A certain diet can improve hair quality

A certain diet can improve hair quality

A certain diet can improve hair quality

Thick, shiny hair reflects youthful vitality.

Some people’s hair is dry, scorched, dull, and easily broken.

.There are many reasons for this. They are related to mental factors, health factors, neuromodulation disorders, or nutritional metabolism. Paying attention to diet and health, and eating more hairdressing food is the secret of hair.


防止头发变黄,变暗的饮食:科学家认为头发发黄,变暗与多食甜食和肉类在血液中产生过多酸性物质有关,而蔬菜,水果富含的矿物质,能与酸结 合成Salts to maintain the normal pH of the blood.


Prevent hair dry, dull and easy to break diet: 30-40 hair changes every day and night is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Laboratory analysis shows that methionine and cystine are reduced and thioalanine is increased in the hair, which is the reason that the hair becomes brittle, dry and easily broken.

Soy beans and soy products, eggs, lean meat, mussel meat, sesame, walnuts, etc. should be converted to methionine and cystine.


Iodine-containing food and hair: Iodine can stimulate the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, and the thyroid hormone secretion is beautiful.

Therefore, eat more iodine-containing foods such as kelp, laver, sea cucumber, clams, etc.


Diet to prevent iron deficiency hair loss: Iron deficiency baldness accounts for about 30% of people with baldness.

Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron, so you should eat more foods containing iron and foods containing vitamin C, eggs, fungus, beans, canola, celery, lettuce, kelp, sesame, animal liver and other iron-rich,Tomatoes, dates, oranges, etc. contain a lot of vitamins.


Diet to prevent early white hair: The black and white of hair is related to the amount of melanin in the hair, melanin is secreted by hair mother pigment cells, and the activity of hair mother cells is related to nutrition in addition to age.

Therefore, you should eat more foods containing vitamin B group such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits, but also eat iron, copper and other trace elements and high protein foods, such as animal liver, kidney, egg yolk, beans, lean meatWait.