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Top 10 most embarrassing health issues

Top 10 most embarrassing health issues


Uncontrollable excessive snoring If you unknowingly withdraw excess air, you will repeat snoring.

Normal people inhale about one teaspoon of air at a time. If they absorb too much at one time, the body will protest.

At this time, you can take a big breath, then hold your breath, bend down to 90 degrees, persist for about 10 seconds, and the snoring will stop.

If this method is not effective, and accompanied by abdominal discomfort, indigestion, bloating or mild nausea, you need to be alert for H. pylori infection or pantothenic acid.


Because how to break down the food left in the mouth, it produces sulfur compounds and emits a foul odor.

Even if the toothbrush is clean again, the bacteria and food residues on the tongue will smell like odor.

Therefore, it is recommended that people with bad breath brush their tongue fur by the way.

A survey by New York University showed that people who clean their teeth and tongue coating twice a day for one minute will remove 53% of bad breath after two weeks.

Mouthwashes containing antibacterial ingredients such as chlorine, cetylnaphthalene chloride, zinc lactate or chlorine dioxide are equally effective.

In addition, some stubborn bad breath may also be symptoms of dry mouth, sinus infection, acid reflux, gastrointestinal or respiratory infections, and you need to consult a doctor.


There is always a sweaty smell on your body. Stubborn sweaty smell can be caused by food, sweat bacteria, and even emotions.

To solve this problem, first wash the underarms and surrounding area with soap twice a day (if sweat odor reappears during the day, you can use alcohol wipes).

First, using an antiperspirant or deodorant after bathing at night can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Third, the surrounding environment is prone to breed bacteria, so you should wear loose, breathable clothes made of natural fibers as much as possible to facilitate sweat evaporation.

Finally, pay attention to your daily diet. Garlic, onion, chili, black pepper, cheese, cabbage, radish, salted fish and other foods will increase the smell of sweat.


The hair follicle abscess abscess on the body is produced after the hair follicle is infected by Staphylococcus aureus. It shows that there is a small pustule or small blood bag at the root of the hair, and it continues to spread.

There are many ways to prevent its spread: wash your hands often; you must take a serious bath after swimming and sauna; do not use greasy sunscreen; keep the razor blades clean, and soak in alcohol after changing the blades; after abscesses, you must firstRinse the wound, apply antibiotic ointment, and cover with a clean bandage until the wound heals; do not share shavers, towels, or clothes with your family.


The more dandruff is washed, the more dandruff is caused by various reasons, such as dry scalp, powder infection and so on.

If dandruff is mild, it is recommended to switch to a mild shampoo.

If dandruff does not improve, you can find a suitable anti-dandruff shampoo by trial and error.

Different anti-dandruff shampoo ingredients have different effects. For example, zinc thioketone sulfate mainly resists crushing and bacteria; ketoconazole can remove fungi; coal tar and selenium sulfide can slow the growth of scalp cells; salicylic acid can help dandruffThorough cleaning.

If one ingredient isn’t effective, you can buy two or more alternatives.

If symptoms do not resolve after a few weeks, consult a doctor.


Your feet are like “poison gas bombs”. You want to defeat your foot odor and control your foot sweat.

There are many sweat glands on the feet. After a few hours of wearing shoes, the protein in the sweat will breed bacteria, produce isovaleric acid and emit odor.

Therefore, you should change your socks at least once a day, wash your feet with soap, wear shoes made of natural breathable materials (such as leather shoes or canvas shoes), and dry the shoes thoroughly to allow ventilation.

If foot odor still exists, you can add some vinegar to the water to soak your feet at a ratio of 21: 1, which can kill bacteria at least once a week.


Frequent farting surveys show that the average person farts 13 to 21 times per day.

To reduce the production of waste gas in your body, eat less beans, broccoli, cabbage and asparagus.

These foods contain difficult-to-digest raffinose, which increases the chance of gas production.

Laughing causes urinary incontinence. Being overweight and smoking increases the risk of stress incontinence.
Increasing age, hormonal changes in the body, and pregnancy may also shorten the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the ability to close the urethra.

Exercise of the pelvic floor muscles can reduce urinary incontinence by 60%.

The specific method is: tighten the hip muscles for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds, and slowly increase to 10 seconds each time.

10 times for 1 group, 3 groups per day.


When the nose hair grows like weeds, don’t pull it out directly, otherwise it will cause infection.

The best way to clean is to use scissors and cut them out in a well-lit area.

Hold your breath while aligning to prevent accidental aspiration into the nasal cavity.


Frequently failing to remember the name increases with age, increased stress, and doing several things at the same time can cause memory loss.

From time to time, it is normal to forget your name, date, or place where you put your keys.

If you notice poor memory, you can take some milk, eggs, eggs, spinach and other beneficial foods.


