. After fullness, stomach capacity increases, stomach wall becomes thinner, and blood flow increases. At this time, singing accompanied by downward movement of the diaphragm, increased abdominal pressure, milder cause indigestion, and severely cause stomach.Intestinal diseases and other diseases.

  Menstrual K song harms many women during menstruation is not suitable for K song, women during menstruation, due to changes in the body’s sex hormone levels, vocal cord capillaries are congested, showing mild edema, blood vessel walls are more fragile than usual, and individual severe cases can manifest as an increase in the entire vocal cordThick, suspended, and congested.

At this time, if you sing too much, speak loudly or move the pharynx too much, it will lead to excessive fatigue of the vocal cords, rupture of the capillaries, causing vocal cord bleeding and hoarseness.

If it causes excessive damage, it will be difficult to repair.

  K song notes It is recommended to go to K song one hour after a meal.

At this time, the food in the stomach is basically digested, and the congested throat is also resting, which is the best time to sing.

It’s best to ‘warm up’ before singing.

Choose some easy songs to sing, stop after singing two, and let the vocal cords take a rest. During the K song, pay attention to protecting your voice, master your vocal skills, and avoid using your voice excessively.Rest and avoid living in KTV rooms. Unventilated environments can easily cause headaches, dizziness and other discomforts.

  During the K song, pay attention to hydration at any time. In addition to boiled water, you can drink chrysanthemum tea, honey water and other beverages.Not bad.

Remember not to drink cold drinks or beer immediately after singing, this is not good for your throat. If you only have these two, you should also put them in your mouth for a while to avoid excessive stimulation of cold drinks.

Wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep trying these 4 methods_1

Wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep trying these 4 ways

Click to buy Whether it’s hot summer or cold winter, you may wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sweating or shaking.

Failure to re-sleep will affect the normal rest of the human body, reduce the quality of sleep, and even be unhelpful to the body, it will also affect work the next day.

  Dr. Michael Grandner, a member of the American College of Human Body’s Physical Sleep Medicine Program, explained the phenomenon: “The body temperature is closely related to sleep quality, and body temperature is most likely to fluctuate at night.

At the beginning of the night, people will feel that the body temperature is appropriate at this moment, but by the middle of the night, the body temperature will drop to the lowest value, and you may wake up at that time.

“If you want to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep, try these 4 ways to improve your sleep.


The bedroom temperature is controlled at 16-22 ° C. For most people, the room temperature is controlled at 16-22 ° C, which is more conducive for people to sleep sweetly and securely.

Too high or too low temperatures can disrupt sleep and wake you up in the middle of the night.


Eat less spicy food for dinner Many people love spicy food, but often ignore its effects.

If you eat too much spicy food at dinner time, your temperature will rise and it will be difficult to fall asleep at night.


Taking a hot bath before going to bed has data that shows that if you take a hot bath before going to bed, your temperature will rise, but after taking a bath, your body temperature will naturally begin to drop. Instead, the temperature drop will make you fall asleep quickly.


Appropriate additions and subtractions of body temperature, room temperature, and quilt temperature while sleeping will affect each other.

If you are a person who is particularly sensitive to changes in body temperature, you can add or remove clothes according to your body temperature to keep your body temperature within a suitable range.

  If you always wake up in the middle of the night, try the suggestions above.

May be the key to getting back to sleep.

Experts suggest creating a relaxed family atmosphere

Experts suggest creating a relaxed family atmosphere

Sudden landslides before the exam. Many candidates feel helpless when they experience the “plateau phenomenon”, even affecting their mentality and learning.

Some candidates mistakenly believe that their brains are dying, they cannot remember, and there is a mass of paste in their heads, so they lose their confidence in the college entrance examination and the middle school entrance examination.

Some candidates have very fluctuating emotions, producing worry, tension, anxiety and even fear.

  ”I always feel that I will study well at home. When I return to school, I will still be among the best, and I will definitely be admitted to a prestigious university.

“Tong Tong is reluctant to go to school, and his mother is very worried; refusing, begging, and beating are all useless.

  Du Juan, a counselor at the Psychological Counseling Center in Lianhu District, said that Tongtong’s recognition of a famous university and the excessive motivation of the exam will lead to high tension and fear, depression and other emotions before and during the test.

