How to protect your hair in summer

How to protect your hair in summer


How to protect your hair in summer

Coming into the summer, the hot sun will make the hair lighter, and if the hair is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will become dry and yellow, lack resistance, not soft and easy to break, and split ends.

If you are a swimming enthusiast, you will be even more annoyed by the chlorine in the pool water, so how to protect your hair in summer?

Xiao Bian came to answer this problem for everyone today!

  Summer conditioner is just like skin needs care, so does hair.

In order to have bright, refreshing long hair on a hot summer day, using a conditioner is a good choice.

  Dry hair: Because the hair scales in the hair structure have been damaged, resulting in hair shortage of water and oil, it will easily become dry when exposed to sunlight, severe yellowing, split ends, fragile and easy to break, soWhen choosing a conditioner, pay attention to whether it has a moisturizing effect, so that your hair can breathe deeply like the skin.

  Oily hair: When freshly washed, it does give people a refreshing feeling; but under the strong irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the hair mixed with sweat is extremely greasy and sticky people can’t stand it.

Fortunately, there are conditioners that control oily hair styles to keep oily hair dry and comfortable for a long time.

  Weak hair: This kind of hair loses its elasticity due to the extreme lack of nutrition, and it is fragile and fragile. Therefore, it is best to replace the hair conditioner with nutrients.

  The repair of hair after sun protection protects the hair from the sun, which is a “homework” in summer.

Go out the strongest vortex of the sun in a day, it is best to hold up a parasol or wear a sun hat.

Simple, but also learn how to repair hair after sunburn.

  Normal hair: After the scalp and hair have cooled down naturally, choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair, and use clean water close to the temperature of the scalp to thoroughly clean.

  Dry hair with split ends: insist on shampooing and conditioner for dry hair every day, and use the hair conditioner every other day for split ends.

  Yellowish Hair: Choose a shampoo and conditioner shampoo that has a darkening effect, and use a brightening and conditioning conditioner twice a week.

  Poor elastic hair: Use a full-bodied shampoo and conditioner that improves the quality of your hair, repairs weak hair, and enhances the elasticity of your hair.

  Care of swimming hairs One problem that cannot be ignored in summer swimming is to pay attention to protecting beautiful hair.

Swimming enthusiasts are often troubled by chlorine in the pool water, so how to protect hair?

  Before swimming: Mix conditioner and water and apply it evenly on the hair. Rinse slightly to form a protective film on the hair, or evenly coat the hair with conditioner to fully isolate the chlorine and salt water.

  After swimming: On a hot summer day, the girl will not give up the coolness and comfort after a short period of exercise in the water, and will choose a leisurely place to blow the cool breeze.

At this time, don’t forget to use the conditioner to do another treatment to the hair to resist the air and the sun damage to the hair.