How to buy a mask


How to buy a mask

Use to make a weekly plan.

hzh {display: none; }  敷面膜时,肌肤表面形成的皮脂膜会抑制肌肤内部的水分蒸发,不仅能调理肌肤表面的水润与弹性,当肌肤温度上升、代谢逐渐正常时,肌肤内部的老Waste material can also be discharged.
Therefore, if you stick to the mask for a long time, you will see obvious changes in the skin.

  The beautician recommends that the mask should be applied as a week, with a deep cleansing at 7 hours, one or two dry and functional facials (such as soothing and whitening), and the overall combination to achieve the effect of comprehensive skin care.

Specifically, the following steps should be followed: First, before applying the face, you should deeply clean the skin and remove the aging cutin accumulated on the surface of the skin, which will help to better absorb the following maintenance ingredients.

It is recommended that after bathing, the pores are open and the skin is too hydrated.

Otherwise, you can also use a hot towel to cover your face, which can have the same effect at the same time.

  Before applying the mask, the essence can be used as a base for leading and strengthening effects.

Apply the whitening mask first, or apply the moisturizing essence before applying the moisturizing mask.

  For most masks, a massage procedure can be added after 10-15 minutes.

Because a lot of essence is left on the face at this time, combined massage can give skin a moderate stimulus, provide energy and active oxygen to the skin, and at the same time, transfer old waste materials to the outside to help the skin absorb nutrients.

  Finally, the emulsion of grease crystals is applied to form a protective film to lock in the nutrients that have just been eaten by the skin.

  It should be reminded that deep cleansing mask is not suitable for use in autumn and winter. It is easy to accelerate the evaporation of moisture, especially for dry skin. Pay attention to the pores when you apply it. Sensitive skin should look at the ingredients of the mask to avoidCauses redness, swelling, and bag packing accidents; when traveling, you can bring a sheet mask, and applying one piece is equivalent to injecting the skin with the nutrients of the entire bottle of essence.


hzh {display: none; }  了解肌肤状况   在选购面贴膜前一定要先了解自己的肌肤状况,同时按照个人的保养目的来选择正确的类型。According to the effectiveness of the mask, it can be roughly divided into five categories: moisturizing masks (for various skin types) that increase skin moisture; cleansing masks (for oily and combination skin) with cleaning and refreshing functions;(Suitable for oily skin); a firming mask with anti-wrinkle and firming properties (suitable for mature skin); a whitening mask with whitening effect (suitable for all skin types).

  Masks with different particle sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages: Mud masks: Mostly composed of kaolin clay, green clay clay, and have the function of adsorbing oils, so that people with oily skin will feel refreshed after use. Mud masksIt is also common to add some papaya, pineapple and other plant enzymes to accelerate the metabolism of keratin and acne, etc., but dry and sensitive skin should be used with caution.

  Membrane mask: use some paper, non-woven fabrics, bio-fibers, etc. as materials to absorb the essence of various functions, use the airtightness and heat preservation properties of the “film” to accelerate the skin’s ability to absorb skin care products.Moisturizing masks and whitening masks are membrane masks.

Skincare mask: This mask is very similar to ordinary skincare products. Some are gel-like, and some are milky or creamy. They need to be applied directly on a thin layer, which can have moisturizing, nourishing, and conditioning functions. After use,It can be cleaned directly or wiped with tissue paper. Some products also advertise that they do not need to be cleaned. This type of mask is mostly a daily maintenance.

  Experts recommend that you must choose a mask that suits your skin type to truly achieve the maintenance purpose you want.

When purchasing, you can apply a small amount of mask on the skin of the elbow area. If there is no allergic reaction after 20 minutes, you can safely apply it on your face.

  Mask DIY: good quality and low price.

hzh {display: none; }  自己动手制作的面膜,可选用天然材料,如新鲜的水果、蔬菜、鸡蛋、蜂蜜、中草药和维生素液等,它们的副作用少,不受环境和经济条件的限制,是Good quality and affordable beauty.
  Here are some methods of making a family mask: egg white mask: beat egg whites into a bowl (remove egg yolks) and stir until white foam is added, then add fresh lemon juice 6?
8 drops, stir and apply directly on the surface, it has the effects of astringent skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle.

  Milk mask: use one tablespoon of fresh milk, add 4?
5 drops of olive oil, the amount of flour, and mix well.

This mask has an astringent effect. It can eliminate wrinkles on the skin, increase skin vitality and elasticity, and make the skin fresh and smooth. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly women or pregnant women with wrinkle texture.

  Banana mask: peel and mash the banana into a paste and apply it on the face, 15?

