Test his love for you from a boyfriend Christmas gift

Test his love for you from a boyfriend Christmas gift

Test his love for you from a boyfriend Christmas gift

Have you ever thought that when your boyfriend or ordinary male friend gives you IPOD, sexy lingerie or perfume, there is a certain purpose in the subconscious?

Maybe you want to get closer to you, or you want to get strong . want to know what sexual cues are hidden behind the gift?

And listen to the two experts in the heart to analyze one by one for you.

  What does the boyfriend really think when he gives a gift?

Is it to please you?

Or do n’t ask for it?

In order to understand this mystery, invite the psychologist Wang Zhongping to give you a double bed of 12 boyfriends as gifts for girls, to analyze the reasons why your boyfriend loves you; then please go to another psychologist Huang Zirong, from the giver ‘sDifferent, to analyze his personality and how he feels and attempts at you.

  Gift 1: The gift he gave you is diamond, gold, jewelry boyfriend loves: your good mood, his desire index: 57 points, he wants you to have a good mood every day, no matter how much you pay, even if you wantIt takes several months of salary to buy a small diamond that you like, and he is willing to (whether it is saving money or accumulating the card to find it in stages).

As long as I can give you a smile, everything is very worthwhile for him!

  The gift-giving man is this: If a strong-minded man is sent by an ordinary male friend, this person must have a deep friendship with you and have enough weight, otherwise he wants to announce the place and hope to have the opportunity to become a formal boyfriend; if the boyfriend sent it, it may beThe thing of affection has the expectation for the future, and it means the proposal of marriage.

The boyfriend who chooses to give this kind of gift has a strong self-awareness and feels that the relationship is under control. When he gives you a diamond necklace or a gold bracelet, you will feel that he is playing with this relationship.

  Gift two: The gift he gave you is sexy lingerie boyfriend loves: your sexiness His desire index: 96 points Your sexiness is extremely lethal to him, especially the seductive power between hands and feet, I do n’t knowWhy he is so fascinated by you, let him spread his hands, and throw himself into the net.

  The gift-giving man is this: In fact, the wild man’s act of sending underwear will make girls have two extreme feelings, either good or bad.

If it is sent by an ordinary male friend, the girl will find a pervert and think that this person has evil thoughts, some kind of reverie, and even more abrupt, unless the underwear he sent is not sexually suggestive and a cute style, otherwise he would be too revealingIt is necessary to be closer.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, it is completely the opposite. Sending sexy lingerie to a boyfriend can increase the interest and clearly praise your sexy and girly side, which can improve the effect on sex and love.

  Gift three: The gift he gave you is a sex toy. The boyfriend loves: your body and his desire index: 91 points. The boyfriend’s natural lust is really an irreversible fact. What he wants is your passion and enjoy each other ‘s body.You also understand the truth of food taste more than him, depending on whether you feel that the relationship with him is really so close, or that this boyfriend is just a personality embryo.

  The man who gave this gift is: If the humorous man is from an ordinary male friend, he may not dare to send condoms, bed sex toys and other supplies directly, and he prefers to pack fun and fun condoms and underwear flowers, otherwiseSuddenly it ‘s too momentous, not stable enough, and the boyfriend who gives some gifts wants to test how acceptable the girl is about sex; if it ‘s sent by her boyfriend, he hopes to have a better sex life, moreInteraction, this kind of boyfriend will work very hard to create life interest and actively create sparks in life.

 Gift 4: The gift he gave you is 3C supplies. The boyfriend loves it: your intelligence. His desire index: 38 points. Maybe he is not very romantic, even a little dumb goose, but because of his honesty and humor, he willI can’t help but fall in love with your cleverness; the complementary effect makes him think you are a perfect match, and whenever you think seriously, it is his favorite expression.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a rational but possessive man is sent by an ordinary male friend, he is a very down-to-earth, attentive, and solid person who will choose practical things to donate.

If it ‘s a boyfriend ‘s gift, it means his possessiveness is strong. He hopes that you can think of him when you listen to music, use PDA, and mobile phone; but you can also say that he cares about you, and hopes to be ready for you.Items, types Boyfriends are usually rational but possessive.

