How to create hydrating skin for business people

How to create hydrating skin for business people


How to create hydrating skin for business people

Guide: It is said that people who travel frequently cannot afford to hurt, especially women. When traveling, it is no better than home, and we cannot do skin care as usual.

Therefore, poor skin is a common problem for business travellers. How can the business traveler change the skin status?

In fact, it is not difficult for business people to have moisturized skin. Today, Xiaohong Dongfang will teach you how to create moisturized skin for business people.

  How to create a moisturized skin for business people, the skin care of business people should master the following points.

  1, skin care products should be less and the business trip is better than at home, too much luggage will increase the difficulty of travel, therefore, it is necessary to “simplify” a variety of skin care products in weekday bags.

The choice of skin care products should be less and not more, and the skin care products should be targeted according to the climate of the place where they travel.

For example, if you live in the north on a weekday, but travel in the south on a business trip, you must choose a dry skin care product, and then take out the greasy product with excessive moisture from the bag.

And if you are going from the south to the north, you need to bring some moisturizing and anti-peeling skin care products.

  2, live face + mask = beautiful wash your face twice a day, usually before bedtime, get up early each time, but on business days, you need to add another at noon, and apply some cream after washing.

If you have time, apply a mask directly after cleansing.

The mask is brought with you, and it is a sheet mask, which is not too heavy.

In this way, the skin will “adhere to the customs” instead of “raising emotions.”

  3, add water, be a “big bath girl” on business trips, the most common problems are dryness, soil and water, and allergies. Therefore, once there is dryness and lack of water, you must replenish water in time.Contains calming and anti-allergic Chinese herbs such as chamomile, calendula, aloe.

In addition, business trips are often a process of physical exhaustion. If you have the conditions, you should take a bubble bath. This can not only help relax the pressure, but also balance the secretion of hormones. This is a good way to spoil yourself.

  4. Good sleep creates beautiful people on business trips and business affairs. Good work and rest time can improve the efficiency of work, and also make you look good.

I usually have the habit of clubbing and staying up late, but this should not be the case during business trips. Sleep on time and get up on time. This regular lifestyle guarantees healthy and rosy skin.

  But after a business trip is a new environment, it is easy to have insomnia.

Prepare essential oils and botanicals for sleeping, such as geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, and so on.

Not only that, if you are traveling in a hot and humid place, you should bring a dry chamomile spray. If you are going to a particularly cold area, carry olive oil, rose hip oil, etc. as a dry repair oil.

  5, eat healthy skin to a new environment must have fresh food, not to mention girls themselves love to eat fresh.

But don’t neglect the skin’s feelings because too much irritating food may have adverse effects on the skin.

When you first arrived, you should still eat some insurance foods, such as cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc., it is best to light.

Buy some fresh fruits, or buy some vitamins in the local area. This can not only supplement the loss of vitamins, but also not make the body hypoxia, making the whole person look very mental.

Message from the editor: Maintain your skin according to your skin condition and local climate characteristics, and make the work go smoothly.

This way of pampering oneself must be admirable.

One party supports the other, if you go to a new environment, do you know how to do it.