Wash it off after 20 minutes, and insist on changing the facial skin for a long time. It is especially suitable for facial beauty of dry or sensitive skin, with good results.
  Apple mask: peel the apple, cut it into pieces, or mash it, and then apply it to the face. If it is dry and allergic skin, add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil. Oily skin should be added with egg white.

15?Wash after 20 minutes.

  Lemon mask: After squeezing a fresh lemon, double the water, then add three tablespoons of flour to make a paste and apply it on the face. 15?
Remove in about 20 minutes, or stick a slice of fresh lemon directly to the face for 15?
Remove for about 20 minutes and wash your face.

Once a night, seven days is a course.

This mask has astringent effect, can make the skin refreshing, smooth, tender, and long-term adherence can delay skin aging.
  Cucumber mask: take fresh cucumber juice and add milk powder, the amount of honey, a few drops of wind oil essence and mix thoroughly, 20?
Wash after 30 minutes, or wash and slice the cucumber directly to the face, which has the effects of emollient, whitening and wrinkle removal.

Tips for cooking the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month

Tips for cooking the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month

[Introduction]Lantern is a round food made of glutinous rice flour. It can be divided into two types: solid and stuffed.

The stuffed ones are sweet and salty.

The Lantern Festival is also eaten a lot, and the production of the Lantern Festival is different in the North and South.

Now let ‘s learn how to cook the Lantern Festival: sweet stuffing usually includes lard bean paste, sugar sesame, sweet-scented osmanthus, jujube puree, nuts, hemp, almond, ginkgo, hawthorn, etc .; salty stuffing usually includes fresh meat, hamDing, shrimp and so on.

The stuffed lantern with mustard, shallot, garlic, leek, and ginger is called “Five Flavor Lantern”, which means hard-working, long-lasting, and upward.

  Southerners refer to the Lantern Festival as dumplings. When making “Lantern Festival”, first mix the glutinous rice flour with water, then “wrap” the filling; Northerners make “Lantern Festival”, first knead the filling into uniform small balls,Keep shaking in a basket with dried glutinous rice flour, and add water from time to time to make the filling stick more and more glutinous rice flour until the size is right.

The size of the “Lantern Festival” varies. The big ones are like walnuts and the small ones are soy beans.

  Tips for cooking the Lantern Festival There are many varieties of Lantern Festival, which are divided into two categories: stuffed heart and unfilled heart.

Unfilled Lantern Festival is usually sweet, with candied dates, osmanthus, osmanthus, longan and so on.

There are stuffed lanterns and sweet and salty.

I bought the Lantern Festival, and there is a little knowledge about cooking the Lantern Festival. You must master a few important points. Bao Jun has delicious and delicious Lantern Festival: Cooking the Lantern Festival has several points: 1.
Gently pinch.

Before going out of the pot, pinch the Lantern Festival by hand, causing slight cracks. The cooked Lantern Festival is easy to cook inside and outside, soft and delicious.

  2.Under water.

Bring the water to a boil with high heat, then remove the lantern from the pot, gently push it away with the back of the spoon, and rotate the lantern a few times to prevent the bottom of the pot from sticking.

  3.Cook on low heat.

After the Lantern Festival is cooked in the pot until it floats, it should be quickly switched to gentle flames. At this time, if it is still cooked on a high fire, the Lantern Festival will roll and it will burst.

If the Lantern Festival keeps turning, the heat is uneven, and it is easy to be cooked outside and hard inside.

  4.Some cold water.

After entering the pot on the Lantern Festival, you should pour in an appropriate amount of cold water every time you open it to keep it in a non-rolling state. After you open it for two or three times, cook it for a while to remove it for consumption.

The Lantern Festival cooked in this way is soft and hard, sweet and delicious.

  5.Change the soup frequently.

After cooking two or three pots on the Lantern Festival, the soup thickened, greatly restricting the movement of water molecules, and the water should be changed and then cooked.

Otherwise, it will be cooked slowly and easily pinched.

  Put more water when cooking the Lantern Festival, and reduce the heat after the water is boiled. When the water surface slightly rolls, you can lower the Lantern Festival into the pot. After boiling for 10 minutes, it will be soft and ready to cook.Gourmet meal.

Acne emergency safety manual_1

Acne Sudden Safety First Aid Manual

Acne always brings impurities to our beauty, but please don’t squeeze out acne easily, it will infect the inner layer of the skin and leave scars.

Unfamiliar acne should not be crowded, the crowding will cause great damage to the skin tissue.


hzh {display: none; }  1、应急秘方:如果痘痘已经变白有脓头,就热敷,然后轻轻用纸巾把痘痘挤破。  The pus has not yet protruded from the skin surface. You can apply vitamin E ointment, then apply concealer to the acne area, apply foundation, and gently dab the excess foundation with your fingers. Finally, puff on the same powder as the skin., Blush thicker.

