Zhou Yi sixty-four 卦 Xiangyi series -27.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 卦 Xiangyi series -27.

Mountain thunder

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?Xiangyi series -27.

Mountain thunder

The series will be divided into sixty-four articles, which will be continuously updated and welcome attention.

Historical content: 1.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?Xiangyi series – directory 2.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?iconic series – catalogue 23.

Zhou Yi sixty-four 鍗?鍗?鎰?- – 鐩綍 鐩綍 鐩綍 鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?鍞?

Note: Train righteousness.

“The Preface to the Biography”: “Yang also.”

Note: Parenting.

“Biography” said: “Hey, ‘璐炲悏.”

It’s also true.

鈥榁iewing 棰?, watching it’s being raised.

“From the point of seeking food,” and watching their own self-support.

Heaven and earth raise everything, saints raise their sages and the people, when they are, they are big.

“Note: Hey, keep it right.

Look at ‘棰? and observe what it raises.

Obtaining the food in your mouth is a way to observe your own life.

Heaven and earth raise all things, the saints raise the virtues and the people of the world.

The meaning of 棰?is too big.

“Xiang Chuan” said: “In the words of caution, diet.
“Note: Be careful with your words and control your diet.

Solution: 棰?(y铆), the word five elements belong to the soil.

Rest and maintenance.

Someone has the meaning of cheeks.

Commonly used idioms: large chunks of cockroaches (big mouth to drink.

), support the day of life (maintenance life).

I am asking for food, finding food for myself, solving my own food needs, relying on myself, not suffering from others, having nothing, no foreign aid, justification, self-esteem, self-feeling, self-confidence, self-nurturing, stuttering, back and forth, “Changchun” (region and orientation), the captain does not move, the mouth is empty, empty words, establish a correct concept of health, health, cultivate a correct morality, observe the situation of others to eat, you can know the way of healthInnocent people are not gluttony (not gluttony), greedy insatiable people must be greedy (gluttony mouth), overcome greedy mouth, greedy, according to the time to health, according to needs to train timely talents, pay attention to words (carelessIf you are in a disaster, you should be cautious in speaking, temperate your diet (inappropriate and easy to get sick), and diet should be controlled.

Since 鈥滈鈥濆崷 is 鈥渙ff-class鈥濆崷 (there is a need to expand here, why the upper and lower earthquakes will have a meaning of separation.

We need to think about abstraction, and the other is the haze of Yangshuo.

Therefore, the simplification or seeing it as a whole is in the middle of the virtual), so it has “mouth, sputum, scorpion, auxiliary, pear, food, raising, livestock, surrounding, containing, capacity, container, package, sleepy, area, concept, etc.

The color is yellowish green with brown dots, and the “up, outside, front, left” orientation is brown, and the “lower, inner, rear, and right” orientations are green.

The northeast to the east, the northeast to the east, the left rear biased orientation, the left lower left orientation, the left rear or the lower left and the like.

I also feel that I feel good about myself, I am strong, I rely on myself, I don’t want to rely on others to fight independently, I am willful, stubborn, personal struggle, self-employed and so on.

For the human body, it is stomach pain, drought, abdominal space, want to eat (food), the body is virtual (due to the spleen and stomach deficiency caused by liver wood “ke stomach” soil) and other states.