Summer oil rescue T zone operation

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

Summer oil rescue T zone operation

The temperature continues to soar. From the T position, it is announced that the hot season is coming. Do not want to let the pore oil die, and remember to do good internal and external maintenance.

  The T-shaped part of the skin ‘s golden triangle exercise is the most fertile piece of land for the shells, and it is also the place where the greasy feeling first appears. As long as it shines in the hot sun, sweat and oil are frequently posing, so that their various shortcomings are hiddenThe pores have also been enlarged several times.

The T-shaped part of oily muscles or mixed muscles is even more terrifying with oil.

  In fact, the greasiness, pores, and acne problems in the T-shaped area are not all caused by mixed muscle or oily skin, but the probability of these two skin types is relatively high.

Looking closely, in fact, any type of skin in the absence of water will lead to insufficient moisturizing power, causing the skin to secrete more oil to protect the skin, resulting in skin oil-water imbalance and enlarged pores.

In addition, many people’s cleaning methods are wrong. Over-cleaning will also cause the skin to be too dry and oily, while insufficient cleaning power or incomplete cleaning will cause pores to rupture, causing acne and acne crisis. How to customize the skinThe exclusive Golden Triangle skincare plan is the first maintenance issue currently being rescued.

  Laying the foundation for cleaning with cleaning is not the most important condition for cleaning after washing.

The sebum of the skin is composed of neural peptamine and NMF natural moisturizing factor. It is itself the best natural defense barrier. Therefore, when cleaning products to remove dirt, don’t destroy this layer of sebum protection, which can maintain sufficient horny water retention capacity.

However, according to statistics, every time the temperature rises by 1 ° C, the amount of sebum secreted on the face will increase by 15%. Especially in the summer, when faced with the greasy oiliness of the annoying people, the cleaning effort will inevitably go too far, but let TThe skin in the part becomes imbalanced with water and oil, and the amount of oil secreted will often rise rapidly.

  Use cleansing to improve your skin condition.

People who often get acne, deep cleansing products containing fruit acid and salicylic acid are the best helpers for speed matching; people who often wear heavy makeup can simply and quickly remove the strong and powerful makeup remover oil to make cleaning enjoyableIt is super efficient, such as highly antioxidant olive oil and green tea, skin-tightening cherry blossoms, and a moisturizing makeup remover that promotes blood circulation. It always follows the weather, skin condition, and mood changes, and instantly pleases women’s fickle nature.

In addition, while cleaning the face, in addition to conditioning the pores in the T-shaped area, many products have added anti-ageing and firming skin care ingredients, which are very suitable for mature or dry muscles.

  The T-shaped cleansing method makes cleansing fun, and let small props help, such as an electric cleansing device designed for deep cleansing of the skin. The “1 speed” is based on the gentle shock of 5,500 revolutions per minuteIn combination with the gentle shock wave given by deep cleansing facial cotton, the massage effect is achieved while gently cleaning the skin, while the other “2 step speed” opens the pores with a frequent shock wave of 8,000 revolutions per minute and introduces a deep cleansing formulaSkin, removing excess old dead keratin, combined with deep cleansing cotton or blackhead cleansing cotton, can improve the cleaning effect 10 times, and strengthen and improve acne dirt and residual makeup in the pores.

Another type of deep keratin purifying tablet containing tea tree ingredients can gently regulate acne and metabolize old dead keratin. While watching TV, you can remove grease and dirt from the T-shaped part, which can easily unblock pores.

  In addition, the cleansing powder with enzyme particles uses a physical exfoliating effect, just like diamond micro-carving can remove the old horny shells of the shell, making the skin softer and smoother. After the T-shaped acne patch, the new type of TThe word acne rubbing, in a softening, loosening, and acne-purifying manner, wraps the old waste keratin. As long as it is gently rubbed and massaged, the “dirty” things of the shell are driven away, and the skin is refreshed and delicate.A sense of accomplishment.