At the same time, in the long-term tense preparation review, he continued to study under fatigue, and the brain could not reach 100% of the surface area during the learning process, and some places might have been “sleeping”.

This is one of the root causes of the “plateau phenomenon”, and the direct consequence is often a decline in learning efficiency and inability to handle the content, which is already difficult to reflect in a short time.

  How to adjust the mentality to get out of the “plateau” and “plateau phenomenon” is it really so scary?

How do students get off the “plateau” before the test?

Psychologist Du Juan reminded candidates and parents that from now on, they must not only actively adjust their mentality, but also get out of the “plateau” through diet.

  Psychological adjustment is the first step.

A reasonable motivation can keep students clear-headed, can help students build a good self-awareness system, and constantly improve their confidence and determination.

Stable emotions allow students and parents to focus attention and to withstand the stress of the test.

  Therefore, to create a relaxed, joyful family atmosphere.

Du Juan reminded parents to have a sense of trust and confidence in their children to create a relaxed family atmosphere.

Candidates have no family pressure, and their excitement is high.

When they are on the scene, brain cells will be excited, thinking quickly and responding quickly.

Five elements of perfect sex


Five elements of perfect sex

Complete sex contains many elements. Do you know everything?

If these elements are lacking, the quality of your sex will be greatly reduced, and even problems like this will occur.


Let the visual world enter the sex of life: a husband once told that he never saw his wife’s vulva.

Their sexual life is “when the black light is on fire.”

At the time of the wedding, when he opened the electric light and wanted to see the “black box” part of his wife during sex life, his wife immediately turned off the electric light and was no longer willing to have sexual intercourse.


“So, since then, he never thought about lighting up the lights.”

This deprives the right to visually participate in sex life.

銆€銆€In fact, even in ancient times, people’s sexual life has long allowed visual participation.

When people describe the environment of sexual life, they can’t live without the old saying that “the night is quiet and the light is clear.”

If they are all carried out in the dark, they completely deprive them of the right to participate in sex life, which obviously reduces the fun.

Because at this time, the vision fully understands the static sexual organs and estrus areas, and also understands the whole process of sexual life and the position and movement of both sides. In addition, the communication between vision and vision plays an important role in deepening and developing future sexual life.The role.


Sexuality – the subtle effect of emotions Hearing: The arousal of sexual desire requires not only visual participation but also auditory participation.

The brochures that introduce too much sex life are all about the effects of living in a sexual life.

In fact, the sex life between couples must have both love and sexuality.

Sexuality (a variety of feelings about sexual life, various language requirements), for newlyweds, is not used to it, because after all, just changed from an unmarried character to a married character.

The application of love words and even sexual words should have a gradual process.

銆€銆€Even the love words and sexual intercourse between husband and wife will enrich the rich life, and even the rapid breathing of the other party, the snoring, and the subtle sounds of the sex organs will produce emotional effects.


Sexual taste sensation: Kissing, kissing other parts of the body, all of them are giving full play to the sensitive feeling of taste.

The feeling of this taste is wonderful.

In the sense of taste, it is necessary to give full play to the tongue, especially the sensitivity of the tip of the tongue.


Sexual odor-regulatory scent “Indicator olfactory: It has two effects on the sense of smell: one is the smell from the opposite sex body, including the body odor, which is the natural odor; the other is the various fragrances, which are artificial odors.This odor plays an important role in creating a regulated life environment.

When one party is using this smell, it actually outputs such information to the other party: preparations for sexual activity begin.

Both of these odors will arouse people’s passions at a certain time and place.


The “catalyst” touch of tactile- orgasmic: If vision, hearing, and taste are all preparing to inspire a person’s lust, touch will push the work to a new stage.

The sense of touch is extensive. It consists of the process from virtual to real, from top to bottom, from the inside and the outside, from shallow to deep, from static to dynamic.

Hug, kissing and even caressing, are all triggered by the sense of touch.

For both sexes, especially for women, after the lust is aroused, it is very eager.

The peak of touch should be the contact, insertion, twitching and agitation of the sex organs.