  2, conditions and time: buy some alcohol, and cotton ball sticks, a tip thicker than the needle, basically that’s all.

  The acne has turned white and has pus, so it can be treated. First, use a cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the acne, and then disinfect the pointed needle with alcohol. Use the needle tip to puncture the acne, and then use the needleRoll and squeeze the acne on the acne. This will squeeze it clean. Use a cotton ball to wipe out the pus.

This makes it less susceptible to infection and scarring.

Parent-child games: listen to instructions and do the opposite

Parent-child games: listen to instructions and do the opposite

Purpose of the game: 1. Train the child’s judgment, reaction ability 2. Learn the opposite word game: 1. Parents say a word, and the child does the opposite action.

At first it can be measured with only one pair of opposite words. As a child, you can repeat the test with two or even three pairs of opposite words.

For example: Parents say “big circle, small circle.”

The child hears the “big circle” compared to a small circle with both hands, and the child hears the “small circle” compared to a big circle with both hands.

Parents are arranged in big and small order at will.

  Big circles, small circles.

Grow up, get smaller.

“When the child hears” grown up “, he squats down, and when he hears” becomes smaller, “he raises a piece.

Large and small order by parents at will.

  ”Run forward, run backwards, long, big circles, small circles, short.

“The child backwards when he hears” run forward “, and goes forward when he hears” run backward “.

The parents can adjust the order of these words at will.

  2. Requirement: The child reacts correctly on the basis of correctly understanding the antonyms, and the correct rate changes, indicating that the auditory attention is good.

Note: The above games help children to “make orders”. Parents strictly follow the rules to increase the fun of the game and develop the child’s learning ability. Pay attention to the questions raised by the child in the game.

Give children space to think.

Raging men and women

Raging men and women

More than friends, less than lovers.

This relationship, maybe you envy, maybe you hate.

Like it or not, it really exists in yours, beside him.

Being in a hurry makes it easier for people to enjoy physical happiness, and at the same time your emotions are being lost unintentionally.

  Don’t blame the world, it was made by us.

  The photo came out of a party organized by friends and Tony drove me home.

Like his white shirt, straight and spotless.

I drank a little brandy on PARTY, and leaned back against the back of my chair with dizziness.

It was his first time to meet him. Among the many men’s singles, he was pleasing to the eye. Among the women in the audience, I was pretty good.

In the end, he didn’t return to his home because he said that he had a comfortable room and good music, and that he would not bother me, but just accompanied each other.

There are a lot of his works hanging in the studio, a copy of Rembrandt’s oil paintings, the figures are wonderful.

“Your figure is good. If you can, give me a model and let me shoot you.

“His expression is very sincere, naked in front of unfamiliar people, and it is a good reason to take photos.

I just agreed to show my legs and put on his red shirt in the bathroom.

An unknown moving music was playing. I knelt down on the sofa and asked him to take a picture of me. He heard his breathing, as if in his ear, “I’m sleepy and want to sleep.

“I said, so he picked me up and put me on the big bed in the bedroom.” You said you wouldn’t touch me.

“I pushed his mouth away.

He stroked my hair: “Are you sure you don’t need it?

“His kiss remained on my neck, on my shoulders, and on my forehead. I admit that I am mortal, and finally I have passed away. The beautiful feeling of a long absence . Although I am a person, I am not in a hurry, and did not quickly turn into a plaster.
The next morning, I enjoyed the eggs and milk fried by the gentleman, and I was leaving alone.

He grabbed me, “Will it come?

“You want me to come?”

“”of course.

“”talk later!

“I walked lightly on the road.

  In the second confrontation, he fell wearily and smiled, “Will you come to me if you have a boyfriend?

“Disappointment surrounded my nerves, and the scenery outside the window is no longer beautiful.

“No, I’m not such a fashionable woman. I prefer each other’s loyalty.

“When he stepped into his room for the third time, without music, green tea, everything was easy.

I am still happy. After he fell asleep, he still hugged me tightly from behind, like an insecure lover.

  We got along with each other, and in the fourth month I got to know someone who could stay with me for life, “I think I should take it easy .” He looked dim.

“Take a look at the body photos you took of me,” he smiled. “I’m sorry, I was too nervous that day and forgot to open the lens cover.

The fourth day . the fifth day . the sixth day . I started packing what belonged to him.

He bought me the alarm clock, he bought me the CD, and the clothes I bought.

I don’t know if I should give it back to him. Maybe in my heart, I still think that he will run to me as childishly and yell, “My wife, I was wrong.

“Ten days have passed, and I no longer have delusional thoughts.

I packed everything that belonged to him, including the necklace he gave me-wife, I love you forever-this is what he said then.
  Picking up his things, I decided to find him.
  Knocking on his door as usual, and hearing his familiar voice, I knew that I was shaking. At that moment, I suddenly felt that maybe I shouldn’t have walked into his room.

