Learn practical tips for treating baby sunburn

Learn practical tips for treating baby sunburn

Learn practical tips for treating baby sunburn

In the hot summer, babies are prone to sunburn.

At this time, as a mother, don’t worry, and don’t use skin care products containing medicaments for your baby, in order to prevent drug allergies and other reactions.

Introduce two daily sun protection tips, you can use it for your baby when needed.

However, I would like to remind the mothers that each baby’s allergens are different, and it is best to try it on a small scale before using it.

Watermelon skin application method: Absorb the watermelon skin on the sunburn too much and wipe it repeatedly. Soon, the juice of the watermelon skin will be absorbed by the dehydrated skin.

Repeatedly so many times, the sunburn symptoms of the skin will be superfluous.

If you use a spatula to scrape the watermelon peel into thin slices, it will be more conducive for the skin to fully absorb the liquid.

Principle: Because watermelon crust contains vitamin c, it has anti-inflammatory and whitening effect when applied on the skin, so it can treat sunburned skin.

Tea treatment of sunburn: use a cotton ball dipped in tea to gently pat the sun-red area, this can soothe the skin and relieve the burning sensation.

Principle: The implanted acid in tea has a good effect of promoting convergence, can reduce tissue swelling, reduce cell exudation, and is very useful for skin with minor sunburn without rash.

Tea is most suitable for emergency sunburn treatment.