The pleasure at this time should be said that both sides are “giving and giving what the other party does not have.”

Or both parties are “inserting, accepting or accommodating what the other person desires.”

At this time, the male masculinity and the gentle and soft heart of the woman have been fully exerted.

6 most effective foods for bowel cleansing

6 most effective foods for bowel cleansing

Guide: Is the poison out of your body?

Due to poor eating habits in life, constipation or difficulty in defecation are often caused, and some of the skin may appear dull and dull, which is a direct manifestation of excess waste in the body.

So, what kind of food is the most effective intestinal cleansing food?

The following Chinese medicine experts recommend 6 most effective intestinal cleansing foods for you to quickly remove garbage from your body.

  The first category: the most effective intestinal cleansing vegetables. All fresh green leafy vegetables are effective for constipation because they are rich in substituted fiber.

Green leafy vegetables are mostly alkaline, which can neutralize excessive acidic substances produced in sugar, meat, eggs and metabolism in the diet, so that body fluids remain weakly alkaline, thereby removing toxic substances from the blood.

For regular vegetables, choose radish leaves, greens, rape leaves, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale and so on.

  Focus on celery: 1. Celery is a high-fiber food with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. It produces a substance of lignin or intestinal fat through intestinal digestion. A substance is an antioxidant.Can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria.

Generally, it can speed up the operation time of feces in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa, and achieve the purpose of preventing colon cancer.

  2. Celery has a higher iron content, which can supplement women’s menstrual blood loss. It is a good vegetable for patients with iron deficiency anemia. It can avoid pale, dry skin, and a dull complexion, and it can have eyesight and black hair.

  3. Celery is the first choice for adjuvant treatment of hypertension and its complications.

For vascular sclerosis, there is an adjuvant therapeutic effect.

  4. The leaves and stems of celery are rich in substances and uniquely aromatic, which can enhance people’s appetite.

Celery juice also lowers blood sugar.

Regularly eating celery can neutralize uric acid and acidic substances in the body, and has a better effect on preventing gout.

  Recommendation: Juice from parsley will taste better with a few drops of lemon.

  The second category: the most effective intestinal cleansing fruit is optional lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugar cane juice, green plum, apple, tomato and so on.

Although the fruit taste is mostly sour, it can become alkaline during metabolism in the body and can keep the blood alkaline.

In particular, they can “dissolve” toxins that have accumulated in cells and eventually excreted through the excretory system.

  Focus on bananas: bananas are cold, and some people with cold stomachs can eat bananas for steaming and have good breakfast.

  The third category: the most effective intestinal sweet potato sweet potatoes have anti-cancer effects. The most anti-cancer nutrients in the diet are β-carotene (vitamin A precursor), vitamin C and folic acid.The contents are relatively rich.

A small sweet potato (about 2 weights) can provide 2 times the amount of vitamin A needed by the human body each day, a dispersed amount of vitamin C needed every day and about 50 micrograms of folic acid; most of them contain more than a bowl of oatmeal.
  The antioxidant effects of β-carotene and vitamin C increase resistance to oxidative stress against the damage to genetic material DNA, and play a certain anti-cancer effect.

  Eating sweet potatoes often helps maintain normal folic acid levels in the body, and low levels of folic acid in the body increase the risk of cancer.

The high content of plasma fiber in sweet potatoes can promote inflammation and peristalsis, prevent constipation and colorectal cancer.

  Sweet potatoes are good for potassium, β-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6 caused by heart sweet potatoes, all of which prevent cardiovascular disease.

Potassium helps the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance, maintains normal blood pressure and heart function.

  β-carotene and vitamin C have antioxidant effects and prevent atherosclerosis.

Folic acid and vitamin B6 supplementation can help reduce homocysteine levels in the blood and can damage arteries and are independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

  The fourth category: the most effective intestine-clearing beans. In addition to more rich protein, miscellaneous beans other than soybeans, black beans, and green beans are starch-rich foods that occupy more fiber.
  Focus on the nutritional value of red adzuki beans, which can be used for beauty and slimming-red adzuki beans contain more saponin impurities, which can stimulate interaction.