Yes, I shouldn’t have pushed the door open, I shouldn’t have walked in without thinking about why his voice was painless, and I shouldn’t calmly say a word when I saw a half-naked woman.

I put it in the doorway and wanted to turn away, but remembered the humble necklace in my pocket. I did n’t throw it back to him like in many TV shows, and even walked carefully to put it in himIn the palm of my hand, that was the promise of love that once belonged to me.

On the way out, I was sober in tears.

I want to leave everything I know, and I want to see him before I leave.

I thought I would be calm, but the moment I met, the heartbreaking pain came again.

The voice in my head kept thinking that he wasn’t my lover anymore, not the one who had once made a pledge with each other.

The farewell ceremony was peaceful. He didn’t have much expression, but just said before leaving: “If I can, I want to hug you again.

“I shook my head, shaking it resolutely.

But he came over and hugged me.

The tears fell indiscriminately. He held me tightly. I bit his corner of his mouth tightly. His body parts were familiar and so strange. I said to myself that this was the last time I cried for him.
I quietly wiped my tears with his jersey, we embraced separately, and he took my hand again, but I didn’t refuse anymore, but instead what he expected, I went to his house again.

Maybe it ‘s too painful, so we made extra treatment this time. We breathed fast with sweat and tears, letting out breathlessly . still wearing his pajamas, or taking a deep breath of his cigarettes, I stillTears.

  Since then, we have met occasionally. Without tears, we have added some inexplicable passion.

From girlfriend to lover, I don’t know when the door will suddenly open when having sex.

Actually, I hope that one day, we will meet again. On the crowded street, like the plot in “Tokyo Love Story”, his gentle and beautiful wife is tying his shoes, but we are in each other’s sight.Go further.

If life can freeze, I will choose this picture.

  Adelaide, warm water, always likes to go to a bar called Tea Tree. She likes the faint aroma of fragrance there. Whenever she wakes up from the numbness of alcohol and tobacco, she will naturally smell that gentle, fresh smell.
She has no man, not even the least desire, but she needs neon lights, she needs night life, and she walks and floats like a nocturnal creature.

That felt more important than the climax of 10,000 times. She said to herself that this is what she wanted.

As usual, she ordered the agave and drank it. She felt that her throat had just burst into bloom, and it was immediately a refreshing and refreshing feeling. Her head was a little faint . Tea Toe TonightIt doesn’t seem to be the same, there are a lot of weird people moving through it.

“Hey, why are there so many people today!

Ada asked the bartender.

“Today it seems that some cultural people are driving Party here, and just heard our boss say, who, who, who will come in a while!

Muttered the bartender.

“Who else is who, who has nothing to do with me, what is not lie, just that everyone is bored together!

Ada is a little taller, but it’s just a glass, and there should be no major obstacles.

She rubbed her bangs in her forehead with her hands, her face flushed slightly, and a man asked the bartender for a cup of lemon tea.

Ada was actually attracted to the past, and chatted with the man through Jiujin.

“Why don’t you drink?

“Because I have to drive home.

“Why don’t you come to the bar without drinking?”

“.” Another boring encounter, Ada asked the bartender for a glass of warm water, like the man just now, tasteless and boring, and why not herself?

A man should be found, but where is the man so easy to find, the water in her glass is holding her cold little hand.

  There are new short messages coming in, Shi Bo, public, and with the general female aesthetic, Shi Bo seems to be handsome.

He often sends out some interesting messages. In the words of Ada, the relationship between them is just a “belief in life” friend.

The only time for the physical friction was that after the project was celebrated, the two people naturally completed the process from deep to separation.

And goodbye is also a friend, and no one mentions that night.

“Beauty, do you have a drink?”I’m tired and I fell asleep immediately.

“For Shi Bo’s night invitation, Arda and the man who didn’t want to go, and who was unsure of what he could hold, had better not to provoke him, so he just found an excuse to fool.

  ”It’s good to drink more warm water, and by the way, you’re beautiful tonight.

“At the same time looking down at the information, Shi Bo was close to him,” I didn’t bother you . ”

“During putting down the phone, ADd was wondering whether Shi Bo had noticed her loneliness alone.

I feel embarrassed and say nothing.

  Shi Bo seems to have polished Ada’s absent-mindedness and sent her home in advance.

“It’s okay, I can do it alone.

“Looking at Ada shaking her body out of Tea Tree, Shi Bo just habitually looked at the warm boiled water on the bar. It may gradually become cold and then disappear into the sewer.

Ada returned home, lighting up the scented incense lamp, Teatre Oil exuding a fresh taste. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and told herself to drink it before going to bed.

