Overcare can cause skin problems

Overcare can cause skin problems


Overcare can cause skin problems

Women reach a certain age, of course not doing maintenance.

However, this does not mean that the more you do the better, the skin care actually needs to grasp the correct degree.

Excessive maintenance can cause a series of skin problems. Do you have these hidden dangers?

Let me tell you now that over-maintenance can cause some kind of skin hazards. Usually you need to be vigilant when skin care!


1Extra small cleansing actions: scrub cleansers, whitening facial cleansing masks, and deep cleansing facial masks . I ca n’t wait to use these facial cleansing products for a day.

Can’t you stand the light shine on your face?

When facial cleanser has become a must-have item when you are out, your maintenance has gone out of bounds!

  Hidden skin: stimulate the secretion of leather glands, damage the stratum corneum of the leather, cause severe acne, dry skin or produce peeling.

  Rescue plan: 1. You can find a mild cleansing product based on your skin texture. The pH is moderate. The product is not suitable for a few minutes after cleansing and does not form a thin film of grease.

  2. Under normal conditions, washing your face is usually twice a day.

If it is very greasy, you can wash it 3 times a day.

  3. Do not use scrub cleansing products, soap, hot water and towels to clean the skin. This will cause great irritation to the skin.


2Extra small action to eliminate too much keratin: If the skin tone is slightly dull, I think it is a stratum corneum, I can’t help rubbing and rubbing with various exfoliating creams, do you also have such obsessive-compulsive disorder?

The keratin cleansing four or five times a week must be overdone. What you think is white and tender is actually a signal that the skin is thinning and fragile. Is n’t it terrible?

  Hidden skin: Excessive removal of cutin will thin the protective layer and make the skin reddish and sensitive.

  Rescue plan: 1. Ask your doctor about special skin (such as extremely dry skin) before choosing the right product.

  2, dry or peeling appears, do a good job of moisturizing, do not exfoliate dead skin, so as not to reduce the skin’s defenses.

  3. Avoid the acne area.

  4. Whether to use deep products and scrubs should be selected according to their own skins.

  5. Remove horny up to 2 times a week.


3Excessive moisturizing extra small actions: “Your skin is not moisturizing enough to become dark yellow.

“” Severe water lines on your skin can cause such fine lines.

“One of the reasons for the lack of elasticity in the skin is the lack of water.

“It seems that all skin problems are hydration problems, but is there really so much skin dehydration?

There are disadvantages to blindly hydrating!

  Hidden skin: Too much skin causes pores to become enlarged without tension and blackheads.

Reduced elasticity, aging keratinocytes are not easy to replace, and the skin lacks gloss.

  Rescue plan: 1. Don’t blindly believe in various moisturizing products, do not rely too much on moisturizing products, and use diet to strengthen hydration.

  2. Consult a professional beautician about your skin condition and clarify the various symptoms of the skin. Do not blame the lack of moisture on the brain.


4 Excessive massage: Another small action: Massage can promote metabolism and accelerate the absorption of skin care products, so it is a necessary step for too many people to maintain.

For people with sensitive skin or thin skin, over-massage can make the symptoms more severe!

  Hidden skin: Excessive massage will pull the skin, directly cause collagen loss, the decline of elastic fibers, skin relaxation, and accelerate skin aging.

  Rescue plan: 1. The massage should be based on gentle techniques. If necessary, you can perform facial massage for 2-5 minutes every day, and you can massage for 10-15 minutes on your body.

  2. Try not to massage sensitive skin.Pay attention to pressing in the same direction during massage, never rub your face back and forth.


5 Over-age maintenance and other small actions: Superstition skin care products must bring high performance, high gold content, high density and other “three high” words.

Excessive nutrition is tantamount to plucking seedlings to encourage growth. Many of them will grow auntily, and will gradually make the skin lose its own metabolic function and become an inactive skin care product test field!

  Hidden skin: The skin will be terribly unbearable without those high-efficiency skincare products for two days. This is an early symptom of dermatitis replacement!

  Rescue plan: Age is the watershed of the skin. It is also necessary to choose skin care products according to age.

  1. As long as you pay attention to the problem of oil secretion before the age of 20, basic care such as skin cleansing is not necessary.

  2, 25-35 years old is the most important thing to prevent aging, because women begin to show signs of aging and other aging phenomena after 30, and the antioxidant capacity is also declining at the same time, so prevention can not be ignored.

  3. After 40 years of age, you can choose products that supplement cell energy to fight wrinkles.

High-performance products with effective illustrations on advertisements must be used in a targeted manner.