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Childish talk about marriage and love

Childish talk about marriage and love

What is the appropriate age for marriage?

  84 years old.

There was nothing to do at that time, and there was a lot of time to love each other.

(Judy, when I was 5 years old, after I finished kindergarten, I had to start thinking about finding a wife for myself.

(Tommy, how did 5-year-old love happen?

  I heard people say that it has something to do with their taste.

Adults love to use perfume.

(Jane, at the age of 9, I think I might be shot by a gun or something-it shouldn’t hurt.)

(Harun, how does it feel to be in love with someone at 9?

  If it’s as troublesome as learning spelling, I don’t want to try it.

It takes too much time.

(Leo, does 7-year-old look important?

  Appearance is not the most important.

I should be pretty good, but I have never heard of anyone who wants to marry me.

(Gary, why are lovers always holding hands at the age of 7?

  I’m afraid the ring will fall!

Those things are expensive.

(David, 8 years old is willing to fall in love?

  I still want to fall in love with people-as long as I don’t show “Cat and Mouse” on TV.

(Bobby, how do you make others fall in love with you at the age of 8?

  Tell her you have good polysaccharides.

(Alonzo, 9 years old, how do you tell if the two adults eating in the restaurant are in love?

  See who pays.

Men who are in love are willing to pay.

(John, 9-year-old love is always staring at you, you staring at me, everything is cold.

(Brad, 8-year-old lovers must be called desserts-they must be very sweet.

(Christine, 9 years old, when you say “I love you”, what do you think?

  She may be thinking: love is love, but it is better that he can take a bath frequently, at least once a day.

(Michelle, when should 9-year-old kiss someone he likes?

  Unless I have enough money to afford a wedding ring and camera, I won’t kiss a girl, because girls always want to record the day of their wedding.

(Jim, how can 10-year-old love last?

  Take more time and don’t keep thinking about going to work.

(Tom, don’t forget her name at the age of seven-that will mess things up.

(Roger, 8 years old

Watch out for these 10 black tooth foods

Watch out for these 10 “black tooth” foods

It’s not because you hold your teeth that you don’t smile because you don’t have a row of neat and white teeth!
I never expected that the “tadpole” that caused the teeth to turn yellow and black turned out to be a frequent food-coffee will yellow the teeth and tomato sauce will erode the enamel . So not only do you have to brush your teeth every morning and evening, after eating the following 10 kindsRemember to rinse your mouth in time!
  1. Coffee Dark coffee is one of the culprits causing tooth discoloration.
Drinking coffee not only causes the teeth to turn yellow, but also may cause pigmentation. The pigmentation time is prone to yellowing, which may cause stains.
But brushing your teeth often, especially after drinking coffee, has little effect.
When drinking coffee, add a little milk to help dilute the coloring in the coffee. Be sure to rinse your mouth after drinking.
  2. Pigments in soy sauce and soy sauce will also “contaminate” the teeth.
While eating sushi dipped in soy sauce or other foods containing soy sauce, it is best to drink green tea or rinse your mouth immediately after eating.
  3. Ketchup and tomato are highly acidic fruits and vegetables, and the color is bright, so tomato sauce will also erode the tooth enamel.
Experts say eating ketchup should be moderate.
In addition, eating a vegetable salad before eating ketchup can form a protective layer on the teeth.
  4. Balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar are dark in color and contain a variety of acidic substances, which easily cause tooth discoloration.
Balsamic vinegar can be eaten with lettuce. The barrier of lettuce has a protective effect on the teeth.
  5. Red wine and acid in wine can cause tooth staining and tooth enamel wear.
Therefore, it is recommended that you drink water and rinse your mouth after drinking red wine.
  6, black tea drinking tea has a variety of health effects, but the pigments in dark tea such as black tea can stain teeth, affecting aesthetics.
The more you drink this type of tea, the greater your chance of tooth discoloration.
Therefore, you must rinse your mouth after drinking black tea.
  7, ice cream Delicious and colorful ice cream contains a variety of pigments, which will make teeth “color”.
In addition, low temperatures and sugar in ice cream can make teeth more prone to discoloration.
  8. Hard candy: Eating hard candy can cause discoloration of the mouth and tongue and cause permanent coloring of the teeth. It is best to eat less colorful candy.
  Candy, snacks, and sweet drinks are all rich in sucrose, and there are many bacteria in the mouth. Among them, many kinds of bacteria can use sucrose and ferment and produce acid to demineralize the tooth surface and form caries.
Therefore, reducing the amount and frequency of sugar can reduce the incidence of dental caries.
  9, berries eating blueberries, blackberries, cherries and other colorful berries will cause the tooth enamel to form a thin “stain”.
After eating berries, it is best to brush your teeth and floss the teeth. The acid in the berries can also damage the enamel and cause teeth to become worse.
  10.Biscuit Who can think of cookies as the invisible killer of white teeth?
Many biscuits are made from refined carbohydrates. When they enter the body, they turn into sugar and become a breeding ground for bacteria that stain the teeth.
  Tips for protecting the oral cavity: 1. Unsweetened foods such as rice and steamed buns all contain carbohydrates. They can also be fermented by the bacteria in the oral cavity to produce acid and cause dental caries.
Therefore, you should pay attention to clean your mouth without sugar, and remove the sticky and food debris left between the tooth surface and between the teeth in time.
  2. Eating a little cheese after each meal can prevent tooth decay and promote enamel regeneration.
The same effect also has milk and yogurt, which can prevent tooth decay and make teeth shiny.
Because they contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus, they can promote the remineralization of tooth enamel.
  3. To protect your teeth, it is very important to adjust your diet. You must limit your intake of foods and beverages that can stimulate tooth pain, including cola, orange juice, apple juice, sour fruit juices and fruits, acidic soda drinks, spicy diet, pickles, and alcohol.(Especially red wine), etc., because these foods can dissolve the stained layer on the surface of the teeth, causing the dentin tubules to open and aggravating dentin allergies.

