Summer 6 major common diseases cupping treatment effect

Summer 6 major common diseases cupping treatment effect


Summer 6 major common diseases cupping treatment effect

The effect of cupping treatment for 6 common diseases in summer is praised. For the Chinese medicine method of cupping, we are no stranger. This is the health method we often see. Many people have time to cup.

The benefits of cupping are very many. For the six major diseases that are common in summer, the effect of cupping treatment is very good.

Let’s take a closer look below.

Cupping is one of the very old TCM regimens, and it is also very popular among people. So why is cupping so good to treat certain diseases?

Summer is the peak season for cupping in the whole season. Many people will choose cupping to cure a variety of diseases at this time. Summer is the most vigorous season of yang, and it is also the time when the body is filled with blood. At this time, cupping is the best.opportunity.

There are many benefits of cupping. It has the functions of warming up yang, enhancing physical fitness, dispelling cold and dampness, promoting qi and qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Therefore, for some common diseases in summer, you may wish to try the family cupping therapy, and pull out the spirit, so that the treatment has become so simple!

First, the early summer wet weather due to the summer weather is more sultry, humidity is reduced, at this time in order to cool down, we should be more greedy, otherwise blowing air conditioning, taking a cold shower, etc., it is easy to cause a summer cold.

In the summer, Chinese medicine is also known as Shushi cold, and at the same time it is called “hot cold” by the people.

Summer sees more hot and cold, fever, sweat but heat, nasal congestion, turbidity, dizziness, headache, head swelling, heavy fatigue, upset thirst, chest tightness, vomiting, short urine, yellow greasy tongueThe main symptoms.

Cupping therapy: Can be in the lung Yu, Xiangyang, Yinlingquan, Zusanli, Quze, the cupping of the medium hole, leaving the can 15?
20 minutes.

Once a day, the illness will stop.

You can also walk along the bladder bladder through the hole. You can apply the ginger juice as a syringe in the tank. Go back and forth to the skin to make the skin purple-red. Finally, leave the jar in the big vertebrae, Feishu point for 20 minutes.

Note: But here you need to remind everyone, if it is high fever, then do not cup again for a long time.

Second, heatstroke in the summer season, the temperature rises, and the humidity rises, staying in such a high temperature hot and humid environment for a long time, because the interaction in the body can not be released in time, causing the body temperature regulation disorder and triggering the symptoms of heat stroke.

Heat stroke is divided into threatened heat stroke, mild heat stroke, and severe heat stroke.

For threatened heat stroke and mild heat stroke, it mainly manifests as thirst, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, sweating, fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting, palpitations, dry red or pale face, attention to distraction, uncoordinated movementsThe body temperature is normal or elevated.

Severe heatstroke includes heat contraction fractures, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Cupping therapy: can replace the big vertebrae, the center, the foreign customs, with the Zhongchong, Shi Xuan, spine vertebrae, Guanchong, using simple cupping or pricking cupping, leaving the tank for 5 minutes.

At both ends of the spine, use a plum blossom needle to smash 3?
After 5 times, go to the tank; Zhongchong, Guanchong, Shi Xuan use a triangular needle to puncture the blood, not cupping.

Third, headache summer is a frequent season of headache, due to the uncertain summer climate will aggravate the symptoms of headache to some extent.

So, what should we do in the face of headaches that occur in summer?

Cupping therapy: If the headache is on the side of the head, the pain is swelling pain, jumping pain, accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and dry eyes. Replace the wind pool, shoulder well, Yanglingquan, etc.Acupuncture points for cupping; head pain is often related to emotions, replacing the points of the foot and yin and liver, such as liver and kidney, cupping; if the headache is in the forehead, you should choose stomach Yu, Zusanli, etc.The acupuncture points are cupping, and the scraping effect is better.

Fourth, there is a high incidence of gastrointestinal disease in summer. It is a gastrointestinal disease. Every summer, there are many people who come to the hospital to see gastrointestinal diseases. Why is it that cupping is how to treat gastrointestinal diseases?

In the summer season, the temperature is high. Many people like to eat some cold food to cool their body. For example, those watery pears, cool and refreshing beer, ice cream, etc., it is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems.

Cupping therapy: often choose liver Yu, spleen, stomach Shu points, keep tank 10?
15 minutes, 1 treatment per day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

Five, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain Now many people are facing the pain of neck and neck pain, especially when it happens, it is even more painful.

Although the neck, shoulder, back and leg pain is a common disease in winter, Chinese medicine has the theory of 鈥渨inter disease and summer cure鈥? and summer is also the best time to treat neck, shoulder, back and leg pain.

Cupping therapy: When using a cupping jar to treat neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, you can follow the principle of 鈥淲hich pain is there鈥?

Sixth, rheumatoid arthritis believes that many people think that rheumatoid arthritis will only ill in cold, vertical weather, in fact, it can still bear the pain in the summer.

Due to the hot summer weather, there are too many people who like to blow air conditioners, blow fans, and expose their joints to cold winds, which will also cause rheumatism.

Cupping therapy: the upper part of the upper extremity and upper extremity arthritis take big vertebrae, body column, damper, heart Yu, Yu Yu; lower back and lower extremity arthritis take spleen, San Jiao Yu, large intestine Yu.

Pull 4 out of each part?
8 cans, about 15 minutes?
20 minutes, daily or every other day, two weeks for a course of treatment, rest for 5 weeks?6 days.