The so-called endometriosis refers to the fragments of endometrial tissue flowing back into the abdominal cavity with menstrual blood, causing endometrial cells that should have grown on the endometrium to abnormally migrate to grow outside the endometrium.

Mostly grow in tissues and organs of the pelvic cavity, such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterine muscle layers, peritoneum, uterine ligaments, etc., and may even extend to different organs of the body.

  These ectopic endometriums are affected by hormones. Through menstrual swelling, swelling, or bleeding, they eventually form crust-like tissues, which cause sticky ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and even the large and small intestines.Normal operation leads to physiological or psychological discomfort due to the inability of mature eggs to be discharged during ovulation.

The most common reaction is acute menstrual pain, because ectopic tissues invade the uterine nerves, and during menstrual cramps, pain due to the expansion of ectopic tissues to compress the nerves.

In addition, there will be sexual intercourse pain, sore legs and lower back, irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding during menstruation, infertility and so on.

  The reason is that until now the medical community has not been able to completely create the true main cause of endometriosis. Some people think that it is caused by reflux menstruation. Therefore, the incidence of endometriosis in women after menopause or after tubal ligation isWill become less.

Few people have endometriosis in the lungs and even the brain due to blood or lymphatic reflux.

  Many natural medicine experts in the United States believe that eating habits and daily life will affect our emotions and autonomic nerves. Emotion is the real main cause of endometriosis. When we are nervous or angry, the muscles of the uterus will contract abnormally, makingDuring the physiological period, fragments of endometrial tissue flow back through the menstrual blood to the abdominal cavity, causing the endometrium to expand and grow.

Therefore, to prevent and improve the symptoms of endometriosis discomfort, we must start with the habit.

  Let yoga help you If you have endometriosis, you should avoid excessive use of abdominal muscles to cause uterine tension. Yoga’s shifting movements can relax and extend your abdominal muscles, and boots can ease your shifting menstrual pain, soDon’t doubt, let’s practice together!

  The intimate Xiaomi saying “A joyful heart is a good medicine, and a sad spirit dries up the bones.

Bible Proverbs 17:22 If you are already a patient with endometriosis, do n’t be overly nervous. In addition to going to the hospital regularly, it ‘s best to practice yoga breathing and stretching exercises to relax. I believe you will become more and morehealth!

  Endometriosis complete rest type complete rest type 1 long pillow T-shaped distribution, the body lies flat on the ground, the back relaxes and keeps breathing.

  The fully rested style 2 lies on the ground with palms facing upwards, eyes closed, legs slightly open, muscles of the whole body relaxed, and breathing maintained.

  Efficacy: Extend and lengthen the pelvic muscles. By stretching the feet, it can relieve the tension in the uterus, which can eliminate all kinds of pain caused by endometriosis.

  Full body relaxation type Full body relaxation type 1 Place the long pillow under the waist, stretch your legs straight and close to the opening to relax on the ground, relax your hands and keep breathing.

The dwell time can be adjusted by yourself.

  Full body relaxation type 2 continues full body relaxation type 1 with slightly stretched legs to keep breathing.

The retention time can be adjusted by yourself.

  Efficacy: Balances the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system, slender soothes worry and tension, can also promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, and let the body completely relax and rest.

  Full body relaxation 3 Full body relax lying flat on the ground, legs crossed, long pillows placed below, lying completely flat on the ground, hands facing up, next to the body, keep breathing, you can adjust the stay time by yourself.

  Healthy plasma of endometriosis1.

Drink more water?
Water retention can increase the pain of endometriosis, so drinking more water can relieve its pain.


Applying heat to the abdomen?
Can relax and soothe the abdominal cavity and uterine muscles.


Eat less red meat and eat more fish?
There is evidence that a diet rich in fish oil is very helpful in relieving endometrial pain.


High-fiber cereals?
Can inhibit excessive secretion of estrogen.


Supplement calcium and magnesium?
Reduce menstrual pain and muscle tension.


Vitamin C fruits and vegetables?
Vitamin C makes it easy for the muscles of the body to absorb nutrients, displace more toxins outside the body, and relax our blood vessels to prevent massive bleeding during menstruation.

Vitamin B supplements?
Vitamin B helps the liver metabolize more efficiently.


Consuming soy food?
Balances estrogen in the body and suppresses abnormal bleeding.

Life is normal, do not stay up late.


Keep your mood happy and relax closer to nature.


Maintain exercise habits.


Eat less dairy products?
Dairy products increase estrogen in the body, and the increase in estrogen exacerbates pain.