Test his love for you from a boyfriend Christmas gift

Test his love for you from a boyfriend Christmas gift

Have you ever thought that when your boyfriend or ordinary male friend gives you IPOD, sexy lingerie or perfume, there is a certain purpose in the subconscious?

Maybe you want to get closer to you, or you want to get strong . want to know what sexual cues are hidden behind the gift?

And listen to the two experts in the heart to analyze one by one for you.

  What does the boyfriend really think when he gives a gift?

Is it to please you?

Or do n’t ask for it?

In order to understand this mystery, invite the psychologist Wang Zhongping to give you a double bed of 12 boyfriends as gifts for girls, to analyze the reasons why your boyfriend loves you; then please go to another psychologist Huang Zirong, from the giver ‘sDifferent, to analyze his personality and how he feels and attempts at you.

  Gift 1: The gift he gave you is diamond, gold, jewelry boyfriend loves: your good mood, his desire index: 57 points, he wants you to have a good mood every day, no matter how much you pay, even if you wantIt takes several months of salary to buy a small diamond that you like, and he is willing to (whether it is saving money or accumulating the card to find it in stages).

As long as I can give you a smile, everything is very worthwhile for him!

  The gift-giving man is this: If a strong-minded man is sent by an ordinary male friend, this person must have a deep friendship with you and have enough weight, otherwise he wants to announce the place and hope to have the opportunity to become a formal boyfriend; if the boyfriend sent it, it may beThe thing of affection has the expectation for the future, and it means the proposal of marriage.

The boyfriend who chooses to give this kind of gift has a strong self-awareness and feels that the relationship is under control. When he gives you a diamond necklace or a gold bracelet, you will feel that he is playing with this relationship.

  Gift two: The gift he gave you is sexy lingerie boyfriend loves: your sexiness His desire index: 96 points Your sexiness is extremely lethal to him, especially the seductive power between hands and feet, I do n’t knowWhy he is so fascinated by you, let him spread his hands, and throw himself into the net.

  The gift-giving man is this: In fact, the wild man’s act of sending underwear will make girls have two extreme feelings, either good or bad.

If it is sent by an ordinary male friend, the girl will find a pervert and think that this person has evil thoughts, some kind of reverie, and even more abrupt, unless the underwear he sent is not sexually suggestive and a cute style, otherwise he would be too revealingIt is necessary to be closer.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, it is completely the opposite. Sending sexy lingerie to a boyfriend can increase the interest and clearly praise your sexy and girly side, which can improve the effect on sex and love.

