Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when angry

Never do seven things when you are angry. People have emotions and desires, and “anger” is one of many emotions that makes our negative energy surge and quickly burst out.

There are too many books telling you how to deal with angry emotions, transform negative energy into positive energy, and even so, but few people tell us what we should not do when we are angry?

In fact, our conscious actions in the state of anger cause things to go in a worse direction. Here are the 7 “don’t” in the state of anger summarized by experts: first, don’t sleep past the journal of neurobiology,If people go to bed when they are angry, they will aggravate the accumulation of nervousness, because the sleep process will strengthen the operation of the memory system in the brain, especially the emotional factors in the memory system.

Experts said that usually, we know that sleep can help us deal with the memory and information saved in the awake state, so choosing to go to sleep immediately after a fierce dispute eliminates exacerbating the intense emotional accumulation. Generally, 8 hours after the dispute, ifIf you stay awake, it is good to temporarily digest and absorb energy.

Second, do n’t drive to know that the human brain is not a computer. When the computer is wrong, let alone the brain in an angry state.

Studies have shown that when people are angry, their vision will become relatively relative, with segmented vision (peripheral vision cannot be seen clearly), and thus, angry drivers will be more likely to have a car accident.

Experts suggest that if you have to drive while angry, it is best to keep your eyes wide open, be alert, and look around.

Third, do n’t let uncontrolled violence vent. If you have a problem, do n’t let it go. If anything, let ‘s spread it out and say that it is the best way to solve the problem we advocate.Means to vent their own optional emotions.

Studies have shown that if we smash our pillows to release emotions when we are angry, we will only make our behavior more violent and increase the possibility of future behavioral violence.

Fourth, do n’t overeating, saying that delicious food can instantly calm people ‘s emotions, and being able to eat what you like is definitely more effective for any “angry diners” than any other method.

But experts point out that people often make wrong food choices when they are angry. In other words, junk food will appear for psychological comfort. High-calorie and high-calorie foods will make people feel happy in a short time.In the past, people ‘s bad moods will always come as expected after a few days, and the high-change food also brings our constant aunts.

Fifth, do not continue to provoke angry situations. The first thing to do is to calm down and force yourself to be quiet for a few seconds before talking.

“The impulse is the devil” is the truth, because a wrong word is like pouring water, and once you say it, you cannot turn back.

Experts analyze that people are particularly likely to say that they will regret their future in an angry situation. It is best to give yourself 10 minutes or even 10 days to figure out how much you want to say those hurtful words.

Sixth, do n’t send emails when you are angry. It ‘s most taboo to reply to work emails. Remember that when you click the “Send” button, everything is too late. It ‘s different from hurting someone by saying something wrong.In the era, “white paper black letters” mails will make you jump into the Yellow River without washing.

Seventh, do n’t drink alcohol and talk about drinking, but experts have found that the effect of alcohol to cause anger to the fullest extent, and it is difficult for you to control your emotions under the influence of chemical effects.

Experts say that drinking alcohol in an angry state can inhibit brain chiba, and robes can make you involuntarily cause permanent damage.