The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

The increasingly fairness of the gender level has caused fierce competition and collision between men and women in all occasions and in various fields, and in terms of beauty and skin care, there are still some conservative men who dare not keep their distance from the term of beauty.

In fact, we often think of elite men, fashion men, sports men, beautiful men, none of which do not need maintenance.

Looking through the seven deadly sins of beauty, beware of being a ugly man.

  Little TIPS: The internal secretion system in the fragile human skin of men causes a troublesome thing for men: men have a higher incidence of acne than women.

Clinical manifestations of rash, mild cases occur occasionally, severe rashes are more dense, if men eat less traces of food and sweets from animals, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B, the incidence of acne in menWill be greatly reduced.

  The first case of men’s beauty is “mother” guilt: to avoid having to be related to beauty, I feel that real men are disdainful of smearing on the face, and they don’t look at white-skinned men with red lips.

  Her opinion: Too old!

Haven’t you heard that “mother” is one of the top ten fashions in the world?

The so-called “neutral wind” is a beautiful and delicate boy like a rare girl. We also think they are so cute!

Much better than those ugly guys with sloppy faces!

  Men’s beauty?

Someone will frown when they hear: Good mother!

But who doesn’t like handsome guys?

There is no difference between men and women in beauty, not to mention that protecting your skin is no different from caring for any part of your body!

  When men’s faces are covered with acne, dark spots or other skin diseases and cannot be changed, they miss the best period of beauty.

Men’s skin is relatively rough, and pores penetrate easily to produce oil and sweat, especially for young children. The secretion of oil is strong. If you do not pay attention to the health and hygiene of the skin on your face, you will leave the root of chronic diseases.

  The second sin cleansing cream does not need to be guilty of guilt: although skin care, but in its own name to simplify the steps, the results are more effective.

  Her opinion: Still a big man mentality!

Unwilling to follow the advice of a beauty consultant or a woman with an open mind, a man thinks it is his nature!

  Many men wash their faces with only a splash of water.

In fact, most men’s faces have large pores and a lot of oil secretion, which is most likely to cause acne.

So daily cleansing is the most important step in beauty. The dirt on the surface is not removed, and no beauty product can be absorbed!

Moreover, soap is not suitable for cleansing, and regular use will affect the pH of the skin.

When the skin feels dry and tight, the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil, which makes the facial oil more serious.

  Men do not protect against sun.

Sun protection is not the same as being afraid of getting tanned.

The holes cracked by the ozone layer are getting bigger and bigger, the ultraviolet radiation is getting stronger and stronger, and the lethality to the skin is getting stronger and stronger.

If the aging of the skin is accelerated or a lot of skin diseases are caused, it is really a loss.

So regardless of gender, sun protection should be a matter for everyone.

  At an annual ceremony, Lin Junjie was still like the old boy with a green thumb, with a shy smile on his face.

Washing his face is the key to his maintenance tips. “I wash my pores with a hot towel before I wash my face to open the pores. The soap rubs the foam carefully and gently to massage the face to remove dirt from the pores. The nose and forehead are prone to acneWash the place carefully, and wash your face with clean water without leaving the residue of soap.

“Professional enough!

  The third guilt shave does not protect the guilt: if you do not use the protective measures seriously, you will shave, and even leave a disgusting blood spot!

  Her opinion: Only dads and grandpas can be forgiven if they show blood spots on their noses!

  Acne is most likely to appear on shaved areas!

This is due to the fact that no skin protection measures have been taken to allow dirt to clog pores.

Before shaving, you should use warm soapy liquid to moisturize the face, and then shave the roots of the beard; people using electric shavers should apply ointment or powder before shaving to avoid dry shaving.

In addition, after shaving, use cream, lotion, sebum, etc. to wipe your face. For people with acne, you should also add disinfectant water such as camphor alcohol or boric acid alcohol to prevent infection.   Han Xing’an Qixuan ‘s point of view is “the elegance of men first.” He does n’t miss the details of shaving. He also shaves every day, but in order not to hurt the skin, he must use care products in time after shaving to quickly shrink pores and moisturize the skin.
  The fourth guilty of squeezing acne: It’s an enjoyment while no one is squeezing the acne.

  Her opinion: Like squeezing acne, a man’s squeezing acne is the number one disgusting action. When he sees it, he deducts all his scores!

  Acne is caused by dust, dead skin accumulating pores, sebum cannot be discharged, and the skin is infected by bacteria.

If you squeeze the acne or leave it alone, it will make the acne deeper and deeper, and even leave uneven scars.

Therefore, daily cleansing and basic care using scrubs cannot be ignored.

  The fifth guilt of using wife’s skincare products: The skincare products used by women are also suitable for men. She believes that: not necessarily do not know the goodness of men’s skincare products, mainly to save money . Many men like to dry in the weather, Use some of your wife’s skin care products.

In fact, there are differences between men and women.

Most men’s skin tends to be oily, while women’s skin care products are moisturizing.

Men should add skin care products that are hydrated, refreshing and not greasy.

  The young boy Su Youpeng has a good temper in the circle, and the reporter asked him: “What are the main points of men’s skin care?

He said: “I like to use skin care products with perfume ingredients, so I will be MEN without perfume.

“The 6th crime is only a count of superficial work: Although I pay attention to cleanliness and beauty, I don’t pay attention to my diet. I often eat greasy spicy food, smoke and drink, stay up late, and don’t exercise.

  She believes that if life is upside down and the diet is not particular, do n’t waste money on beauty, and save money for your wife and girlfriend.

  Men should learn from women, develop good eating habits, eat more light food and fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, and smoke less. This can effectively improve the skin.

It’s also important to get enough exercise.

Because exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism and help expel toxins from the body.

  Luo Zhixiang, the little pig who ran around to catch the show, still maintained himself in the busy activities.

“No matter how busy I am, I will definitely take out 2 hours of fitness every day, to maintain my body shape and to be full of energy.

I also insist on using beauty products every day, especially when I am busy and tired, this is very important to reduce the damage to the skin!

“All handsome men, like all beautiful women, are maintained.

Men do n’t need to avoid taboos. If you want to look like you are only in your early 30s when you are 40 years old, take care of all aspects!

  The 7th guilt of white-faced yellow teeth: It is okay not to open your mouth, a row of smoke stained yellow teeth!

Terror is dead!

  Her thoughts: I’m most afraid of men’s beauty-seeking method, which can lead to weak penetration and scare people. It might as well be all messy, simply no expectations.

  Men’s beauty is far from the care and patience of women, and they always leave shortcomings to expose their “dark side”.

Details such as teeth, dandruff, and tone are killers that scare a woman out of sight.

  So men should invest more in detail care.

For yellow teeth, there is a powerful toothpaste.

Hu Yanbin, a singer who recently went to Taiwan to develop, although he is not a handsome guy, but his white teeth add a lot of color to his voice. Hu Yanbin usually pays great attention to the protection of his teeth. In addition to less exposure to tobacco and alcohol, he also uses Leidu toothpaste, which has a whitening effect.