  Gift three: The gift he gave you is a sex toy. The boyfriend loves: your body and his desire index: 91 points. The boyfriend’s natural lust is really an irreversible fact. What he wants is your passion and enjoy each other ‘s body.You also understand the truth of food taste more than him, depending on whether you feel that the relationship with him is really so close, or that this boyfriend is just a personality embryo.

  The man who gave this gift is: If the humorous man is from an ordinary male friend, he may not dare to send condoms, bed sex toys and other supplies directly, and he prefers to pack fun and fun condoms and underwear flowers, otherwiseSuddenly it ‘s too momentous, not stable enough, and the boyfriend who gives some gifts wants to test how acceptable the girl is about sex; if it ‘s sent by her boyfriend, he hopes to have a better sex life, moreInteraction, this kind of boyfriend will work very hard to create life interest and actively create sparks in life.

 Gift 4: The gift he gave you is 3C supplies. The boyfriend loves it: your intelligence. His desire index: 38 points. Maybe he is not very romantic, even a little dumb goose, but because of his honesty and humor, he willI can’t help but fall in love with your cleverness; the complementary effect makes him think you are a perfect match, and whenever you think seriously, it is his favorite expression.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a rational but possessive man is sent by an ordinary male friend, he is a very down-to-earth, attentive, and solid person who will choose practical things to donate.

If it ‘s a boyfriend ‘s gift, it means his possessiveness is strong. He hopes that you can think of him when you listen to music, use PDA, and mobile phone; but you can also say that he cares about you, and hopes to be ready for you.Items, types Boyfriends are usually rational but possessive.

  Gift five: The gift he gave you is a credit card with a boyfriend. What he loves is: your meekness. His desire index: 69 points. He has an absolute desire to dominate. He likes to give you realistic gains. He likes you to be meek.Graceful cat; he is a manly man with a very big boyfriend.

  The man who gave this gift is: If the big boyfriend is an ordinary male friend who sends you a credit card, he seems to be telling you “You can consider me!”

You can leave your life to me!

I can afford you!

“If it is sent by your boyfriend, he hopes you can buy what you like, and he will say to you,” Be my wife!


This type of boyfriend has big boyfriendism, but also with a bit of show off.

 Gift 6: The gift he gave you is a designer clothing boyfriend loves: your temperament and his desire index: 48 points. The significance of a brand name to him is a symbol of identity, and temperament is the characteristic he thinks can be most found from youAs long as you control yourself and maintain your temperament in front of him, everything will be perfect.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a strong possessive man is sent by an ordinary male friend, he is trying to please you and show off that his taste is good, but also has a bit of pursuit; if it is a boyfriend, he has the right to interveneHe has high desire and possessiveness. He hopes to label the girls, saying “I will pay attention to the brands you like and buy them for you. I will give you everything in the future!”

“Gift Seven: The gift he will give you is a makeup care product. Boyfriend loves it: your appearance. His desire index: 74 points. This is a simple option. This type of boyfriend hopes you will always be young and beautiful. He canAlways love your appearance, any other part is a secondary consideration for him.

  The gift-giving man is this: If the lover is sent by an ordinary male friend, then he wants to establish a deeper and better relationship with you. This kind of boyfriend will be more considerate.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, he is a caring boyfriend, he will notice your skin condition, I hope you are better and more beautiful, and my mood is good every day; In addition, this type of boyfriend is also more compassionate, the entire sight only noticedYour dress and mood are the same for you.

  Gift eight: The gift he gave you is a fluffy doll boyfriend loves: your childishness His desire index: 43 points He has the breath and desire of his big brother, hoping to treat you like a sister and sister forever, but he loves toWhen you think of a child, it sometimes makes you love and angry.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a conservative male is sent by an ordinary male friend, it shows that this person is very careless and conservative, and even some dull, he thought that every girl likes fluffy dolls, but did not expect to have ordinary people in the general public.In addition to being a little embarrassed by a friend, the baby has to consider how to hold it home, which is far better than sending a hundred roses.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, the situation is just the opposite, meaning “I want to protect you”. Although the boyfriend cannot stay with you 24 hours a day, but he hopes that this doll will be with you to accompany you, the girl will feel veryWoxin.

  Gift Nine: The gift he gave you is a chocolate boyfriend. What he loves is: your hobby. His desire index: 66 points to give you sweet chocolate, which means he likes to do the same hobby with you; he is an unbearable boyfriend., And common hobbies will be more fun for each other.

