Childish talk about marriage and love

Childish talk about marriage and love

Childish talk about marriage and love

What is the appropriate age for marriage?

  84 years old.

There was nothing to do at that time, and there was a lot of time to love each other.

(Judy, when I was 5 years old, after I finished kindergarten, I had to start thinking about finding a wife for myself.

(Tommy, how did 5-year-old love happen?

  I heard people say that it has something to do with their taste.

Adults love to use perfume.

(Jane, at the age of 9, I think I might be shot by a gun or something-it shouldn’t hurt.)

(Harun, how does it feel to be in love with someone at 9?

  If it’s as troublesome as learning spelling, I don’t want to try it.

It takes too much time.

(Leo, does 7-year-old look important?

  Appearance is not the most important.

I should be pretty good, but I have never heard of anyone who wants to marry me.

(Gary, why are lovers always holding hands at the age of 7?

  I’m afraid the ring will fall!

Those things are expensive.

(David, 8 years old is willing to fall in love?

  I still want to fall in love with people-as long as I don’t show “Cat and Mouse” on TV.

(Bobby, how do you make others fall in love with you at the age of 8?

  Tell her you have good polysaccharides.

(Alonzo, 9 years old, how do you tell if the two adults eating in the restaurant are in love?

  See who pays.

Men who are in love are willing to pay.

(John, 9-year-old love is always staring at you, you staring at me, everything is cold.

(Brad, 8-year-old lovers must be called desserts-they must be very sweet.

(Christine, 9 years old, when you say “I love you”, what do you think?

  She may be thinking: love is love, but it is better that he can take a bath frequently, at least once a day.

(Michelle, when should 9-year-old kiss someone he likes?

  Unless I have enough money to afford a wedding ring and camera, I won’t kiss a girl, because girls always want to record the day of their wedding.

(Jim, how can 10-year-old love last?

  Take more time and don’t keep thinking about going to work.

(Tom, don’t forget her name at the age of seven-that will mess things up.

(Roger, 8 years old