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when you are angry. People have emotions and desires, and “anger” is one of many emotions that makes our negative energy surge and quickly burst out.

There are too many books telling you how to deal with angry emotions, transform negative energy into positive energy, and even so, but few people tell us what we should not do when we are angry?

In fact, our conscious actions in the state of anger cause things to go in a worse direction. Here are the 7 “don’t” in the state of anger summarized by experts: first, don’t sleep past the journal of neurobiology,If people go to bed when they are angry, they will aggravate the accumulation of nervousness, because the sleep process will strengthen the operation of the memory system in the brain, especially the emotional factors in the memory system.

Experts said that usually, we know that sleep can help us deal with the memory and information saved in the awake state, so choosing to go to sleep immediately after a fierce dispute eliminates exacerbating the intense emotional accumulation. Generally, 8 hours after the dispute, ifIf you stay awake, it is good to temporarily digest and absorb energy.

Second, do n’t drive to know that the human brain is not a computer. When the computer is wrong, let alone the brain in an angry state.

Studies have shown that when people are angry, their vision will become relatively relative, with segmented vision (peripheral vision cannot be seen clearly), and thus, angry drivers will be more likely to have a car accident.

Experts suggest that if you have to drive while angry, it is best to keep your eyes wide open, be alert, and look around.

Third, do n’t let uncontrolled violence vent. If you have a problem, do n’t let it go. If anything, let ‘s spread it out and say that it is the best way to solve the problem we advocate.Means to vent their own optional emotions.

Studies have shown that if we smash our pillows to release emotions when we are angry, we will only make our behavior more violent and increase the possibility of future behavioral violence.

Fourth, do n’t overeating, saying that delicious food can instantly calm people ‘s emotions, and being able to eat what you like is definitely more effective for any “angry diners” than any other method.

But experts point out that people often make wrong food choices when they are angry. In other words, junk food will appear for psychological comfort. High-calorie and high-calorie foods will make people feel happy in a short time.In the past, people ‘s bad moods will always come as expected after a few days, and the high-change food also brings our constant aunts.

Fifth, do not continue to provoke angry situations. The first thing to do is to calm down and force yourself to be quiet for a few seconds before talking.

“The impulse is the devil” is the truth, because a wrong word is like pouring water, and once you say it, you cannot turn back.

Experts analyze that people are particularly likely to say that they will regret their future in an angry situation. It is best to give yourself 10 minutes or even 10 days to figure out how much you want to say those hurtful words.

Sixth, do n’t send emails when you are angry. It ‘s most taboo to reply to work emails. Remember that when you click the “Send” button, everything is too late. It ‘s different from hurting someone by saying something wrong.In the era, “white paper black letters” mails will make you jump into the Yellow River without washing.

Seventh, do n’t drink alcohol and talk about drinking, but experts have found that the effect of alcohol to cause anger to the fullest extent, and it is difficult for you to control your emotions under the influence of chemical effects.

Experts say that drinking alcohol in an angry state can inhibit brain chiba, and robes can make you involuntarily cause permanent damage.


Counting stars keeps you away from cervical spondylosis

Counting stars keeps you away from cervical spondylosis

After the young guy in his 20s continued surfing the Internet for several hours, he suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous, and refused to vomit. The doctor told him that the cervical spine was “protesting”; the grandmother in her 60s always felt that her legs were soft when she walked.It seems like stepping on cotton and doing a check from head to toe, and found that the crux is actually on the cervical spine . Experts remind the public that our small cervical spine contains tiny, nerves, vertebral arteries and sympathetic nerves, which may be oppressed no matter whichSomething went wrong.

Once suffering from cervical spondylosis, it can cause soreness in the shoulders, neck and upper limbs, numbness of fingers, dizziness, and even paralysis in severe cases.

  Cervical spondylosis can be a “disabled killer”. One year’s plan lies in spring, and the protection of cervical spondylosis should also start from spring.

Li Yabing, deputy director of the acupuncture and rehabilitation department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangzhou City, said that forced posture work, poor posture, acute and chronic injuries, cold, and excessive fatigue may all cause cervical spondylosis. The weather in Guangzhou became colder again, with more rain and humidity.It is also easy to aggravate the symptoms of some citizens who have problems with the cervical spine.

  Alias symptoms are mild, and unexpected symptoms are severe. It is a major feature of cervical spondylosis, and many patients do not even think that they have cervical spondylosis.

  ”In fact, the harm of cervical spondylosis cannot be underestimated, and it can even become a ‘disabled killer’.

“Li Yabing pointed out that cervical spondylosis has a wide range of lesions, from head to neck, down to toes, shallow to skin, and deep to visceral abnormalities may be related to cervical spondylosis.” Among them, cervical spondylotic myelopathy has a poor prognosis.Treatment can cause lifelong disability.