  The man giving this gift is: If the gentle and considerate man is sent by an ordinary male friend, be careful, he is hinting that he wants to chase you, and he likes you secretly, but he doesn’t know how to get started, so he has to take advantage of the festival, and it seems that it is not interestingChocolate, in fact, he hopes to ignite your relationship with him by chocolate.

If it is a gift from a boyfriend, it means that your relationship with him is sweet now. He hopes that the sweetness of chocolate will also make you realize his sweetness. The boyfriend who will give this type of gift is very gentle and considerate.  Gift 10: The gift he gave you is the perfume boyfriend loves: your femininity. His desire index: 86 points. The perfume is full of mystery and temptation. It also represents the hormone.Show the charm of a woman, so you can easily conquer him.

  The gift-giving man is this: If an intellectual boy is sent by an ordinary male friend, the sexual suggestion is very strong. He hopes to smell this perfume on you in the future. He can also use the perfume to realize whether you careHe is even willing to let him successfully occupy a certain blockchain in your emotions.

If your boyfriend sends you perfume, he hopes to create a happy scene and make the relationship closer and stronger.

Sleeping at 10:30 is healthy for you

Sleeping at 10:30 is healthy for you

Good sleep can bring a healthy body, but nowadays, due to high work pressure and fast pace of life, many people’s sleep quality is not good, especially many people have become a late-night family.What time of sleep is very particular about the quality of sleep.

  As the saying goes, “Early to bed and early to get up are healthy”, this has some scientific reason.

  When people are sleeping, their consciousness is relatively clear, and the voluntary movement of muscles stops, thereby helping everyone to restore physical strength and consolidate memory. It is second only to breathing and heartbeat. It is irreplaceable to maintain health.

With good sleep, you can stay awake and alive the next day.

  The production of sleep is mainly induced by the hormone secreted by the brain, melatonin. Its secretion is very regular. During the day, the concentration of blood is extremely low, and it rises significantly at night, at 2-3 amReached the highest peak.

With the gradual reduction of melatonin secretion, sleep gradually becomes lighter, until naturally waking up in the morning.

  It is recommended that you prepare to sleep before 10:30. Normal sleep consists of deep sleep and light sleep, which alternate. Only deep sleep is effective sleep. It plays an important role in eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.Here, only about 15%.

  It is easy for people to get deep sleep between 0 and 4 o’clock at night. Normal adults usually enter the first deep sleep after 60 minutes of falling asleep.

Therefore, we recommend that adults without sleep disorders start preparations for bedtime before 10:30 in the evening, such as washing, relaxing, going to bed, ensuring that they fall asleep before 11:00, and go to deep sleep smoothly after 1 hour to ensure goodSleep quality.

  Insomnia therapy: In addition to paying attention to the time when you start to sleep, the correct way to sleep also includes the following points, which is the “insomnia behavior therapy” that has been promoted abroad, which is easy to implement and suitable for the treatment of various types of insomnia.


Moderate physical exercise during the day can help deepen sleep; 2.

Do not perform non-sleep activities in bed, such as watching TV, work, thinking, reading, etc. These bad habits can cause excitement before going to bed, disrupt the normal rhythm of sleep, and lead to insomnia.


If you do not fall asleep after 20 minutes, you should leave the bedroom, find a comfortable place to sit or lean on, leave the book, TV, computer, and stay quiet for 20 minutes.

You can sit or meditate and return to bed when you feel sleepy.

If it doesn’t work all at once, repeat it.


If you fall asleep at least a few times a day, you should get up regularly in the early morning. Even on weekends and holidays, you should stick to a fixed bedtime and wake-up time to maintain normal sleep-wake rhythm and improve sleep efficiency.

How to create hydrating skin for business people


How to create hydrating skin for business people

Guide: It is said that people who travel frequently cannot afford to hurt, especially women. When traveling, it is no better than home, and we cannot do skin care as usual.

Therefore, poor skin is a common problem for business travellers. How can the business traveler change the skin status?

In fact, it is not difficult for business people to have moisturized skin. Today, Xiaohong Dongfang will teach you how to create moisturized skin for business people.

  How to create a moisturized skin for business people, the skin care of business people should master the following points.

