[Can bitter gourd and beer be eaten together]_Drinking_Impact

[Can bitter gourd and beer be eaten together]_Drinking_Impact

[Can bitter gourd and beer be eaten together]_Drinking_Impact

Beer is a very common drink, bitter gourd is a common vegetable. Generally, it is difficult to enter beer and bitter gourd. Everyone knows that bitter melon is bitter, but its nutrition is very rich.It is rich in nutrition and can cure many diseases. Although bitter gourd is bitter, it still cannot resist everyone’s love for bitter gourd. Can bitter gourd and beer be consumed at the same time?

Can bitter gourd and beer be eaten together?

It can be eaten together, but whether it will cause diarrhea depends on the person.

Bitter gourd is cold, and eating too much is not good for digestion, so it is not recommended to eat more at one time.

Can’t we eat beer with?

1. Seafood beer contains a large amount of purines, and seafood also contains purines, which will be converted to uric acid after metabolism and metabolism. The excessively high concentration of uric acid in the body is the cause of gout.

Therefore, do not eat beer and seafood together to avoid gout.

In addition, beer also contains high levels of vitamin C and pentavalent fatty acids in seafood can also oxidize and generate arsenic, which is harmful to the body.

2. Pickled foods Pickled foods such as pickled mushrooms, pickled meat, pickled sausages, pickled sauerkraut, pickled salted fish, etc. It is best not to eat these in large quantities as alcoholic beverages when drinking beer.Produces carcinogen fenpropyrine.

3, smoked food Smoked food such as smoked chicken, bacon, smoked fish, etc., as long as the smoked food should not be eaten with beer.

Because the alcohol in beer can dissolve the carcinogens contained in smoked food in the wine, thereby promoting the absorption of carcinogens.

In fact, all alcoholic beverages should not be eaten with smoked food.

4, barbecue in summer it seems that barbecue and cold beer is a common excellent combination, but in fact, barbecue foods such as lamb skewers, grilled gluten, grilled sausages and other grilled foods are best not to eat with beer often, eat moreProduces carcinogens that have previously affected you with cancer.

5. Liquor beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is easy to volatilize. If you drink it with liquor, it will lead to alcohol penetration. Drinking beer with liquor will stimulate the heart, liver and kidney, and it will easily cause its recurrence.

6. Coffee beer also contains a certain amount of caffeine, which will have the effect of exciting nerves afterwards, while coffee contains a large amount of caffeine and also has the effect of exciting nerves. The two together can easily lead to excessive nerve excitement and tension., Restless symptoms.