6 common traps for diet and exercise

6 common traps for diet and exercise

6 common traps for diet and exercise

Introduction: Only the right way can achieve weight loss on the basis of ensuring good health.

Below, for you to correct some of the misunderstanding in the concept of weight loss.

  Myth # 1: Eating spicy food can help you lose weight.

  The effect of eating spicy food is not as great as imagined. Eating more spicy food will have an impact on the function of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the stimulation of gastric mucosa, and easily cause gastric bleeding.

In addition, eating too much irritating food will make the skin rough and prone to acne.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat more low-fat food is not easy to gain weight.

  Associate Professor Moore of Boston University School of Medicine reported at the 44th Annual Meeting of the American College of Cardiology on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention that teens who seldom eat dairy products, high-fat or low-fat diets, are more likely to be obese than those on a moderate diet.

In the process of weight loss, the aunt does not always replace the opposite role.

  Adults who eat it will not even be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and accidental decomposition can also inhibit adults’ synthesis in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet recommended by the American Heart Association includes moderate amounts of adults and more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

  Myth 3: Keep eating fruit meals to lose weight.

  Although fruits are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, the benefits of fruits are endless, but their nutritional content is single, especially the necessary unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

Long-term single fruit weight loss will inevitably cause protein, minerals and other nutrients in the body to be lost. Slowly, the body will issue a danger alert.

  A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body has a large number of comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which is harmful and not beneficial.

  Sports Slimming Misunderstanding One: The better the effect of exercise intensity.

  The exercise of weight-loss people should follow the principle of gradual change from person to person.

It is different from person to person, that is, it refers to different objects, different transitional conditions, and different treatments, and uses targeted physical exercise.

  The principle of gradual increase of exercise load gradually, only a certain intensity of stimulation can make the body adapt to change.

Too little exercise has no effect on exercise, but too much exercise will cause damage to body function.

  Do not take “overeating” methods during physical exercise, suddenly increase the amount of exercise or suddenly interrupt the exercise.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

  Myth 2: You can lose weight every 30 minutes of jogging.

  It is not scientific to lose weight.

Practice has proven that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightest in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen.

With the extension of exercise time, the amount of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that, regardless of the intensity of the exercise shorter than 40 minutes, the slight consumption is not obvious.

  Myth 3: More exercise can consume too much food.

  This can only be done occasionally.

It turns out that people who feel that they eat a lot and increase their physical activity can only gain weight in the end.

If habits are formed, the results can only be harmful.

If you often use extended exercise as an excuse for overeating, and you have actually turned yourself into an overtraining situation, then your body simply has no time to recover from the fatigue of overtraining.

  People who often overeat at one meal should increase their intensity slightly during the next aerobic exercise, or reduce the conversion of the next meal.

  For some patients with hypertension, it is always desirable to reduce weight to normal levels through weight-loss drugs within a short period of time, and it is best to lose 20-30 pounds a month.

As everyone knows, rapid weight loss is harmful and not beneficial. It is not easy to maintain weight loss results, the rebound rate is very high, and it is easy to cause severe overdrafts, malnutrition, and induce various unexpected diseases.

Step-by-step, weight-loss methods based on dietary control and reasonable exercise, and appropriate medical treatment according to the doctor’s order, are practical.