  Gift five: The gift he gave you is a credit card with a boyfriend. What he loves is: your meekness. His desire index: 69 points. He has an absolute desire to dominate. He likes to give you realistic gains. He likes you to be meek.Graceful cat; he is a manly man with a very big boyfriend.

  The man who gave this gift is: If the big boyfriend is an ordinary male friend who sends you a credit card, he seems to be telling you “You can consider me!”

You can leave your life to me!

I can afford you!

“If it is sent by your boyfriend, he hopes you can buy what you like, and he will say to you,” Be my wife!


This type of boyfriend has big boyfriendism, but also with a bit of show off.

 Gift 6: The gift he gave you is a designer clothing boyfriend loves: your temperament and his desire index: 48 points. The significance of a brand name to him is a symbol of identity, and temperament is the characteristic he thinks can be most found from youAs long as you control yourself and maintain your temperament in front of him, everything will be perfect.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a strong possessive man is sent by an ordinary male friend, he is trying to please you and show off that his taste is good, but also has a bit of pursuit; if it is a boyfriend, he has the right to interveneHe has high desire and possessiveness. He hopes to label the girls, saying “I will pay attention to the brands you like and buy them for you. I will give you everything in the future!”

“Gift Seven: The gift he will give you is a makeup care product. Boyfriend loves it: your appearance. His desire index: 74 points. This is a simple option. This type of boyfriend hopes you will always be young and beautiful. He canAlways love your appearance, any other part is a secondary consideration for him.

  The gift-giving man is this: If the lover is sent by an ordinary male friend, then he wants to establish a deeper and better relationship with you. This kind of boyfriend will be more considerate.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, he is a caring boyfriend, he will notice your skin condition, I hope you are better and more beautiful, and my mood is good every day; In addition, this type of boyfriend is also more compassionate, the entire sight only noticedYour dress and mood are the same for you.

  Gift eight: The gift he gave you is a fluffy doll boyfriend loves: your childishness His desire index: 43 points He has the breath and desire of his big brother, hoping to treat you like a sister and sister forever, but he loves toWhen you think of a child, it sometimes makes you love and angry.

  The gift-giving man is this: If a conservative male is sent by an ordinary male friend, it shows that this person is very careless and conservative, and even some dull, he thought that every girl likes fluffy dolls, but did not expect to have ordinary people in the general public.In addition to being a little embarrassed by a friend, the baby has to consider how to hold it home, which is far better than sending a hundred roses.

If it is sent by a boyfriend, the situation is just the opposite, meaning “I want to protect you”. Although the boyfriend cannot stay with you 24 hours a day, but he hopes that this doll will be with you to accompany you, the girl will feel veryWoxin.

  Gift Nine: The gift he gave you is a chocolate boyfriend. What he loves is: your hobby. His desire index: 66 points to give you sweet chocolate, which means he likes to do the same hobby with you; he is an unbearable boyfriend., And common hobbies will be more fun for each other.

  The man giving this gift is: If the gentle and considerate man is sent by an ordinary male friend, be careful, he is hinting that he wants to chase you, and he likes you secretly, but he doesn’t know how to get started, so he has to take advantage of the festival, and it seems that it is not interestingChocolate, in fact, he hopes to ignite your relationship with him by chocolate.

If it is a gift from a boyfriend, it means that your relationship with him is sweet now. He hopes that the sweetness of chocolate will also make you realize his sweetness. The boyfriend who will give this type of gift is very gentle and considerate.  Gift 10: The gift he gave you is the perfume boyfriend loves: your femininity. His desire index: 86 points. The perfume is full of mystery and temptation. It also represents the hormone.Show the charm of a woman, so you can easily conquer him.

  The gift-giving man is this: If an intellectual boy is sent by an ordinary male friend, the sexual suggestion is very strong. He hopes to smell this perfume on you in the future. He can also use the perfume to realize whether you careHe is even willing to let him successfully occupy a certain blockchain in your emotions.

If your boyfriend sends you perfume, he hopes to create a happy scene and make the relationship closer and stronger.