Therefore, it has a good diuretic effect, can detoxify and detoxify, and is beneficial to heart disease and kidney disease, edema; It contains a large amount of precipitated fiber, has good bowel and laxative, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood lipids, regulates blood sugar, detoxifies and resistsCancer, prevent stones, bodybuilding and weight loss; Red adzuki bean is expected to be folic acid food.

Maternal and nursing mothers eat red adzuki beans to promote lactation.

  Fifth major category: The most effective foods for enterobacteria, algae, and algae are mushrooms, kelp, laver, black fungus, etc. These foods have phytochemicals, which can prevent cancer and resist cancer, and have a good effect of eliminating heavy metals.

  Kelp and seaweed contain a lot of gum.

Can promote laxative allergic toxins with the stool.

It is beneficial for cancer patients to eat more kelp when receiving chemotherapy.

These are alkaline foods that have a blood purification effect.Eating kelp and laver can reduce the incidence of cancer.

  Black fungus black fungus can inhibit platelet aggregation, can reduce cholesterol, and is beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The gelatin in black fungus helps to disperse and collect the dust that remains inside the human digestive system, and excretes it, and cleans it for implantation.

  The sixth category: the most effective intestinal tea drinking tea can make people feel refreshed, full health value, while drinking tea also promotes urination, one of the best ways to detoxify.

  Green tea There are many detoxifying factors in green tea. They are easily combined with toxic substances in the blood and accelerate the excretion from urine.

Drinking green tea often can prevent cancer and reduce blood fat.

Smokers drink more green tea to reduce nicotine damage.

  Focus on Pu’er tea First of all, Pu’er tea is mild in nature and warms the stomach without hurting the stomach.

This is especially true for cooked Pu’er tea.

Fat people generally recommend drinking Pu’er tea.

Pu’er tea can lower blood lipids: Many medical experiments prove that continuous drinking of Pu’er tea can reduce blood lipids by 30% (depending on individual). In one experiment, the hospital gave 20 patients with hyperlipidemia to drink 3 bowls of Yunnan a dayAfter one month of tea, it was found that adults in the patient’s blood were reduced by almost a quarter, while blood samples of patients who drank the same amount of other tea did not change significantly.

This can polish the special effect of Pu’er tea in reducing blood fat.

  As early as in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there are records of “Pu’er tea flavor bitterness, degreasing cattle and sheep poison . curbing intestinal drainage”, which mentions the effect of Pu’er tea degreasing and greasy weight loss.

  Summary: These six categories of foods are full of added fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

It can clean up intermediates and maintain the health of intermediates.

Suitable for long-term health.

Give love a break

Give love a break

Five stages of love: the first stage-deeply in love.

At this time, either side of the couple is completely affirming the image of the person they love, and after separation, the other person’s figure will appear in front of the eyes like a movie, which is very attractive and attractive.

In the meantime, if one party misses the details (such as missing a contract while watching a movie), the other party will not only blame it, but will also have compassion.

  The second stage-love begins to cool.

If two people are not together at this stage, one or both sides no longer always have the other figure in their minds; but as long as the other person reappears in front of them, they will immediately get excited.

But if two people are dating, because one side is not punctual, and the other side waits a little longer, then the other side will get angry and immediately show a grudge expression and emotion.

  The third stage-feelings begin to fade.

Both sides or one side no longer miss the other side as they did in the past, worrying.

If a lover behaves improperly, she will be angry, angry, and angry. At this time, the lover must lose her smile or cause some kind of expression of interest to anger.

  At the third stage, one of the husband and wife is better off on business, or going out on a family trip, traveling, braking to reduce the contact between the two parties, so that the couple ‘s relationship can be “rested”, and then the love can be heated up and restored to the first stage or the secondThe status of the stage.

  The fourth stage-the relationship between the couple continues to cool down.

At this time, this situation often occurs: the presence of the spouse always causes unreasonable upset, and some of his or her behaviors are exaggerated into intolerable shortcomings.

The couple often quarreled with each other about a trivial matter, and the family continued to smoke.

The other party wanted to ease the atmosphere, but the action was slightly slower, and this party thought that the other party deliberately left out and would chatter endlessly, complain, and lose their temper.

  The fifth stage-the relationship deteriorates.