  1, skin care products should be less and the business trip is better than at home, too much luggage will increase the difficulty of travel, therefore, it is necessary to “simplify” a variety of skin care products in weekday bags.

The choice of skin care products should be less and not more, and the skin care products should be targeted according to the climate of the place where they travel.

For example, if you live in the north on a weekday, but travel in the south on a business trip, you must choose a dry skin care product, and then take out the greasy product with excessive moisture from the bag.

And if you are going from the south to the north, you need to bring some moisturizing and anti-peeling skin care products.

  2, live face + mask = beautiful wash your face twice a day, usually before bedtime, get up early each time, but on business days, you need to add another at noon, and apply some cream after washing.

If you have time, apply a mask directly after cleansing.

The mask is brought with you, and it is a sheet mask, which is not too heavy.

In this way, the skin will “adhere to the customs” instead of “raising emotions.”

  3, add water, be a “big bath girl” on business trips, the most common problems are dryness, soil and water, and allergies. Therefore, once there is dryness and lack of water, you must replenish water in time.Contains calming and anti-allergic Chinese herbs such as chamomile, calendula, aloe.

In addition, business trips are often a process of physical exhaustion. If you have the conditions, you should take a bubble bath. This can not only help relax the pressure, but also balance the secretion of hormones. This is a good way to spoil yourself.

  4. Good sleep creates beautiful people on business trips and business affairs. Good work and rest time can improve the efficiency of work, and also make you look good.

I usually have the habit of clubbing and staying up late, but this should not be the case during business trips. Sleep on time and get up on time. This regular lifestyle guarantees healthy and rosy skin.

  But after a business trip is a new environment, it is easy to have insomnia.

Prepare essential oils and botanicals for sleeping, such as geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, and so on.

Not only that, if you are traveling in a hot and humid place, you should bring a dry chamomile spray. If you are going to a particularly cold area, carry olive oil, rose hip oil, etc. as a dry repair oil.

  5, eat healthy skin to a new environment must have fresh food, not to mention girls themselves love to eat fresh.

But don’t neglect the skin’s feelings because too much irritating food may have adverse effects on the skin.

When you first arrived, you should still eat some insurance foods, such as cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc., it is best to light.

Buy some fresh fruits, or buy some vitamins in the local area. This can not only supplement the loss of vitamins, but also not make the body hypoxia, making the whole person look very mental.

Message from the editor: Maintain your skin according to your skin condition and local climate characteristics, and make the work go smoothly.

This way of pampering oneself must be admirable.

One party supports the other, if you go to a new environment, do you know how to do it.

Use with caution, contraindication, and widening of medication

Use with caution, contraindication, and widening of medication

When we use drugs, we often find that the instructions for use are marked with caution, avoidance and substitution.

Although these three words differ only one word, they mean that they are quite different.

Use with caution: It means that care should be taken when using the drug, and after using the drug, you should pay attention to observation.

If an adverse reaction occurs, the drug should be discontinued immediately, especially in children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with low heart, liver, and kidney functions. They should be cautiously armed, which is determined by certain physiological characteristics they possess, such as in vivo drugsMetabolic (including detoxification, detoxification) ability is weakened, causing the body to have adverse reactions to certain drugs.

Generally not easy to use.

However, caution should not be taken as it cannot be used. Generally speaking, in cases where drugs must be used with caution, they should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

Avoid: It means avoiding or preferably not using.

For example, some patients may cause obvious replacement after taking certain drugs. For example, sulfa drugs have a harmful effect on the kidney, and those with poor renal function should not use it. Remifen (anti-tuberculosis drug) has damage to liver cells.Poor function should be avoided.

But when the disease condition requires the use of certain contraindicated drugs, it is appropriate to find other drugs with similar pharmacological effects but more adverse reactions instead.

If it is not necessary, drugs that can counteract or reduce its side effects must be applied at the same time to minimize unsafe factors.

When using medicine at home, it is best not to use medicines that are not to be used.

Absolute: It is absolutely prohibited.

For some medicines, it can be said that there is no choice.

Because once the patient takes it, there will be serious adverse reactions or poisoning, such as Chinese medicines such as croton, morning glory, musk, leech, etc., which are absolutely taken by pregnant women.

Patients with gastric ulcer have high blood pressure aspirin, otherwise they may easily cause gastric bleeding or even gastric perforation.

