Five compulsory tips for newcomers to integrate the workplace

Five compulsory tips for newcomers to integrate the workplace

Five compulsory tips for newcomers to integrate the workplace

Xinxingxing has been respected since ancient times. “Why is” ethics “in front of” talents “rather than” talents and virtues “? It can be seen that” ethics “is more valued.

“De” reflects the quality of a person. Among them, honesty is the standard for too many companies to recruit talents. Some companies even explicitly say that “there is no talent and no morals come in.” Therefore, the quality of integrity is more important than actual technology.

For newcomers to the workplace, the theoretical knowledge learned in school can never replace practical work experience. It is almost impossible for you who have just stepped out of the school to use your professional knowledge to gain the favor of the enterprise.

The reason why the company throws you an olive branch is only affirmation of your quality and accomplishment, followed by your knowledge and professionalism.

  Ask modestly for self-respect, and you will only lose yourself a lot of opportunities to learn. As a newbie in the workplace, you will be in a new environment. No matter how many scholarships you have received, no matter how capable you are, from the moment you leave the school, everythingYou must start from scratch, and “do more and talk less” in a humble manner.

It is a good thing for you to have an idea, an idea, and an ambition when you are new to work. Don’t be aggressive and take your own initiative.

“Hurry up but not up to speed” To get the recognition of others, work performance is the most powerful proof.

  Communication and collaboration People with strong communication skills will not be alone wherever they go; those who are good at communication will not be alone where they are. Communication and collaboration will help newbies reintegrate into the team.

If you want to be respected by others, you must first face others; if you want your colleagues to be close to you, you must first approach the colleagues who are close to you, and ask and ask questions in a positive manner. You will always get a friendly response from the other side to make the two sides more friendly.Familiarity with the ground is not only conducive to one’s own growth, but also to work communication and collaboration.

  Hard-working and hard-working newcomers in the 1980s. Too much superiority makes them ignore too many shortcomings and deficiencies, and find a career direction suitable for their own development. “The eyes are low, the mouth is not reachable and lazy.” Therefore, hard-working and hardworking becomesEspecially valuable!

  Case: A foreign company recruited a new graduate from a prestigious school. It can speak reasonably, has a strong sense of superiority, and is very noticeable. As a result, the trial came down and he found that the person was not working properly, and he could hide and hide from the tedious work.Strong and quickly eliminated.

Later, I recruited a new graduate from a non-prestigious school. Sincerely, practical and hardworking, I quickly adapted to the environment. At present, I am developing better in that company.

  Responsibility is met with serious matters, and everyone will take it seriously and treat it with caution. Sometimes, the sense of responsibility is reflected in the trivial tasks.

Many newcomers tend to ignore this and ignore it.

For every newcomer in the workplace to do every job, every thing is to show his knowledge and value to his boss or colleagues. Only by doing everything well can we really win trust.