The spouse is no longer An Qi in her mind, but she has become a “hateful selfish ghost”.

Since then, my life has become gray, no vitality and meaning . Love in this period has a crisis, either cold war or violence, often troubled to divorce.

  The marriage period is like the growing season of crops. If a problem occurs at a certain stage, after maintenance and repair, it is possible to eliminate various misunderstandings. After re-run-in, the marriage status of the first stage is at least the second stage.

  Unfortunately, in real life, the cycle of emotional changes between husband and wife is often not the same, and at least one of the two parties does not manage emotions, stubbornly or even paranoidly handling the misunderstandings, contradictions and conflicts that have occurred, making love astray.Divorce became the final tragedy.

  As the saying goes, “the young couple come and stay together”, the couple can support each other and take the journey of life together, can grow old with their heads, is definitely the most ideal and the happiest.

Of course, to get a happy marriage, the most important thing is to learn to manage marriage, there are many ways.

  So, is there any way to prevent the fourth and fifth stage of the relationship between husband and wife, or there is a transformation that can be reversed?

During the experiments conducted by Zachaibin volunteers, he found that restoring love, that is, giving vacation to love, and letting it have a “sleeping period”. As a result, many people have come out of the painful and even hysterical deep love pain and regained it.Happy marriage in a new sense.

  Love needs vacation and marriage needs to be managed. This is one of the experiences of those who are happy with marriage. It can be inserted and imitated by all who enter the marriage hall.

Raising the kidney is not just a matter for young people.


Raising the kidney is not just a matter for young people.

When it comes to nourishing the kidneys, many people respond normally to young people, because they are always inextricating the kidneys for various reasons in their lives, which leads to a crisis of kidney function. This is a kidney disease caused by human factors.

In fact, in addition to young people, middle-aged and older people need to know how to raise kidneys.

Because of the increase in age, people’s resistance is declining, and the resistance of middle-aged and elderly patients with kidney disease is relatively weak.

Therefore, in addition to active treatment, middle-aged and elderly patients with kidney disease should also understand how to do more scientific protection of the kidneys in daily life.

First, controlling salt intake and eating more salt can easily trigger high blood pressure, which is one of the first occurrences of chronic renal failure.

If the salt intake is too much, the burden on the kidneys will increase, which will lead to high renal filtration. Over time, it will accelerate kidney fatigue and cause kidney damage.

Second, drink plenty of water in the daily routine must develop the habit of drinking more water, because water can dilute the urine, allowing the urine to be quickly discharged, both to prevent stones and to avoid damage.

Third, control of blood pressure, long-term high blood pressure can lead to renal arteriosclerosis, renal dysfunction, can cause nocturia, polyuria.

Therefore, in addition to taking drugs on time to control blood pressure, you should also control not to eat foods that cause high blood pressure.

Fourth, avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach. Old people are used to getting tea in the morning, but drinking tea on an empty stomach is a very unhealthy habit.

Because tea contains a lot of caffeine, it has a diuretic effect, which will increase the burden on the kidney.

Fifth, avoid urinary urinary If the long-term regular urinary retention, the pressure in the bladder increases, it is bound to damage the metabolic function of the kidney excretion waste.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should not urinate.

Only the kidneys are good, the wife is assured of your health.

How to create body weight gain


How to create body weight gain

First, go to the specialist examination to see if there are pathological factors.

After excluding pathological factors, be aware that the expected blending must be reasonable, diverse, and not partial.

In addition to eating meat, eggs, and poultry rich in animal protein, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts and rich residues.

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is full.

銆€銆€Of course, pathological wasting (caused by disease), the common diseases leading to wasting are parasites, long-term active tuberculosis, anemia, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, malignant tumors, pituitary dysfunction and certain metabolic diseases can also be caused.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is best for you to go to the specialist to check if there is a pathological factor.

After eliminating pathological factors, note that compensation and allocation must be reasonable, diverse, and not partial.

In addition to meat, eggs, and poultry, which are usually eaten by animal protein, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of starch (ie, starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is full.

Of course, you should also eat more soy products and red beans, lilies, vegetables, fruits and so on.

Only when the diet is comprehensive, can it be digested and absorbed.

