Use with caution, contraindication, and widening of medication

Use with caution, contraindication, and widening of medication

Use with caution, contraindication, and widening of medication

When we use drugs, we often find that the instructions for use are marked with caution, avoidance and substitution.

Although these three words differ only one word, they mean that they are quite different.

Use with caution: It means that care should be taken when using the drug, and after using the drug, you should pay attention to observation.

If an adverse reaction occurs, the drug should be discontinued immediately, especially in children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with low heart, liver, and kidney functions. They should be cautiously armed, which is determined by certain physiological characteristics they possess, such as in vivo drugsMetabolic (including detoxification, detoxification) ability is weakened, causing the body to have adverse reactions to certain drugs.

Generally not easy to use.

However, caution should not be taken as it cannot be used. Generally speaking, in cases where drugs must be used with caution, they should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

Avoid: It means avoiding or preferably not using.

For example, some patients may cause obvious replacement after taking certain drugs. For example, sulfa drugs have a harmful effect on the kidney, and those with poor renal function should not use it. Remifen (anti-tuberculosis drug) has damage to liver cells.Poor function should be avoided.

But when the disease condition requires the use of certain contraindicated drugs, it is appropriate to find other drugs with similar pharmacological effects but more adverse reactions instead.

If it is not necessary, drugs that can counteract or reduce its side effects must be applied at the same time to minimize unsafe factors.

When using medicine at home, it is best not to use medicines that are not to be used.

Absolute: It is absolutely prohibited.

For some medicines, it can be said that there is no choice.

Because once the patient takes it, there will be serious adverse reactions or poisoning, such as Chinese medicines such as croton, morning glory, musk, leech, etc., which are absolutely taken by pregnant women.

Patients with gastric ulcer have high blood pressure aspirin, otherwise they may easily cause gastric bleeding or even gastric perforation.

Morphine has the effect of inhibiting the respiratory center, so bronchial blood pressure and patients with pulmonary hypertension.

When the medicine is used at home, do not use it rashly to prevent serious consequences.