  T-type control maintenance tips are just cleaning up, without perfect moisturizing backing, maintenance is just as good.

In fact, the purpose of cleansing is not to comprehensively suppress shine, but to help maintain skin oil and moisture balance.

Similarly, skin care products that mainly manage T-shaped parts can give proper moisturization after cleansing, so that the skin still has the right to beauty.

Low-concentration care products such as fruit acid or salicylic acid have a good regulation effect on astringent pores and the removal of solidified oils around pores in a short period of time, but long-term excessive use may make the skin sensitive or rough.

  The forehead and nose always have a shiny skin, and a small amount of oil-free and refreshing can balance the sebum secretion in the T-shaped part, which can strengthen the keratin barrier. Many essences specially designed for pores contain immediate tightening and improving skin contact.Skin looks more noticeably smooth and delicate, and at the same time avoids excessive oil out and does not let the shine shine.

  The one who is suitable for you is the one who maintains the best natural skincare. “Oil from your own skin is the best beauty sacred product. It represents the skin’s active and active ability.” But in the summer of Taiwan, who does n’t wash his face one day,Can it stand it?

Many people who have tried surrendered with their hands, constantly forehead, nose and chin acne spread, and even made friends with oil and bacteria, and also came up with several acne, it is really worth the loss.

The so-called lady-grade lotion was used, but the T-shaped part was slightly greasy and acne was not uncommon. The reason was that the skin care products were too moisturizing, which made it difficult for the skin in the twenties.

Many experts care products for the T-shaped part to control oil and make acne. Sometimes the moisturizing effect on the skin is still not enough. You must strengthen the moisturizing during the maintenance, so that the skin will not lose its luster but become dry and dull.

Although some cleansing oils are a bit refreshing, they may not cause much impact on normal skin texture, and even dissolve the stubborn keratin of the T-shaped part. However, it is best for oily skin with multiple skin sensitivity or acne-prone acne.Avoid not suitable

After all, finding your own maintenance method is a beautiful destination after all, that is, after many attempts, uncomfortable skin will not be attractive.

  Healthy eating Gu Hao Golden Triangle There is still no direct evidence of fried foods, chocolate, peanuts, sweets, high sugar drinks, and irritating foods such as peppers.
It is the brother’s hand that causes the skin to become oily or keep acne, but these foods will accelerate the secretion of sebaceous glands, increase the amount of oil from the areas that are prone to oil, and worsen the original acne problem.

Natural skin experts who advocate for less egg and less oily milk argue that egg milk contains factors that can cause skin allergies, especially hormones that can stimulate skin acne.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spicy stimuli or high-fat fried diets can easily make people angry, leading to oily inflammation of the skin and acne and acne protests. Therefore, it is best to keep the daily diet light and less irritating.The body is less likely to accumulate toxins, and it can also reduce the burden on the T-shaped part.

Although the relationship between diet and skin problems often varies from person to person, and even the culture of different countries and regions, the level of skin “physical constitution” affects different levels, but a healthy diet, such as a balanced intake of five categories of food, drink moreWater, appropriate supplements of vitamins A, C, E, B groups, zinc, calcium.
Waiting is still the only rule for maintaining beauty.

  Good mood has good skin. I want T-shaped parts to be trouble-free, an indispensable beauty element, and inner emotional management.

Dermatological studies have found that constant tension and stress, a large increase in skin oil secretion, and even cause human acne.

Although skin care products help to improve the skin condition, they are only a symptom. If the stress comes down again, causing endocrine imbalance, the problem will come back.

In addition, often staying up late, lack of sleep has always been a beauty taboo, especially excessive oil on the forehead, and acne, which means overwork and distress, leading to overheating and excessive liver toxins. Finally, a warning message is issued from the T position.
The only solution is to adjust the pace of life, maintain a regular sleep schedule and moderate exercise, help balance and relieve physiological stress, relax the mood, and skin problems will naturally be cured without medicine.