I hope I can bring you help!

銆€銆€Diet can be taken to match the exercise.

The foods that can be fattened are generally delicious and fragrant. Pay attention to eating more snacks and high-sugar foods every day. It is easy to get fat, but you should pay attention to picking good food when you eat, or forcibly eat a few more meals to make your appetite.Gradually expand, when the appetite is enhanced, and with appropriate exercise, the body’s limbs will gradually become thicker and thicker, and the body shape will not be so thin.

銆€銆€The first thing to look at is whether your current weight really needs to be fattened. If there is no chronic wasting disease, and you really need to gain weight, the following recommendations quote: When the body replaces a lot of energy, the body begins to take the rest.The micro-transformation into feces is stored, which is the principle of body weight gain.

銆€銆€Specifically, in the case of the same number of meals, eat more high-transition things, the closer the diet is to the conversion of oil.

Food is broken down into four grades according to the ratio of weight and content. The concept is called 鈥淐aledensity (CD, unit: calories/gram). The lower the conversion per unit weight, the more people eat.In the future, the amount of food is not high, and it is good for weight loss. On the contrary, the high-conversion food contained in the unit weight has been eaten a lot after eating, which is good for long-term sputum.

Specifically, 4 stars of food, that is, the conversion density is 0 to 0.

Between 6 calories/gram, 3 star food is 0.

6 to 1.

5, 2 star food, 1.

Between 5 and 4, 1 star food, between 4 and 9.

At 9 calories per gram, it is basically pure oil.

Vegetables and fruits are mostly 4 star foods, and snacks are mostly 1 star food.

銆€銆€In terms of quantity, eating is the easiest way to gain weight. Increase the transfer of snacks between meals. When you watch TV, your mouth can’t be idle. If you can lie down, don’t stand, try to consume less energy.

In this way, every month, the weight will grow up.

銆€銆€First, the expected intake should be increased.

銆€銆€To increase your body weight, you must provide the body with all the nutrients needed to synthesize the tissue. The alternative content should be rich, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, and the food should try to be delicious.

In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts and richer amounts.

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunately stored under the skin, enriching the thin person.

銆€銆€Basically, you should maintain adequate and good sleep.

If people’s sleep is relatively comparative, the appetite is better.

銆€銆€Finally, exercise properly.

Every day should take a certain amount of time to exercise, which is not only good for improving appetite, but also for strengthening muscles, body and bodybuilding. If the muscles of the human body are not exercised for a long time, they will 鈥渦se and retreat鈥?and the muscle fibers will shrink.Become weak and weak, and people will be thin.

Most of the intellectuals are of this type, and attention should be paid to strengthening exercise.

Understanding alternatives: sterility obesity

She used to be a typical lady, a 24-year-old, tall man with a big eyebrow, a prominent chest, a slim figure, and a gentle tone, so that she quickly entered the forefront of a major hotel, and for manyThe young man was dumped.

After she got married, she slowly got fat, but she had no choice but to withdraw from the foreman and do it.

Two years after her marriage, she only had long meat and aunt, and she did not see the information of pregnancy. It caused a deep grievance at home. Her colleagues in the neighborhood were also discussing why the fat woman was not pregnant. She was so angry that she often got angry and had to go out of the hospital.

No, she came to our over-experience department.

  When we asked about the medical history, we learned that the woman had suffered from tuberculous meningitis. After the hospital treatment was restored, she began to gain weight. She only showed that she was obese because she had less food, and she did not apply the history of hormone administration.

From this we consider that the production of this obesity may be related to the internal interior of the skull.

Therefore, for the sake of convenience, the doctor found that: height 170 cm, weight 85 kg, moderate obesity, slightly stacked in the lower abdomen, thigh, frontal, female distribution, pale skin, cold limbs, dry skinDesquamation, the face is slightly swollen.

Gynecological examination returns: the vulva is still developing well, the uterus is small, the position is leaning forward, the pubic hair is sparse, and there is no menstruation.

  In combination with some of the above, we may begin to have the effect of intracranial lesions, so we asked her to test urine 17-hydroxysteroids, 17-ketones due to alcohol, blood sugar, skull X-ray and CT, for fundus examination, etc.After the test results come out, they will make a distinction.