“Dizziness, tinnitus, and insomnia can all cause cervical spondylosis, which is caused by problems in the cervical spine. The range is actually very wide.

“It involves not only the neck and shoulder pain that we are familiar with, but also 50 types of symptoms of the circulation, breathing, digestion, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems.

“Symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, insufficient blood supply to the vertebral arteries, dizziness, visual impairment, foreign body sensation in the pharynx, and fluctuations in blood pressure may be caused by damage to the cervical spine or degenerative changes.

  Headaches due to cervical spine injury or degenerative changes have a higher incidence among desk workers.

In the early stages, this pain can usually be relieved.

But overcoming the progress of the disease, the degree of pain will gradually increase, and the remission period will also change.

He pointed out that conditions such as cold, tiredness, drinking or emotional excitement may cause the pain to increase, and the author of the course may even experience symptoms such as decreased attention and memory, depression, irritability, irritability, and fatigue.

  Even so, cervical disorders may even cause insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, and decreased vision may also originate from cervical disorders somewhere.

Luo Ying explained that when cervical disease compresses and stimulates the vertebral artery, the blood supply to the basal artery is insufficient, which makes people dizzy. Once the cervical trauma, strain and degenerative changes destroy the internal and external balance of the spine and stimulate or compress the cervical sympathetic nerve.In some people, the inner ear’s physiological function is disturbed, resulting in tinnitus or deafness; misalignment of the cervical spine joints may also cause spasm of the central optic nerve of the optic nerve, resulting in decreased vision.

Two tips for eating at night without getting fat

Two tips for eating at night without getting fat

If few people eat dinner at 9 o’clock, their stomachs gurgle, and they want to eat, because they are afraid that the weight loss plan will fall short. If they do n’t eat it, it will be very uncomfortable.

Today I teach you a good way to eat without fear of gaining weight.

  First, go to bed 4 hours after a meal. Q: In the daytime, I always eat something to fill my stomach, but my mother makes a rich dinner at night. If I do n’t eat it, I ‘m so sorry for my mother. What should I do?

  A: Do you want to have dinner?


Go to bed after 4 hours.

  Special reminder: Under normal circumstances, it is better to eat 70% to 80% full of dinner.

  Decryption: In fact, there is nothing to understand, it is easy to understand, eat a lot at night and immediately go to bed easily cause a slight accumulation.

So the key is to promote the speed of digestion. Even sitting and writing before bedtime is a kind of exercise. Exercise leads to digestion, and naturally it does not pile up.

  Second, no matter what you eat after meals, what method you use to lose weight, remember that exercise after meals is right.

  To the lazy: walking-lazy crush can choose to walk, but such a low amount of exercise would like to rely on it to lose weight, but at least it can help digestion!

  To the half-lazy: jogging-jogging, exercise time must last more than one and a half hours, can not be interrupted, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise will not consume my aunt, so at the very least must support more than half an hour!

  Reminder-Do you know where to look when running?

Head and neck, thighs and knees, etc. One of the keys to the slight consumption is trying to exercise with an intensity of exercise close to your anaerobic limit (anaerobic threshold), and correct posture can save you from wasting too much energyAchieving this intensity . If you are not lazy: weight-loss exercises-all kinds of weight-loss exercises, it takes 30-60 minutes, I am afraid that you are lazy, can you do it every day?

  Note: After doing the action, lie down for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.

The golden key to healthy mental health

The golden key to healthy mental health

According to the WHO, health is determined by four elements: 15% of parents ‘genetics, 17% of environment, 8% of medical care, and 60% of their lifestyle, of which 30% is psychological balance, a reasonable estimate is 13%, and moderate exerciseAnd smoking cessation limits accounted for 17%.

This shows that a good attitude is the most important for health.

  First, genetically related but not absolute.

Some people are fat, some are thin, some are in good health, and some are in bad health. What is the reason?

The first influencing factor is parents. If your parents are healthy, you are healthy. If your parents are more ill, you are more ill. If your parents have high blood pressure, you are more likely to have high blood pressure.

  Second, the environment.

The place is beautiful, the air is fresh, the society is harmonious and stable, and people must be less sick; air pollution, water pollution, lean meat in the meat, pesticides in the vegetables, heavy metals in the fish, health is difficult.

  Third, medical treatment.

Many young people don’t know their health now, they get sick and go to the hospital to find a doctor.

Doctors can cure diseases, but they cannot guarantee their health.

Doctors account for only 8%.

  Fourth, lifestyle.

This is the main force of health.

Among them, the psychological balance is 30%, a reasonable estimate accounts for 13%, and moderate exercise and smoking cessation limit accounts for 17%.