Morphine has the effect of inhibiting the respiratory center, so bronchial blood pressure and patients with pulmonary hypertension.

When the medicine is used at home, do not use it rashly to prevent serious consequences.

6 common traps for diet and exercise

6 common traps for diet and exercise

Introduction: Only the right way can achieve weight loss on the basis of ensuring good health.

Below, for you to correct some of the misunderstanding in the concept of weight loss.

  Myth # 1: Eating spicy food can help you lose weight.

  The effect of eating spicy food is not as great as imagined. Eating more spicy food will have an impact on the function of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the stimulation of gastric mucosa, and easily cause gastric bleeding.

In addition, eating too much irritating food will make the skin rough and prone to acne.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat more low-fat food is not easy to gain weight.

  Associate Professor Moore of Boston University School of Medicine reported at the 44th Annual Meeting of the American College of Cardiology on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention that teens who seldom eat dairy products, high-fat or low-fat diets, are more likely to be obese than those on a moderate diet.

In the process of weight loss, the aunt does not always replace the opposite role.

  Adults who eat it will not even be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and accidental decomposition can also inhibit adults’ synthesis in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet recommended by the American Heart Association includes moderate amounts of adults and more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

  Myth 3: Keep eating fruit meals to lose weight.

  Although fruits are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, the benefits of fruits are endless, but their nutritional content is single, especially the necessary unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

Long-term single fruit weight loss will inevitably cause protein, minerals and other nutrients in the body to be lost. Slowly, the body will issue a danger alert.

  A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body has a large number of comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which is harmful and not beneficial.

  Sports Slimming Misunderstanding One: The better the effect of exercise intensity.

  The exercise of weight-loss people should follow the principle of gradual change from person to person.

It is different from person to person, that is, it refers to different objects, different transitional conditions, and different treatments, and uses targeted physical exercise.

  The principle of gradual increase of exercise load gradually, only a certain intensity of stimulation can make the body adapt to change.

Too little exercise has no effect on exercise, but too much exercise will cause damage to body function.

  Do not take “overeating” methods during physical exercise, suddenly increase the amount of exercise or suddenly interrupt the exercise.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

  Myth 2: You can lose weight every 30 minutes of jogging.

  It is not scientific to lose weight.

Practice has proven that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightest in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen.

With the extension of exercise time, the amount of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that, regardless of the intensity of the exercise shorter than 40 minutes, the slight consumption is not obvious.

  Myth 3: More exercise can consume too much food.

  This can only be done occasionally.

It turns out that people who feel that they eat a lot and increase their physical activity can only gain weight in the end.

If habits are formed, the results can only be harmful.

If you often use extended exercise as an excuse for overeating, and you have actually turned yourself into an overtraining situation, then your body simply has no time to recover from the fatigue of overtraining.

  People who often overeat at one meal should increase their intensity slightly during the next aerobic exercise, or reduce the conversion of the next meal.

  For some patients with hypertension, it is always desirable to reduce weight to normal levels through weight-loss drugs within a short period of time, and it is best to lose 20-30 pounds a month.

As everyone knows, rapid weight loss is harmful and not beneficial. It is not easy to maintain weight loss results, the rebound rate is very high, and it is easy to cause severe overdrafts, malnutrition, and induce various unexpected diseases.

Step-by-step, weight-loss methods based on dietary control and reasonable exercise, and appropriate medical treatment according to the doctor’s order, are practical.

Ten benefits of eating ravioli in early autumn

Ten benefits of eating ravioli in early autumn

Many people like to eat lotus root stewed pork ribs in the early autumn, or put some lotus root into it when making clear soup or broth.

In fact, experts say that lotus root has many effects, and eating lotus root also has great benefits.

Today I will introduce the benefits of eating ravioli in early autumn.

  1. Heat-relieving and cold-blooding lotus roots are cold, and the weather is hot in early autumn, which has the effect of cooling heat and cooling blood, which can be used to treat fever diseases.Useful.

  2. Laxative and antidiarrheal lotus root emits a unique fragrance, and also contains metabolites, which has certain spleen and antidiarrheal effects, can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetizing and healthy, and is good for poor stomach appetite caused by autumn constipationLoss of appetite restores health.

  3. The spleen appetizing lotus root contains mucus protein and supplementary fiber, which can be combined with bile salts in the human body, cholesterol and triglycerides in food, and excreted from feces, thereby reducing the absorption of lipids.