  A few days later, all the test results have been rewarded, urine 17 hydroxyl, urine 17 ketone is still in the normal range, blood glucose 4.9mmol / l month skull X-ray film and CT film suggest calcification around the pituitary.

This further suggests that our previous brain tuberculosis complications involve the central bulge to the celiac nucleus in the hypothalamus, affecting the normal secretion of gonadotropins and lack of satiety, so that the gonads of the target organs of gonadotropins cannotNormal development and production of sex hormones, the existing sexual ability of the second sexual development is imperfect.

Due to lack of satiety, the appetite is increased, the food intake is increased, and obesity is caused by a slight metabolic disorder.

Because we dare not easily diagnose that she may be a syndrome called over-proliferation and incompetence syndrome, so I have to let the patient go home and kill the consultation before surgery.

And we also visited the endocrinologist Zhu Guang after work.

  Mr. Zhu told us: “The obese reproductive incompetent syndrome was discovered by Froelich in 1901, so it is also called Froe1ich syndrome. It is a group of pathogenesis and gonadal insufficiency caused by thalamic anatomy, accompanied by female type.Slightly distributed over-sickness syndrome.

The cause of this disease is dysfunction and organic deformation of the hypothalamus, resulting in the spread of many thalamic-pituitary lesions (such as tumors, metabolism, vascular lesions, degeneration).

More common are cerebral edema, pituitary tumor, pituitary cyst, cerebellar tumor, intracranial meningioma, tumor near the pituitary, tumor near the optic chiasm, tuberculosis and other complications, these complications involving the satiety center, there are various symptoms.

This is completely related to your considerations and the records in the book.

I think it is best to diagnose this disease G. Let her go to the Concord Hospital to see an endocrinologist.

With the support of Professor Zhu, we are happy to go home. Although the weather is late, Professor Zhu’s words are still echoing in my ears. It’s already at home at 10 o’clock in the evening. After dinner, I started in my mind.It was brewed with a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. The next morning, after we went to work, we came to the clinic, cleaned the clinic for disinfection, and waited for the arrival of new patients.

  At 10 o’clock in the morning, the patient finally came. We first advised her to go to the big hospital to have a look, and then try it with Chinese medicine.

Viewing its pulse: body fat, face oily, abdominal fullness, cold limbs, pale tongue thin white, thin pulse string.

Distinguish as phlegm, obesity, liver and spleen, and blood stasis, prescription: 10 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of medlar, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of fragrant, 10 grams of Zeeland, 12 grams of Chuanxiong, 15 grams of motherwort, 10 grams of berberine, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 3 grams of amber powder (punching), lotus leaf 10 grams, 6 grams of cinnamon.

6 doses, Shuijianbi, and asked her daily diet by 0.

75 kg is reduced to 0.

5 kg, eat more high-fibrin diet, eat more vegetables, walk 20-30 minutes after meals every day, first improve symptoms.

You can take the gold prescription kidney gas nine, each time 1 pill, three times a day; female treasure, 10 capsules each time, three times a day; Wuji Baifeng pill, 1 pill each time, twice a day.

After the endocrinologist sees it, use hormones or western medicine according to the advice of endocrinologists.

The implementation of the program is waiting for the patient to cooperate.

To complete our expectations.

  After taking the medicine, the patient’s abdominal distension was significantly relieved, the symptoms improved, and the diet control began to be somewhat uncomfortable. It was tolerable in the past two days. Therefore, in addition to giving her a soup, she gave her some medicine to promote gonadal development.Grab the difficulties as soon as possible.

  After a year and a half of treatment, the patient finally has menstruation, weight loss, hormone replacement, but the real purpose of growth, but also the joint efforts of both husband and wife.

  It is correctly pointed out that there is a pseudo-obesity reproductive incompetence syndrome which is different from the essential nature of the disease. Only after diagnosis by the hospital endocrinologist can the correct treatment be carried out, and the disease cannot be suspected because of excessive temporary temporary reproduction.Most women with simple obesity can still give birth in the future as long as they insist on losing weight.

Friends, ladies, do you understand what is infertility?


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