This shows that a good attitude is the most important for health.
  Doctors are better than health, medical treatment is not as good as food therapy, asking for others is worse than asking for oneself, and asking oneself is not as good as heart, Professor Hong concluded.

  There was a survey of centenarians. The centenarians who participated in the survey had a variety of lifestyles. One hundred centenarians had 100 ways to live.

Some people never eat meat, some people eat fat every day; some people never eat eggs, because egg yolk cholesterol is high, but some elderly people eat four eggs every morning; some elderly people do not drink alcohol, some elderly people drink alcohol from a young ageDrink at all three meals.

Some old people go to bed early and get up early, and some old people go to bed late and get up late.

The lifestyles of basic centenarians are diverse and strange.

This is diversity.

  However, they have one characteristic in common, that is, they have a good attitude.

All centenarians are open-minded, kind-hearted and at ease.

None of the centenarians was sentimental, irritable, with a small belly, and he didn’t care.

Their mentality is very peaceful and sunny.

  You say they love sports?

I haven’t found any athletes. Excessive exercise hurts my body badly.

But these people are very active, sweeping the floor, tidying the house, growing a la carte, and raising chickens.

What you eat is what you eat, only seven or eight full.

Occupations are also varied, spiked leather shoes, three-wheeled, teachers, housewives, so to sum up the main factor of longevity is good attitude.

  However, it is not easy to really achieve a good mentality.

This has to do with personal character.

Let’s look at an example. Someone, after work, went to the opposite side of the road to give two old chess players a move, others ignored him, and the more he looked the more anxious.

The player who played chess was very stinky. He was anxious for others. As a result, tuberculosis began to smoke, and the last one to die was dead.

The loser did not die.

People who play chess are not very good at playing chess, but their mental level is high.

Studies have shown great joy and sorrow, fear and terror, and death is the same as death.

  The United States reported a 53-year-old man went home, his son and his wife quarreled, and the son took the knife, rushed to his mother, reached his heart, and died on the spot.Dad was shocked when he saw it. He couldn’t take a step and died.

A forensic examination revealed that there was no disease, and it was the emotional fluctuations that caused the heart to move and died.

Usually people do not die for no reason, but it is easy to die due to cold, exertion, drinking, excitement, and quarrel.

  There is a good way to love each other in language.

A word of good, it is not honey but sweeter than honey, not poison is more poisonous than poison, not flower is more beautiful than flower, not arrow but sharper than arrow, it is “language”.

Bad language hurts the cold in June, and the good words are warm in winter.

  If you have an arrow in your body, pull it out for disinfection, breakage, or fracture, it will be almost a week, and you wo n’t be able to hurt your soul for a lifetime.

After the Wenchuan earthquake, Lu Xiuping had grown up, and the school was very beautiful, but the psychological damage had not recovered.

Psychological effects are long-lasting, and language has a great psychological effect.

  There is a 104-year-old lady who can do needlework at the age of 104.

The old lady said that there is no secret. The realization is that being a person has no heart or lungs, and can eat and sleep.

The old lady is 104 years old, careless and not upset, and has no lungs and is not angry.

The old lady’s son said that my mother’s characteristic is that she has a wide heart and a sweet mouth.

Lao loves to praise others, is good at polishing ordinary from the ordinary, looking at things from the bright side.

The old lady is good at her daughter-in-law, saying that her daughter-in-law is really good-looking, has a good heart, is especially good to her mother, and better than her daughter-in-law.

After hearing this, her daughter-in-law was happy and better for her, so the family enjoyed it and everyone was envious.

  There is a saying that smile does not cost, but it can create wealth; ignore it without spending money, but it generates power.

Parents who can educate their children are very aware of their strengths and progress, and encourage their children to grow very well.

Of course, it is not random encouragement, or even praise based on the child’s progress and merit.

  Now that society is under too much pressure, competition is fierce, and work is too busy, we can’t change society, we can only improve ourselves.

  Know the world with philosophy, observe society with science, cherish life with medicine, and treat life with Buddhism.

Be good at things, be good at others, and be right in life.

To be a man in advance, the instrument is precise, but to be a man cannot be fine. The more you are, the worse you are. No one dares to be good with you.

You must be kind and consider the problem as a whole. You cannot go to the extreme. The direction of the road is right, the small things are easy to handle, the general direction is wrong, and the small things are useless.

  The fate of a person accounts for 20%, the transportation account for 20%, and the remaining 60% are a few “choose the right.”

The first choice is the right direction, a wonderful life, and the direction is not in vain.

The second choice is to think right, to achieve a lifetime, to think wrong, to oppose one’s life.

The third choice is the right mentor. Wisdom is a lifetime. The mentor is not wasteful.

The fourth choice is the right partner, happy life, wrong partner, tears every day.