Lotus root emits a unique fragrance, and also contains high purity. It has certain spleen and antidiarrheal effects on people with indigestion and loss of appetite in the early autumn season. It can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetite, and be good for stomach appetite.Good, the appetite is restored to health.
  4. Zhixue Sanyu contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has the effect of constricting blood vessels and can be used to stop bleeding.

Can also cool blood, scattered blood, Chinese medicine believes that it stops bleeding without leaving blood stasis, is a good food therapy for fever.

  5. The sugar content of anti-aging and anti-cancer supplement C 藕 is not very high, but contains high vitamin C, which is very beneficial for patients with liver disease, constipation, diabetes and so on.

Centipede also contains polyphenols, which can improve immunity, ease the aging process, and prevent cancer.

  6, analgesic decompression and protection of the heart 藕 supplement B vitamins, especially vitamin B6.

B vitamin supplements are good for reducing irritability, headaches and stress, as well as reducing mood and lowering the risk of high blood pressure.

  7, nourishing blood and helping the gods to digest fresh tadpole rich in trace elements such as copper, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Among tuber foods, lotus root has high iron content, so iron deficiency anemia is most suitable for eating lotus root.

A variety of trace elements are beneficial to the production of red blood cells and keep muscles and nerves working properly.

In addition, these nutrients help secrete digestive enzymes and improve digestion.

  8. Stable heart rate and blood pressure: The sodium-potassium ratio is 1: 5. Less sodium and more potassium are beneficial for regulating blood pressure and heart rate, and are good for heart and general health.

  9, supplemented with vitamin K to prevent bleeding, rich in vitamin K, has a hemostatic effect.

Freshly squeezed juice can help prevent bleeding.

  10, expectorant, antitussive and anti-hypertensive fresh yam juice can also be used to treat cough, hypertension and pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Hot lotus root tea has antitussive and expectorant effects.

Very short sprint training method

Very short sprint training method

In the large-scale track and field competitions at home and abroad, it is necessary to equip the sprint program 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, etc., especially the 100 meters competition. It has the largest gold content and the most influential, and is the most exciting competition.

I have been working in grassroots schools all the time, and it is the sprint project that is responsible for training.

Therefore, I feel good about how to carry out the training of the sprint. I would like to discuss this with my colleagues.

  The sprint project is an extreme strength work project.

Physiology, biochemistry theory believes that extreme strength work belongs to the supply of energy by anaerobic metabolism.

The sprint technique requires the person’s torso to lean forward, but can’t bow down.

Both arms should be bent on the body side to swing back and forth.

It can be seen that the technical requirements for sprinting are particularly high, and it is a fierce sports project that requires full body coordination, quick response, high change and high strength.

In my usual training, I mainly started from the following aspects.

  First, the development of explosive power The explosive power is determined by two organic components, namely speed and strength.

Therefore, the following practice methods can be used: 1.

Jump deep; 2.

Vertical jump; 3.

Load vertical jump; 4.

Weight-bearing jumps; 5.

Load squat; 6.

The weight-bearing bows exchange jumps.

  Second, the flexibility of flexible exercise refers to the extent of the movement of various joints of the human, the ability of the muscle ligaments to stretch.

It is of great significance in sprinting, especially for athletes’ strides. Therefore, I usually use the following methods in training: 1.

Body flexion practice; 2.

Pull the rod to the leg; 3.

Vertical, cross arm fork; 4.

Rapid flexion and extension of the ribs before and after;

Kicking legs (positive, side and outer swings in four aspects), sitting cross-legged knees, etc.;

Quick standing practice.

  Third, the speed of training This transformation is the key to sprint training. The methods I usually use are auxiliary exercises, repetitions, game methods and game methods.

The game method is a method often used for speed training. Because the speed practice time is short, the game method is often used, which can make the athletes feel high and show the maximum speed.

Like the game method, it can stimulate the athletes’ high emotions. At the same time, due to various movement changes during the game, it can also prevent the form of “speed obstacle” caused by the practice of frequently arranging the maximum speed.

Overcare can cause skin problems


Overcare can cause skin problems

Women reach a certain age, of course not doing maintenance.

However, this does not mean that the more you do the better, the skin care actually needs to grasp the correct degree.

Excessive maintenance can cause a series of skin problems. Do you have these hidden dangers?

Let me tell you now that over-maintenance can cause some kind of skin hazards. Usually you need to be vigilant when skin care!


1Extra small cleansing actions: scrub cleansers, whitening facial cleansing masks, and deep cleansing facial masks . I ca n’t wait to use these facial cleansing products for a day.

Can’t you stand the light shine on your face?

When facial cleanser has become a must-have item when you are out, your maintenance has gone out of bounds!

  Hidden skin: stimulate the secretion of leather glands, damage the stratum corneum of the leather, cause severe acne, dry skin or produce peeling.

  Rescue plan: 1. You can find a mild cleansing product based on your skin texture. The pH is moderate. The product is not suitable for a few minutes after cleansing and does not form a thin film of grease.

  2. Under normal conditions, washing your face is usually twice a day.

If it is very greasy, you can wash it 3 times a day.

  3. Do not use scrub cleansing products, soap, hot water and towels to clean the skin. This will cause great irritation to the skin.


2Extra small action to eliminate too much keratin: If the skin tone is slightly dull, I think it is a stratum corneum, I can’t help rubbing and rubbing with various exfoliating creams, do you also have such obsessive-compulsive disorder?

The keratin cleansing four or five times a week must be overdone. What you think is white and tender is actually a signal that the skin is thinning and fragile. Is n’t it terrible?

  Hidden skin: Excessive removal of cutin will thin the protective layer and make the skin reddish and sensitive.

  Rescue plan: 1. Ask your doctor about special skin (such as extremely dry skin) before choosing the right product.

  2, dry or peeling appears, do a good job of moisturizing, do not exfoliate dead skin, so as not to reduce the skin’s defenses.

  3. Avoid the acne area.

  4. Whether to use deep products and scrubs should be selected according to their own skins.

  5. Remove horny up to 2 times a week.


3Excessive moisturizing extra small actions: “Your skin is not moisturizing enough to become dark yellow.

“” Severe water lines on your skin can cause such fine lines.

“One of the reasons for the lack of elasticity in the skin is the lack of water.

“It seems that all skin problems are hydration problems, but is there really so much skin dehydration?

There are disadvantages to blindly hydrating!

  Hidden skin: Too much skin causes pores to become enlarged without tension and blackheads.

Reduced elasticity, aging keratinocytes are not easy to replace, and the skin lacks gloss.

  Rescue plan: 1. Don’t blindly believe in various moisturizing products, do not rely too much on moisturizing products, and use diet to strengthen hydration.

  2. Consult a professional beautician about your skin condition and clarify the various symptoms of the skin. Do not blame the lack of moisture on the brain.


4 Excessive massage: Another small action: Massage can promote metabolism and accelerate the absorption of skin care products, so it is a necessary step for too many people to maintain.

For people with sensitive skin or thin skin, over-massage can make the symptoms more severe!

  Hidden skin: Excessive massage will pull the skin, directly cause collagen loss, the decline of elastic fibers, skin relaxation, and accelerate skin aging.

  Rescue plan: 1. The massage should be based on gentle techniques. If necessary, you can perform facial massage for 2-5 minutes every day, and you can massage for 10-15 minutes on your body.

  2. Try not to massage sensitive skin.Pay attention to pressing in the same direction during massage, never rub your face back and forth.


5 Over-age maintenance and other small actions: Superstition skin care products must bring high performance, high gold content, high density and other “three high” words.

Excessive nutrition is tantamount to plucking seedlings to encourage growth. Many of them will grow auntily, and will gradually make the skin lose its own metabolic function and become an inactive skin care product test field!

  Hidden skin: The skin will be terribly unbearable without those high-efficiency skincare products for two days. This is an early symptom of dermatitis replacement!

  Rescue plan: Age is the watershed of the skin. It is also necessary to choose skin care products according to age.

  1. As long as you pay attention to the problem of oil secretion before the age of 20, basic care such as skin cleansing is not necessary.

  2, 25-35 years old is the most important thing to prevent aging, because women begin to show signs of aging and other aging phenomena after 30, and the antioxidant capacity is also declining at the same time, so prevention can not be ignored.

  3. After 40 years of age, you can choose products that supplement cell energy to fight wrinkles.

High-performance products with effective illustrations on advertisements must be used in a targeted manner.